16 no bullsh*t signs a Leo man is not interested anymore

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When it comes to astrology, Leo is the Lion of the zodiac.

Leo men are known to be powerful, and generally have a way of getting what they want. They are powerful, generous, and very charming.

They often have a very passionate way about them, which can make a relationship fun and intriguing. Just as the lion is the king of the jungle, Leo is the king of the zodiac.

At the same time, when a Leo man is done with a relationship, the signs can be very concerning. He loves the spotlight and being the center of attention.

They also have an intense flare for the dramatic.

So, how do you know whether or not he’s interested in you anymore?

Through all that charm and chivalry, it can be hard to separate the mixed signals you’re receiving.

It all comes down to understanding exactly how a Leo man thinks to then be able to work out whether he’s into you, or simply being nice.

Here are 16 signs a Leo man is not interested anymore.

16 signs a Leo man is not interested anymore

1) He no longer flirts with you

Unlike other relationships you might have been in, the flirting never stops when you’re with a Leo man. There’s no such thing as a honeymoon period – he’s simply like that all the time.

Leo is one of the most flirtatious signs of the entire zodiac, and it’s not something they can simply switch off when they choose to.

He loves the attention from the opposite sex.

The truth is, a Leo man will flirt with you, even if he’s not interested in your romantically. It’s the perfect boost to his ego that he loves.

This is why it’s a bad sign if he’s no longer flirting with you.

For a man who’s willing to flirt with anyone for a bit of attention, it’s clear that he’s no longer interested in you.

Does he chat you up and give you compliments?

Is he still up for some playful banter?

Does he make prolonged eye contact and enjoy finding excuses to touch you?

If none of these signs are there, then he’s not interested. Leo men definitely aren’t known for being shy. If he wants to flirt, he will. If not, you have your sign.

2) He challenges you

With that passionate side a Leo man possesses, also comes the need to challenge others from time to time.

If that attention is directed at you, it could be a sign he simply isn’t interested in you anymore.

If he’s frequently pulling you up and countering everything that you say, then you can guarantee this isn’t an act of love.

Instead, it shows he has little respect for you and is trying to get one over you, and/or push you away altogether.

There’s a huge difference between friendly banter that you both enjoy in a flirtatious way and having everything you say challenged in a fierce way.

Recognizing the difference between the two can help you leave the relationship before these negative traits he’s displaying towards you escalate even further.

3) He’s confused about what he really wants

Let’s face it – Leo men are a tough catch. Although they can be mysterious and hard to please, they can also be an amazing life partner. 

How can you know for sure that he’s no longer interested?

If your Leo man won’t tell you honestly how he truly feels, then you’re going to have to dig deeper and discover it for yourself.


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4) He’s spending less time with you

When it comes to relationships, a Leo man who is in love will devote most of his time and energy into the source of his affection.

As you might expect, if he’s no longer interested then he will find excuses to spend time away and not go out with you.

Think about your own relationship. Does he still contact you frequently? Is he always over showering attention on you? Is he always the one making the plans?

If all this attention has come to an abrupt end and you rarely hear from him anymore, it’s a sign that he’s no longer interested.

Sure, you can ask him why he’s always late, doesn’t call and even skips dates, but you’ll likely get a well-formed excuse. It’s time to see through the lies and move on.

5) He’s become selfish

It’s one of those traits of a Leo man that can come out in full force when he’s no longer interested in you romantically.

Leo men are notorious for putting themselves first.

If he’s interested in you, he lets you into his den, when you get to soak up his affections and firsthand experience his attention.

If he’s no longer interested, you’ll find yourself back on the outside, no longer the center of his attentions. He’s likely taken that front and center role for himself.

Whatever he wants is what’s important to him. If that’s no longer you, then it will become very clear through the way he treats you. It’s the little things to look out for.

When he buys himself dinner but doesn’t offer to pick you up to anything.

When he goes out with mates and doesn’t even let you know.

When he organizes a date but then forgets to show.

If he has suddenly become extremely selfish, it’s a sign that he’s no longer interested in your relationship.

He’s done and the focus is now on him – not you.

6) What would a gifted advisor say?

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7) He’s bored

Leo men don’t do well with being bored.

