15 signs a Virgo man misses you (and 9 ways to make him!)

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Figuring out whether a man misses you or not is tricky enough as it is, but things get especially confusing when it comes to Virgo men. 

Because of that, I’ve collected 15 of the most telltale signs a Virgo man misses you so that your confusion comes to an end.  

I’ll also let you in on 9 easy things you can do to make him miss you even more!

The Virgo personality 

Before we get to the juicy stuff, we should take a look at the Virgo personality. 

You see, Virgo men are not like other men, but who am I telling this? You probably already know. 

Falling for a Virgo is not always an easy task as they are incredibly difficult to read. 

No wonder, after all, they don’t like to show their feelings and will make it hard for you to know where you stand with them. 

This also applies to him missing you, by the way. 

No matter how much a Virgo man misses you, he might not say anything due to his inherently shy nature. 

Here’s why: Virgo men tend to be overly critical of themselves, so when it comes down to deciding whether to tell you they miss you or not, they choose the latter. 

It’s for that reason, that more often than not, you will have to take the initiative when wanting to find out if they miss you. 

You could: 

  • Tell him you miss him 
  • Ask him if he feels the same way 
  • Make the first move 

I know, it can be scary having to be the one initiating, but trust me, you won’t regret it. 

It’s definitely better than spending your days waiting for an answer that never comes. 

And believe me, when it comes to Virgo men, they might never take the initiative, so you’d be waiting a LONG time. 

Signs he misses you 

Now: I have some good news for you. 

Although your Virgo crush might not be texting you any confessions of love anytime soon, there are some very telling signs that he misses you without using those particular words. 

If nothing else, noticing a few of these signs might give you the needed confidence to make the first move! 

Trust me, with a Virgo man, you need to pay close attention. Oftentimes, they try to make it very clear that they miss you, they are just too shy to actually come out and say it. 

1) He texts you a lot 

The first sign a Virgo man misses you is when he texts you a lot. 

You might not interpret his texts as a sign of him missing you due to their mundanity, but no matter what it’s about, if a Virgo man texts you randomly a lot – he misses you. 

In fact, it’s a way for him to keep up with what’s going on in your life without being too obvious about it. 

2) He calls a lot 

This goes hand in hand with the previous point. You know a Virgo man misses you when he finds the most random reasons to call you. 

That kind of behavior usually indicates that he wants to hear your voice, even if just for a few minutes. 

Take note of what his reasons are to call, are they things he could ask literally anyone else? 

Then you have your proof that he misses you. 

3) He immediately replies 

A good way to find out how a Virgo man feels about you is to text or call him. 

Observe how long it takes him to reply or to pick up each time. 

Is it a pretty much instant response almost every time? 

I don’t think I need to say anything else! He misses you like crazy. 

On the other hand, don’t get discouraged if he misses them sometimes or replies a few hours later. 

This is more about the average, not single occurrences. 

Everybody gets busy from time to time and misses calls or doesn’t get back to texts until later. 

4) He mentions you

Granted, this sign unfortunately only works if you have mutual friends or acquaintances. 

If you learn from them that he talks and asks about you, chances are good that he misses you a lot. 

Virgo men usually don’t talk about people unless they have some lingering feelings for them. 

5) He is active on your socials 

Social media has opened up a whole new level of interactions. Virgo men love to use this outlet to show you that they miss you. 

In that case, you will notice: 

  • He likes all your posts 
  • He watches all your stories 
  • He comments on your posts 
  • He tags you in memes 

If these things apply to you, that’s a hallmark sign of him missing you, believe me! 

6) His friends give you hints 

Have you two broken up? In my own experience, Virgo men often tell their friends about missing you, so watch out for any hints from them. 

They might tell you that he’s been nostalgic about all the good times you two shared. 

That is a clear sign of him not having moved on and still missing you. 

7) He drunk texts you 

Alcohol eradicates our shyness-barrier and makes us say the things we usually are too afraid to say. 

Simply put, if a Virgo man drunk texts or calls you, he misses you a lot, no doubt about it.

This doesn’t need to be a drunken love confession, by the way. 

He might just call you and babble about nonsense. 

The mere fact that you are so ingrained in his subconscious that he thinks of you when drunk is enough proof of him missing you. 

8) He keeps the interactions going 

Oftentimes, conversations come to a natural end and ebb out. 

Do you notice your Virgo man keeping the conversation going, not wanting it to end? 

That’s a pretty evident sign that he misses you! 

9) He listens to your music 

This one is a bit harder to point out, especially when you aren’t in close contact anymore. 

