45 qualities of a good man that make him relationship material

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It’s not easy to find the right man who will provide love and support for you.

As a woman, it is important that you find one with proper qualities that make him worth your time, effort, and energy.

These 45 qualities of a man make him perfect relationship material, so let’s dive in!

1) He’s a good listener

A man with good listening skills is able to pay attention and understand what you are truly saying.

You can confide in and trust him with your problems. He will listen to you and even offer solutions or advice.

He will never say something in a way that isn’t very clear or seem unclear on purpose.

Things he says are meant to be understood, so take into consideration what he’s saying so that you can make the best out of it.

2) He’s a great family man

His family comes first before anything else, including his job and time with friends, and you can see how committed he is to helping his parents and siblings.

Think about it this way – if he is willing to invest his time into making his family happy, he will also be able to be a good husband to you.

A selfish man can never be a good husband because he will always put his needs first.

On the other hand, being able to anticipate the needs of his family and make a loving atmosphere means that he will always strive to make you feel loved and appreciated.

A man who loves his parents is usually a good person because he knows how to take care of his family and show respect to them.

This means that he will be able to respect you and your family as well in the future.

3) He’s emotionally stable

I cannot stress enough how important emotional stability is.

Life brings a lot of problems over the years, so having someone who can handle all of it with dignity is worth its weight in gold.

If he is emotionally stable, he surely has a lot of emotional intelligence that helps him in handling his emotions and not losing his cool easily.

This is essential for overcoming all kinds of issues that relationships and marriage bring. What can this mean for you?

Knowing how to stay calm and relaxed in a relationship will make it easier for you to be close with the guy you are dating or married with.

It means that he will be able to handle stress, which is a sign of maturity.

4) He’s trustworthy

He is a man who can be trusted. He will not cheat on you or do anything behind your back.

He will always be honest to you and others too.

And the best part – you won’t have to worry about him being surrounded by women.

If he has shown you repeatedly that you can trust him, then he must be trustworthy and you can believe him.

If he has been thinking about marrying you or starting a family with you, then he is ready to go!

What this means is that he won’t be waiting to propose to you forever as some guys do.

If he really wants to marry you, he won’t waste time.

This is why you need to find someone who knows what he wants and does not get indecisive in his decision-making process.

5) He’s bright and lively

The guy who is a great relationship material has a joyful personality and is quick to smile always.

Anyone will immediately be drawn towards him due to his good nature and pleasing personality traits.

If he knows how to have fun, you can be sure that you will be able to create a good life with him.

Couples who can enjoy each other’s company and have fun together are the ones who will last a lifetime.

You’ll never get tired of spending time with someone who makes you enjoy yourself and have a good time because he can get along with anyone and make them laugh too.

My point is this – if he is optimistic in life, he will be able to help you as well by simply spreading his wonderful energy to you and other people around you.

6) He has a stable income

A man with a stable income makes an excellent partner.

We have come a long way, and women can certainly earn as much as a man can, or even more.

However, there is something so appealing about a man who can provide for his family and make a woman feel secure.

This quality makes him reliable for you as he will not disappoint you financially at any point in your relationship.

A man who prefers working than playing works harder than others gets things done and can earn the highest paycheck possible.

Show him that you’re willing to do what it takes so that he can be proud of your efforts and accomplishments as well.

This way, he will know you are determined to contribute to your family’s happiness as much as possible.

7) He’s got good manners and habits

Good manners will never go out of style.

This is what has always been important, and I can tell you with certainty that no matter what kind of trends can be promoted, a person who has good manners will always stand out.

If he has good manners and is willing to do the little things that go a long way in making your relationships work, you should never let him go.

A perfect man is kind, well-mannered, respectful, and polite.

In addition, a man with good manners will know how to show his appreciation for all the little things you do for him.

You’d expect from such a man that he’d be willing to do the same for you.

On the other hand, poor manners, bad habits, and chronic lateness are usually a sign of a man who is ungentlemanly and unreliable.

This is something that should be avoided if you want to live a happy a life with a man who will always strive to make you happy.

