15 undeniable signs a playful guy likes you (complete list)

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Don’t you sometimes wish that mindreading was a skill you could learn in school?

Then you’d be able to skip past trying to guess if that guy you just met is just being playful or if there’s something more to it.

Social interactions with guys can feel a bit tricky. No one wants to end up making assumptions about how a guy acts around them and end up embarrassing themselves.

So we’re here to take away the guesswork by putting together a list of undeniable signs that a playful guy likes you. Next time you’re with him, pay close attention if he does most (or all!) of the things listed below.

1) He makes intense eye contact

Eyes can communicate what a person is feeling without saying a word. And eye contact is a shared moment between two people that nobody else can be a part of.

If a guy makes intense eye contact from across a room or when he’s right in front of you, and it feels as if it would pain him to tear his eyes away from you, take it as a sign that he might like you.

According to David Bennett, a certified counselor and relationship expert, if a guy is interested in you, their eye contact will seem more intense. They might even make conversation while staring deeply into your eyes.

2) He gets nervous around you

Ever had the feeling like there was a pit in your stomach every time you were around someone you liked? Guys are just the same!

The same way you can’t help it, he can’t help but get nervous around you.

Maybe you know him as someone playful and flirty, but the more you’re around him, the stronger his feelings have become for you, and now, he’s not sure how to act.

3) He blushes in front of you

A person blushes when they feel self-conscious or embarrassed. These feelings cause the muscles in the face to relax and veins to widen, which allows blood to collect, turning their cheeks bright tomato red.

So if a guy flirting with you starts to blush, then you know he’s feeling self-conscious.

He’s clearly affected by you and his face is a dead giveaway to how he feels about you.

Bet he wishes there was a way to switch off the obvious flush in his cheeks when you’re around!

4) He flashes you a special smile

Everyone smiles at other people. A friendly smile from neighbor to neighbor. A mother who beams proudly at her baby. A giant grin from a teenage girl who’s about to tell her best friend some juicy gossip.

And when a guy is flirting with you, and you see a twinkle in his eye, or his face brightens up in a way that’s just for you, then he might like you more than just a buddy.

You’ll know it’s a special smile meant for someone he likes because it’s different from how he smiles at his family or friends.

If you’re across the room, you might catch his eye, and his smile might suddenly change.

Or when you two are talking, you’ll notice there’s something in the way he smiles at you that’s different from how he smiles at other people.

You know he’s flirting with you and likes you, bigtime.

5) He tilts his head

If a playful guy tilts his head when you’re talking to him, take it as a sign that he likes you.

According to the founder and author of PsychMechanics, Hanan Parvez, tilting the head to the side communicates that a person is interested in what they’re seeing or hearing.

He says that if you see someone tilting their head to the side while you’re talking, then they either like you, like what you’re talking about, or both.

Here’s a test to see whether he likes you or he’s just really into what you’re talking about: Try changing the topic of the conversation, and if they’re still tilting their head, then you know they like you more than the conversation.

6) He touches you

If a guy can’t seem to keep his hands off of you and he’s always playfully touching you, then you know he likes you.

You might notice playful and sweet touches here and there like a hand on your shoulder, a high five that lingering, a light tap on the knee, a gentle tuck of your hair behind your ear, a long bear hug, or trying to hold your hand.

Physical contact triggers the release of oxytocin or the “bonding hormone” to the brain’s reward region, which makes touching a huge turn-on for him and maybe for you.

However, not everyone is used to being touched or likes to be touched. If you’re uncomfortable with him being too physical, you should make it clear to him.

And if he genuinely likes you, he will back off, be more conscious of his actions, and respect your set boundaries.

7) He makes an effort to talk to you

If a guy makes an effort to start a conversation beyond a casual “Hey” or “How are you?” and tries to get personal by asking you for your opinion on something specific, then you know he’s trying to flirt and spark a connection.

He’ll even try to make conversations with you last longer by bringing up new things to talk about because he wants to get to know you better. He’ll be very attentive, actively listening and responding to what you say to keep the ball rolling.

Do keep an eye out for visual cues like nodding his head, maintaining (intense!) eye contact, or smiling while you’re talking to each other.

8) He gives you his full attention

A guy who is totally into you will give you his undivided attention.

He’ll make you feel like you are the only person in the room and completely ignore everyone else as if the world has faded away and it’s only the two of you together.

