14 unexpected benefits to settling down in your 20s

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The decision to settle down can be a daunting one. 

You may worry about not completing your education, having a secure career, or being healthy enough for your children. 

But here are 14 things you might not have considered about the benefits of settling down in your 20s.

1) The urge to party as hard as possible will die out

Here’s the truth: 

As a single 20-something, you have money to burn. 

And if you’re active on social media, there’s always a party happening somewhere. 

But when you settle down and start raising a family, your bank account will be tighter, and your alcohol tolerance will drop dramatically. 

And if bachelor weekend is any indication, the idea of going out might start chipping away at that second apartment or beach house.

Then you can be proud of yourself because you made the right choice. 

2) Dating becomes a lot easier when you know what you want

Another benefit of settling down in your 20s is the wisdom gained from dating. 

You know what you’re looking for in a partner, and because of that, you can make informed decisions about who to date and who to avoid. 

Maybe you’ve found a partner you can count on, or maybe you’re someone who’s too picky

Either way, you’ll develop that expert-level dating and relationship sense. 

And with the right choice, your dating pool gets smaller.

3) You’ll have the opportunity to explore your true passions in greater detail 

There’s a reason why you don’t find yourself in your 30s with a career you love. 

That’s because your sense of passion is unpredictable until you have some real-world experience and life lessons under your belt. 

When you settle down in your 20s, you’ll be able to see your passions clearly and learn which ones work best for you. 

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4) There aren’t as many distractions to pull you away from what’s important

Have you ever been sitting in a coffee shop, planning your birthday party, or reminiscing about the past weekend, when all of a sudden you’ve noticed that the sun is setting? 

That’s what it’s like being a 20-something: 

It’s easy to get distracted. 

But if you settle down in your 20s and realize what’s important, those distractions will fade away. 

You’ll also be able to put things into perspective and appreciate each moment that comes your way. 

And when you do, your life will get a whole lot more fun.

5) You’ll have a bigger network of people who can help you out in the long run 

Whether you realize it or not, you have a huge network of people around you. 

Whether it’s family, friends, or co-workers, these are people who will be there to help you out in the long run

That might be a ride to an interview or a recommendation for an important job opening. 

But they’re also people who can help you reach the finish line with your goals and dreams. 

You may wonder why settling down in your 20s can make it easier to get the support you need.

But it’s simple: 

This decision will make you more responsible, and being responsible is the key to building a network of people who can look out for you.

6) You’ll have the right mindset to handle life’s unexpected challenges

Here’s the thing about life: 

There will be unexpected challenges along the way, and you need the right state of mind to handle them. 

But having the freedom to do what you want and make your own mistakes will make it difficult to find that mindset. 

That’s just how it goes when you’re young and don’t have all of your ducks in a row yet. 

And if there were a way to avoid those challenges, everyone would take it.

However, if you choose to settle down in your 20s, you’ll learn that life’s unexpected challenges are part of the journey. 

And you’ll be able to overcome them before they assume any significance.

7) You get a head start on finding the perfect soulmate for you

Trust me, it’s not easy being single in your 20s. 

Because you’re still finding out who you are as a person. 

That means there could be bumps in the road, and it’s hard to plan a future with someone when you don’t know what your dreams are.

Then settling down in your 20s gives you the opportunity to find a soulmate who complements you. 

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8) Your self-confidence will skyrocket

There’s a reason why your 20s are labeled the “Age of You.” 

Because discovering yourself is one of your greatest accomplishments as an adult. 

But in order to do that, you need to be able to express, speak up for yourself, and stand up for what you believe in. 

One way to do this is by developing a strong sense of self-confidence. And the way you can do that is by settling down in your 20s.

Being settled in your 20s can help you turn any unhealthy habit into a healthy one. 

It can even help you find a career that’s fulfilling for you. 

That’s because your self-confidence will give you the courage to evolve and improve.

You’re only young once, so don’t put off finding out who you are. The time to settle down is now.

9) You’ll have better self-control over your financial decisions

A recent survey by Prudential found that 26% of Americans have no long-term financial plan in place.

But you don’t want to be one of those people who are struggling to pay off their debt right now. 

Because no matter how you approach finances, you’ll always want to be at peace with what’s going on. 

That’s why you want to start taking control of your finances now before it’s too late. 

And the best way to do that is by settling down in your 20s. 

Having a future income stream will give you more financial freedom than starting a business right out of college. 

And making the right financial decisions will put you one step closer to being financially ready for the future.

10) You’ll lower your risk of developing depression or other mental illness

One of the unexpected benefits of settling down in your 20s is that it could help you ward off depression and other mental illnesses.

Because you’ll be more grounded, happier, and have a better sense of who you are as a person. 

Having more stability will also make it easier to cope with emotional stresses and transitions. 

And that’s why many people who settle down in their 20s have lower rates of depression than their peers.

Now keep in mind that this isn’t always the case. 

So if you’re worried about your mental health, talk to your doctor. 

Make sure that you’re taking good care of your mental health and getting the support you need.

11) You’ll feel less pressure to have kids

I know the feeling: 

You don’t want to settle down, but you can’t help but wonder if you’re ready to have kids

It’s not exactly an easy question to answer, right? 

But when you’re young and still figuring yourself out, it can be hard to imagine what it would be like to be a parent.

But settling down in your 20s gives you more time to plan for the future, and it could help you decide whether or not you want to have kids.

And even if you aren’t ready for kids right now, that doesn’t mean that you’ll never be ready. 

Knowing that you have time to figure out what you want is a remarkable feeling.

12) You’ll be able to make a meaningful contribution to society

I’ve talked about this in the past, but being an adult means giving something back to society. 

And the best way to do that is by establishing yourself first and honing your skills. 

Having a family can definitely take up a lot of time and energy, but it’s important to be able to do something meaningful with your free time.

And the good news is that settling down doesn’t have to mean starting a family right away. 

The more years you have behind you, the more useful your skills will be in society.

And while there are different ways to make contributions, having a career will definitely help you do that. 

13) You’ll get a jump start on your retirement savings

Why wait until you’re older to settle down? 

Because retirement is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, and it’s only getting more important. 

You’ll be amazed at how much you can save for retirement when you’re in your 20s. 

And once you’ve saved up enough for retirement, that means you can spend your time doing what you love. 

But don’t just take my word for it. 

New data from Northwestern Mutual’s 2019 Planning & Progress Study found that 15% of Americans have no retirement savings at all.

The good news is that you can make a difference.

You have the ability to start saving for retirement as soon as you settle down in your 20s. 

And by doing so, you’ll be able to turn more of your income into wealth. 

14) You’ll be able to take bigger risks

Part of the thrill of being young is that you can take more risks. 

You’re not afraid to try something new or put yourself out there. 

But as you get older, your risk tolerance tends to decrease. 

That’s because you become more interested in stability, and your bad experiences begin to alter your perception of risk. 

And by settling down in your 20s, you’ll have the opportunity to take big risks that can help you reach your full potential.

Don’t delay settling down just to keep your risk tolerance high. 

Because even if you’re afraid to take big risks, it’s important to know that you can do it. 

Final thoughts

I hope these 14 benefits convince you to settle down in your 20s. 

Because the sooner you get started, the less time you’ll need to spend on the things that don’t matter.

You can accomplish a lot more if you come up with a plan and start taking action now. 

And by settling down in your 20s, you’ll be able to prepare yourself for the future. You’ll have the freedom to be yourself, start a business, and enjoy life more. 

The time to get started is now. 

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