25 signs an Aries man likes you (the only list you’ll need)

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The signs an Aries man likes you are impossible to overlook.

A Ram native is direct when it comes to his feelings, but likes a little challenge, too.

Competitive by nature, he is ready to chase you if he thinks you’re worth it.

If he likes you, he is already showering you with gifts, compliments and takes you on adventures.

Are you curious about the other signs? You can find 25 of them below!

1) He gets touchy-feely with you

Aries men have their way of expressing their feelings. Instead of using words, they prefer to use touch. 

If the Aries man you’re thinking of hugs you, kisses your forehead, touches your shoulders and hands, it means he likes you

He might even act playful and try to tickle you. If he hasn’t yet, this is a good way to test his reaction. 

Tickle him and tease him. If he plays along, it can only mean one thing; he likes you! 

According to Compatible Astrology, “Aries is one of the easiest signs to understand, these are action people, extroverted and assertive. They want to be in charge, the boss, the hunter, the instigator.”

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2) He likes to show off around you

Every chance he gets, he tries to reveal something about himself that puts him in a good light. 

Or, he gets involved in various challenges just to prove to you he’s the best. He doesn’t care what he does as long as it’s new and he’s the best.

What he really wants is to impress you. Although quite confident and independent, the Aries man makes an effort because he wants your attention and admiration.

Sometimes, he might seem cocky and full of himself, but his intentions are good. He goes out of his way to make you think he’s worthy of your attention.

3) He flirts with you from day one

Sally Painter, an astrology and tarot reader, says that:

The Aries man “enjoys the art of pursuit, especially the first moves of flirting, and he’s very good at each stage of the chase.”

So, if this guy flirts with you, she advises you to not give in too soon. This is because Aries men don’t mind putting in the effort to seduce the person they want.

By default, this guy thinks he deserves the best, so he is willing to try harder if necessary. 

Signs an Aries man is flirting are standing or sitting very close to you, making eye contact and maintaining it, as well as making dirty jokes. 

4) He compliments you a lot

Although he is not even in the top 4 zodiac signs that have a good way with words, this man still pays you compliments.

While this sign can be considered a general one, it is especially applicable to Aries men because it is one of their 2 biggest ways to seduce a woman.

He likes to show his affection and feelings, not to talk about them. He only resorts to talking as well because he really likes you.

Don’t be upset if he only compliments your appearance. Aries men are visual creatures, who admire a woman’s physical beauty.

5) He sends the longest texts

Aries men use sweet words and most often, they compliment the way you look. Even so, they know communication is not their strongest point.

That’s why when they text, they take their time crafting the perfect message that leaves no room for interpretation (unless they want to).

A sign that an Aries man likes you is when he texts you and smoothly indicates his affection for you.

6) He is consistent when it comes to you

Aries men are determined and ambitious. They won’t give up pursuing a woman for a week, just to go back and fix things.

Although not really relationship material, an Aries man doesn’t play hot and cold or disappear for a month unless he doesn’t like you.

Ask Oracle confirms it:

“He is extremely ambitious, so it isn’t surprising that he will strive to achieve what is most difficult at hand.”

7) He doesn’t play any mind games

Not playing mind games and being honest about his feelings for you are part of the 15 signs he fancies you.

One of the main traits of this zodiac sign is spontaneity and the desire to take immediate action. 

Here’s the confirmation:

“The deepest desire of the Aries Man, thanks to the planet influencing him, is to act. Immediate action!” 

So, if you notice him playing mind games with you, he probably isn’t as into you as you’d like him to be. 

However, don’t confuse the profound questions he asks you with playing mind games. 

8) He often gets jealous or possessive

If you like this man, you are probably not trying to make him jealous on purpose. But, it’s a good way to find out if he likes you as a friend or more. 

Aries is a zodiac sign ruled by Mars. This planet is known, among others, to highlight one’s ego. Thus, he is very competitive. 

He sees everything, including your affection, as the sort of game that he needs to win. 

These traits are not positive. Even if you feel flattered, take this jealousy as a sign he likes you, but make sure to set boundaries if you get involved in a romantic relationship with him.

9) He spends all his free time with you

Another sign an Aries man likes you is when he chooses to spend all his free time with you. 

While this is a good sign, it can also be exhausting for you due to how full of energy he is.

