20 signs a married woman wants you to make a move

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Has a woman caught your eye? Sure, she seems to be interested, too, but you’re not entirely sure if she’s just being friendly or actually wants to be more than that with you.

Theres a catch: she’s married.

The signs of a married woman wanting you to make make a move on her can either be very subtle or very direct. It all depends on how she feels about her husband and the kind of marriage they have.

And if you aren’t sure of what signs to look for, read ahead.

This post will discuss 20 signs in which a woman wants you to make a move…even if she’s already taken.

1) She’s excited to see you

It’s always good to see friends and family. And if a married woman you’ve known just now or for a while suddenly seems extra excited when she sees you, talks to you, or just basically being around you, it could be a sign that there’s something else than friendship on her mind.

I’ll tell you now, during social gatherings, there’s a good chance she’d be scoping the room to see your whereabouts.

But that’s not all. She might even check to see if you’re looking at her and lock eyes even from across the room.

2) She asks personal questions about your life

When you’re past the “small talk” phase with a married woman and she begins to ask personal questions about your life, it’s a clear, but subtle sign of interest in you.

A married woman may be subtle and coy, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some clues in her words or actions about how much she may be interested.

Sure, it’s possible that she feels comfortable around you. She could ask questions to get to know you better – about your life, especially your past relationships.

It’s almost impossible to think of a question about yourself that a woman couldn’t ask you. She might ask if you like cats, where you live, what your favorite color is, or something else seemingly trivial.

But if a married woman does this on more than one occasion, what she could be really doing is seeding her mind with questions that she could use to draw out details about you.

More than that, it’s to let you know that wants to get more personal with you and see if you’ll respond the same.

3) She invites you to her world

When a married woman invites you into her world, she’s giving signs that she wants to be a little more personal with you.

She might do something as simple as inviting you over for coffee, drinks, or even dinner, and casually shares personal details about her life.

She tells you stories from work or updates on the kids’ school and extracurricular activities, discusses family traditions, vacations, or what it was like growing up in a certain town.

As if that’s not enough, a married woman could also go beyond the occasional invitation and set up a date to meet her friends.

Now this can be tricky.

Usually, when a woman makes an effort to introduce a man to her friends, it means she’s interested in him.

For a woman, introducing a man to her friends is usually an important step in the game of love.

When she takes this step it means that she’s ready to take their relationship further. But more than that, she might be trying to check if he’ll fit into her social circle.

You must be wondering if it’s the same if a married woman does this.

The answer? Definitely.

When a married woman introduces you to her friends, it implies a couple of things.

First of all,  it means that her friends are aware that she’s crushing on someone who’s not her husband. Secondly, it could mean that she’s unhappy with her marriage.

You could take this at face value, but this is a very unsubtle way of letting you know she wants you to make a move.

4) She makes time to engage with you every day

Making time nowadays can be a struggle. There are just so many things to do with so little time in a day.

This might be difficult for a married woman because she’s likely already busy with other things. But it’s worth noting that when she does put in the effort of making time for you or engaging with you in some way, this may be a sign that she wants to catch your attention.

In this always-on and digital world where you can’t escape from anything, she could initiate conversations through text messages, instant messaging, social media, and email.

So if you find yourself bombarded with her name on your inbox on a daily basis, she could be trying to catch your attention and get a response from you.

5) Her friends ask if you’re interested in her

A single woman will often go out of her way to include you in her social circle. A married woman, on the other hand, doesn’t have that same need to “brag” about their friendships.

She might tell their friends about you. But she won’t go out of her way to include you in her circle of friends. 

So if you’ve already entered that circle, that could be telling. And if you find yourself being asked by her friends if you’re interested in their friend, chances are she asked them, too.

Here’s the thing: friends are always in the business of keeping tabs on one another. And when it comes to your love affairs and romantic interests there may be a chance that they’ll take matters into their own hands and fish around for information.

But this can pose a difficult question for you to answer. Questions like this don’t really have any black-and-white answer.

And when put on the spot in that way, it could mean that she (or her circle of friends) wants you to make a move.

6) She sends you lines from her favorite movies and songs

You’ll find that in a lot of relationships, people send each other their favorite movie lines and song lyrics to best convey how they feel.

