17 psychological signs of jealousy (the full list)

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Jealousy in love is a negative emotion that can make you feel insecure, frustrated and worried. 

You might think it’s silly or irrational, but it’s perfectly normal. 

But how do you know if you’re experiencing it? 

Read on to find out more about 17 psychological signs of this unpleasant feeling of love.

1) You constantly check your partner’s phone

The very first sign is that you constantly ask to see your partner’s phone. 

You feel like they are trying to hide what they are doing from you. 

You see they are always checking their phone and even if you tell them to put his phone away, he will keep doing it.

By checking your partner’s phone, you can catch them in the act and take action right away, you think.

But there’s one problem, this can be disconcerting and even hurtful if your partner doesn’t do anything wrong. 

Your partner may think that you don’t trust them. 

They may see you as a threat to their privacy. 

Whatever the reason, it’s important to check in with your partner and make sure they aren’t being disrespectful or neglecting you by checking their phone while they are with you.

2) You find yourself stalking your partner on social media

You find yourself stalking your partner on social media. 

You check their Facebook feed, Instagram account, or Twitter every day.

Maybe you’re just checking out the photos from their past vacation, and scrolling through their Facebook timeline to see if they’ve been hanging out with the ex that they never talk about. 

Are you trying to keep tabs on them? 

Are you trying to make sure they don’t cheat on you?

Whatever the case may be, this behavior is a clear sign that you are obsessing over your partner. 

If you find yourself doing any of these things, take a step back and ask yourself why you are doing it. 

It sounds like something that might be worth talking about with your partner.

 3) You’re overly sensitive

When jealous, you become more sensitive than ever. 

No matter what they say or do, you will think they have something shady and you always feel unsafe. 

You always think they have something that they don’t tell you. 

Just one small action or gesture from them makes you think of countless scenarios that they no longer love you, no longer care about you.

I know, there is definitely something you observe and feel from them that makes you so sensitive

But you know? Your sensitivity is not good for both of you and for your relationship. 

Regardless of what you think is true or not, please share your feelings with your partner. 

They will give you an answer and then you will know what to do next.

4) There’s a lot of blaming and resentment.

There’s a lot of blaming and resentment when being jealous

It can be difficult to control these feelings. 

Because you are being hurt, your feelings will be exaggerated and hurt others in return.

Whether it’s a friend, ex or current partner who makes you feel insecure, jealousy can be a vulnerable emotion that can cause you to doubt your relationship. 

Don’t forget: it’s normal to be jealous and it’s important to manage your jealousy when it starts to interfere with your relationship.

5) You demand constant reassurance from your partner

In your relationship, you should be able to feel secure without constantly worrying about whether or not they still love you.

Otherwise, if you feel insecure in a relationship, you may be putting a lot of pressure on your partner to reassure you. 

It can be very difficult for them to keep up with your needs.

If you find yourself constantly looking for reassurance from your partner, it could mean that you are trying to control them and make them meet all of your needs. 

This is never going to work. 

Remember! If they love you, they will know how to express it and how to make you feel secure and happy.

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6) Your relationships with your partner’s acquaintance change

You have a feeling that your partner has another one, but you don’t know who they are. 

As a result, you start to suspect all people around him/her and change the way you treat them. 

It’s not a good idea to do so. It makes them all feel confused while they did nothing wrong. 

More seriously, you might lose good relationships unnecessarily.

The person at fault here is your partner, so ask him directly to make things clear. 

7) You become secretive or overly friendly with exes

It sounds a little bit strange but let me explain. 

When you are jealous because your partner has another person, you become secretive or overly friendly with exes. 

Why? Because it makes you feel like you have to compete with them instead of remaining loyal to your partner. 

But then, you may start to doubt yourself and wonder if your new partner would be better off without you.

This type of jealousy can lead to bad self-esteem and low self-esteem can lead to depression and anxiety.

8) You have obsessive thoughts about your partner cheating

Obsessive thoughts are unwanted, repetitive thoughts that cause anxiety or distress. 

They can be about your partner cheating, about the relationship, about yourself and the future. 

There are many reasons why someone might have obsessive thoughts: stressful life events, inner conflicts, and relationship problems. 

You may start to engage in behaviors that prevent you from seeing your partner again or even hurting yourself when you see these thoughts as a reality. 

You may try to stop the thought or bring it up with people around you so that it doesn’t become a reality, but this can make things worse. 

9) You constantly feel like something is wrong

You feel like something is wrong when the time spent together is getting shorter and shorter.

