Will he ever return? 20 important ways to tell

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When you love someone with all your heart, it’s hard to imagine a future without them. But, unfortunately, things don’t always work out the way that we want them to. 

Relationships have many ups and downs, but when the person you love leaves you. It can be incredibly painful, especially if you cannot see a future together. 

If your boyfriend has broken your heart – how will you know if he’ll ever return? How will you know if he is over you or moved on? Not all relationships are meant to end after a breakup!

Will he ever return? Keep reading and let me tell you 20 important signs.

1) He wants to know what you’re doing all the time.

We all have an innate curiosity when it comes to the people we care about. This can be especially true if you’ve had a past with someone. 

If your ex-boyfriend is constantly following what you’re doing and asking how you are, this could mean they’re interested in coming back.

He still loves knowing what’s going on in your life, as long as it’s not too much. If you’re always taking pictures of your lunch, he might be left behind. 

He wants to know what you’re doing all the time. He also wants to know where you’re going and why you’re leaving him behind. 

In a woman’s world, her partner is the cornerstone of her life because he makes sure she has food and shelter. 

While men may not feel this way, they would rather feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

So how do you keep both sides happy and peaceful after the breakup? 

Be honest with him about what you are doing and make sure that he knows that it is okay for him to ask questions or make comments about your activities. 

It doesn’t seem so bad to tell him more about your day when you get home from work or just before bedtime.

2) He shows remorse for hurting you. 

Everyone makes mistakes and we all make mistakes, even the people we love. However, if your ex is regretful and remorseful because he hurt your feelings or he made you cry. 

It could be a sign that he wants to get back together with you. 

If you’re the one who broke up with him and he seems to be unapologetic and is not remorseful for his actions, it could mean that he doesn’t want to get back together with you. 

If your ex regrets hurting you and tries to make up for it by buying you gifts, taking you out on a date, and wants to win you back, it could be a good sign that he wants to get back together with you. 

He might also ask you to forgive him and promise that he will never hurt you again.

He might also try to make you feel better by telling you that you’re worthy of being with someone who treats you right, that you deserve better than what he has given you. 

And that he misses you and loves you. He shows love for you again.

3) He keeps in touch, and you have frequent conversations.

If you two were ever in an exclusive, long-term relationship and you suddenly lost contact with him out of the blue one day, it could signal that he’s over the relationship. 

However, if he still keeps in touch with you and you have frequent conversations, it could mean that he’s still interested in rekindling your relationship. 

Unless he has a really good reason for breaking off contact with you, it could be a sign that he still cares about you and wants to be with you again. 

Keep in mind that a guy who wants to get back together with you and is trying to win you back will usually try to call or text you first. 

If you’re the one who has to initiate contact, he’s not trying to get back together with you. He might also only want to talk to you once every few weeks or once a month. 

Someone who’s serious about rekindling a relationship will try to stay in constant contact with you. 

All of these actions show that he might be your soulmate. 

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4) He’s constantly contacting mutual friends and asking about you.

When an ex is trying to contact you, he may reach out to mutual friends and ask about you. 

He may be hoping that they’ll give him some inside information on your personal life and tell him where you are. 

This can lead them to connect on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram or try a more direct approach by calling or texting you.

To feel secure, you need to know your ex-boyfriend and his purpose for planning on contacting other people about you. 

If he does, it shows that he still cares about you and wants you so badly. You should think about these things before answering any of his messages. 

If necessary, ask him why he does that

If an ex-boyfriend is contacting mutual friends and asking them about you, it’s a sign that he’s planning on coming back to you in some way. 

Keep this in mind when you are talking with your friends and family members.

5) Your Ex Misses The Good Times

If something happens to end the relationship, your ex-boyfriend likely misses the good times. The good times made them happy before and they will want to feel that feeling again. 

The best way for them to feel that happiness is by coming back into your life. Your ex-boyfriend has a hard time letting go of the love he shared, even when he has moved on. 

After all, he misses those special moments that helped form their bond in the first place. For instance, your ex might be secretly rooting for you to get together again. 

