9 signs a guarded woman actually likes you 

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It’s not always easy to read the signs a woman is sending you. 

Things get even more difficult when you’re dealing with a guarded woman.

If you’re trying to figure out if she loves you, it may be hard to tell.

Don’t worry though! I’ve got you covered.

Here are 9 signs a guarded woman actually likes you:

1) She opens up to you

Guarded women rarely tell strangers everything about their lives.

They’re afraid to let their walls down, so they’ll often hold back and hide certain things. 

They do so with their friends, too. 

Because they are guarded, they tend to trust less and have fewer relationships, so they have fewer people on whom they can rely and confide in.

If she’s starting to open up to you, it means you’re getting close to her and she is starting to trust you.

This is a big step. 

It could also mean that she really likes you and that she’s making an effort to repay you for your openness to her.

2) She shows signs of being comfortable with you

When a guarded woman shows signs of being comfortable with you, it means she’s close to loving you.

How so?

A woman who likes you will start to be more relaxed in your presence. 

She’ll also start to drop her guard and most of her walls.

Her body language will change, as it becomes less closed off and reserved. To be more precise, her body gestures will become more relaxed and less stiff.

The same goes for her facial expressions. 

She’ll start to smile and laugh more often when she’s with you. 

There will be a tendency in her to reveal her emotions to you, even if she’s still trying to hide most of them from you. 

All these things are a clear sign that she actually likes you.

3) She acts differently around you

Guarded women try to project an outward appearance of strength and independence, but this is only part of who they really are. 

If you notice that she starts acting differently around you, it could mean that she’s starting to see you as someone special.

Most women act a bit nicer towards men that they like. They’re more likely to try to get their attention and make a good impression. 

So, you might notice her smiling at you more often or even blushing. Or, you might see clearly that she acts a lot more reserved with other people.

Why is this important?

If she’s showing these signs just with you, it means she has feelings for you that are different from those she shows the rest of the world.

This is another clear sign that her feelings for you are intense.

4) She sometimes texts/calls first

Guarded women are often wary about revealing their emotions or intentions. They usually don’t want to commit to anything or do anything that might make them vulnerable. 

If she suddenly texts or calls you first, it means she wants to talk to you or see you and is willing to take the initiative. 

This is a big step and an important one, too. It’s a sign that she likes you and wants more from your relationship.

She could be in love with you or in the process of falling in love with you.

How do I know?

Because she’s showing you a higher level of interest than she did before.

5) She sometimes initiates physical contact

Another sign a guarded woman likes you?

She wants to make a better impression on you and is trying to get closer to you. 

That’s why it’s always a good sign when she initiates physical contact. 

A woman who likes you will try to get closer to you, and if she does, it means she wants to deepen your connection

If you notice that she’s keeping her distance from time to time, don’t be alarmed. It just might mean that she’s afraid of getting too close and revealing her true feelings for you.

Examples of physical contact are when she hugs you, for example, or she holds your hand.

However, don’t mistake polite gestures for signs she actually likes you. She may simply be being polite or acting out of habit. 

To truly know if she likes you, think about the context of the situation.

6) She compliments you

Women in love will tell you all the time how great and wonderful you are, so it’s not unusual for them to make such comments. 

However, if a guarded woman suddenly starts complimenting you, it means she’s interested in more than just your looks. 

It could also be a way to connect with you – she wants to get to know you better.

That’s the case when she compliments you, she likes you, and is trying to see how far she can take things with you. 

You see, it’s not typical for guarded women to pay compliments to potential partners because that would make them look vulnerable.

On top of that, if she compliments you when other people are around, it means she’s trying to impress you so that you’ll trust her more and open up to her – which is exactly what she needs to do as well.

7) She asks questions about you or your life

When a woman is interested in you, she’ll start asking questions about your life. Things are no different with a guarded woman.

She’ll be curious about who your friends are and what you do for fun. 

She may want to know what type of things you enjoy doing and the types of places where you like to go on vacation.

She may also ask you what your plans are for the future. This can be an important question because it’s an opportunity for you to discuss your dreams and goals.

If she has similar ones, that’s a good sign. It’s yet another sign that you might have a love story ahead of you.

8) Her body language is relaxed and open

If the guarded woman you’re interested in tucks her hands in her pockets or crosses her legs when you’re around, it means she’s trying to protect herself.

How so? 

Well, she’s keeping her hands out of reach and closing herself off.

However, if she’s interested in you, she’ll slowly open up to you and her body language will become more relaxed and open. 

She may even uncross her legs and put her hands down at her sides. Or, she may even lean a little closer to you when she’s speaking to you.

This is a good sign because it means she’s starting to feel comfortable with you. 

9) She steps out of her comfort zone

A guarded woman’s comfort zone is often reserved for very specific environments or situations, so when she steps out of it, it’s a clear sign that she likes you.

Or, even better, that she might start to love you. 

How so?

Well, women in love will do anything for the sake of their partners. They’ll also do things that are outside of their comfort zones because they want to please them.

If a woman is interested in you, she’ll be willing to go out of her way for you – even if it’s difficult or uncomfortable for her. 

The same goes for a guarded woman, but not always to the same extremes. 

She may not be able to go out of her comfort zone as much as a woman who loves you, but don’t be surprised if she does. 


A guarded woman is not easy to read, but if she likes you, there are ways to figure it out.

These signs can help you get to know her better, understand what she’s going through, and tell her that you accept her regardless of her boundaries.

That’s something she definitely needs to hear! Never cross boundaries with a woman who has trust issues.

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