He needs space and time alone, too, but at first, he wants your eyes on him. 

And because he’s a confident man, he has no problem taking initiative and approaching you every time. 

He doesn’t care if you write first or the other way around. As already mentioned, Ram natives don’t like to play mind games with the women they genuinely like.

10) He invites you on adventures 

The male natives of the Ram sign are physically active. They can’t stand to spend a day indoors, watching TV.

In addition, they are constantly open to trying new things, so almost everything you do with him is an adventure.

He doesn’t know what’s coming either, but he wants to share a new experience with you. This is a clear sign he likes you.

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11) He wants to try new things with you

Ram men don’t like routine. So, if he likes you, he will do his best not to bore you. 

Curious and active by nature, this man constantly comes up with new things to try with you. He also does this because he’s interested in you. 

Otherwise, Aries men have no problem spending time alone. Don’t think for a second that the charismatic Ram hangs out with you because he has no one else to hang out with.

He does it on purpose because, most probably, he is into you. 

12) He displays his affection in public

Because he is honest and passionate, the Ram man wouldn’t hide his feelings for you. Not even in public.

Such a man has no problems displaying his affection for you in public. On the contrary, he likes to show off the woman he likes.

A sign of public affection is when he puts his arm around you. In this way, he is both affectionate towards you, and showing everyone that you are with him.

A man born under this zodiac sign is almost never shy. He is confident and bold.

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13) He introduces you to his close ones

Ram natives are very tolerant when it comes to other people. They don’t really have a “type” of people they spend time with. 

On the contrary, they tend to befriend very different individuals mainly because they are interested in hearing other people’s views.

So, if he decides to introduce you to his friends, it means he thinks you’d fit right in.

The situation changes slightly when it comes to Aries’s family.

“Independent and ambitious, an Aries often knows where they want to go at a young age, separating from their family a bit early.” says an author for AZS.

So, if he doesn’t mention his family often, he has his reasons. You shouldn’t feel bad about this before finding out more details.

14) He wants to protect you

Often characterized as brave and unafraid, the Aries man has a strong urge to protect the people he cares about.

If he likes you, he feels compelled to protect you in ways that you may not understand.

He may even seem to be controlling, but in fact, he is just determined to keep you safe.

Conversely, if you don’t notice him doing anything a gentleman would do, maybe it’s time to accept you didn’t trigger his hero instinct.

Do something about it, while you still can!

15) He sometimes gets impatient

If the Ram shows you his impatient side, it means you got to him: “Aries personality lacks patience. They do not perform well in a tedious environment.”

Even if he is still trying to get your attention and show off around you, he still feels the need to reveal his natural aggressive side. 

As mentioned before, his ruling planet is Mars. In other words, he’s the embodiment of the alpha male. 

His ego is also impossible to miss, so he might display these negative traits even if he likes you.

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16) He asks thought-provoking questions

When an Aries man likes you, he doesn’t waste his time asking the wrong questions. He doesn’t talk to you about the weather or other common topics.

On the contrary, he asks you thought-provoking questions. While he sincerely wants to know what you think, he also wants to share his profound view on the matter.

Aries men are creative, spontaneous, intelligent,  and can multi-task. So, he might make you feel really challenged with his serious questions.

His need to ask uncomfortable and profound questions comes from his inability to talk about the same things repeatedly. 

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17) He goes out of his way to impress you

Aries men “are actually among the mushiest, most romantic signs in the zodiac. Aries will fall in love so ardently and be completely unashamed of how much their beloved means to them”, says astrology writer Kiki O’Keeffe.

In other words, if a Ram man likes you, you’ll know it. He does such nice gestures that you will have no problem noticing them.

He is not subtle when it comes to impressing you. So, if he hasn’t already, he will try to impress you as soon as he realizes he’s been lovestruck.

Examples in this regard are not easy to find because an Aries man doesn’t have a conventional thought pattern. He constantly needs novelty in his life, so don’t expect romantic dinners only.

18) He is completely honest with you

Ram natives are really honest. This is one of their personality traits and it is not related to the people in their lives.

Instead of lying to you, he prefers to tell you the truth and expects the same from you. 

An Aries man appreciates a woman who speaks her mind and doesn’t try to fool him.

On the same note, these men are known to be loyal. They wouldn’t do anything to hurt the woman they liked; not on purpose anyway. 

