10 reasons your girlfriend is annoying you so much lately

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Do you ever find yourself rolling your eyes at your girlfriend so much lately that you’re seriously considering breaking up with her? 

It happens to the best of us, but I think it’s time you asked yourself why this is happening to you. 

Here are 10 things she might be doing that are driving you crazy:

1) She complains too much about stuff 

Is your girlfriend always in your business about things you do or don’t do that aren’t important? 

Maybe she’s thinking you’re doing something wrong: maybe it’s not that big a deal. Maybe it really isn’t all that important. 

She might not have realized how annoying her complaining is, so she might be getting used to saying what she thinks without thinking first. She even complains on things that you don’t think is worth complaining about.

I’m telling you, this is enough to drive you insane.

She thinks everything about your life sucks, and when you defend yourself it just makes her madder. She’s trying to be helpful, but all this does is put you in a bad mood. 

Sometimes, you don’t want advice. Sometimes, you just want to vent, and she just doesn’t get it. 

2) She thinks she’s always right about everything

You know that look that your girlfriend gives you when she thinks she knows everything? 

She might think she’s always right about everything, and because of that, she never accepts when she’s wrong. I’ve seen this with my own eyes. 

Dealing with someone who thinks they’re always right about everything is like dealing with a spoiled brat. They’re just waiting for you to disagree with them so they can tell you how wrong you are. 

If she thought she was wrong, she would probably apologize to you – it’s like dealing with a child. 

Why do you put up with this? Because they’re cute, that’s why! It would be like having your own little munchkin! 

But if you don’t think that’s adorable, then it’s her getting on your nerves.

3) She’s overly possessive

Sometimes, when you start to date someone, they become overly possessive. 

They want to be in your business all the time, they tell you everything you do or don’t do wrong, and if you go out with your friends, they’ll get jealous. 

When this happens in a relationship, it’s usually because the person is insecure about their ability to trust people. If your girlfriend is being overly possessive and you don’t know why, she probably just hasn’t gotten over her own trust issues yet. 

Being overly possessive only means one thing: she’s feeling insecure about her own ability to trust people.

To make it worse, if your girlfriend is constantly bugging you about spending time with her, then you’ve got a problem on your hands. 

Everyone has their own lives and their own problems. A lot of people take advantage of this by using others as distractions to make them forget about the bad things that are happening in their lives.

So what if she wants to be in your business all the time? If you’re doing nothing wrong, what does it matter if you do something without her? 

Possessiveness has grounds for a breakup, so take it seriously. When someone’s being overly possessive, it doesn’t matter why – it’s just suffocating.

4) She doesn’t do her share of the chores

If your girlfriend doesn’t do her share of the chores, you’re going to be annoyed getting along with her. Everyone hates cleaning up after other people, and if your girlfriend refuses to do it, you’re going to have a bad time doing it by yourself. 

If she’s constantly complaining about how lazy you are, even if she’s the one who’s lazy, you’ve got a bigger problem than just chores. 

You’re in a relationship with someone who isn’t willing to do their share of the work. She doesn’t see why you’re not cleaning up after her. She refuses to help out and do her share of the work because she thinks she’s just as good as you.

Really? If she thinks she’s as good as you, then why is she expecting you to take care of everything?

Don’t be fooled by this one. This is a serious relationship road bump that could definitely be a deal breaker. 

It’s like she doesn’t put in any effort to make the relationship better – she just wants to get something for doing nothing. 

5) She complains about your friends

Your girlfriend goes around saying mean things about your friends. She’s always going on about how she’s tired of having to hear your stories about your buddies and how you wish she would find someone else to hang out with

Why is she so against her boyfriend hanging out with his friends? 

It’s like she just wants to alienate you. 

More than once, I’ve seen this happen. When people become more selfish as they get older, they start to despise those who are selfless. 

This is an uncomfortable situation that takes someone who is kind and understanding to put up with. So what if she’s tired of hearing about your friends? It’s not like you’re telling her secrets behind her back.

You’re going to have to sit her down and explain this to her. It doesn’t matter what motivates her – if she’s just not getting over it, then it’s definitely going to be a problem in your relationship. 

6) She thinks you’re going to cheat on her

This is one of the worst ways for someone to act. If you’ve been dating for awhile, this is probably the reason why she’s upset most often. 