They need as much mental stimulation as they can get to keep their ego pumped and ready to go.

If your Leo man is moping around and no longer interested in the playful banter or conversations the two of you once had, it all comes down to his ego.

These lions need to have their ego stroked from time to time.

If your Leo man is no longer seeking that out with you, it’s because he’s decided you’re not the right fit. You can’t give him want he needs, which has turned him into a moping cate.

Of course, you could always try and let him know just how amazing he is and all the incredible things that make him that way. A little stroke of his ego could be all it takes to bring him around and shake him out of his rut.

But it’s very likely he’s already made up his mind about you and is already on the hunt for his next conquest.

Don’t take it personally, the ego of a Leo man is a hard one to constantly stroke. In this instance, it’s definitely him, not you.

8) The romance is gone

The one thing you can say about Leos is that when the relationship is good, it’s really good.

While they love being the center of attention, they also channel this energy into the one they love. They’re extremely loyal and absolutely adore feeling loved.

The Leo man is known for his romantic side.

He wants to shower the woman he loves in affection and show just how much he cares. It’s all about creating that wow factor and having that love mirrored back to him.

He’s never short on affection and romantic gestures. From the large bunch of flowers showing up on your desk at work to the chocolates, deep and long kisses in public, fancy nights out, and much more.

If all this has started the disappear, see it for what it is.

Many women mistakenly sit back and just assume the honeymoon phase is over and the relationship is fine.

While this might be true of many relationships, it’s not when it comes to a Leo.

His honeymoon phase never ends. He’s all too happy to continue to shower the one he loves in attention and affection over time.

If that’s gone from your relationship, then it’s time to see it for what it is.

He’s no longer interested in you.

9) He no longer initiates the conversations

A Leo man is capable of striking up a conversation with a complete stranger and keeping it flowing. He can talk to anymore.

They are complete and utter extroverts, who actually get their energy from others.

That’s why if he walks up to you in a bar and starts talking, you can’t assume he’s into you. That’s simply his personality. He loves having a chat and will start conversations with anyone.

After all, as the king of the zodiac world, he isn’t short on things to brag about. And each new person he gets to share this with is a new boost to his already-inflated ego.

If your Leo man is no longer initiating conversations with you, it’s probably his indirect way of telling you he’s no longer interested.

Check back to your latest messages and phone calls. Are you always the one to message him?

If he’s not trying to fish for compliments or chat your ear off, it’s a good sign he isn’t into you.

After all, he’s usually keen to talk to anyone for that ego inflation.

10) He doesn’t get jealous

A Leo man has a very jealous and possessive streak, which means if he’s into you, then it will bother him immensely to see you with another man.

He won’t enjoy seeing you chatting to another guy at a bar, and will often come over to you and pop a protective arm around you, just to send a message to the guy you’re talking to. To make it clear that you’re his.

This means that if he talks about other women with you, or doesn’t care when you bring up other men into the conversation, it’s a sign that he’s no longer interested in you romantically.

He will no longer put his arm around you when you’re talking to other men. Instead, he will pull himself out of the conversation. Why? Because a Leo man doesn’t like competition. He’s used to being the center of attention.

He will get out of the way and find his attention elsewhere. It’s clear he’s not interested in you romantically anymore.

11) He’s no longer protective of you

Just like he will walk up and put his arm around you when you’re talking to another man in a bar, this protective instinct is a huge part of a Leo man’s personality.

Leo is represented by a Lion – just as a Lion defends his pride, a Leo man becomes very protective of his loved ones.

He will do whatever it takes to save the person he loves from harm, and it will show in the little ways.

He will offer his jacket to you when you’re out and about and it’s cold.

He will walk you home and see you inside after you’ve been out together.

He will check in with you when you’re out with friends to make sure you’re always comfortable.

He will find a myriad of different ways to show he cares.

If he is no longer concerned about your safety and doesn’t make any effort to show he still cares, then it’s a very good sign that he’s no longer interested.

12) He’s out with other women

This sign can be applied to almost any other man out there, but it’s especially clear when a Leo man is going out with other women.

Instead of sitting down and having the chat with you, he’s showing you he’s no longer interested through his actions.

