She says she wants to be friends but her actions show differently (15 key signs)

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Are the mixed signals of a friend of yours driving you crazy?

Some girls will say they just want to be friends, but then their actions will send you into a frenzy of confusion.

Don’t worry, here are 15 key signs this is happening to you (and you’re not imagining it):

1) She gets jealous when you talk to other girls

The first sign that a girl says she wants to be friends but her actions show differently is when she gets jealous when you talk to other girls.

Think about it: if you’re someone’s friend and you have no feelings for them, you’d be happy when they’re talking to a potential love interest, right?

So if she gets jealous every time you bring up a girl, there are definitely feelings involved on her end.

Maybe she’s too shy to act on her feelings, or perhaps she hasn’t accepted the fact that she really likes you, yet.

One thing is for sure: if she gets jealous when you talk to other girls, she sees you as more than just a friend!

2) She always pays attention to all the details you tell her

The next hallmark sign that a girl sees you as more than a friend is when she pays attention to all the details you tell her.

Remember that story you told her 6 months ago? Probably not, but she does!

It’s like she’s obsessed with your every word and action, which is pretty flattering if you think about it!

…and definitely not something you do for a friend.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, you probably listen intently to your friends, too, but I’m pretty sure that not every single detail will stick.

If you have feelings for someone, however… it’s a different story.

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4) She teases you in a flirty way

The next sign that a girl actually has feelings for you is when she teases you a lot.

This is especially true when the teasing starts to roll over into lowkey flirting!

You see, some girls use amicable teasing as their flirting technique number one.

So, what does that mean for you?

Well, if a girl keeps teasing you in a sweet way, there is a good chance that she is trying to flirt.

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5) She is always there for you to help you

Another sign that she has feelings for you is that she is always there to help you out, no matter what you need.

This also means never declining when you ask her for help, even if it means she has to go out of her way to do it.

A girl who has feelings for you will always be there to help you with your problems: be it a broken heart, a failed relationship, or just life in general.

She is willing to go through all the trouble to help you out.

She will also do it even when she doesn’t have to: she will do it because she knows that you need her and because she wants to make you happy.

She is always there for you and is willing to go through a lot of trouble to help out a friend.

You can trust her with anything, even the most important things in your life.

Even if she says she just wants to be friends, her actions say more than her words.

Sure, you would probably also try to help out a friend in need whenever possible, but there are usually limits to how much you want to help them.

When a girl has feelings for someone, there is no upper limit to how far she’ll go to help them.

6) She is always looking out for you

When a girl says she just wants to be friends but actually has feelings for you, you will notice because she is always looking out for you.

Girls are usually the ones who get taken care of, so when the tables turn, some serious feelings must be involved.

You see, a girl who loves you wants nothing else but for you to be safe and happy.

So, she will do whatever she can to make that a reality.

This could be little acts of kindness or it could mean warning you from making a mistake.

Either way, she wants the best for you and will stop at nothing to look out for you.

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7) You can see the desire in her eyes

This one is a hallmark sign of a girl who sees you as more than a friend.

People say the eyes are the window to the soul.

With girls, this is often very true.

You see, when the girl who says she just wants to be friends looks at you with love in her eyes, you usually know what’s going on.

She might be saying she just wants to be friends because she is not ready to admit her feelings yet.

However, if you are looking into her eyes and see that she has desire in her eyes, then you can bet that there is more going on than just friendship.

You can see that there is something more to the relationship between the two of you.

This is hard to explain, there are no words to say what this special glance looks like.

But trust me, when you see it, you’ll know.

You’ll know that the girl who says she only wants to be friends actually has a lot of feelings for you.

8) She is always interested in what you have to say

This is another sign of a girl who does not want to be just friends with you.

If a girl is just trying to be friends, there is usually no point in her being interested in every single thing you have to say.

However, if she really wants something more than friendship with you, then there will probably be interest in every detail.

You’ll see her listening intently to what you have to say, and you’ll see her looking at you with a smile on her face.

9) She talks to you constantly

The next sign that a girl actually has feelings for you is that she talks to you constantly.

If a girl is your friend, you probably don’t have to worry about her talking to you all the time.

She’ll be there if you need something, but she won’t be annoying about it.

But if a girl likes you, she’s definitely going to try and talk to you at least once a day.

In fact, she might even try to keep the conversation going 24/7!