Sometimes, on apps like Spotify you can see what your friends are currently listening to, however, so if you’re still connected there, pay attention to his music choices. 

Are there lots of songs you listened to together? Or maybe even a shared playlist? It could even be that he’s listening to the songs you used to love. 

This is a major sign that he misses you in his life and is trying to fill the void with music. 

10) You “randomly” meet him 

When a Virgo man misses you, he might unexpectedly show up to all the same events and places you are. 

It’s especially apparent when these are places he never usually would visit himself. 

The truth is, he wants to see you and reconnect, but he wants it to look like a coincidence. 

11) He uses the things you gifted him 

Maybe you once gave him a phone case or a piece of clothing. 

Do you see him use the things you gifted him? He might be wearing them in posts on social media, or when you meet him somewhere. 

Usually, many Virgo men avoid using these kinds of items because it reminds them of you. 

Unless, of course, they miss you terribly… 

12) He is not in a new relationship 

It’s true, Virgo men don’t always immediately jump into a new relationship, but if it’s been a while since you guys broke up and there is still no sign of someone new – he might be holding on to you.

Usually, there comes a point when Virgo men try to distract themselves with someone new if they want to move on. 

In case nobody is in sight, he might still have hope. 

13) He is in touch with your family and friends 

When a Virgo man goes out of his way to stay in touch with your family and friends, he is not done with you quite yet. 

He misses you and hopes that one day you will be together again. 

Watch out for contact between him and your close friends and family. 

14) He cares about you and your future plans 

Turns out, when a Virgo man misses you, he also shows it by caring about your future plans. 

Does he ask you about what you want to do in the future? 

Does he care about how you are doing right now? 

These are all clear signs that he still carries you in his heart and has not moved on. 

15) He sends you photos 

And no, I’m not referring to horny dick pics, FYI. 

Virgo men are more on the down-low when it comes to that. Instead, they will express that they miss you by sending you photos of what they are up to. 

That could be: 

  • Photos from a trip 
  • Photos with friends 
  • Photos of a project they’re working on 
  • Photos of the pretty sunset 

All of these have one thing in common: they wish you were there sharing that memory with them. 

How to make him miss you 

Have you not noticed any of these signs or less than you’d ideally want? 

Lucky for you, there are a few things you can do to make a Virgo man miss you even more. 

1) Get him to be nostalgic 

Rule number one when trying to get a Virgo man to miss you? Don’t push him too hard! 

Instead, subtly help him realize that he wants you in his life again. 

To do that, you can’t force him to do anything. 

Remind him of the beautiful times you used to share. I’m sure there are plenty of amazing memories to look back on. 

Once he starts remembering how great your relationship was, he will start to miss you. 

2) Don’t overdo it

Remember rule number one of getting a Virgo man to miss you? Exactly, don’t push him too hard and be subtle! 

Don’t obviously try to manipulate him back into being with you, Virgos are smart and will see through your scheme quicker than you can imagine. 

Let him come to his realizations by himself rather than forcing him into it. 

Respect his decisions (even if they’re not what you’d wish for) and let him act on his own terms. 

Virgo men want to make their own decisions, so manipulating him will push him further away. 

What you can do is subtly sow the seed in his head that he wants to be with you. He needs to believe that it was his idea all along. 

3) Be patient 

I know, it’s not always an easy task, especially when you miss him already. 

But in my own experience, rushing a Virgo man will destroy all your chances at him missing you. 

Try to ease into it and be patient. You could: 

  • Text him and check up on him 
  • DONT bombard him with messages 
  • Suggest a meeting after talking for a bit 
  • Wait for him to act on the subtle hints in your messages 

It is absolutely vital to understand that you cannot rush this process. A Virgo man needs time to show his true feelings for you, so give him that! 

4) Don’t be available at all times 

You only desire what you don’t have right now. That’s a fact, and is the reason why so many long-term relationships can feel like “the spark is gone”. 

That’s the reason why, if you want a Virgo man to miss you, you need to give him an opportunity to miss you. 

Sounds relatively logical, right? 

If you’re always around and available for him, there isn’t really any reason for him to miss you. 

As contradictory as it might feel at first, try to be unavailable for him sometimes when he wants to talk or hang out. 

Virgo men are known to be independent, so being on top of them at all times is not something they crave. 

Simply put, if you show him you are busy with your own goals and interests, he will ironically be more inclined to miss you. 

On top of that, you will have so much more to talk about when you don’t hang out and talk constantly. 

5) Keep the conversations interesting 

Nothing kills a Virgo man more on the inside than having to engage in boring and shallow smalltalk. 

