25 signs a married woman is sexually attracted to you

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Married women… 

… some of them are so mysterious and sexually appealing that they give you no choice but to be intrigued. 

You know she is married, but somehow you just can’t help yourself…

Questions like, “Is she flirting with me?”, “Does she want me sexually?”, “Am I imagining things?” are constantly going through your head.

How do I know? 

Well, it happened to me. I was under the spell of a married woman and now, looking back, I know exactly what gave her away.

So, let me share with you 25 signs a married woman is sexually attracted to you:

1) She always smiles when she sees you

At first, when I noticed this married woman smiling every time she saw me, I thought she was incredibly friendly. 

However, I didn’t feel that typical warmth in her smile. So, I asked a close female friend of mine about it…

She said it was a sure sign of sexual attraction!

Her smile had tell-tale signs of sexual attraction because it was a smile that held an element of mystery. 

I could tell she felt good in my presence, but there was also this hint of something else – and that something else was: 

“I have a secret and it involves you”.

I know this may sound crazy, but this woman was truly giving me that vibe. 

2) She glances your way when you’re not looking

Now, people are curious, and not every woman who looks at you is interested in you sexually. 

That’s what I said to myself when I first caught her looking my way, but not directly into my eyes. 

But then, every time I noticed her looking at me, I looked back because I wanted to see her reaction. 

You see, I was looking for a reaction from her because I couldn’t handle the uncertainty. And it happened just like Lachlan Brown, author, and founder of Hack Spirit said

“If she blushes or smiles, you can be sure that she was daydreaming about you and that she can’t resist sneaking a glance, even if she might get caught.”

You got it right – she blushed and tried not to smile when I looked back at her.

3) She checks you out from head to toe

Listen, sexual attraction alone has everything to do with your body and attitude. 

A woman who is checking you out from head to toe does so because she wants to know what you look like naked and how you would react to a sexual situation. 

She is imagining what she is going to do with you, her fantasies are taking over her mind and she is curious to know if your body is as sexy as she thinks it is.

Now, don’t get me wrong – it’s not that she is ready to jump into bed with you that very moment, but she definitely wants to see what you’re covering with your clothes.

So, ask yourself this: Is she casually looking at you or is she checking you out?

4) She looks at you more often than at other men

Here’s something else that I did when I was trying to figure out whether she was sexually attracted to me or not:

I wanted to see if her interest in other men was similar to her interest in me.

The result?

Although she was definitely paying attention to the men who were talking, she didn’t keep her eyes locked on them. 

Her eyes would wander from person to person, but whenever she looked at me she was staring at my body.

This is another of those signs that caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting to see a married woman taking an interest in me like this. 

Just to be clear: 

I’m a regular-looking guy, not a Brad Pitt or a Ryan Gosling, or whoever women find attractive these days.

So, you can try this technique too!

5) She asks for your help more often than not

I must admit it: 

I’m not the kind of guy who is thrilled to help women as I went through a few situations where I was taken advantage of. 

But, since she was married, I thought that this was going to be a safe route.

However, I later found out that:

“If you’re the only one she asks for help, she’s showing a clear preference for your company. She might be looking for a chance to compliment you on your job well done or to express her appreciation for you.”

And then it hit me: 

She didn’t use me. She didn’t even need my help. She just wanted to spend some alone time with me even if it was just briefly. And it was a sign…

6) She laughs at your jokes, especially the dirty ones

Are you curious about who this married woman was and how I got to see her?

She is married to one of my brother’s latest associates. He owns an architecture firm and they get together often for dinners, drinks, barbeques, and so on.  

I am usually invited so that’s how I met her. The atmosphere is usually a relaxed one so I am able to joke around and act naturally.

And you know what? 

Every time I told a dirty joke, she would laugh, and then she would say, “Oh, that was funny!” 

You see, single women don’t find this kind of humor funny at all! But this married woman seem to like it. And she didn’t mind showing that she did. 

Perhaps it’s another sign of sexual attraction…? 

7) She makes a lot of sexual jokes herself

One night, while I was at one of these meetings with my brother’s associates, a bunch of people were having a good time. 

The drinks flowed nicely and when it came to dirty jokes, everyone started participating. 

However, this married woman that I mentioned showed up, and instead of shying away from dirty jokes like most women do, she jumped right in! 

She said something a lot racier than what I had already said and everybody loved it. Every time she said something, the crowd laughed. 

She was having a great time and so were we. But I also noticed that she was looking at me from time to time. 