8) He’s honest

He is also honest, trustworthy, and reliable.

Being faithful to him, you can be sure that you will always be treated fairly in your relationship with him.

And you’ll always be able to get a clear picture of what is on his mind because he will not lie to you or misrepresent anything about himself or the situation.

9) He is positive

We all need someone to cheer us up when we don’t feel like ourselves and when obligations overwhelm us.

If you meet a guy who is positive and cheerful, make sure you never let him go because he will be able to brighten up your days.

He will always have a smile on his face, and he will be able to give you a sense of calmness every day.

Relationships are great because of the small things that we share every day, so if a man is willing to make an effort to make you happy, this is something you should cherish.

10) He’s not materialistic

He doesn’t buy too many things, especially if they are pure luxury, like expensive cars and other flashy accessories.

He is a man who sticks to the basics instead, such as spending money on food and drink, clothes, home decoration, etc.

This quality makes him a great partner for you if you like to save money and be careful about the things that you spend your money on.

11) He’s respectful

A man who respects women and other people cannot be bad for a relationship for sure.

If he doesn’t let his ego get in the way of things or other people and has a positive attitude to everyone he comes across in life, it means that he is truly a person you should strive to keep.

12) He’s generous

In a world where people usually watch their own interests, seeing a generous man who is aware of other people’s needs is a breath of fresh air.

If he is generous and gives what he can afford to give at each point in the relationship, making you feel valued as a person, then he is a person who will be a wonderful partner.

13) He’s romantic

One quality that every woman needs in a relationship is to have someone who is able to make small romantic surprises.

If he is romantic and will go out of his way to make you feel special, it means that he is creative and has a good imagination.

This means that he will take the time to think of romantic ideas and activities to do with you and turn each moment into a great memory.

14) He’s confident

While it is not necessarily important for men, confidence is still a quality all women find attractive in men.

A man who is confident will not hesitate to tell you how he feels about something, or sometimes what needs to be done.

Confidence builds self-esteem, which means that he’ll make you feel like your opinion counts as well.

He will be creative and always find ways to surprise you with sweet gestures and touching gestures.

15) He has a good sense of humor

A man with a great sense of humor will always find a way to keep a smile on your face.

This kind of man will always keep life light and find the good things in each situation.

This will make you laugh a lot, especially when times get tough!

If you manage to find this kind of man, make sure you give your best to keep him in your life.

16) He’s got a busy social life

If the guy you like is outgoing and has many friends, it means that your life will always be full of interesting encounters and he’ll make you feel good about yourself.

He can be a good friend, a confidant and an entertainer in the situations when you want to have fun with your friends.

This means that he will also have understanding for your friends and won’t make scenes if you meet up with friends for drinks.

17) He’s fit and in shape

There is nothing sweeter than a guy who takes care of his body.

If the guy you like is active and loves sports, he will surely be able to inspire you to take care of your body as well.

Being physically active, he will be fit and healthy, which is certainly important in a relationship, especially if you strive to live a healthy lifestyle.

Being with a partner who is able to take care of his body shows determination in achieving goals, which means that he is able to think about things in the long run.

18) He’s honest and loyal

While honesty is a quality that every woman should appreciate, loyalty is also very important.

A man who says what he means and keeps his promises will keep you in his life for sure because he won’t want to miss out on any opportunities that come along.

Loyal men are hard to find, and most women want them in their lives because they’re always there for you when you need them the most.

19) He is decisive

Who wants a man who cannot decide one thing about his life quickly? Well, no one.

Living with that kind of a man can be very stressful.

On the other hand, if the guy you like is a man who makes decisions by himself and is not influenced by others, then that can make your life much easier.

He knows what he wants in life, and he always takes charge of his actions and takes responsibility for them.

20) He’s ambitious

With ambition, he will do anything that it takes to be successful in life.

He will give his best in achieving the goals he has set out in life.

With this quality, you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about him giving up on his dreams easily.

He will always find the time and energy to work hard on his goals, which is always a great quality in a man.