And If a married woman does this, it could be because your relationship has become deeper than just exchanging numbers. She may want to share a part of herself and to find out if you’re paying attention and listening to her.

Sharing movie lines and song lyrics is a conversation starter and a way of building a connection.

So if you get messages from a married woman and notice that they lean towards playful jabs of words suggestive of romantic feelings, she could be trying to spark your interest.

She could even be sending these to try to initiate a move from you.

7) She sends suggestive messages

As if sending move lines and song lyrics aren’t enough, a married woman can be creative and come up with her own messages that may or may not be so subtle.

Messages such as “I love the way you smile. It really makes my day every time,” or “In case I don’t get a chance to see your gorgeous face again, sweet dreams,” aren’t so subtle, but they definitely get her point across.

She could also be creative and come up with a set of emojis that are suggestive of how she feels about you.

8) She is receptive to your touch

Physical contact with men other than her husband is usually avoided. But if she is showing signs of attraction to you, a woman may be receptive to your touch.

For example, she might not pull away when you gently touch her arm or hand. In fact, you may accidentally brush her shoulder, and she may find it welcoming.

This could reflect the fact that she may be trying to get close to you, and she’s waiting for you to respond.

If she’s showing signs that she wants you, a married woman will not only respond positively to you. She will let you know it.

9) She is giving you frequent updates of what she’s doing

A married woman normally keeps their husband and family up to date on everything they’re doing throughout the day. So if she’s regularly contacting you and keeping you informed, it may be because she’s making an effort to show signs of interest.

In this day and age, social media plays a great part in connecting with people apart from your handy mobile phone

And if you’re connected with her on apps like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you might see her feed updated with what she’s doing more than usual.

If you find yourself constantly updated by a married woman’s whereabouts and schedule via text message and all available social media platforms, there could be a high chance they want you to do the same.

10) She’ll “accidentally” touch you

Here’s the thing: a woman’s touch is a powerful thing.

It can be used to offer comfort, or as an act of seduction. And the distinction between both actions may not always seem clear from afar. In fact, it might even feel accidental through most of your contact with her.

A married woman who bumps into you by accident will usually apologize right away. But if she touches you in a way that feels deliberate rather than incidental, it could mean she wants to start something.

Touching you for a long period of time or in the same area more than once could show many implications behind her gestures. Your attention may be what she is looking to gain from these actions.

11) She drops hints of hypothetical affairs

“What if” conversations can be a great way to explore new ideas or have fun with your imagination.

When a married woman asks you hypothetical questions about love affairs, she may be leaving clues for you and trying to get you to respond to these scenarios.

To be honest, you may never know what her agenda is with these hypothetical questions. This type of conversation could mean she’s lonely and looking for a friend. Maybe she’s bored and looking for something to do.

But if she uses her “friend” role as camouflage and talks about a “what if” affair specifically with you, it could signal something more.

When she says something like, “What if I wasn’t married? Would you go for me?” chances are, she wants to see if you’d make a move and see if the idea of dating her is an intriguing one.

12) She initiates contact with you during odd hours

It’s way past her bedtime, and she’s supposed to be preparing for bed. But she is on the phone engaging in a conversation with you.

Now, late-night conversations can be common among friends when they’re just trying to catch up and have some good, old-fashioned fun.

But for a married woman who’s often up late talking with you, it may not seem as innocent anymore if she’s making sure no one hears her. 

If she initiates contact and conversation with you and spends her time talking with you during the odd hours of the day, it could be a sign that she’s attracted to you and wants more of your attention.

Is your talk getting more personal? Is she subtly flirting with you? It could very well be a sign of attraction and encouragement for you to make a move.

13) She’s changed her physical appearance when around you

Physical attraction is more than just a single element in the relationship. It’s an important one that shouldn’t be overlooked or downplayed at all.

Looking good for someone you’re interested in is normal, and many people do this on first dates or fancy dinner dates when they want that person to notice them.

But if a married woman is doing this so consistently every time she sees you, then she could be expressing her feelings through visual context by catching your attention.

If you notice her changing up her hairstyle, wearing a new outfit, or smelling different with a new perfume every time you see each other, she could be indirectly asking for your attention and to make a move by flirting without the risk of rejection.

14) She gives off “pleasure signals”

Pleasure signals come naturally to some people who are around someone they’re attracted to.