Or he might be hoping that you’ll one day notice him again and want to rekindle things. This is especially true if your ex was very clingy and needy during the relationship. 

As a result, he’s likely to feel rejected if you don’t give him the attention he wants.

In any case, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s no need for you to rush into things just because your ex misses you. 

If you’re happy with your new life, it’s perfectly fine to move on and forget about him in the meantime.

Your ex-boyfriend won’t be able to move forward in their life without feeling a sense of satisfaction from you. You’ve been on their mind, so why not give them what they want?

6) Your Ex-Boyfriend Wants To Repair The Relationship

If your ex-boyfriend wants to fix the relationship, he’ll be willing to do anything it takes. He may apologize and ask for forgiveness, or say that his behavior is not who he truly is. 

If your ex-boyfriend has a change of heart and wants to rectify what happened in the past, he will start to exhibit signs that he misses you.

It may be repairing the relationship directly, like making amends and setting aside past disagreements.

Whatever the reason is, if your ex wants to repair the relationship, they might not just want to get back together again. They may want to repair the relationship and make it last this time.

One way that your ex may want to do this is by being a better boyfriend than he was before. 

This may mean being more considerate and generous, taking care of the house, and generally trying to improve things in their life in a way that makes you feel like they are here for you.

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7) He doesn’t want to date anyone else

This is so obvious! It can be sure without the help of a love expert.

Exes often feel insecure when they date someone new, and the fear of rejection can make it difficult to open up completely to someone new.

Therefore, even though he might try to make you jealous if your ex isn’t ready to date again after the breakup. 

It just indicates they aren’t able to move on and aren’t able to meet up with anyone else right now.

He doesn’t date anyone else because he is only concerned with your history, trying to figure out how to bring you back, or hoping you will start it.

Additionally, your ex might still be holding out hope that you two will reconcile, making them too depressed to leave the memories with you or simply not in the mood to meet new people.

Of course, no one insists that he must enter into a committed relationship right away. Then, it would be reasonable for you to question whether he is engaged in a rebound relationship.

Your ex is continuing to live their life as if you two were still dating, if only you could take a peep inside of their thoughts. Hi is not just thinking of you; he is also hoping for a second chance.

8) He is not returning your things

The first thought that crosses two people’s minds after a breakup, when they are quite certain that it is over, is trying to get rid of everything they collected while they were together.

And if this is not the case with your ex-boyfriend, there are three reasons why it might not be.

First of all, he is unable to return any of the gifts or items they have gotten from you because they are too attached to him. 

Second, there is no immediate need to return any of your belongings because they are confident that you will reunite when some time has passed. 

Both of these indicate that your ex will eventually contact you again.

Additionally, it’s probable that your ex still has your belongings as a trump card. 

They can always make contact if the two of you entirely lose touch by instructing you to come to get your belongings, couldn’t they?

He is testing the waters to see if they can deepen the connection. 

He wants to return your stuff, and if you accept the bait and start conversing with them, it indicates that you also want to reunite. It is a positive consequence for everyone.

9) He’s constantly checking in on you.

If an ex-boyfriend is constantly checking in and asking how you’re doing but not making any moves to come back. 

It might be a sign that they want to know if their feelings are still reciprocated.

When you break up with someone, it’s not uncommon for them to become jealous. This can happen in a variety of ways. 

For example, your ex-boyfriend could check social media to see if you’re posting about other guys. Or he could call your phone or text you repeatedly just to see what you’re up to.

One way that your ex-boyfriend can show his jealousy is by constantly checking in on you. 

He might do this by calling your cell phone or hanging out at places where he knows you hang out. He might even send you texts or emails to make sure that you’re okay.

This type of behavior shows that he cares about the relationship, but it can also be creepy and intrusive sometimes. 

It may feel like your ex is trying to control your life and make sure that nothing bad happens to you. 

This can make you feel uncomfortable and pressured, and it can lead to feelings of insecurity and stress.

10) Everything ended on good terms

It’s a positive sign that you and your ex might reunite if you and your ex are still buddies. Of course, hell didn’t erupt when you separated. 

