17 definite signs a girl has feelings for you over text (complete list)

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If you’re asking yourself, “Does she like me or does she just want to be friends?” then read on.

While it’s impossible to read a girl’s mind, there are revealing signs that she likes you, you just need to know how to recognize them.

So if you’ve been texting back and forth with a girl you like, this article will help you identify 17 definite signs that she has feelings for you.

1) She texts you first

If a girl is interested in you, she probably won’t wait for you to make the first move.

Chances are, she will be the one to initiate the conversation. If she sends you the first text, it is almost certain that she has feelings for you.

2) She sends a lot of texts

If in addition to being the first one to make contact, she’s been sending you a lot of texts and you’ve been having in-depth conversations over your phones, that’s another sign that she likes you.

I mean think about it, why else would she spend so much time texting back and forth with you?

3) She replies immediately

In my experience, if you send a girl a text and she likes you, she will reply almost immediately.

Even if the text isn’t long, she will still reply right away.

She probably can’t wait to get a text from you and when she does, she feels all giddy and can’t wait to reply.

She will want to make sure that she doesn’t miss out on any opportunities to talk to you.

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4) She sends you photos of herself

Has she been sending you photos of herself?

Well, I have news for you: She’s doing it because she wants you to like her. She’s hoping you’ll think she’s cute. I mean, there’s only so much flirting you can do over text – you need a visual reminder from time to time.

And just so you know, these don’t have to be sexy pictures, they can be ordinary pictures from her life. She may send you pics of herself at work or cuddling with her cat.

The bottom line is that she’s into you and she hopes you’re into her too.

5) She compliments you a lot

Another sign a girl likes you is if she compliments you a lot.

For example, she’ll tell you that you have a great sense of humor or that she’s impressed at how much you know about Japanese movies.

She may even tell you that she saw your latest profile picture and that you look great.

6) She uses flirty emojis

Most girls think that flirty emojis are cute and a great way to show a guy how they feel.

So if a girl likes you, she will probably send you some flirty emojis. You know the ones I mean – anything from a winking emoji to a heart emoji to a blushing emoji.

7) She spells her words in a cute way

If a girl spells her words in a cute way, it’s because she has feelings for you and it’s her way of flirting over text.

8) She sends flirty messages

If you’re texting with a girl and she sends you flirty messages, it’s pretty clear that she’s into you.

So how do you know she’s flirting?

Well, for example, she’ll send you a message about how she misses you, how you’ve been on her mind all day, or how she had a dream about you last night 😉

9) She teases you

Remember how back in school when you liked a girl you acted the exact opposite?

You were too scared to tell her so you got her attention by teasing her?

Well, this is the same thing.

If she starts to tease you a lot, it’s her way of telling you she has feelings for you.

10) She sends good morning and good night texts

Girls usually only send good morning or good night texts to people they care about.

If a girl sends you these texts, it means that you’re on her mind when she wakes up, and before she goes to bed.

11) She texts you to let you know she’s thinking of you

This is an obvious sign that a girl is interested in you.

If she’s sending texts at odd hours of the day and night, it’s because she likes you.

She’ll text you for no other reason than to tell you that she’s thinking of you. She’s hoping that you’re thinking of her too and will make the next move.

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12) She wants to FaceTime

If a girl wants to FaceTime you, it means she wants to see you.

If you found each other via an app, she may be shy and nervous about making the first move toward a real-life meeting, so she’ll try to get to know you through the screen of her phone.

If she requests to FaceTime with you, it’s because she wants to get to know you better and see if you’re as great as she’s imagining you to be.

All in all, if she asks you to FaceTime, it’s a pretty good sign that she’s interested in you.

You should try to meet her in person as soon as possible.

13) She texts you late at night

If she sends you a message late at night, she may be trying to let you know that she has feelings for you.

You see, when a girl’s in love, she’ll have a hard time falling asleep.

She won’t be able to switch off her brain because she’ll be thinking about you and wondering what you’re doing.

If a girl can’t get you out of her head, she’ll send you a late-night text. If you like her back, then you should definitely text her back right away and not wait until morning.

14) She shares funny memes

If a girl shares memes with you on a regular basis, it’s another sign that she likes you.

Girls don’t share memes with just anyone. They only share memes with people they like and want to get closer to. If a girl shares memes with you, it means she wants to be friends with you.

Sharing memes is a way of staying in touch and getting your attention. Even if she has nothing specific to say, she’ll send you a meme to let you know you’re on her mind.

16) She tells you you’re funny

Girls like guys who have a great sense of humor and can tell a joke.

So, if she tells you that you’re funny, it’s a big compliment. It means she appreciates your lighthearted nature and feels comfortable around you.

17) She shares personal stuff with you

Now, if she keeps sharing personal things about her life with you, it means that she trusts you and feels comfortable confiding in you. This is a great sign.

Sharing is a very intimate thing, and she wouldn’t share intimate things with someone unless she really trusts them.

Sharing gives you a glimpse into her life, her personality, and her thoughts. If she is comfortable doing that with you, she must really like you.

How to express yourself over text

Now that we’ve had a look at the definite signs a girl has feelings for you over text, let’s see what you can text her to let her know how you feel.

Lots of guys don’t know how to properly express their feelings and end up staying silent. That’s why I wanna give you some tips on how to approach girls over text so that they know how you feel about them without you having to say it directly.

It can be challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, things will get a lot easier for you.