If you date a guy who works hard and makes sure to take care of his finances, then he will also make sure that he will not get into trouble concerning keeping his job and falling into debt.

21) He’s a good communicator

Being well communicator is very important in life because that is the main condition for developing good relationships.

A good man has good communication skills and is able to express his feelings, thoughts, ideas, and feelings by using words.

You could see what he really wants even when he doesn’t know how much it hurts him when things don’t work out or go wrong.

He always tries his best to communicate what he wants so that no misunderstandings exist between the two of you.

If he is a good communicator and can express his emotions really well, you will be able to tell how he feels at any given moment just by looking at his facial expressions and gestures.

22) He’s practical and smart

People who complicate everything in life can become a real burden after a while in a relationship.

On the other hand, if he is very creative, intelligent, and organized, life with him will always be better and easier.

Whenever he is in charge of something, he will make sure everything goes according to plan nicely.

23) He’s brave and courageous

This is something that has always been appreciated by women.

The guy who is great relationship material has a lot of courage and is fully prepared to face any kind of challenge life throws at him.

He’s not easily scared or discouraged by even very difficult situations.

24) He is willing to compromise

He will be willing to compromise on things that he really doesn’t like or not that big of a deal to him.

He will make sure you understand the importance of making compromises on things that he doesn’t personally care too much about.

25) He’s strong and manly

Even though women have progressed and can handle anything in life, there is something so magical about a guy who is strong.

Women will always be attracted by a strong and masculine guy who doesn’t back down from a big challenge or problem.

It is a quality that attracts women like a magnet.

26) He’s got money-sense

Imagine dating someone who is always in trouble and needs help with paying his bills?

Now imagine someone who always has everything under control. Which one would you pick?

The second one? I thought so.

A man who is ready for a relationship knows how to manage his finances well, and he has a good understanding of the value of money in life.

This quality makes him an excellent partner for you because he knows how to spend his money wisely and won’t waste it on useless things.

27) He’s honest and experienced

After a certain point in life, we all get certain experience that helps us go through life easier.

If your guy is honest and has been through a lot, he will understand what it feels like to be in all kinds of different challenges through life.

He will be very sincere to you and will explain things in more detail to you so that you can understand better how he feels.

28) He’s passionate

Having passion in life brings new colors to our everyday life.

This is why people with passion are so attractive.

The guy who can be a great partner is passionate about life and everything around him.

The passion shows in his eyes, smile, and gestures.

29) He’s generous and cheerful

He is generous with his time, money, and support.

He always wants to do more for you and will spend as much time with you as he can.

This is something that can help you achieve more in life because a cheerful partner will always find a way to make things easier no matter what it is about.

30) He is supportive of your goals

No matter how determined you are to succeed, if your partner, family, and friends don’t support you, it will get much harder than it would usually be.

An ideal partner is the one who supports your goals and dreams and will be willing to help you achieve them.

No matter what it takes, he will be right by your side the whole way through.

31) He’s a great friend

Relationships are not only about physical intimacy or having fun. It is much more than that.

If you manage to befriend the guy you like, you will be able to enjoy your relationship more for sure.

A great partner is a great friend with whom you can share your joys and sorrows without having to worry about any judgment at all.

He will be able to create a very strong bond with you and will always be there to lend you a hand.

32) He’s ambitious and smart

A good man is ambitious and intelligent.

He knows that the most important trait to be successful in life is hard work, determination, and consistency.

With these three qualities, he will fulfill his dreams, ambitions, and goals in life.

33) He’s been through difficult times

A person who’s had an easy life can never understand just how complicated life can get.

If a guy has been through his fair share of troubles will be able to show the understanding you need when necessary.

If he has been through difficult times before, he will understand what it feels like to have to fight for your dreams or goals day after day.

This kind of person is very optimistic and won’t let anything get in the way of his dreams.

34) He’s open to bettering himself 

A man (or woman, for that matter) who doesn’t know himself will never bring out the best in his partner. In fact, he may bring past traumas and unhealed wounds into the relationship, which is all too often a reason why people end up breaking up.

