14 clear signs a man wants to talk to you

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Men think they’re so smooth and mysterious when in reality they’re a lot more obvious than they think they are.

When a guy is interested in you, he doesn’t need to say it; you just need to know how to see and read the signs, and then it’s up to you if you want to help bring him on to home base, or make him stop in his tracks.

In this article we’ll talk about all the most obvious signs that a guy wants to approach you, talk to you, and maybe even ask for your number.

Here are 14 clear and obvious signs that a man wants to talk to you:

1) He Smiles When You Look At Him

It’s hard to approach and talk to someone when you don’t know if you have the green light from them (especially in this day and age).

The last thing he wants to do is come off creepy, needy, giving you unwanted attention and embarrassing himself.

So the first way he’ll try to see if the interest goes both ways is by smiling at you.

He’ll try to catch your eye, and when you finally look at him, he’ll give you a smile. If you smile back, he’ll know he can come over to talk.

2) He Shows Off (Without Meaning To)

Not all men are animals, but they can’t help it when they spread their tails like a peacock, showing you just how great they are.

A man who wants to talk to you can’t help but make sure you overhear some of his personal accomplishments.

Maybe you’ll hear about his career, or you’ll see pictures of his awesome trips, or anything else; even when he’s not obnoxiously showboating, he’ll make sure he does something to leave a mark in your memory.

3) His Body Language Is Always Positive

There are tons of negative body language signs you can look out for, and all you have to do is look and see whether he does any of them when you’re around. Some negative body language signals include:

  • Squinting while looking at you
  • Tensing the jaw when you speak
  • Clenching his fists when you talk to him
  • Tightening of the lips and the eyebrows
  • Crossing his body, such as his legs or arms
  • Overall just slouching

If he does none of these, then you can clearly say that he doesn’t hate you, at least.

4) He Looks Deeply At You When You Walk Away

It’s not just a sexy line in a movie — men do love watching women as they walk away, especially if they’re attracted to them.

There’s just something really physically enticing about seeing the backside of a woman as they walk away, sliding from one side to the other with every step.

He might also be emotionally affected when you walk away; like he knows he’s missing his chance to talk to you, and he’s kicking himself internally for not shooting his shot earlier.

So ask your friends to keep an eye on him whenever you turn your back to him, and see what he does.

5) He Checks If You’re Laughing When He Jokes

This is something almost all guys do — they all love knowing they can make the woman they like laugh.

There’s just something deeply endearing about making someone you like laugh, as if you can provide the barest of their needs: joy.

So if he looks your way — consistently and repeatedly — every time he makes a joke, he’s not just checking you out; he’s also checking out whether you found his joke funny.

The more he makes you laugh, the more confident he becomes in approaching you and going in for the kill.

6) He Changes When Other Men Are Around You

Other men are the last people he wants in the area when he’s building up the courage to go talk to you.

If he’s not a particularly confident man, he’ll spend at least a few minutes psyching himself up to talk to you, and other men can ruin his preparations in just moments.

He might be afraid that other men will make him look bad, and he’ll get defensive if they say anything about him.

He might also get anxious when other men (better-looking men) are around you, because he might think his chances to talk to you will significantly drop because of their presence.

7) He Always Angles Himself Towards You

One thing we do subconsciously when we like someone and want to talk to them is angling and fixing our body when they’re nearby.

If his feet, shoulders, and overall body point towards you and not anyone else in the group, then he definitely wants your attention and yours alone.

He’ll also “fix” himself whenever you approach. He’ll fix his hair, his shirt, straighten his back, and do whatever else to make himself look tidy.

8) He Asks Your Friends About You

He wants to talk to you and get closer but he’s not really particularly sure how. He’s made some attempts here and there but nothing that ever feels truly close.

So instead of trying to go to you directly, he’ll try to suss out some information from your friends.

What’s more, he doesn’t just ask out of courtesy either.

He asks about your plans, life updates, and just about anything to give him a clearer picture of who you are and what’s going on with your life.

He doesn’t want to seem desperate so he’s gleaning information from people in your life, not knowing that doing this alone is already very revealing.

9) He Raises His Eyebrows When You Look At Him

When it comes to attraction, body language is everything.

When you approach, does he greet you with a flat, neutral face or does his face light up in a smile, so much so that his eyebrows rise up?

Eyebrow raising is pretty revealing, even if he’s trying to keep a calm demeanor.

He might not look smiling or inviting but if you notice that he tends to raise his eyebrows or tilt his head when he’s talking to you, it’s a sign that he’s interested in what you say.

These non-verbal reactions to what you’re saying are very much involuntary responses showing interest towards you.

10) He Points Towards You

Next time you’re around him, pay attention to how he’s angling his body.

You don’t even have to be talking to him to check this one out; it’s actually even more revealing if you’re across the room for each other.

Our bodies are naturally drawn to people we’re attracted to.

If we’re talking to someone we enjoy, our bodies (and our feet) will be pointing towards that person because we’re focused on communicating with them.

But if you notice that this guy is constantly facing your direction or angling towards you despite interacting with others, it could be a sign that he’d rather talk to you instead.

11) He Opens His Body When You Approach

Do you ever notice that he physically “opens up” when you approach him?

Movements like uncrossing his arms, spreading his legs, hugging you, reaching out to you for a handshake are all examples of him opening up physical space to accommodate you.

Most of this stuff is happening in his subconscious. Because he’s keen on talking to you, his body language mimics his intentions without even him knowing.

12) His Voice Changes When You Focus On Him

Research suggests that men tend to change their voice when they’re talking to someone they’re attracted to.

His voice might go an octave lower to project “manliness” and his ability to protect you and keep you safe.

But it’s not just about deep, sultry voices.

If a guy is particularly interested in you, he might eventually move to a higher pitch because he’s feeling playful and comfortable around you.

Generally, any change in pitch means that he’s trying to keep you engaged in the conversation because he enjoys talking to you.

13) He Mirrors You

Mimicry really is a form of flattery.

The next time you’re talking to him, test this out by running your hands through your hair, resting your head on your hands, or just crossing your legs.

If he’s attracted to you, he won’t be able to help but subconsciously mimic your behavior.

14) He Puts Himself In Situations With You

For whatever reason, you always find yourself in the same room as him. Whether it’s meetings or friendly hangouts, he’s always within your vicinity.

You “happen” to spend a lot of time together and it’s becoming clear it’s not just coincidence.

If so, it’s probably because he’s doing everything he can to get close with you, including investing time in your activities.

If he volunteers in groups you’re in, manages to stay late with you in the office, or finds random excuses to talk to you, it’s his way of trying to squeeze out whatever time he can with you.

In Conclusion

By now you should have a good idea of whether a man wants to talk to you and why. But if you’re still unsure, you should get more clarity on the situation.

Just because he smiles when he sees you or mirrors you, it doesn’t mean for sure that he’s interested. At this point, it’s quite difficult to figure out his intentions.

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