Now: if you’re best friends, there might be a chance that she is just doing that because she enjoys your company in general.

However, this behavior makes a lot more sense when she has feelings for you.

Think about it: when you are in love with someone, all you want to do is talk to them, right?

Let’s face it: Initial conversations with someone you like can be tough.

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10) She always wants to know about your love life

When a girl is always asking about your social life and whether you’re dating anyone, chances are good that she likes you as more than just a friend.

You’ll see her asking about this all the time, and the more you tell her, the more interested in you she will become.

This relates back to the jealousy point – if you are talking to a different girl, you will notice a sudden shift in her mood.

She might get mad or just find an excuse to leave in order to make sure you don’t notice how much this is affecting her.

You see, a normal friend will be interested in your dating life, but they probably won’t pry about it.

However, if a girl really likes you as more than just a friend, she will ask about it all the time.

11) She wants to meet you alone all the time

The next sign that a girl wants to be more than just friends with you is when she wants to meet you alone all the time.

Meetings with other friends don’t interest her that much and she’d rather spend time with you one on one.

If a girl is constantly asking to spend time with you alone, then there is probably more than just friendship going on.

You’ll see her texting you all the time, and if it’s not for something important, then she will be asking about your plans and where you are going.

It’s like she wants nothing more than a chance to talk with you. This is a sign that she really likes you.

Think about it: if you are normal friends, then usually there’s the motto “the more, the merrier”, right?

So why would she never want to hang out in groups and rather with you alone?

She has feelings for you!

12) There is a lot of flirting

This one is probably the most obvious sign, but if a girl flirts with you a lot, she does not want to be just a friend.

She will be constantly trying to get your attention, and she will be happy if you give her a chance to get closer to you.

She might even start making excuses to hang out with you alone.

But not just that, she will always have an excuse for spending time with you.

And of course, there will be lots of flirting involved.

This could be anything from playful banter to full-blown flirting, but don’t worry, you will probably notice from the way the energy shifted between you two.

She will have a huge smile on her face, and you will feel the same way.

You will notice that she is a lot more talkative and has a lot more energy than usual.

This is because she is excited to be spending time with you!

13) She finds excuses to be close to you

Another sign a girl actually secretly has feelings for you is when she finds excuses to be close to you.

If she keeps making excuses to hang out with you, then there is probably more than just friendship going on.

She doesn’t want to be just friends, she wants more.

These excuses can range anywhere from:

  • needing help with something
  • wanting company
  • needing to tell you stuff in person
  • being “in the area”

Sure, one or two of those things can actually happen, but when it piles up, you know that she is just trying to find ways to spend time with you!

14) She likes to surprise you a lot

The next sign a girl wants to be more than just friends is when she likes to surprise you.

She will find all kinds of ways to surprise you, and she will really enjoy it.

Even if it’s just a little thing, she will want to do it for you.

This means that she truly likes you and wants to be around you more than anyone else!

These surprises could be:

  • showing up unannounced at work to bring you lunch
  • coming over to your house with a bottle of wine
  • giving you a random gift

And of course, she will do this with a big smile on her face.

15) She is always happy to see you

The next sign a girl secretly has feelings for you is when she is always happy to see you.

She wants to be around you every day.

You see, she will constantly want to spend time with you and she won’t want to spend time with anyone else.

She will always be happy to see you, even if it’s just a quick hello.

This means that she has a lot of feelings for you and she wants you in her life!

Why does she say she wants to be just friends?

You might be wondering: all these signs are true, so why does she say she wants to be just friends?

This is hard to answer and it will differ from person to person, but it could be because she doesn’t want to say anything that could make things more serious.

You see, sometimes, friends start dating, break up and lose their amazing friendship.

Maybe she is scared that this will happen with you and she loves you too much to ruin the connection you two have.

So, she is just going to play it cool and not make things more serious.

But that doesn’t have to be the case, she could also just be scared of allowing herself to feel.

Think about it: so many people are traumatized from bad relationships or partners who broke their hearts – maybe she just doesn’t want to get hurt again!

But, if you are patient and persistent and show her how much you care, this could be avoided.

If you like her and would love to date her, the ball is probably in your court now.

Try to be friends with her and show her how much you care about her or ask her out on a date and see if she says yes.

If she says no, then you know that she doesn’t feel the same way and you should respect that.

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