I couldn’t tell if it was the alcohol talking, or if she had a thing for me. Surely, this wasn’t just my imagination…

So I looked for a professional opinion online and here’s what I found:

“A shared appreciation of dirty humor might also be a way for two potential partners to signal that they are both interested in a fling,” said psychologist Robert Burriss, Ph.D.

In other words, this woman was trying to get my attention and she was testing the waters. She wanted to see if I would jump right in with her and it’s true – I did!

8) She always tries to find a seat close to you

The next sign to look out for if you want to know if a married woman is sexually attracted to you is if she tries to sit close to you or somewhere where she can see you and you can see her as well.


Physical proximity plays an important role when it comes to sexual attraction. Basically, it gives her the chance to smell your scent and gives you a chance to get a better look at her.

What’s more, if you are sitting close to her, you will have a clear view of what she’s wearing. But, more about that later!

9) She pays you compliments based on your looks

One night, after a nice dinner and lots of wine, my brother’s associate’s wife came up to me and said: 

“There’s something about you that makes me want to get to know you better.”

I was surprised but I took it as a compliment and continued talking to her. 

Shortly after, she said something that really grabbed my attention: 

“You look like the kind of man who could handle bad girls…” – in a low, breathy voice.

I was taken aback because I didn’t get what she was getting at… but then it dawned on me… she was the bad girl…

Other than that, she often used to tell me that I look good, I smell nice, and I have a good posture.

Do you get such compliments from her?

10) She always looks sexy when you see her

Do you know what else made me think this married woman was attracted to me sexually?

It was her outfits. Every time I saw her, she would have a different look on her face, her hair was always done up, and she always looked sexy as hell!

It’s as if she was trying to represent herself in the best light possible.

And let me tell you one more thing: these get-togethers were not always held in fancy restaurants or bars. These people are basically friends and they would meet and hang out frequently, so there wasn’t a lot of reason to dress up.

So, if you notice this, it could be because she is sexually attracted to you and wants to grab your attention and make you fantasize about her.

You see, when women are attracted to someone, they’ll often dress in a way that attracts that person’s attention to their body. They may wear makeup and jewelry, highlight certain parts of their body, or dress in a tight or revealing outfit that expresses their sexiness.

11) She smells especially appealing every time

Want to know more?

A sign a married woman is sexually attracted to you is when she wears perfume and makes sure you notice. 

I have no idea what kind of perfume she wore. But I can tell you that every time she wore it, I would notice it in a heartbeat. 

It was this special kind of smell that would ease my body and make me feel comfortable. 

It wasn’t a strong smell, but it was this little hint that told me she was there and she wanted to attract my attention towards her. 

And it turns out that’s all she needed to get me, according to Dr. Joanne Frederick for TZR:

“The perception of a potential partner’s body odor can subconsciously help one decide if they’re attracted to them or not. When you’re attracted to someone, you’re more likely to be drawn to their smell.” 

12) She plays with her hair when you’re talking to her

Is she sexually attracted to you or not?

Another way to tell is by paying attention to her body language.

A married woman who plays with her hair when she’s talking to you is sending out flirtatious signals. 

How so?

It has been observed that women touch their hair or their face when they are talking to someone they are interested in. They do this because they feel self-conscious, but also when they feel attracted to someone else.

She would run her fingers through her hair, tilt her head back, or she might just play with the ends of her hair.

13) She touches you accidentally on purpose

Touching is one of the most common ways to show someone that you are sexually attracted to them. 

I would even go as far as saying that touching is one of the essential components of sexual attraction, but this doesn’t mean that every time a woman touches you, she wants something more than friendship.

The way she touches you is another indicator that she might be sexually attracted to you.

She touches your back, your chest, her hand brushes against yours, or a slight brush of her thigh against yours. 

These are the ways that a woman can show sexual interest without actually saying the words out loud. 

14) She leans in while talking to you revealing her cleavage

Since we’re talking body language, here’s another sign … a married woman who leans in while talking to you is showing that she is sexually attracted to you.

Why is that?

Vanessa Van Edwards, Lead Investigator at Science of People explains it:

“Because the breasts are such a sexual signal, women who are attracted to you may stick their chests out to accentuate their curves. You may notice her lean closer, whip her shoulders back, and stand taller to display her goods more.”

If you do, it means that she is attracted sexually to you and she wants you to see her cleavage.

15) She gazes into your eyes and holds it for a few seconds too long

Another one of the signs a married woman is attracted to you and sexually interested in you is when she stands really close to you and holds your gaze for a few seconds too long.


Because standing that close to someone makes you feel more vulnerable and it means that she wants to be noticed by you. 

