10 obvious signs a Korean woman likes you

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‍It’s a universal truth that dating can be extremely nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to figuring out how the other person feels about you.

Korean culture is pretty unique in its own right, which means there are some special challenges when it comes to dating.

If you’re trying to figure out if that cute Korean girl you recently met likes you back, then we’ve got you covered.

Check out these 10 subtle indicators that will help you know if she fancies you or not!

1) She will call a meeting with you

If she’s really interested in you, a Korean woman might call a meeting with you.

Obviously, this only happens if you work together!

Korean women tend to be very business-oriented, so sometimes, instead of asking you out, they will call a random, unnecessary meeting for just the two of you.

When that happens, you can be pretty sure that she likes you, especially when it wasn’t a meeting that needed to take place!

2) She will show you her emotions and be vulnerable

Among all the world’s cultures, Korean culture is very emotional.

Korean women don’t hide their emotions as much as Western women, so it’s easier to tell if she likes you.

She will also be more expressive with her words.

She’ll also make sustained eye contact with you and smile at you when you talk to her. This is a sure sign that she’s interested.

You see, she might not open up about her feelings about you directly, yet, but you’ll know when she starts to be vulnerable about other things, for example how much she loved a movie, or how sad she felt about something.

Once she opens up to you emotionally, that’s a sign she likes you!

3) She will instantly reply to your texts

If you’re exchanging texts, and she doesn’t reply right away, then she likely has a good reason.

But if she replies to your texts whenever they come in, then that’s a good sign for two reasons:

One, she wants to talk to you. Two, she is most likely interested in you.

You see, a Korean woman who likes you will likely not hold back on showing you that.

She will reply and she won’t play any mind-games of “I won’t reply for 5 hours” because she doesn’t see the point in tricking you when she might as well just reply.

4) She’ll ask to hang out with you alone

One of the simplest ways to know if she likes you is by asking her out on a date.

If she wants to hang out with you alone, then it’s a good sign that she might be interested.

She might reject your initial offer to hang out and tell you that she’s busy or that she needs time to think about it.

Don’t take it personally – this is just an easy way for her to see if you’re genuinely interested in hanging out with her one-on-one before committing to a date.

If, after some time has passed, she gets back to you and agrees to the date, then it’s safe to say that she might be interested in pursuing something more with you.

Of course, if you asked her more than once and she still refuses each time, then maybe it is time to cut your losses.

Plus, to tell you the truth, it can be creepy if someone doesn’t get the hint.

5) She might flake on you (and then try to make up for it)

If you had a date set and she completely flakes on you, don’t take it too personally.

Sometimes, Korean women will flake on you just to then make it up to you again after.

She might give you a call or text the next day to see how you’re doing and offer to make up for it.

I know, that sounds a bit annoying, but it’s just part of the deal.

Plus, as with all of these tips, not all Korean women are the same, just as not all Western women are the same.

This is just a point I’ve heard from a few men dating Korean women.

6) She will ask you lots of questions

If you’re on a date with a Korean girl, she will most likely ask you lots of questions.

This is a pretty good indicator that she wants to know more about you.

So, if she asks you lots of questions and listens attentively to your responses, it’s a good sign that she’s interested!

It also shows her interest if she asks about your family or friends and how they are.

You can take this opportunity to ask her more questions as well! It’s a great way to get the conversation flowing.

You see, once someone asks you a lot of questions, that’s always a good sign that they are into you, otherwise, they couldn’t care less!

7) She smiles at you a lot

This is one of the most obvious signs that a Korean girl likes you.

When Korean women like you, they will not be able to contain their smiles.

And frankly, there’s nothing better than getting a smile from someone you like, right?

So, if she smiles at you a lot, you can be pretty sure that she reciprocates your feelings!

8) She asks you to hang out

The biggest sign that she likes you is if she asks you to hang out.

If she’s asking you to hang out with her then it means that she wants to spend time with you.

Make sure to take her on a date so she knows it’s not just a one-time thing!

You see, when a Korean woman goes out of her comfort zone to ask you to hang out, that usually means a lot!

She wants to be with you and is not afraid to show it!

9) She leans in a lot when you talk

One of the most common signs she likes you is when she’s always trying to be in close proximity to you.

She may lean in a lot when you talk or even touch your arm.

And if she touches your arm, it will most likely be with her hand and not her elbow.

It’s usually a good idea to take this as a sign that she likes you because girls typically don’t do this with just anyone they meet.

When a woman gets closer to you on purpose, that is an almost definite sign that she likes you.

You see, as a woman, you usually steer away from getting too close to a man, especially if you don’t like him a lot, yet.

So – if she leans in or touches you, that’s a great sign!

10) She seems nervous, giggles, and plays with her hair

When a Korean woman likes you, she’s likely to be nervous, giggle at the smallest thing, and play with her hair a lot.

If you’re wondering “Does she like me?”, watching for these signs will help clear up any doubts.

It’s not uncommon when first starting to date someone that they might feel nervous or be giggly.

But if you notice this behavior more than once, there’s a good chance that she likes you!

You see, when a woman is a bit nervous on a date, plays with her hair, and giggles a lot, that’s almost always an indicator that she likes you, no matter which culture she is from.


Because these things indicate that she is feeling giddy, which is a good thing!

Plus, playing with your hair can be a subliminal message that she finds you attractive!

I know, those are pretty good news, right?

Look for the signs

Before taking it a step further with a Korean woman, look for the signs that she likes you.

The last thing you ever want to do is make her feel uncomfortable or forced into something she doesn’t want to do.

So, look for the signs and if you notice them, you can be pretty sure she likes you!

Of course, although Korean women come from a different culture, you don’t have to overcomplicate things.

Listen to your common sense and that will take care of most of your issues!

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