Of course, this is an extremely hurtful action. If it’s happening to you, then walk out now and don’t let him treat you this way.

If he’s texting other women while watching TV, going for drinks after work, or constantly on his phone, read the signs for what they are. It’s something you should take notice of. Leo is a very loyal personality, so if he’s no longer loyal to you, his feelings are very clear.

If a Leo man is into you, you will get his undivided love and attention.

If not, you will notice he starts to stray and find that love elsewhere. When this happens, it’s one of the most obvious signs he’s no longer interested – he has just decided to show you, not tell you.

You can show him by packing up and walking away.

13) He’s hurtful

If a Leo man is planning to break up with you, then as a last-ditch effort to show you he’s not interested, he will turn very nasty and mean.

He’s not intending to be cruel. It’s a defensive mechanism a Leo man may adopt to push you away and let you know he’s no longer interested in you.

He will usually start off gently, ignoring you and trying to show you the spark is gone.

If he starts to feel that his boundaries are being ignored, he will up the intensity to make it even more clear that the feelings are gone.

It will come across in the way he speaks, acts, and is towards you. All the kind acts will be gone, and instead, he will start challenging or ignoring you.

This can come off as downright mean.

The best thing you can do is move on.

14) He doesn’t recognize you

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He might not show interest in you anymore because he doesn’t feel you are part of the same soul family as him.

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15) Your instincts tell you so

A relationship with a Leo man is many things. It’s enticing, intriguing, fun, and very, very passionate.

As the king of the zodiac sign, a Leo man has a ‘go hard or go home attitude’, which can be one of the biggest drawcards of a relationship with them.

When a Leo man is into you, he wants to show you just how much you deserve his trust and compassion. He will burn hot and fast for you and show you in a myriad of ways.

If this changes very suddenly, or gradually over time, it’s a sign that his feelings are no longer in the relationship.

A Leo man doesn’t simply switch off his personality, no matter how far into your relationship you are. If his actions have changed, it’s because his feelings have changed.

If you’re noticing these little things in your relationship, then it’s time to trust those instincts of yours. You know this guy and you know what he’s like to be around.

If that has changed, then it’s time to question why.

It’s very likely he’s no longer interested. He might simply be hanging on to find the best way to break up with you over time.

You can make the first move and walk.

16) He blocks you

This is the final sign that a Leo man is no longer interested in you.

By the time it reaches this stage of the relationship, there’s a good chance that you already know it’s coming.

This is a Leo man’s last resort. When he feels his boundaries are being ignored, then he will become even more distant and hard to talk to.

This lack of communication is a sign of his disinterest. He doesn’t even have the time of day for you.

When he goes a step further and chooses to block you, this is his final act of setting boundaries and making it clear just how he feels about you.

If you notice you have been blocked on socials, don’t even bother trying to reach out. All your efforts will be futile.

He hasn’t blocked you from shyness. Leos are known for being confident and assertive and this isn’t likely to change. Instead, he’s cut off all methods of communication for a reason. He definitely doesn’t want to hear from you and isn’t interested in explanations.

The relationship is well and truly over.

Leaving a Leo man

The good news is, if there is one thing a Leo man is not, it’s mysterious. Whether you recognize it straight away or not, his behavior will begin to change over time. Before long, the signs will be right there, right in front of you.

It will be clear he’s no longer interested.

If you know what to look out for, you will be able to recognize these signs even sooner, allowing you to move on and find love once again with someone who is interested in you.

Don’t take it personally.

A Leo man is both hard to catch and even harder to hold onto. It takes a delicate balance of personalities to make a Leo relationship work.

If your Leo man is no longer into you, the best thing you can do is leave.

It’s unlikely to be able to win him back over again. He’s likely already getting his ego stroked elsewhere and will be moving on to his next conquest.

Cut your losses, remember the good times, and move on.

Winning over a Leo man

Of course, sometimes walking away is simply too hard. Especially if you’re feeling like this is the man for you. The one you want to spend the rest of your life with.

So, how do you win a Leo man over?

By now you should have a good idea of the inner mind of a Leo man. But if you’re still unsure, I recommend getting in touch with a trustworthy advisor. 

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