And for a married woman, it isn’t any different.

She doesn’t have to think about it or plan it. It’s just something she does automatically. That’s because she’s biologically programmed to allow it.

So even when she’s not trying to, her whole body responds to your presence.

She might shift her weight from one foot to the other, or adjust the way she’s sitting.

Her shoulders will go up and down a bit more than usual, signaling an inhale-exhale cycle in which some signs of arousal are happening.

Her eyes glow and are wide open with interest, dry lips parted slightly while talking.

Although these might not be any different from the way single women react, they are indicators of a desire for nonverbal foreplay.

Remember, these gestures might speak volumes. They might not. But they’re almost always happening when a woman is waiting for you to make your move.

15) She breaks away from groups to be alone with you

When a married woman is seen alone with a man other than her husband and her network of friends, it’s easy to jump to conclusions.

But when she breaks away from groups often and seeks out solo time with you, you may think that could be a sign that she’s on to something.

Now, in this situation, it’s important to remember that “alone time” can mean many different things. So you might need to be more observant of the kind of conversations you have.

It could be that she wants to talk about a project you’ve been working on, or catch up on a common hobby or interest you’re both into. It could also be she really wants some “alone time” with her “friend.”

Remember those “pleasure signals?” If her body language is any indication, you’ll notice those changes because this is the “language” of attraction at work.

16) She moves her life schedule to spend time with you

A married woman has schedules and routines different from a single one. More often than not, there’s very little room for flexibility because of the many things she has to manage in her home.

It could be anything from the weekly household upkeep and her work schedule, to her kids and their schedule in school.

Heck, even dates with her girlfriends are penciled in her calendar at least a month before they meet up.

But when a married woman makes an effort to move things around her regular schedule to spend time with you, it could mean something more than just a casual friendship.

For example, she decides to leave work early for an early impromptu dinner out with you. Or she rearranges plans with her in-laws to make sure she’s available when you get back from your business trip. Or she cancels plans for a girls’ night because you extended your coffee date.

She’s deliberately making time for you and that means she wants to be around you more often than just at the occasional dinner or coffee date.

And even if it doesn’t lead anywhere romantically right now, it could be a sign a married woman wants you to make a move.

17) She keeps track of your love life

Why would a married woman be interested in your love life?

Although you can’t be entirely sure what she’s thinking, it could be reasonable to conclude that she’s interested in your love life and may attempt to fish for information for her benefit.

That date you discussed you were going to have on Friday after work? That would catch her attention in an instant.

It’s one thing for a married woman to keep track of your love life. But If a married woman begins to react differently when you talk about other women, it may be an indication that she feels jealous and insecure.

She might start subtly hinting at wanting you for herself – dropping comments like “I could do better,” or “She’s not worth your time.”

If she starts comparing herself to other women and subtly implying that she could do better, she may be dropping hints for you to make a move.

18) She jokes about being with you

Some studies have shown that humor is a method for people to work out whether someone would make a great partner.

So a woman may laugh with you without realizing that she’s doing it because that could be her way of figuring out how good a partner you may make for her.

Now, a married woman who’s attracted to you may take advantage of the fact that she’s married and may joke about being romantically involved with you.

This teasing could seem harmless, but it can be a way for her to work out if you’d be interested in her, too. She could also provoke you to see if you’ll take the bait and make a move.

19) She discusses her marital problems with you

Marital problems are a sensitive thing to discuss.  And if anything, matters like this are restricted only to trusted people like your family and best friends.

If a married woman is opening up to you about her relationship problems, she may be giving you signals that she trusts and appreciates your support. She might want an ear to listen to or just someone’s opinion of the situation.

However, if she starts comparing you to her spouse or talking about how much she wishes he were more like you, it could mean something more than just wanting friends in tough times.

If this happens: watch out. She may want more from you than just coffee or lunch dates.

20) She openly talks about her sexual fantasies

Married women don’t talk about their fantasies just with anyone. Many times, they don’t even talk about it with their husbands.

So when a married woman shares with you basic details about herself like where she grew up and her hobbies, it can come out so naturally.

But when she starts to share very intimate details like her sexual fantasies, how she wants to be touched, and other kinky scenarios only her mind has witnessed, it becomes clear she’s trying to tell you something.

