15 surprising signs a married man is jealous (and what it means for you)

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Let me guess: 

You’re seeing a married man and you have the feeling that he is jealous.

Am I right?

The only problem is that you have a hard time convincing yourself his jealousy is real.

Also, you’re unsure of what it could mean for you.

Well, one thing is for sure: you’ve come to the right place!

Here, I outline 10 signs that married men are jealous and what it could mean for you.

1) He wants to know more about your whereabouts lately

In general, a married man isn’t interested in where you are at all times. He isn’t preoccupied with the things you do when you’re not with him.

Of course, this depends on the type of relationship you have with him.

However, this guy you’re seeing has started asking you questions about your life, who you are with, and what you’re doing. His behavior has changed a little lately.

What does this mean?

In your case, his recent curiosity could indicate that he’s feeling insecure. His reasons for feeling this way could be related to something you’ve said or done lately.

Also, this married man could feel insecure because of his own position and/or habits. 

So, if he asks for more details about your life outside of your interaction, it could be because something you said or did, made him feel jealous and now he’s checking to see if he should worry about it.

2) It’s almost like he doesn’t believe what you say to him

Suspicion is another sign of jealousy, even in married men. When jealousy clouds a married man’s judgment, he may tend to believe you less and less.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This guy may not be very obvious about it. He could make sarcastic comments to something you’re saying, such as “yeah, right!” or “oh, really?”. 

In case you notice this subtle sign, it could be because you made him jealous somehow and now he’s suspicious of the things you say. 

What does this mean?

On one hand, it’s normal for a married man to be a little paranoid. However, if he does this, he’s just jealous and he’s trying to find out more.

While it may be nice for you to know that you’re on his mind, don’t feel flattered. When a guy, married or not, is jealous and gets suspicious of a woman, this doesn’t mean that he is also in love with her. 

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4) He starts getting clingy and needs your attention more

Generally, a married man who is jealous will involuntarily start getting clingy. He may also start requiring more attention from you. 

In other words, he’ll want to make sure that he’s not missing out on anything.

He may call/text you a lot during the day, asking how you’re doing. He could even make impromptu plans with you right after work.

What does this mean?

This guy’s clinginess and attention-seeking behavior could mean that he’s feeling insecure about something.

Men usually don’t get like this unless they feel that they could lose someone they care about.

Yes, you read that right! He might care about you.

5) He reacts negatively when you talk about other men

Another sign of jealousy often seen in married men is their negative reaction when the woman they’re seeing – who is not their wife – talks about other guys.

Regardless of whether he talks about his wife or not, a married man who isn’t jealous shouldn’t react negatively when she talks about other guys. 

Look: Men react differently. Some of them could simply go cold when they get jealous, while others could be very dramatic about it. It really depends on this married guy’s personality. 

What does this mean?

Whatever the case may be, if he’s jealous and reacting in a negative way when you talk about other guys, this could as well mean that he is feeling insecure.

So, this is related to his feelings about himself, not necessarily his feelings for you. Simply put, he may feel that he’s none of the things you describe liking about other men.

6) This married man suddenly started flirting with other women in front of you

Has this guy suddenly started to flirt with other women when you’re present? 

If he’s been doing that to you, it might be because he’s jealous.

It is often seen that married men who are jealous suddenly start flirting with other women in front of their “girlfriends”. 

In addition to that, such a guy might also make comments that could be interpreted as a way to make his girlfriend feel less attractive.

What does this mean?

Married men do this because they’re actually insecure and they want to validate themselves. Just like other men, married men who are jealous don’t like to show their vulnerable side.

There is also a slight chance that he really likes the women he flirts with. 

However, statistically speaking, a married guy who is flirting with other women in front of his “girlfriend” does so because he has feelings for her.

If he’s been doing this to you, it could be that he is trying to get more of your attention. So, if he’s bragging about himself and showing off, he just wants you to notice him. 

7) You recognize him

The fact that this man is married doesn’t mean that the connection you share isn’t real. Actually, your connection could be a cosmic one; one that you simply can’t ignore. 

What am I talking about?

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8) You catch him going through your phone

Jealous much?

If you have noticed him checking your phone when you’re not around, it could be because he’s jealous.  

Unless he’s trying to delete evidence of your romance from your phone, this man is jealous! He wants to find out if there are other men in your life as well. 

What does this mean?

It could be that he is worried about you and doesn’t trust you. He is also feeling insecure about his place in your life.

