21 surefire signs a guy likes you at first sight (complete list)

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Falling in love at first sight is one of those things that sounds too good to be true. The concept of it is so fairytale-esque that it’s almost hard to believe it can happen in real life.

But guess what? It does happen. And there’s a good chance that quite a few guys have been infatuated by you on the very first day you met – without you even realizing it. 

So, in today’s article, we’ll reveal to you the top 21 signs of attraction at first sight shown by men. Plus we’ll also cover the 12 tell-tale indications that you are attracted to a guy on your first meeting.

21 signs a guy likes you at first sight

1) He gets personal

Does this guy ask you personal questions in your very first conversation? 

If he does, there’s a big chance that he likes you and wants to make sure you’re available before he makes his next moves. 

If he asks you about your relationship status or anything overly personal (but not that detective-esque type of questions or those that make him seem nosy), he’s definitely into you.

2) He’s eager to please

When a guy is infatuated by you at the first meeting, he may try too hard to please you. 

And guess what? He often does this subconsciously!

If he’s overly concerned about you — often manifested by constantly asking you if you’re feeling fine or whether there’s something he can get for you or do for you — then it’s a crystal sign that he’s smitten with you.

3) He tries to touch you — a lot

Does he look for excuses to touch you, from time to time? 

For instance, he might often see “something” on your hair and volunteer to get it for you.

Or he might hold on to a hug for longer than necessary.

If he goes the extra mile to touch you (but it shouldn’t be the harassing type), then he must be too attracted to you.

4) He compliments you

Does this guy you’re seeing for the first time compliment your dress or your smile? 

If so, then this guy is making it very clear that he’s gradually falling for you. 

Most often, these compliments aren’t focused on your usual note-worthy physical aspects. 

For instance, a guy could not help it but say how angelic your voice is — and you’d be taken aback because he’s the first one to point that out.

Remember that if a guy likes you, he wants to make you feel “seen” and appreciated.

5) He can’t stop smiling

Do you often catch him smiling or blushing for no apparent reason? 

It’s probably because he’s “wetting his pants” in excitement just to have this chance of talking to you.

6) He ends any interruptions quickly

If this guy you’re meeting for the first time ends distractions — like a phone call or an accidental bump into his friend — really fast, then he’s overly anxious he might make you feel unimportant.

Does he block everything else and focus completely on you? This must be because he wants every second he spends with you to count.

7) He’s mesmerized by you

When a guy’s smitten with you, he can’t help but involuntarily stare deep into and get lost in your eyes. 

If his eyes brighten every time they meet yours, he’s obviously feeling ecstatic to have finally met you.

8) He wants your attention

Observe this guy. Does he talk more when there are other guys (like you suddenly bumped into your friends) around you?

Does he indulge in BTS fandom topics just to get your attention? 

If your guy goes to greater lengths just to have your attention, then he must be feeling a voluminous attraction for you.

9) He is paying attention to you

One of the obvious signs that a guy likes you at first sight is if he gives his full attention to you (and only you) even if there are so many people in the room.

He is looking at you all the time!

So if you want him to keep his eyes on you, now is the time to make your first impression and leave him speechless.

10) He’s overprotective about you

This might seem weird, but does this guy you’re meeting for the first time show off his protective streak when he’s with you? 

Does he occasionally look around while you’re talking? If so, then unless he’s a wanted criminal (in that case, run!), he is trying to look out for any danger in his own little ways.

This is actually his subconscious way of letting you know that he wants to be your protector!

11) You share a lot of similarities

Do you often see him excitedly nodding his head each time you say you like this and that? 

In short, does he agree with everything you say? Then he must like you that much!

A guy who’s so into you will intuitively try to find common grounds to make you feel that you two are compatible.

12) He asks when he can see you again

Yes, this is just your first meeting and he certainly doesn’t want this to be the last.

If he asks you when he’s gonna see you again, then it’s a clear indication that he’s already knee-deep in his feelings for you.

13) He’s very friendly

Guys who get overly friendly on the very first meeting can seem creepy at times. 

But if a guy is having all the feels for you, he’ll try his best to pretend like you are best of friends just to make you feel comfortable hanging out with him. 

14) He finds ways to bump into you again

Does he ask you about your plans over the next holiday or the weekend?