While you were dating, you didn’t conduct mind games or commit acts of infidelity. Infidelity or abuse was not present.

If you split amicably, it indicates that no genuine harm has been done. Your relationship can still be saved, and it won’t be long until your ex contacts you again.

The reason you two are still in touch is because you haven’t forgotten how much you enjoy each other’s company. You’re still all good, but you’re just apart for the moment. 

Your reconciliation is probably not going to happen by accident. It’s likely that you’ll start to hang out more frequently until you unexpectedly find yourselves back together.

If so, take your time and try not to force things too much. Don’t pass up this opportunity, though. 

Instead, make an effort to strike a balance energy between the two and be very aware of the energy they are giving off.

11) He still has many plans with you

People often confuse this with the condition known as friendzone

One of the telltale signs that your ex wants to and will eventually return is if you’re still friends and they keep bringing up an upcoming event that the two of you should attend.

They are acting in this way since they are unable to come up with a companion to accompany them to that specific occasion.

He might ask if you want to go on a date, or invite you over for dinner. Or maybe he will ask you to watch a movie together. 

If he is interested in taking things slow, it’s important that you don’t make things awkward by ignoring his texts and calls. 

Instead, let him know that you are busy and ask him to call back later. By doing this, you show that you are open-minded about the breakup and that you’re ready to take things slow. 

If both of you are equally enamored of obscure singers, models, etc., chances are they’ll want to enjoy it alone with you. 

Because you two still compliment one another and they have no desire to meet anyone else.

12) He texted you a lot. 

There are many reasons why someone might text someone else: They may be bored, lonely, or need to communicate something important.

When he texts you frequently, it’s a good sign that they have strong feelings for you, so don’t ignore it!

In contrast to following “the no contact rule“, if he is constantly contacting you and checking your social media accounts on a regular basis, it indicates that he is unable to stop thinking about you and that he will eventually come back.

He keeps thinking of you and can’t help but tell you about the most recent amusing event at work or whatever else, just to see how you react or to make you smile.

And, of course, to constantly bring him up in conversation so that you are aware of him just as much as they are aware of you.

13) They drunk-dial you whenever they want to talk to you. 

There is more truth to the adage ‘a drunk mind speaks a sober heart’ than you might imagine. 

You don’t have any brakes left while you’re intoxicated. You lose your self-control, lose sight of the law, and stop acting in accordance with what your mind tells you is proper.

Your inner emotions actually take over at this point. Your heart speaks up because you can’t silence it any longer. 

That’s exactly what your ex, who is also just a human being, is going through.

Have they ever contacted you after a night of heavy drinking? If so, it’s because despite drinking liters of booze and their preferred beverages, they still couldn’t stop thinking about you.

They contact you exclusively when they are inebriated since their mind is continuously reminding them of you, especially if it’s late at night.

Every ex who is going through tough periods and fighting to find the courage to get you back is like this one. They are obviously struggling with their feelings.

14) He is close to your friends

If you’ve broken up with your ex, it’s likely that he is still in touch with some of your friends. 

While this might not be a huge deal, it’s something to keep in mind if he still wants to support you in other ways. You’ll be surprised by how much support you can get sometimes!

Your ex is trying to remain in contact with your other buddies, and not with you exclusively. 

You might think that he is attempting hard to remain in contact with your other buddies, but I will tell you why they are doing so.

They are only concerned about keeping in touch with your buddies because mutual friends act as go-between people when he want to talk to you or get information about you.

Additionally, they are acting in this manner to make a good impression on your buddies and increase their chances of reuniting with you.

15) He said he is affected negatively by the breakup. 

A lot of people associate the breakup with sadness and being in a bad mood, but it is more than that. 

The breakup can affect a person’s mental health because it brings up all of the emotions that one was trying to push down during the relationship. 

For example, many people experience depression after a breakup because they feel as if their world has been shattered. 

They feel as if they did not get enough out of their relationship and do not know what to do next. 