They don’t play games and they don’t like to have their time wasted. Also, they often know exactly what they want.  

However, if an Aries man stops liking you, he’ll tell you that as well. His honesty applies even in the most uncomfortable situations.

19) He shows up without prior notice

An action-driven zodiac sign, Aries likes to make plans, but he is also a spontaneous creature.

What this means for you is him showing up when you least expect it. He may come to pick you up from work without telling you.

Or, he could stop by the pub where you have drinks with your friends, just to say “hi”.

If you get the feeling he is checking up on you, then you’re probably right. Since Ram men are competitive, they want to gather information about the competition.

However, most of the time, this guy is natural and acts out of impulse. He doesn’t have an elaborate plan to catch you doing something he wouldn’t approve of.

In fact, if he likes you, he just wants to see you. Even if it is for a few minutes, he thinks you’re worth the trouble. 

20) He really listens to you

Another sign that an Aries man likes you is when he really listens. 

How can you tell? It’s easy! Pay attention to see if he is asking you follow-up questions.

For example, you talk to him about an important presentation for work that you have the next day. Besides encouraging and supporting you, he also remembers to ask how it went.

Or, whenever you have a dilemma, he is open to helping you figure it out. 

Aries men like challenges, but they don’t get involved in other people’s lives unless they care.

Astrologer Patricia Lantz C.Ht. says that “An Aries is warm and loving with their loved ones and always adds a spark of life to any of their relationships.” 

So, if you feel this type of energy coming from him, it could be about love.

21) He remembers the things you say

The Ram is a considerate sign. Men or women, Aries natives don’t spend time with people, listening to their stories, if they can’t pay attention to them or if they aren’t interested.

An honest sign, this one is very pretentious when it comes to time. In other words, if he likes you, he doesn’t waste your time by not listening and not remembering the things you say.

Just as the other zodiac signs, the Aries has flaws. However, most of the time, they are related to his temperament, not his behavior. 

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22) He doesn’t make you wait

This sign is true for two reasons:

An Aries man values your time because he values his time. 

Also, he doesn’t make you wait because he respects you.

In fact, not making you wait for him is also a sign that he wants you in his life for more than just a one-night stand.

However, if he makes you wait, don’t try to overlook this sign. Of course, if it happens once or twice for good reason, you can forgive and forget.

But, if you notice a pattern, it means he’s not that into you and you might have to accept him as a friend or move on. 

23) He apologizes if he does something wrong

According to CoStarAstrology,

“Aries tend to be impulsive, impatient, and hotheaded. They do not apologize for their anger. They say “I don’t care” and mean it. They don’t always have the best self-control, so they need to learn how to be more patient.”

Therefore, if the Ram man you know and like did something wrong and then apologized to you, it means his intentions are good.

He fought against his reckless and intolerant nature because he cared that he did something to upset you.

Conversely, if he didn’t apologize, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t like you. He is just too confident to see what he did wrong. 

24) He gives you presents

For apparently no reason, this man gives you presents. He doesn’t need to wait for a special occasion just to give you something.

Aries men are leaders, but they are not very good with their finances. So, depending on his financial situation, he could show up with coffee, donuts, or more expensive gifts.

When a Ram man likes you, he tends to be very generous. He likes to spoil his love interest but also establishes male dominance by doing so. 

The gifts he may pick for you are related to your appearance. Expect jewelry, days at the spa, and other accessories.

Aries natives are easily distracted by the best and most interesting-looking person in a room. So, you should always make sure that person is you.

25) He is open about his feelings

According to this source, “In terms of relationships or in any other life matters, they are direct and fast-moving people who keep their eyes on the future, so they take the delay as time waste.”

In other words, he doesn’t like to guess what you’re thinking and feeling. He does appreciate a little mystery, but not when it comes to this topic.

That’s why he opens up about his feelings and prefers to be straightforward about them. He can confess his love when you least expect it.

Being a fire sign, the Ram has the tendency to get involved quickly. 

However, he often loses interest pretty fast because of his need to stay active and try something new almost on a daily basis.

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Final thoughts

So, what are the signs saying? Does he like you or not?

Arien men can sometimes be hard to read. Knowing exactly what they want can be a mystery.

What’s more, if you’re someone who has a hard time telling others how you feel, it can be even harder to get an idea of what they want.

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