If he does, then there’s a pretty good chance he’s planning to be there too to “accidentally” bump into you again. And only guys who really like you would do this.

15) He hints at your relationship status

Asking directly about your boyfriend or your relationship status is completely normal for some guys. 

But for a guy who is smitten with you, this may sound rude and too personal.

Therefore, he’d do his best to beat around the bush and coax answers out of you without him asking it directly.

For instance, he might ask you about your recent vacations or the last few movies you’ve watched — and with whom.

For him, these are just subtle ways to bring any boyfriends out of your closet. 

16) He drags the conversation or makes subtle plans

If you find that a guy is stretching the conversation just to make you stay longer, then he must be attracted to you. 

You’d be surprised how much he wanted to make you not skip the details of the story you’re sharing with him.

17) He looks for ways to stay in touch

Does he ask you for your contact details within just a few minutes of talking to each other or before you have to go separate ways? Well, he’s obviously pushing his luck. 

If he looks for ways to stay in touch, he’s definitely interested in you and wants to know more details about you.

18) He stays in touch

In relation to number 17, when he gets the chance to have your contact details, he’s sure to get in touch with you. 

And it doesn’t even take him days to drop a line on Facebook or to text a simple “hi.”

While this may just sound like a friendly gesture, if he constantly tries to get in touch or leaves a message more than a few times a day, then he must be feeling it: he likes you!

19) He’s an aggressive competition

If a guy gets aggressive or angry when another guy tries to make him look bad in front of you, then he must be so attracted to you that he’s making sure he’s not doing things that would be a turn-off for you.

Also, if he finds out that another guy is eyeing you up, he’d do everything in his power to impress you at this very first meeting.

20) He impresses you with his details

As mentioned in number 19, this guy is a fierce competition. 

So if he is completely smitten with you, he’d do everything to make you feel the same to him.

From time to time, he’d slip in details about himself and his achievements, until he thinks you’re impressed with him.

But not all guys are the same. Some may be too discreet, but they’d still do things that will convince you that they’re a great guy.

21) He makes it obvious that he’s single

If a guy makes it clear to you that he’s single on your very first meeting with him, he obviously likes you — that’s why he’s coming clean to you. 

Why would he tell you he’s single unless he wants you to make him otherwise?

Wrapping up…

While some guys may tell you point-blank that they like you even on your very first meetup, others are just too shy to say it.

But if you don’t want to miss any opportunity of dating a guy who truly likes you, it’s best to look into their actions and see what they mean by that. 

In that case, these 21 subtle signs of attraction will certainly help you.

To stay single is great. But it’s also great to be with someone who’s so into you that you won’t feel any sense of insecurity toward yourself.  

Good luck finding your knight in shining armor!

Thank you for staying. Wanna know how it feels to fall in love with someone at the very sight of them? Read these bonus tips below.

Signs that you’re in love at first sight

Ever met someone for the very first time and felt your heart skip a beat?

If so, then you’ve just experienced one of the several signs of love at first sight!

It’s every single lady’s dream to experience walking down the street one day, lock eyes with a handsome stranger, and immediately fall head over heels in love with each other. 

Wouldn’t that sound so magical and lovely?

But is that real love, though?  Or is that just lust? 

Well, let’s gauge in.

Is love-at-first-sight real?

Many people think that this kind of love is just a fantasy. But most of these cynics have never felt it themselves. 

Because if they had, they would know for sure that love at first sight certainly does happen. 

As explained by the great Plato, love is predestined. When your soul descends from heaven to earth, it is broken into two. And it is your prime purpose to find the missing half.

Therefore, when you finally find your other half, you feel an immediate connection with that person — hence, the attraction at first sight.

12 big signs of love at first sight

Truth be told, it is difficult to differentiate love at first sight from lust. 

But if you’re wondering whether you are feeling such a soulful connection at first sight with someone, take note of the following signs: 

1) You’re giving them the eyes

When you feel you can’t take your eyes off someone you just met, you must be attracted to him.

Accordingly, we often look into other’s eyes for several reasons. It can be to gauge their level of trustworthiness, their emotions, and even try to figure out their sexual orientation. 

Through looking at him — often for a long while — you are deciding if he is compatible with you. 

And if indeed he is, you’re seeking clues how you can make him feel that you’re the one he’s been looking for.

