15 surprising signs a Sagittarius man is over you

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Are you dating a Sagittarius man and things just haven’t been going well lately? 

Break-ups are hard, but sometimes being in that in-between stage of not knowing whether things are over is even worse. 

To help you out a bit, there are some signs that tell you if a Sagittarius man is truly over you. Maybe this will give you some clarity on your situation! 

15 signs your Sagittarius partner wants to end it

Let’s take a closer look at all the indicators that your relationship is coming to a dwindling halt. 

Is one or more of these things applying to your current relationship? 

1) Your man has lost his passion 

Sagittarius men are known for their passionate nature, I probably don’t need to tell you that! 

At the beginning of your relationship, your partner was probably all over you, yearning for you when you were apart. 

He wanted to share his entire life with you, which is often what draws women to Sagittarius men in the first place! 

A big sign that your Sagittarius partner is done with the relationship, is when this passion seems to be fading away. 

He isn’t as excited or interested anymore and doesn’t share anything with you. On the contrary, he seems absent when you’re together. 

If this is the only concern you have about your partner, there might be an underlying reason for his behavior, like worrying about work or the future. 

Try to communicate with him about it! 

2) He is starting to become abrasive 

The Sagittarius zodiac sign lives for meaningful and deep conversations. 

A sign of a happy relationship is when your man leads engaged conversations with you, asking you questions and paying attention to what you have to say. 

If, on the other hand, his behavior starts to become abrasive, it might be a sign of him losing interest

You will notice him barely letting you speak, impatiently waiting until he can finally give his opinion, or even interrupting you a lot! 

What you can try in this situation is calmly bringing this issue up, asking him to not interrupt you. 

3) Your partner is very pessimistic 

Generally, you think of optimism when you picture a Sagittarius man. In fact, Sagittarius is known to be the most optimistic zodiac sign of them all! 

So it’s no wonder that when your partner suddenly starts being very pessimistic, something is up. 

In a relationship with a Sagittarius, life seems beautiful, they always find the silver lining. 

If lately all they say, especially in relation to your future together, is pessimistic, that can be a sign that they are done with the relationship. 

Of course, sudden pessimism can have its roots in other areas of his life. Try to see if something else is bothering him! 

4) He is hot-headed 

As a Fire sign, it’s not unusual for a Sagittarius man to be hot-headed. 

Losing his temper might have been something you witnessed from time to time in a relationship with your partner, which was okay, as his anger was never focused on you. 

The thing is, once a Sagittarius man is over you, he doesn’t feel the urge to keep his temper in check with you. 

All of a sudden, little things you do that never bothered him much in the past, like forgetting to switch the lights off in the bathroom, will cause him to completely lose it. 

With this, it’s important that you evaluate the situation. 

The best way to go about a hot-headed man is to stay calm. Anything else will just set him off even more. 

This doesn’t mean you need to let him treat you like crap, though. 

I was in a similar situation once, with a man who regularly lost his cool completely. 

There was no violence involved, but I had to figure out a way to deal with his little outbursts, as I didn’t want to set him off more, but I also didn’t want to get yelled at for no reason. 

What I did was set clear boundaries. 

When he got angry, I told him in a calm manner that I would be happy to talk about the issue once he has calmed down, and then I would go to another room or outside, to give us both some physical space to cool down. 

Usually, that did the trick, and less than 30 minutes later we were able to calmly talk about the issue without any problems. 

Talk to your man about his outbursts when he’s calm and not triggered, so you can find out what the root of his anger bursts is. 

If this persists and doesn’t improve, or he doesn’t show any signs of working on it, you might be better off finding someone who treats you better, anyway! 

5) Your man is being insensitive 

Sagittarius men are known for speaking their minds and not holding back, which, even unintentionally, can hurt some feelings in the process. 

If a Sagittarius partner is in love, the difference is that they usually notice immediately when they’ve crossed a line, and apologize. 

He might even go out of his way to make things up to you. 

On the other hand, you will notice a Sagittarius man is kind of done with you when he stops being sensitive to how his words affect you. 