Trust in a relationship takes work, and if you’re new to one, you’re going to have a hard time telling the difference between what’s love and what’s just infatuation.

You see, someone who thinks that her boyfriend is going to cheat on her is crazy. Of course, she wouldn’t be so convinced of this if she’d actually seen him cheat on a girl. 

I’ve seen this in action with a friend’s ex-girlfriend of mine.

If she’s going around telling everyone that she has a boyfriend that cheated on her, it should be a cause for concern. 

You may not know why she’s making such a big deal about it, but with all those people who have been cheated on in their lives, it’s definitely something to worry about. If she’s always going around and talking about these things, it’s not okay. It’s like she thinks that you’re going to cheat on her at any second. 

And if this is true, I think it’s time for you to let her go, or should be looking for someone else. Don’t waste your time with someone who doesn’t trust you. 

7) She’s not honest

This is another pretty terrible thing for someone to be doing. How can you be in a relationship with someone who lies to you all the time? 

If you start to date someone and they’re constantly saying things that aren’t true, trust me, something is wrong. If she’s not being honest with you, she doesn’t trust you enough to be able to tell you the truth. She thinks that you’re going to judge her for what she did. 

This is a serious relationship problem, and if it’s not dealt with, it could end up ruining your relationship. 

So what if she’s lying about something? Ignore it for now, but before you get any more serious with someone, make sure that they can be honest with you. 

If she’s constantly doing this and thinking that you’re just going to fall for the same lies time and time again, then she needs to go. Don’t waste your time with someone who’d flake on their promises to you. 

If you want someone who is honest with you, don’t get involved with someone who lies to you all the time. 

8) She calls you names

Some people call their boyfriends a lot of different names. Some girls feel sad or upset inside and they take it out on the people who love them.

Maybe this is why she doesn’t want you around her friends anymore. Maybe she’s afraid that they’ll find out she’s lying to them all the time. It’s like she doesn’t have your best interests in mind. She’s more concerned about herself and her own image. 

If you’re going around being called names all the time, something is definitely wrong. 

People need to understand that if they want their boyfriend to know that they love them, they should treat him with respect. 

If someone is stupid enough to call you names all the time when you’re trying to treat them with respect and kindness, then it’s kind of a waste of your time. If she’s being mean to you, maybe it’s time for you to dump her and look for someone else.

9) She always lies about her relationship with you

She behaves like she’s single, but since the two of you are dating, she acts like she just broke up with her boyfriend instead of going out on a date with you. 

It’s not like she likes the idea of meeting your parents and spending time with your friends. That’s because she’s trying to portray you to her friends as her boyfriend and not “just a friend.” She doesn’t want them finding out that you’re dating, because she’s afraid that they will find out what an awful person she is.

This relationship is unhealthy and it’s time for you to get out of it. If she thinks that it’s okay to act like this, there’s something wrong with her. 

10) She always wants more than you can give: (especially) materialistic things

This is selfish. She’s not giving enough to you, so she’s expecting you to give her things. This is a terrible way for someone to act because it shows how materialistic and selfish she is. 

And if you give her things, then she’ll want more and more. This goes back to the whole deal of women being emotional. Women want what they are not willing to pay for or give themselves naturally or freely. 

This kind of behavior is not okay. It’s like she wants you to keep on giving her things to make up for the fact that she’s being so selfish by always wanting more than what you have to give.

If you’re not willing to give her anything, there’s no point in getting into a relationship with her. If you don’t want anything from this relationship, really, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been going out together.

What can you do about this

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Final words 

There are a lot of ways to tell if she’s not the one for you. 

These are just some of the big ones that women have problems with. If you’re looking to get married and have kids, these things are definitely not okay. These are things that can ruin a relationship before it’s even begun. 

Feeling annoyed by a lover is fine – and that’s a fact, but if it gets too bad, you need to make some huge changes. 

There are many things that women do to annoy guys, but it’s always better to have someone who is always happy and kind in your life. Find someone who you can be your best self with and forget about all the rest. 

So, if you’re annoyed by your girlfriend, make sure that she knows that you won’t stand for her behavior any longer. Tell her how it’s going to go from now on.

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