2) You feel a euphoric sense of relaxation and warmth

Ever met someone for the first time and felt like you’ve known him for a very long time?

That’s the attraction right there. You immediately feel comfortable and relaxed around him like you are the best of friends.

Weird, right? Apparently, that’s the way love moves — in mysterious ways.

3) You feel like you can be your most authentic self

When you meet someone for the first time and you feel that you are so free to be yourself, then this isn’t just a casual meetup. This amazingly invigorating feeling means that you are deeply connected to this person.

You would then think that this guy seems so familiar to you that you aren’t afraid to show your authentic self.  

If you are feeling this sensation, then it’s best to take it slow and get to know the other person first before you do the next exciting move.

4) You feel the flutter of excitement or butterflies

We all know this feeling.

When you meet someone you’re attracted to, you’d get this sensation in your gut that makes you feel like you could take flight from the high or vomit at any moment because you’re severely anxious, excited, or a combination of both. 

You feel giddy every time he comes too close to you that you can even count his eyelashes. 

This feeling of an explosion in your gut is often referred to as butterflies in one’s stomach — a mix of anxiety and happiness that feels so good.

So if you feel it on your first date with someone, know that you’re attracted to this fellow — and you’re one of the lucky human beings to have experienced this!

5) You feel in sync

You will feel that everything he says resonates with you on a deeper level!

When you are attracted to a person whom you just met, you feel like you are completely in tune with him. And it’s both an intriguing and a severely sexy feeling all in all.

Have you noticed that after striking up a conversation, you find yourself effortlessly completing each other’s sentences? 

If this happens, then there must be some serious love juices brewing in there.

6) It doesn’t matter which type he is

Everybody has a type. In your mind, you may think that you prefer men who are athletic, have a bad-boy image, artists, or cute nerds. 

But when love at first sight strikes you, you will be surprised to find that this person is the farthest thing from your usual type.

There must be something about the soul of this person that makes you so inclined to like him.

So, if you’re still confused why you are feeling this “invisible string” attaching you to him, know that this is completely normal — that your true love will not always be the type of person you’ve imagined yourself with. 

7) You can’t stop thinking about him

When you’re experiencing love at first sight,  you’ll often find yourself constantly imagining his face, voice, and when you might see him again. 

It’ll feel as though you’re back to being Taylor Swift in her Fifteen again.

This is just one of the obvious signs that your heart was hit with Cupid’s arrow and that there is no turning back anymore.

Just a fair warning — he will live in your mind rent-free for days! 

And if your love for him is that strong enough, he may even stay there for as long as you like.

8) You feel a strong desire to talk to him

When you find yourself feeling such a desire to talk to this person you just met, then the attraction is absolutely at work here.  This is especially so if you’re a shy person in normal meetups. 

You have this gut feeling that you need to talk to him and that it doesn’t matter whether you’ll regret it later or that it is so not you.

If you have ever felt anything like this or close to this, then it’s definitely love at first sight.

9) You find him so attractive

This doesn’t mean that you are so horny you’d want to rip his clothes off and have wild sex — it means more than that.

You feel that everything he does seems very attractive and hot to you, and you appreciate everything about the way he looks. 

If you ever meet someone and you find him sexy, cute, hot, and beautiful all in one (even if he’s not your usual type), then this is a classic case of becoming so attracted to someone’s personality — and that makes everything else follow suit.

10) Everything seems so positive

This is a clear manifestation of love at first sight — you feel that you are on the moon and that you’re floating on air.

When you are filled with love, you’ll be in such a mindset that nothing can go wrong and that you will forever be happy.

11) You can picture yourself with him

When you are head over heels with a guy and you feel that he is your soulmate, your mind then goes ahead and thinks of your future together.

You’ll start daydreaming about being with him when you grow old, looking after your children, or going on a vacation together in the near future. 

When you’re in love, you have this intense feeling that you will never last a day without him by your side. Therefore, your mind finds a way to please you — by picturing out your future with him. 

And you’d feel like you’re the happiest girl alive. 

12) You genuinely want to know everything about him

For you, it is not only important that you know his name, you want to know things much deeper than that.

You want him to share his childhood memories, his hobbies,  and every single thing that makes him who he is.

When you find someone so attractive, you feel the urge to be his best friend and lover at the same time. That’s why you want to know him better.

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