So, if he’s willing to better himself as a person, and overcome his past issues, you know you’ve found a keeper!

35) He’s reliable and commits

He is reliable and easy to depend on.

With this quality, you can be sure that he will always be there for you, even though the situation changes around him and all your plans may fail for a moment.

36) He is compassionate and loving

A good guy always tries to do the best for you, even when it doesn’t make him happy at all.

If he is like that, it shows that he is willing to sacrifice for your wellbeing, even if that means doing things that are not easy.

He will be supportive of your relationships with your family, friends, and colleagues, accept you for who you are, and won’t try to control your relationships with others.

This will give you the freedom to nurture your relationships with all the people you love and want to have in your life constantly.

37) He’s considerate

He thinks things through before he makes any kind of decision or judgment on something.

He thinks over the pros and cons of it before making sure that what he is doing is right and won’t regret his actions later on in life.

38) He’s honest with his feelings

He is honest when it comes to his feelings towards you and other people.

He will be honest with you and tell you how he feels and the reasons behind it so that you are fully prepared for what is about to come next.

39) He is an equalizer

He will be an equalizer in relationships.

He does not put up with nonsense from other people and always looks at the positive side of things and sees the beauty in them as well, no matter how much trouble he gets himself into or has to deal with when it comes to his relationships.

40) He is funny, cool, and chill

He is a very funny and cool guy.

He doesn’t care about what others think of him, and he could not care less if you think he’s the coolest or not.

He does everything because he believes that’s the right thing to do.

He has the perfect sense of humor, and he’s always there to brighten up your day when things seem too dark for you to handle.

41) He’s ambitious in his own way

He understands how to achieve some goals and dreams in life, but he does it his way instead of doing what other people want him to do.

He would rather do things his way than what everyone else is doing.

42) He’s been through a lot

He has experienced a lot in life that shows in his whole being and behavior.

He has a good personality, and he’s very friendly and easy to talk to.

He makes you feel comfortable, and it is easy to trust him.

He is confident in himself and won’t let anyone mess with his mind.

43) He is not afraid to do what it takes to live a good life

It is not easy to find people who are committed to creating a good life, even if that means going through numerous difficulties along the way.

If the guy you like is not afraid to do what it takes to make a good life for himself, that means that he will push you to succeed as well, even when you are feeling discouraged.

This kind of guy has the ambition, determination, passion, and willingness to do whatever is necessary to achieve his goals in life.

44) He’s a good role model

The guy who is a good relationship material is a great role model for people, and he will set a good example for you too, and for the kids you will have if you decide to have them.

It is necessary to think things through in a timely manner, so you can have fewer headaches in the future.

He will be the best motivator and inspiration that anyone could ever need to get through the tough times they have in life.

Having an inspiring person like this in your life can help you look at the bright side of life and be motivated to succeed even when things get tough.

45) He’s got a heart of gold

He is known for always being there for people and having a heart of gold.

He wants to make sure that everyone he meets on his path in life has the opportunity to live a great life and achieve all their dreams, motivations, and ambitions.

Having a guy like this in your life can help you truly see genuine kindness in its purest form.

Final thoughts

In today’s fast-paced world, where different cultures and people are living together, we often forget how to appreciate the good things in life.

However, we do have it easier than our ancestors did.

With modern technology at our fingertips and a more connected world than the one before it, we have the ability to reach a lot of people easily.

With this new way of communication, there are a lot of things that people don’t realize about us that can make us better as individuals and as people.

This is why it makes it harder to find a person who will be a good partner and someone we can trust.

But even a good man can become better if you know how to trigger one of his innate drives.

According to James Bauer, relationship guru, the key to getting any guy to be good to you is to trigger his Hero Instinct.

The Hero Instinct is a concept that James discovered in his research. It shows exactly what a man needs and how you can give him everything he needs so that he falls madly in love with you and commits to you completely.

In his free video, James will tell you exactly how to do this. He’ll give you a step-by-step formula to his exact approach and tell you exactly what to say and do so that it works.

So, what are you waiting for?

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