Virgo men are smart and love nothing more than sharing stimulating conversations with their partners. 

What does that mean for you? 

  • Don’t be afraid to go deep in your conversations with him
  • Talk about a myriad of different topics
  • Have your own opinions and don’t be afraid to share them 

That way, he will be in awe of you and start missing you when you’re apart. 

He will look forward to being able to share another conversation with you as soon as possible.

6) Don’t hide your intelligence

It’s true, intelligence is one of the traits Virgo men are most attracted to, so flaunt that as much as possible! 

Stimulating his thoughts and gaining his respect is a surefire way to a Virgo man’s heart. 

To help with that, try: 

  • Staying up to date on topics you find interesting 
  • Reading stimulating books 
  • Listening to engaging podcasts 
  • Watching tedtalks 

Whatever it is that interests you, take some time to gather more information on it. 

Make sure you also include these interesting topics in your phone and text conversations, not just in real life. 

By doing that, he will be looking forwarded to further conversations. 

7) Don’t try and make him jealous 

The best way to lose a Virgo man’s interest is by trying to make him jealous. 

Even if you think it’s a good idea at first, trust me, it’s not. 

All this will do is push your Virgo man away never to be seen again. 

He’s not interested in playing games, and once he realizes what you’re doing, it’s over and he loses all respect for you. 

8) Help him be happy 

We miss the people that make us feel the best, and Virgo men are no different. 

So, what does that mean for you? 

It means that if you want a Virgo man to miss you, you need to help him feel happy when he’s with you. 

Having a person who can make you feel at peace and happy is rare, so if you can be that for him, he won’t easily forget it. 

No matter how confident someone is, everybody appreciates somebody in whose presence they feel at ease and joyful. 

You can do this by: 

  • Complimenting him 
  • Being there for him when he needs you 
  • Laughing together a lot 
  • Making him feel like he can be himself 
  • Telling him the little quirks you really like about him 

9) Show him your independence 

I already mentioned how independent Virgo men are. 

Well, they appreciate the same trait in their partner. 

Showing him that you don’t NEED him in order to be happy will not only help him miss you, but it will also be the basis of a much healthier relationship for both of you! 

As romantic and sweet as it may sound at first, needing your partner is actually a very unhealthy relationship trait which can quickly lead to toxic habits. 

To be happy and avoid codependence in a relationship, both partners should be able to: 

Now, don’t get me wrong, it is incredibly nice to have a partner do these things for you, and there is nothing inherently wrong with that. 

The key here is knowing that if they wouldn’t do these things, you would still be okay. 

And the best thing about it all? 

Your Virgo man will also start desiring and missing you more. 

So, go ahead and take care of yourself! 

This could mean: 

  • Having a stable job that allows you to take care of yourself 
  • Being okay spending time alone 
  • Learning how to cope with feelings by yourself 
  • Meeting your own needs 
  • Taking care of your body, mind, and soul 

When you start doing these things, you will immediately notice your Virgo man be attracted to you more. 

Plus, you will feel so much better about yourself, too, believe me. 

Nothing feels better than finally realizing that in times of trouble, you’ve got your own back and you will be okay no matter what. 

If a Virgo man tells you he misses you…

If a Virgo man telly you he misses you, that’s a huge deal! 

By now, you should have noticed that Virgo men don’t like to share their feelings due to their shy nature. 

So, if a guy goes out and says he misses you, you must really mean a lot to him. 

In that case, you are very special to him and have made such a huge imprint on him that he even got over his shyness to let you know. 

Usually, Virgo men try to use their rationality to get rid of any feelings, but when the feelings are real, even their rational thinking can’t fight them. 

If these are the words you’ve been waiting for, you should feel ecstatic, Virgo men don’t take these words lightly and when they say it, they mean it. 

The best part? Once a Virgo man says that he misses you, there is hope to make your relationship work. 

These words mean that he is willing to do whatever it takes to work on what you two have. He sees potential for a future together. 

Final thoughts 

Sure, it can be incredibly tricky to figure out whether a Virgo man misses you or not, but even this secretive zodiac sign has its giveaways. 

Pay attention to all the subtle signs I mentioned in this article that will hint at him missing you. 

Of course, you can also go ahead and take active steps to make him miss you more. 

Be careful, though, when it comes to Virgo men, less is more. 

Give him subtle hints and let him come to the realization that he wants to be with you himself. 

Above all, focus on yourself and everything else will fall into place. Take care of your own needs and you will attract him automatically. 

Once your focus lies on yourself, any future relationship will be happier, healthier, and more balanced. 

Good luck on your journey and remember to stay true to yourself, no matter what. 

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