She might not know it consciously, but she could already be connecting emotionally with you.

So when she says something like, “I love to be touched here,” you might want to pay more attention to the non-verbal signs she gives you, too.

Clearly, it won’t take a genius to figure out that she may want you to make a move.

See you at the crossroads

So what do you do after reading all these signs? Moreover, how do you know when it’s safe to make a move?

The answer to both questions is easy: assume it’s not safe until she tells you otherwise.

Married women might seem standoffish at first because they don’t want to give away their intentions so easily.

But the truth is, they do.

And know this: In most cases, a married woman will never tell a man she wants him to make a move unless she’s ready for him to do so. And that brings us full circle.

Keep your distance

You see, most married women will not openly seduce a man… but they will not put up a “no-passport” sign either.

You’ll know when she’s really into you when she starts to open up and let you in on little-known secrets about herself.

But remember: just because she opens up and makes time for you doesn’t mean that you should take it as an open invitation to make a move.

You must always be on your game.

So when that happens, don’t stop. Keep feeding her little “truths” back to her. Don’t volunteer information unless she asks for it. This will keep her mentally engaged and in an exciting “learning mode”.

Let’s not forget that women are attracted to men who give them signs they can understand. But, women are even more attracted to men who give them no clear signals whatsoever.

This is “the mystery factor” even a married woman loves about a man. 

Positively encourage her to do so. Don’t pressure her. But don’t be a pushover either. You must maintain some degree of control.

The catch is…

At the end of the day, she’s still married. Hence, the “control” part.

That means you need to find a way to physically restrain yourself from taking her into your arms and making passionate love to her.

You simply cannot know how a married woman feels about you unless you ask her. And even then, you can only guess.

Therefore, you must always be one step ahead of her. Otherwise, you might find yourself in an uncomfortable situation that can easily get out of hand. 

Here’s the deal: women are very practical creatures.

And if a woman is generally happy with her marriage, she’ll be extremely reluctant to jeopardize that relationship by having a fling with someone new. Even if she “kind of” likes you.

On the other hand, if you really see that her marriage isn’t so happy, then maybe there’s a good chance that she’ll let you get close enough for a passionate kiss.

She’ll let you take the first step.

And, if you’re the kind of man who’ll walk through fire for a woman he really likes, then you’ll take the next step without hesitation or concern. 

Is she worth it?

Getting involved with a married woman can be very complicated.

There are more people involved, more feelings that can be hurt, more baggage to deal with. These make it exponentially more difficult to disengage yourself, especially if you’ve been immersed in her world.  

Deciding to make a move with a married woman or not is more complicated. But not necessarily more difficult.

That all depends on how well you know the woman. If you know her really well, then it might even be easier.

On the other hand, if you don’t know her all that well, then you should keep your distance and keep yourself from getting involved with her. At least until you do know her better.

So how do you get to the “know her better” stage? Easy.

Just keep feeding her little truth bombs and see what happens. But be genuine and sincere about it.

When she starts revealing new and exciting secrets about herself, that is when you can gauge if she’s worth all the potential upheaval of having an affair and even breaking up a marriage.

Be the bigger man

If you do decide to proceed to make a move with a married woman, she’ll be much more likely to respond to your romantic overtures if she feels a certain way about you.

But remember: you must always maintain control. Especially with a married woman.

On the other hand, if you develop a deeper feeling of love and you believe she’s worth fighting for, you need to consider this situation from her point of view.

From her perspective…what she wants most is for her marriage to work. She would’ve already left her husband if she didn’t.

She also doesn’t necessarily want an affair either. Unless it’s exactly what she wants.

The bottom line here is, you shouldn’t present a married woman the opportunity to have her choose between risking her marriage and satisfying a passionate urge to make love to her.

Who knows? This might even bring her to a crossroads of realizations about herself, her marriage, and her feelings for you. 

But the important thing is: don’t force the issue.

Give her more time to come to you. Try to understand what she’s trying to tell you.

You see, what she wants is the same thing you want: to feel wanted.

And if you treat her with the respect she deserves, in due course, she’ll start giving you clues as to what she wants. And you’ll know what to do.

You’ll be the bigger man and take the lead without hesitation or concern. 

The chosen road may not be easy, but it might even be worth the ride.

She likes you, what next?

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