It’s a sign of submission, but also a sign of being intrigued and sexually interested in someone. 

As for looking deeply into your eyes – that’s also a sign of desire.

16) She finds an excuse to ask for your number

Need more?

In my opinion, the biggest sign a married woman is interested in you sexually is when she asks you for your number. 


Well, when she asked for my number I knew she wanted a direct way to talk to me. She wanted everyone else out of the equation. 

It wasn’t because she wanted to ask for my help. I felt it in my gut that she wasn’t asking for my number because she wanted to “increase her network of professionals” as she said.

Or, at least that’s what I thought at the time.

17) She flirts with you in person and via text

At first, she would ask me about my job and what I do for fun outside the office. But then, she started flirting with me more.

She would send text messages to me saying things like, “I’m still laughing at your joke about…that … thing. I like that kind of humor :)”. 

And other similar texts and I honestly didn’t know what to do. I mean, she was married and I was afraid that I was misreading the signs.

I was afraid I was getting way ahead of myself, so I decided to look for more signs a married woman is sexually attracted to me. 

18) She draws attention to herself when you’re around

Here’s what else I discovered:

A sign a married woman is attracted to you is that she draws a lot of attention to herself. 

The explanation?

She wants you to notice her. And since she’s married, she can’t really approach you directly, can she?

Instead, she draws attention to herself by wearing a nice dress, putting on make-up, and even laughing out loud just to make you look at her. 

19) She uses a sensual tone of voice when talking to you

Another sign a married woman is attracted to you is when she talks to you sensually. 

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

When this woman says your name, you feel like you’re the only man in the world. Her voice sounds soft and sexy and it talks straight to your loins.

It dazzles you and confuses you and you really don’t know what to do. 

You see, women use their voices to seduce men, and that’s why they sound sensual when they’re talking to you. 

They want you to feel something in your gut, and they want you to feel something below the belt as well.

20) She is looking for opportunities to be alone with you

Next, if you still want to know if a married woman is sexually attracted to you, try checking if she is looking for opportunities to be alone with you. 


Because looking for opportunities to be alone with you means that she wants you. 

It’s not because of networking or friendship or taking care of anything. She wants you because she likes what she sees. 

And when a woman likes what she sees, well…there’s nothing stopping her.

21) She touches you lightly when she passes you by

Yes, the truth is that when a woman touches you in an accidental way, it can also be interpreted as her being sexually attracted to you.

You see… if she touches your back, your chest, or your hand seemingly by accident and then she looks at you and smiles, it’s another sign of her being sexually attracted to you. 

And I mean a light touch on your arm or shoulder. Without touching you anywhere else. 

On top of that, if she does it when you two are alone, then I don’t think you need to look for any more signs!

22) She looks at you when she kisses her husband

I want to share with you the moment when this married woman I’m talking about did something shocking:

While she was kissing her husband passionately, she looked straight into my eyes as if she was trying to tell me something she wanted me to know. 

That was the moment when I realized that she was into me sexually. She was sending a message to me.

23) She asks about your love life

Here’s another sign a married woman is sexually attracted to you … when she asks about your love life.

Why does she do it?

Simply put, she wants to know about her competition. She wants to know if you are seeing someone. She wants to know if there’s a chance you’ll end up with someone else. 

Her marriage is already an obstacle for her in case she wants to have her way with you, so the last thing she needs is another person to worry about – someone like your girlfriend or an FWB.

24) She often gives you clues that she’s sexually unsatisfied

If you’re still unsure whether a married woman is sexually attracted to you, then listen to what she’s saying to you.

She might mention things like being sexually unsatisfied. She might even hint at being frustrated in her marriage. 

In my case, she briefly mentioned things like she misses passion, that she loves when her man surprises her by doing things she likes, and so on. 

25) She doesn’t talk about the serious stuff with you 

Here’s another good one:

If a married woman is sexually attracted to you, then she won’t talk to you about the serious stuff. 

She doesn’t want to make you feel bad by letting you know what her marriage is really like. She doesn’t want to tell you that she’s not happy with her work either.

Instead, she wants to talk about the sexy stuff, the fun stuff, and all the other things that will make her feel good.

Final thoughts

Is a married woman sexually attracted to you?

If you want to find out for sure, pay attention to the signs and see if they match with how the woman you’re thinking of is behaving in front of you.

If she’s displaying a lot of those signs, then it’s safe to say that she’s attracted to you

So, what are you going to do now?

In my case, I definitely enjoyed the thrill of my experience, but I didn’t go through with it.

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