You feel like something is wrong when your partner usually has unexpected appointments.

You feel like something is wrong when your partner always keeps their phone with them and checks it often.

There are many things that make the connection between you and your partner not like before. 

The thing about this kind of feeling is that it can start taking up all your time and energy. 

And the more you try to figure it out, the more confused you feel. 

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10) You’re constantly suspicious

You’re suspicious about anything they say and do. 

There are so many questions arise in your mind:

– Are they going out with his/her friends or is there anyone else? 

– Are they meeting people from new social media networks? 

– Do they appear to be ‘too busy’ to answer your texts and calls?

If you suspect that your partner might not be being honest with you, or is behaving in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, take a step back and evaluate the situation before making any decisions.

11) You’re overly possessive

It’s common for couples to become overly possessive when they first begin dating, but it can continue long after the relationship has ended. 

When this happens, you become overly possessive and obsessed with the relationship to the point where it is not good for both people involved. 

If you want to improve the relationship, it will be necessary for both partners to work on their issues of possessiveness.

As soon as jealousy sets in, it can make it difficult for both partners to feel free and comfortable around each other because they’re afraid of how each other will react.

If you are being overly possessive, take some time out to step back and look at your behavior.

12) You feel unhappy and depressed most of the time

When we experience jealousy, it is often an unpleasant feeling that we associate with being in the presence of another person who has attracted our romantic interest. 

In this case, jealousy may cause us to become upset and irritable, which may make us feel unhappy and depressed.

Some people may develop a more intense form of jealousy when they are experiencing an Infatuation stage of love. 

This type of jealousy can lead to feelings of uncertainty and insecurity, which may cause you to become more unstable in your current relationship or even end the relationship altogether.

13) You have constant feelings of shame and guilt

Shame and guilt are two of the most common negative emotions that people feel. 

These are intense feelings of embarrassment, being ashamed, and feeling guilty. 

When you feel shame, you feel bad about yourself. 

You might feel like you’re not good enough or that you’ve done something wrong. 

You might feel like you’re a bad person or that no one could possibly love you. 

You might also feel like you need to make things right and do something to help make things better.

14) There is constant fighting and arguing in the relationship

There is always fighting and arguing in any relationship. 

However, if they happen more constantly, there must be something wrong. 

One of them is jealousy.

Because of jealousy, you always feel uncomfortable with your partner. 

You always grumble about things that used to be normal.

Because of jealousy, you always make a mountain out of a molehill. 

Even a small problem makes you extremely angry with them.

And because of jealousy, you are not happy with your current situation. 

These expressions are signs that your relationship needs a lot of effort to get back to the way it was .

15) Your self-esteem suffers

For many people, jealousy is a natural response when they see their partner with someone else. 

However, jealousy can also arise when you’re worried that your partner is interested in someone else. 

When you feel jealous, you start to doubt yourself and your ability to trust others. 

Jealousy can have a negative impact on your feelings of self-worth, so it’s important to address any feelings of jealousy as soon as they arise. 

It may be helpful to talk to someone about what’s causing the jealousy and how to cope with it.

16) There are unrealistic expectations that you place on your partner 

When you place your unrealistic expectations on your partner, it can show that you are jealous. 

You think that if your partner fulfills those expectations, they still love you. 

By contrast, your relationship has a third-wheel person. 

But you know what? In some cases, that your partner isn’t able to satisfy your expectations doesn’t mean they no longer love you or have another one. 

It’s just because your expectations are unreasonable.

You want them to do things they’ve never done like changing their behavior. 

For instance, replying your message immediately, not contacting with colleagues of the opposite sex, spending at least 5 hours with you each day, etc.

Think carefully, your expectations can make them lose interest in loving you.

17) You become irrational and overreact

Jealousy is often accompanied by irrational thoughts, such as “they love each other more than me” or “they must have something I don’t”. 

Additionally, you might overreact, become resentful, or even exhibit socially inappropriate behavior.

If you are experiencing this type of jealousy, it is important to recognize and accept that jealousy is a normal emotion. 

It can be a sign of insecurity and insecurity often comes from wanting what you cannot have.

What you need to do is acknowledge that it does exist and find a way to deal with it accordingly.


Jealousy is a normal emotion in love. 

Start by taking an honest look at your situation and figure out what is causing you to feel jealous. 

Once you know the source of your jealousy, you can work on ways to reduce it. 

You could try spending more time with your partner or finding new ways to show them how much you care about them.


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