He might even put his phone on silent so there are no interruptions.

His eyes will only be on you, he’ll talk only to you, and he’ll listen only to you. You’ll be his sole focus.

On the other hand, if he’s super friendly to you, but he doesn’t seem to be listening, seems distracted that you find yourself repeating yourself, or is on his phone a lot when he’s with you, then he’s probably not that into you.

9) He remembers everything you’ve said

And because you’ve got his full attention, he’ll remember everything you tell him even if you don’t. It’s his way of showing you that he’s interested in what you have to say and cares about you.

Whether it’s things like your favorite ice cream flavor, a funny story about your dog, or that you’re allergic to peanuts, if he remembers what you told him, then he might like you.

If he doesn’t remember anything you told him, then don’t get your hopes up too much. He may not like you enough to store information about you in his head.

10) He playfully teases you

Some light-hearted, harmless teasing is a sign that a guy likes you.

Just like when a little boy makes fun of a girl he likes, guys turn back into little boys when they’re around a person they like. They’ll flirt through teasing as a way of trying to get your attention.

Teasing helps them to gauge if you two have chemistry. And sometimes, if a guy isn’t ready for a relationship, he might try to tease you as a means of stalling to tell you how he feels.

Guys can be so focused on figuring out their feelings that they forget girls have feelings too.

Check if he teases other girls the same way he teases you. If he’s teasing other people, then he might just be a playful guy. And if you’re the only one he’s paying particular attention to, then take it as a hint that he probably got his eyes on you.

And next time he makes a joke, tease him back. Who knows, you two might start bantering, which will put him at ease and help him find the courage to tell you he likes you.

11) He tries to get you to laugh or smile

A guy flirting with you will go out of his way to make you happy and put in that extra effort to make you feel comfortable.

He’ll tell funny stories or crack silly jokes to get you to smile and even make you laugh. If he can get you to laugh or smile, he knows he has a shot at getting close to you.

“Humor is influential,” says lead study author Daniel Doerksen, who completed research on how a sense of humor correlated to attractiveness. “If people are funnier, it makes them seem more attractive, and that, in turn, makes others more romantically interested in them.”

So if he’s cracking jokes like he’s Jimmy Fallon and you find him funny, don’t hold back on the laughter. Let him know. Besides, it’s easier to date someone who shares the same sense of humor, right?

12) He compliments you

Now, who doesn’t like receiving compliments? Receiving compliments makes you feel good about yourself.

Giving compliments, on the other hand, is a way to express admiration. And guys are not wired to give them out so freely. So when they do, it shows a level of interest and attention on you. It’s a pretty obvious sign that he’s getting flirty with you.

So if he notices your hair or says you look cute or compliments you on little things that not everyone notices, then you know he’s giving you extra attention.

And if he’s giving you compliments, it may be because he’s been thinking about you a lot. You’ve been on his mind, and he can’t help saying what he thinks when he sees you.

13) He treats you differently

Some guys are just naturally flirty and charming to everyone around them. Others are more reserved.

But regardless if he’s flirty or more of a shy guy, if a guy treats you differently from how he usually acts around other people, then you know he might like you.

​​According to psychologist Madeleine Mason Roantree, if a guy is just friendly, then nothing will change when they talk to you versus anyone else. But if they like you, you’ll notice a difference, like leaning closer to you or a change in their voice.

But if the way he acts is the same as how he is with other people, he may not be into you.

14) He texts you regularly

You can’t always be around him to see how his body reacts to you, but if he’s making an effort to stay connected with you through texting, then you know there’s more to him than just being nice.

If he texts you in the middle of the day, then he’s thinking about you and can’t help but to reach out. Some guys might even be bolder through texting and sending you flirty compliments.

Notice that just like when you share a conversation in person, he may try to prolong your text exchange by making follow-up questions.

And the biggest giveaway that he’s flirting with you? He peppers his messages to you with cute little emojis!

15) He’s never too busy for you

And lastly, did you invite him to join you to a yoga class, and he was totally game?

Did you mention a movie you’ve been dying to watch, and he suggests you catch it together?

Did you happen to tell him you never learned how to ride a bike, and he offers to teach you how?

If a guy tries to make excuses to be around you and spend some time with you, he likes you a lot.

However, if a guy is always busy and doesn’t seem at all interested in spending time with you, then you’re not high on his list of priorities.

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