There might even be phrases like “Oh, just get over it!” 

This can be extremely hurtful, but it’s a clear sign that you should maybe end things sooner rather than later, he already did in his mind. 

6) He has lost his spontaneous nature 

Spontaneity is a trademark sign of a Sagittarius. Needless to say, it’s quite meaningful when your man suddenly loses his spontaneous nature. 

At the beginning of your relationship, you probably decided to go out to a movie on a Wednesday night, even though you both had work early the next day. 

Or you went on an impromptu trip, booking flights the night before! 

This inherent spontaneity is often a reason people fall in love with Sagittarius men so quickly. 

When a Sagittarius man is over you, however, he loses all drive to be spontaneous. 

Your lives together become boring and full of rigid routines. 

Does that sound like you? You could give it a shot and ask your man for some spontaneous activities to reawaken his spirit, but don’t be surprised if he turns you down. 

7) Your partner is a lot more reserved 

Usually, the Sagittarius zodiac sign is known to be extroverted, outgoing, and friendly. 

No matter what the topic is, they love to chat with you. 

Once a Sagittarius man feels like the relationship he is in is over, he might all of a sudden become very reserved. 

You talk a lot less, and when you do, you’re met with short, one-worded answers. 

When you hang out with your friends or family, he might also be a lot more quiet and less friendly. 

After all, a part of him secretly knows he soon might not be seeing them anymore. 

Again, if this is the only sign your man is showing, the reason for his reservation can obviously have a different root. 

There might be something occupying his mind so much that he has been very absent. 

In that case, try talking to him about it. It’s always better to communicate rather than jumping to conclusions right away! 

8) Your Sagittarius man is being dishonest 

A red flag for a relationship, or anyone, for that matter, is dishonesty. 

Even bigger of a deal when it comes from a Sagittarius man, as honesty is one of the traits this zodiac sign values over everything. 

Sagittarius likes to speak their minds, we already talked about that. They don’t sugercoat things, they don’t lie to you. 

This zodiac sign would take being honest and hurting your feelings over being dishonest any day. 

Once a Sagittarius man is over a relationship, you will notice little lies popping up. 

At the beginning, it might just be white lies, but over time, this can snowball into serious lies and betrayal. 

9) He is disloyal 

On that note, disloyalty is a big teller of a Sagittarius man being done with you, as this zodiac sign values loyalty a lot. 

When in a happy relationship, anything that would break your trust is off the table for them. They wouldn’t even want you to have to question them. 

Once they feel like it’s over, loyalty suddenly doesn’t carry as much meaning anymore, and those white lies we just talked about can turn into bigger lies, or even affairs. 

If that’s the case and you find out, you probably already know it’s over. 

Betrayal is not a definite end of a relationship by any means, there are ways you can heal together after infidelity. 

If your man did it because he is done with the relationship, though, you are just hurting yourself by staying. 

10) Your partner is becoming increasingly impatient and frustrated 

You probably already know how impatient a Sagittarius can be, even when they are perfectly happy. 

The difference is that his impatience used to be good-natured, once you were finally done getting ready, you’d laugh about your tendency to spend hours in the bathroom, for example.

When a Sagittarius man is over you, his patience decreases drastically. What used to be very little to begin with, is now reduced to practically nothing. 

He keeps going off on you and losing his cool. 

Another indicator, which ties in with this, is that he is increasingly frustrated with you. 

He starts cutting you off in the middle of sentences, leaving the room mid-discussion, etc. 

All these things show that he simply can’t be bothered anymore to muster up patience for you. 

11) He is manipulative 

The zodiac sign Sagittarius is extremely intelligent. Usually, they will not ever use that against you. Unless…. He’s really over you. 

In that case you might find yourself getting blackmailed into something you don’t want to do. 

Your partner might also use your experiences to undermine you.

When trying to call him out on what he’s doing, he might gaslight you, saying that you are only imagining things. 

If not that, he might even blame YOU for what he is doing. 

These actions might be intended to drive you away and leave him. 

To be completely honest, if he is manipulating you in these ways, that is probably your best choice. 