Others may experience anxiety or panic attacks because the break-up was unexpected and there was no time for them to prepare for it.

Your ex is inadvertently hoping that your friends will tell you how dissatisfied and wretched they feel after ending the relationship with you if he talks about it to you, or more likely, to your buddies.

He is subtly telling you that he doesn’t even give a damn what other people think because they want you back in his life.

16) He is always seeking an opportunity to see you. 

An ex is always searching for an opportunity to see you. 

This can take many forms. It could be a chance encounter in a public place, a phone call, or even something as innocuous as seeing your name on their calendar or contact list. 

No matter the form that it takes, it’s trying to communicate with you and remind you of what they know about you.

Is your ex always trying to find an excuse to see you? Or, despite not having informed them in advance, do you feel as though they are constantly present where you are?

When someone wants to see you so badly, they are capable of inventing the trickiest scenarios and lies (such as, “I need coffee urgently next Monday”).

They require something from you in order to finally experience your present.

If you have reason to believe that your ex is doing this, know that they are making every effort to remain in your life and won’t stop finding excuses until the two of you are reunited.

17) Distance was the main reason you broke up 

It’s a common misconception that the breakup was due to distance in the first place. It wasn’t, because distance is often a symptom of something else. Here’s why:

Distant love has its ups and downs, but distance is not a significant reason to end a relationship. The sole factor was physical separation, which may be readily solved in the future.

Due to the fact that there were no significant reasons for the breakup in the first place, many of these relationships fail to last long after they begin.

If you are both having an enjoyable time while being distant, it’s a red flag that you both have issues dealing with feelings… and not getting back together will solve your problems anyway.

So, before expecting your ex to magically return, first, you have to think about what would be the best solution for you two.

18) He misses you, and his mother wants you to know. 

Mothers are the most perceptive when it comes to identifying our agony over broken relationships. Therefore, if she tells you her son or daughter misses you, believe her! 

She’s probably doing it for your ex because she realizes how hard it must be for them to approach you and she just wants to be of assistance.

Or perhaps your ex requested that their mother speaks with you on their behalf. Yes, this is a desperate action, but in terrible circumstances, drastic measures are called for.

If the breakup between you two wasn’t peaceful, this was probably going to happen. Your ex is aware that they messed up and that you don’t want to hear from him anymore.

However, who could hang up on someone’s mother, am I right? They are both taking advantage of your empathy because they both know it.

19) Ex replied to your text message with a reply that was longer than the text message you sent. 

Have you observed any intriguing texting-related writing patterns? If not, be mindful of their writing style the next time you text with them.

Your ex will want to continue the conversation if they reply to your two to three word message with a novel (like on your first date).

Another blatant indication of how eager they are to speak with you is if they keep quizzing you.

In this approach, they are purposefully extending your conversation even if it means being intrusive. You can feel that they are persistent no matter what.

20) He still mentions you to his friends

While it’s possible that your ex still tells his friends about you, this is unlikely. Of course, this doesn’t mean he won’t talk about you at all. 

He could tell his friends how much he misses you or how great it was to get back together. 

So please take caution with the details you share with your ex’s buddies. 

Keep in mind that everything you tell your ex will be found.

But, if he remains emotionally distant, you can expect him to not mention you much.

If he does talk about you at all, consider this a sign that the relationship is going strong! 

If your ex talks too much about you, it could mean that he wants to keep the connection alive. 

And, this means that there are still feelings between them. In other words, if he stops talking about you, it could be a sign that things are changing in his life and he is ready to move on.


If you’re heartbroken over your ex-boyfriend, it can be difficult to know what to do next. 

Fortunately, there are a number of signs that show that your ex is interested in getting back with you. 

He might not make a move until after he’s healed from the breakup and feels ready to move forward again. 

But when he does, you should watch out- and be ready to go back to the way things were before. 

If your ex-boyfriend is willing to make a big effort, he might have the potential to truly be the one. If you do, it’ll be worth it!

Even if you’re not ready to move forward with him again, try to stay open to his attempts at reconciliation. This is a good way to start the healing process and move past your pain.

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