5 reasons a guy stares at your feet when talking to you

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Have you ever noticed that some guys like to stare at your feet when talking to you? 

It’s not because they have a foot fetish and it’s not because they are being rude. There are actually 5 reasons why guys might do this. 

Read on to find out what they are!

1) He’s considering if it would be worth it to make a move on you

This reason is especially true if he’s been having a crush on you for a while. In this case, he might be trying to get you to notice him. He might show interest in your life, ask you questions, or even make small talk that shows that he is interested in you. 

Also, there are other signs that show that he might be interested in making a move on you. These signs include: 

  • Giving you compliments about your looks.
  • Actively trying to talk to you more often.
  • Asking for your number or any other contact information, such as Facebook.
  • Trying to spend more time with you. 

So, the more he shows interest in your life, the more likely he is to make a move on you.

2) He’s shy and is trying to keep eye contact

According to a study from the University of California, Berkeley, a majority of girls rate eye contact as the most important aspect of flirting

Because of this, a guy might be trying to give off a feeling that he is interested in you by making conversation. He might use his eyes as a way of showing that he’s interested in you. But, because he’s shy, he might be nervous about making eye contact

Pro tip:

You can easily solve this problem by making the first move like this: 

  • If he’s not talking to you, then start the conversation by asking him for what you need. For example, if you’re in class and he’s sitting next to you, then ask him if the lecture is over yet.
  • If he doesn’t look at you when asking for your help, then try asking him again but in a different way. This way, it’ll be easier for him to start a conversation with you.

3) He’s scared and needs more reassurance that the conversation is going well

I bet you know a guy that is just scared to talk to any girl. It’s okay if you do because most guys are like that. They get nervous and need some reassurance that the girl they’re talking to is interested in them. 

There are many reasons for this, one of which is that he might be an introvert. This means that he’s shy and might be nervous about talking to a girl. 

Another reason is that he might be worried that the girl might laugh at him so he will stare at your feet when talking to you

This is also true for girls who have a hard time starting conversations with guys. But, there are easy ways to get over this problem and make things easier for both of you.

The first thing to do is to get comfortable with the idea of talking to guys. This is not just going out on a date with them, but also talking to them during classes and even at parties.

This way he has been exposed to you in social situations where he would have to talk with you, so it will be easier for him if he has no choice.

4) He can’t think of a better topic to talk about than you 

Here’s the truth:

Not every guy is good at coming up with conversation topics.

This means that he’s going to be staring at your feet because he doesn’t know what to talk about. 

For example, imagine a guy who is really shy and there is nothing he can think of to say. He doesn’t have any hobbies, jobs, or interests to talk about. This means that he might be having a hard time trying to start a conversation with you. So, he might just stare at your feet for a moment to give himself time to think about what he should say. 

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5) He’s daydreaming about doing something naughty with you later 

The final reason why a guy might stare at your feet while talking to you is that he wants to do something naughty with you later

Trust me, I know some guys who are just like that because they can’t help it. They simply daydream about doing this with you later. 

He might make a comment or joke about it or even tell you that he wants to do it with you later on. Sometimes, he will take it to the next level by telling you that he wants to do it and then making you suspect that it’s not as casual as you first thought.

The thing is that this happens a lot especially if this guy is your friend or he is in a romantic relationship with you. It’s a result of overthinking and getting too excited about something that could possibly happen later. 

Final thoughts

Hopefully, with these 5 reasons why your guy keeps staring at your feet, you are now able to understand what it means when this happens. 

It could mean that he’s interested in you and is trying to make a move, or he could be shy and nervous about talking to you. But just remember that if the both of you are interested in each other, then there will always be a way for the two of you to talk.

So, if you want to keep talking to him, then don’t let the situation get awkward by trying to make a move yourself.

Remember that guys are just as nervous as you are when they have to start a conversation with a girl they like. So, try not to stress if he stares at your feet because he could just be nervous. 

Just use these 5 reasons to understand why this happens and then try one of these solutions I mentioned above. This way, it will be easier for both of you.

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