Alternatively, he thinks that you’re up to no good. More specifically, he may not trust that you’re not sleeping with other guys as well. 

9) His body language gives him away.

Did you know that you can tell if a man is jealous just by looking at his body? 

A body-language expert says that you can tell if a man is jealous by looking at the way he gestures when he speaks. 

For example, if a man holds his arms in front of him while speaking, that means that he’s trying to protect himself.

Another thing you can check out is his feet. If they’re pointing towards you and/or your stuff, this could be because he wants to make sure you get the message about how important you are to him. 

Also, you can tell if a married man is jealous by looking at his face. If he’s not looking directly into your eyes, he may be trying to hide something.

What does this mean?

Simply put, his body language gives him away. 

This could mean that he’s jealous and that he really wants to make sure you don’t do anything to hurt him.

10) He gives you gifts and tries to spend a lot of time with you

Surprisingly enough, if this married man has suddenly started giving you gifts, that could be a sign he’s jealous. In addition, he may also try to spend more time with you than usual. 

Overall, you’ve noticed him doing more sweet things for you, like buying you expensive gifts and giving you a lot of attention. 

What does this mean?

This could mean that he’s worried about losing you. 

He may even want to make sure he stays in your good graces by getting you things that he knows you would like or by doing something nice for you. 

Basically, this guy may be trying to show you that he’s good to you and that he’s not a bad person. 

Listen, this could also mean that he’s willing to do a lot to keep you in his life. 

11) He runs hot and cold, apparently for no reason

Did you notice a pattern in this guy’s behavior? For example, one moment he loves you, then he hates you, and the next moment he loves you again. 

What gives? 

He may be jealous! And, if he’s jealous, that means that he’ll react in a way that he thinks will keep you close, including playing the “hot and cold” game with you.

What does this mean?

This could mean that he gets easily threatened by various things that happen in your life. Or, he might feel like you’re a threat because you could stop seeing him at any moment. 

To top it off, if he plays this game, it’s really possible that he doesn’t have the courage to tell you how he really feels. 

So, he acts all sweet and nice to you, and then, when something unpleasant happens, he turns cold.

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12) He talks to you in a condescending tone

You notice him talking to you in a condescending tone. –  There’s no way that can be related to jealousy, right?

Well, it could be! How so?

If you notice him doing this, it could be because you did something that annoyed him. He might have felt hurt, and he just doesn’t know how to explain himself.

What does this mean? 

This married man could be jealous and, in turn, could be trying to make you feel bad. 

He may also feel like you’ve done something to hurt him. 

Ultimately, he may want to make you feel small, so that you don’t hurt him.

13) He admits nothing when you confront him

When a married man changes his behavior, there’s definitely something wrong. However, if you try to ask him what’s wrong, he reacts defensively, saying that there’s nothing wrong.

He might also not tell you that he’s jealous if he realizes you’re not happy with his behavior.  

What does this mean?

The reason this happens is that he knows that you will be upset if he admits to being jealous. 

He also may not want to admit it because it makes him look weak, which is something a lot of men – married or not – want to hide.

14) His overall attitude becomes negative and controlling)

Another surprising sign of jealousy in married men is when they become negative and controlling. Their overall attitude towards life becomes negative, and they get mad easily. 

They also may try to control different aspects of your life, including what clothes you wear and the way you look. 

But that’s not all. They may also try to control how much time you spend with other people. 

What does this mean?

This could be a sign that he’s insecure about his relationship with you and about his place in your life. 

He might feel like he’s losing his grip on you, so he tries to make sure that doesn’t happen. 

If he doesn’t come right out and say so, however, it’s possible that he might not know the real reason why he is acting this way.

15) He gets mad at you for the smallest things

  • You didn’t reply to his text immediately.
  • You spilled something on the table.
  • You ran 5 minutes late.

His reaction?

He blows things out of proportion! 

What does this mean?

This married man is jealous and, in turn, is trying to make you feel bad. This may include getting mad at you for “small” things that he feels are actually big things. 

Basically, he doesn’t want to admit his feelings for you, so he may get mad because he’s hiding them and this makes him frustrated.

A married man is jealous. Now what?

By now you should have a good idea about whether a married man is jealous and what it means for you. But if you’re still unsure, I recommend getting in touch with a trustworthy advisor. 

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So instead of leaving things up to chance, take control of this situation and clarify what’s in store for your future.

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