You deserve better than to be with someone you uses you to your advantage. 

12) Your man is starting to be cruel 

This obviously depends on the core personality of your partner, but some Sagittarius man turn really cruel towards the end of a relationship. 

They might call you names, they might harm your social relationships, or they might use your secrets against you. 

In extreme cases, a very cruel Sagittarius man might even sleep with someone you’re close to. 

Cruelty is usually a sign to run for the hills. A relationship is meant to be loving and supportive, trying to lift each other up. 

If your partner is actively trying to harm or hurt you, that is not a relationship you want to be in, anyways, in fact, it’s emotional abuse. 

I know breaking up can be hard, but being in manipulative, toxic, and unhealthy relationship will be much harder in the long run, trust me! 

13) Your partner is inattentive 

When a Sagittarius man loses interest, your opinions or inputs will no longer be of any value to him. 

Not just that, he will also stop noticing you. This behavior could be intentional, an attempt to push you away. 

If you think he is not doing this on purpose, there might just be something up with him that caused him to change his behavior. 

You can try to voice your concerns, but there is a possibility that he will dismiss your feelings. 

Open communication and validating each other’s feelings is an important part of any relationship, so once that stops, both of you might be better off going your separate ways. 

14) He won’t show you his emotions 

Another way to tell whether your Sagittarius partner is over you, is by the way they talk about their emotions. 

Sagittarius likes to have a positive outlook on life, so it can be tricky to get them to open up about their struggles, even when they feel content in the relationship. 

If they trust their partner, however, and have a good relationship, then they actually do enjoy being able to let their guard down and vent for a bit. 

When they feel like there is nothing left for them in a relationship, this small share of emotions will diminish, as well, leaving them completely shut off from you. 

You can tell something is up with him, but he just won’t let you in, no matter how hard you try. 

Once this emotional connection is severed, it is hard to rekindle the flame and get him back. 

15) He spends more time with others than with you 

Sure, Sagittarius men are known to be very social. Making new friends is nothing unusual for them. 

In a relationship, a man of this zodiac sign will still prioritise their partner, though. 

They love exploring and not being tied down, but when they’re in a happy relationship, that just means traveling the world WITH their partner. 

A hallmark sign of your partner being over the relationship is when he starts to spend more time with other people than with you. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean he has a special lady friend, but he might just always ditch you to hang with the guys. 

He might also start going on trips without you. 

It is hard feeling left behind and abandoned like that, but if he wants to leave, it’s often better to let him go and move on, yourself. 

My partner is showing these signs, what now? 

There is nothing worse than your partner being over the relationship that you’re still invested in. 

If that is your current situation, I’m really sorry. 

Seeing a relationship slowly break apart is a painful process to watch. If your partner is showing a few of the signs we just talked about, there are a few things you can do. 

Of course, there is always the option of calling it quits. 

Many of the nasty behavior Sagittarius men can show are merely an attempt to push you away and get you to do the hard work and break up with them. 

Depending on the situation, that is often the most reasonable choice you can make. 

Don’t let your partner treat you like crap just because you love them. When they are genuinely making you feel bad, you are better off alone, trust me! 

If you have an inkling of hope left that you might be able to bring the spark back to your relationship, communication will be key. 

Try talking to your partner openly about your concerns and how their behavior is affecting you. 

Chances are that something else is the cause of their distress, in which case an open conversation will bring you peace while at the same time informing you about how you can support him better right now. 

There is also the possibility that he will affirm your concerns and tell you that he isn’t happy anymore. 

In that case, you can decide together whether it is worth working on the relationship, or if you should go your separate ways. 

Either option will be better than being in that twilight zone of wondering and worrying, never knowing what’s up and where you stand with him. 

It’s scary, I know, but you deserve certainty, so go and get it! 

The thought of ending a relationship makes us afraid, after all, we’re used to the comfort of having a partner. 

Believe me when I say this: being single is infinitely better than being in a manipulative, toxic relationship where your partner doesn’t appreciate or acknowledge you. 

Claim what you deserve and don’t settle for less! 

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