15 definite signs a Gemini man has feelings for you (complete guide)

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Gemini men are notoriously difficult to get a read on. They can be frustrating and hard to understand. 

I know, because I have experienced myself.

But, thanks to my years of experience with the Gemini men, I can finally decode them and help you out.

Here are the 15 definite signs that your Gemini man has feelings for you;

1) He is harder on you than he is on anyone else 

Gemini men are great at telling people what they want to hear and what they expect to hear from them – even if it’s not true. 

It’s easy for them to manipulate people via words and actions because they spend so much time observing people. 

As a Gemini man falls for you, he will become harder on you than on any other person in his life.  

He’ll tell you when he thinks you’re doing something wrong, and it hurts more than if anyone else did it because it seems like criticism is coming from someone who actually cares about you.  

I’ve been there before, and it’s not fun.  

However, I’ve found that this is the best thing to look for in a Gemini man – if he’s harder on me than on any other girl, I know he really cares about me and wants to see me grow as a person and become better.

2) He jokes around with you more often than he does with anyone else

Gemini men are funny creatures, and very often can make a joke out of anything.  

It’s one of the main ways they understand the world around them. This is another thing that Gemini men can do to manipulate others. 

They know just how to push your buttons, and they do it constantly with their witty remarks and jokes – but as a Gemini man starts to fall for you, this will be his main way to interact with you; through jokes. 

He’ll joke about anything – whether he wants to admit it or not – it’s one of the ways he figures out how you feel about him. 

If you notice that he’ll joke more often with you than with anyone else, and this will show how he feels about you. 

3) The compliments will increase in frequency

As a Gemini man starts to fall for you, he’ll compliment you more and more.  

He might even start to get jealous when other men pay more attention to you than they do to him. 

I remember during one of my first relationships, it felt like a minute when another person made a comment about how good looking I was. 

Then, my Gemini man came up to me and said, “I thought you were beautiful.” Wait…what?  

But the compliments didn’t stop there. He started in on the compliments: “You’re so funny,” “You’re so sweet,” “You’re so smart” – he didn’t stop until I felt like I was being dragged through a gauntlet by this man who felt as though he was crushing every female on Earth under his boot heels. 

If you notice that he’s paying more attention to how you look or your style, this is a good sign. He’ll compliment your sense of style, what he thinks of as your best feature, and everything else in between, and this is his way of showing that he likes it. 

It’s at this point that you know your Gemini man is serious about you.

4) He’ll get jealous when you talk to other guys

Gemini men are very self-aware, and they know what they’re doing and what they’re thinking.

A Gemini man will get jealous when he’s with you, which shows that he feels very much like you should be with him all the time.

He’ll also get jealous when you talk to other guys, as a sign of his feelings for you. 

He wants to be the only one who can talk to you and show interest in getting to know you

You can take this as a good sign and move forward with him; he sees how desirable and special you are, and he doesn’t want anyone else taking the opportunity to get close to what is his.

5) He does things out of the blue

Yes, we know about the spontaneity that is the Gemini man.  

However, every once in a while, he’ll do something out of the blue for you. 

It might be a small gesture like surprising you with breakfast in bed or bringing you a flower, or it could be something larger – like planning an entire day around an activity that interests both of you. 

He’ll start to make plans with you without asking, and these plans will appear randomly throughout your relationship.  

And you know what? 

He’s falling for you, and this is his way of showing it.

6) Always protect you 

Even though Gemini men are very independent and self-sufficient in their own right, they do not like to see other people mistreat or disrespect the things or people that they care about. 

When a Gemini man starts to develop feelings for someone, he’ll make sure that no one tries to harm you in any way – even if it means that he’s the one who needs to step up and take on the task. 

I’ve seen my Gemini man take on a group of guys because they were being disrespectful towards me. 

He may have just been a couple of steps behind me, not actually physically in front of me, and spoke up in an indirect way, but it showed that he was willing to do whatever it took to protect me from anyone who would hurt me.

7) He will show more emotional support for you than he does for his other friends

When the Gemini man starts to develop feelings for you, he’ll show it by giving you all of the emotional support you need. 

He’ll listen to your problems, and be fully supportive of what you want to achieve. 

As he starts to fall in love with you and cares about your future, he’ll throw his full support behind anything that will make sure that your goals are met, even if it means that they take time away from his own goals or actions. 

If a Gemini man is showing an increase in emotional support than he is when interacting with his other friends, this is a very telling sign that he’s falling in love with you.

8) He will start trying to change your bad habits

I’ve been there before, and I know what I’m talking about. 

A Gemini man will start to try and change your bad habits. 

He’ll say things to you like, “do you really have to go to sleep late like this?” 

They’ll do their best to change your direction towards a better choice. 

Gemini men are indirect communicators at heart, so they won’t come right out and ask you point blank if something is bothering them – they’ll try to get the answer indirectly by figuring out what it is that they want out of life and what they don’t want, and then you can use it to figure out what the problem is that he’s having with your actions or behaviors. 