1) Know what to text and what not to text

Before you start talking to girls over text, you need to know what kinds of texts to send.

Certain types of texts work better than others when trying to express your feelings to someone. Even though you’re texting, you still want to come across as genuine and sincere.

Friendly texts: If you want to strike up a conversation with a girl that you’ve just met, then sending her a friendly text will help you break the ice and get her interested in talking to you again.

Start off with a light, friendly text and tell her how excited you are to talk to her again.

Romantic texts: If you have feelings for a girl and you’re trying to tell her that you like her, a romantic text is the perfect way to express your feelings to her.

You can send her a poem or quote a song you like.

Flirty texts: If you want to create sexual tension with someone but you don’t want to come off too strong, then flirtatious texts are the way to go.

But be careful not to seem too forward. This means leaving things to the imagination if you know what I mean. You don’t want to come off as some rude pervert or you’ll never hear from her again.

2) Establish a connection

To start off your texting relationship, it’s important to build a connection with her so that she knows you are not just after her body. You have to let her know that you like her for more than just sex.

You can start by asking her questions about her life and letting her know that you are genuinely interested in what she has to say.

You can ask her about her childhood and her dreams. You can also ask her about her fears, goals, and anything else she may want to talk about.

3) Start with a friendly ‘Good morning’ text

To establish a connection, the first text you send a girl you like should be a happy, friendly one that will make her smile.

When you wake up, send her a cheerful morning text that says something along the lines of “Good morning! I hope you have a wonderful day.”

It’s a great way to let her know that you like her because by sending her a text first thing in the morning, you’re effectively telling her that you woke up with her on your mind.

This will make her smile and she’ll start her day feeling happy.

4) The ‘just wanted to check in’ text

A good way to let a girl know that you like her and that you’re thinking of her is to send her this simple text: “Just wanted to check in and see what you’re up to.”

This text will show her that you care about her and you’re interested in seeing her again.

She’ll really appreciate that you took the time to send her a text. She’ll know that you’re thoughtful and caring.

5) Send her a funny meme

Did you just see a funny meme online that you know she’ll love? If so, why not send her the link to the meme via text?

If you’re trying to get her attention, you can even send her a meme that pokes gentle fun at her for something that she’s done in the past. This will show her that you’re playful and lighthearted.

6) Be confident when you talk to girls over text

Confidence is the key to unlocking a girl’s heart. You have to show her that you are the man she needs in her life.

Show her that you are not the typical shy boy who doesn’t know what he wants. There are many ways you can show her that you are confident, such as taking risks and going after what you want.

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6) Compliment her

One of the best ways you can show a girl that you like her is by complimenting her.

Girls love when guys notice the small things about them and let them know they are special.

There are many things you can compliment her on, such as her looks, personality, or the things she does.

Let her know that you like that picture she sent you. You can also let her know that she is smart or has a good personality.

If she volunteers at a charity, let her know that you admire that about her.

Letting her know the things you like about her will make her more comfortable with you. It will also make her think about you and make her more excited to see you.

7) Don’t send too many texts

Be careful, you don’t want to annoy her by sending too many texts. It is important to give her space and not appear needy.

Sending her too many texts may make her think that you are desperate and don’t have anything better to do with your time.

Let her know you like her, but don’t pressure her into talking to you. Let her know you are interested in her, but that you respect her enough to give her space.

8) Don’t use too many emojis

It is okay to use emojis every once in a while, but don’t overuse them.

If every single text she gets from you has an emoji, she will think that you are being silly.

You want to be serious when talking to her and let her know that you are mature enough to have a real conversation with her.

You can use emojis if you are in a joking mood. If you are in a serious mood and want to let her know that you like her, don’t use any emojis. Let your words stand out and show her that you have a serious side to you.

9) Be casual

When you are texting a girl you like, it is important that you do it in a casual manner. You don’t want to come across as a desperate guy who is pining after her.

This will turn her off and make her not want to talk to you again. If your crush is someone who is friends with you, then it is even more important to do it casually.

If you come across as someone who desperately wants to go out with her, then she may tell you to back off. Instead, act like you are just casually texting a friend.

10) Don’t sext

While it is okay to flirt with the girl you like, you must not cross the line and start sexting with her. Sexting is sending sexually explicit messages and pictures through text.

Believe me, if you decide to sext her, then you must be prepared to lose her respect and interest.

She will see you as a person who uses sexual words and images to get what he wants, and she’ll likely block you from her contacts.

11) Keep it interesting

If you have been texting the girl you like for a while, it is important to not let the conversation become stale.

You see, if you keep texting her the same way over and over again, then it will get boring and she will lose interest in you. You must always try to keep the conversation interesting.

This can be done by asking her questions about herself, listening to what she has to say, and adding your own opinion to the conversation.

Now, if the conversation starts to slow down, you can always spice it up by asking her a question that will get her thinking. You can also try to make her laugh by making a funny joke or adding a meme to the conversation.

12) Suggest a place she likes and ask her if she’s like to go with you

If you are still too shy to ask her if she wants to go on a date with you, you can suggest going somewhere you know she likes.

For example, you can tell her that you’re going to see that new movie by her favorite director and casually ask if she’d like to come along. That way you’re not officially asking her on a date and if she says “no” she’s not rejecting you.

Or, if she mentions that she likes bowling or rollerblading, you can say something like, “Oh that sounds like fun. We should go together if you’re free this weekend.”

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