This is the next phase after the emotional support and he’ll try to find out what it is that you don’t like about yourself and try to change it. 

Gemini men love people who are capable of changing for a better self.

9) He will take more interest in your hobbies than he does his own

If you are a girl who loves to do an activity, then you will notice that your Gemini man falls for you when he starts taking more interest in your hobbies than his own.

For instance, if you really love to do something like photography, and your Gemini man starts to take more interest in it than he does his own hobbies, then that’s a big sign that he might be falling in love with you. 

If you start noticing a change in his actions when interacting with your hobbies, this is a good sign. 

As a Gemini man falls for you, one of the major things he will do is try to bring out your best qualities as a person. 

This is part of why Gemini men don’t care if they’re always the one making the first move in a relationship, they CARE if they’re the one taking the first step in showing you that they want to be with you and make you happy.

10) He’ll start to plan a future with you

When I had a relationship with Gemini ex, I really started to notice the increase in planning he was doing. 

If we were going to go somewhere, he would always plan how we were going to get there – in the most practical way, the way that was best suited for our mood, and whatever else would help us be efficient when it comes to getting places faster.  

This is a very Gemini thing. Every Gemini man loves efficiency and being able to accomplish their goals without wasting a lot of time. 

When a Gemini man starts to fall for you, he’ll want to spend as much time with you as possible. 

However, the Gemini man doesn’t plan everything out – he leaves room for spontaneity. The Gemini man will not always be able to keep an event or an outing at your house or his house because of other engagements, but he does his best to plan as many things out and do them with you as possible. 

He’ll want to spend as much time with you alone together as he can. This is another sign that will tell you that your Gemini is interested in getting serious about you.

11) He will want to be spending more time with you

If a Gemini man starts to fall in love with you, he will make it a priority in his life to spend as much time with you as he possibly can.

He’ll always have something planned and he won’t be able to wait until the moment when you get together. 

I knew when my Gemini ex started showing this behavior towards me that he was falling for me. He wanted to see me as often as possible and if I wasn’t available, there were some significant problems going on.

He started to plan some of our dates around my schedule, and he also tried to include me in some of the family events that were going on at the same time. 

This was his way of showing me that I was important to him. 

If you see these signs coming from your Gemini man, then there is a 100% chance that he’s falling in love with you!

12) Talking about his own future will increase

When a Gemini man starts to fall in love with you, he’s going to start talking about his future.

I remember this first started happening when I was talking to him whilst we were having breakfast and he started talking about how he was going to start working in the next couple of weeks and that all the things that had been holding him back before were going to be bound out of his life.

He talked about how his life was all planned out and that he wanted us to live in a nice big house on a big piece of land.

This showed me that he had thought about our future together for a long time, and it made me feel very special.

13) He’ll start to think about getting closer with you sexually

When a Gemini man starts to fall for you, he will start to think about making love with you in a more physical sense. 

If you’re talking about casual sex and he doesn’t fall in love with you, he’ll just be thinking about having fun or how well he can pleasure you.

When a Gemini falls in love, it’s going to be more than just sex – it’s going to be an emotional connection. 

He’ll want to know how the two of you feel when your bodies are connected and the pleasure that the two of you feel together is going to make him look forward to the next time that you spend time together. 

As a Gemini man starts to fall in love, his sexual drive and motivation will increase. 

He’ll want you to be more physically affectionate towards him and he’ll certainly want you to touch him in more ways than one. 

Gemini men are very sensual people and love having their bodies well-taken care of. 

14) The way he looks at you will change

When the Gemini man starts to fall in love with you, the way that he looks at you will change

His eyes will look at you differently and he’ll start to focus on everything about you – even things that he never noticed before. 

He’ll start to look at your face and even your hands. You’ll notice that whenever you reach out to him, or even just touch him lightly on the arm, his eyes will light up and his face will become more relaxed. 

This is a big one for me because my Gemini ex was one of those guys who refused to be touched in any way for the first few months of a relationship.

15) He’ll start to talk to you about spiritual things

Gemini men are what I call “spiritual people”. 

They don’t get wrapped up in all of the religious mumbo jumbo that others are, but they do believe in a higher power and love talking about it. 

As he starts to fall in love with you, he’ll start talking about spiritual things such as the meaning behind life, religion, and how we should all be kinder to each other. 

He’ll ask you questions about why your faith is important or what your beliefs are and he’ll really listen to what you have to say. 


I feel like it’s very important to notice the signs that a Gemini man gives you. 

He’ll be very verbal when it comes to his feelings, so most of the signs will be in words. 

If you see one or two of these signs come up, don’t overthink them. Just know that there is a 100% chance that he’s falling in love with you and he will be giving you more signs, probably in your next conversation. 

I hope this article is helping you in some ways.

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