Pisces Compatibility: Who is Your Best (and Worst) Love Match?

If you’re a Pisces, then you may be wondering about which zodiac signs you should (or shouldn’t) date. 

Likewise, you may be wondering about the way you approach love, sex, and relationships. 

You’ll get these – and more – with the help of this epic compatibility guide

Pisces Personality and Traits 

Pisces (or Meena in Vedic astrology) natives are people born from February 19 to March 20. 

As the last zodiac constellation, it’s represented by a fish swimming in different directions. 

Unsurprisingly, it bears the water element, which ‘fertilizes’ the sign’s imagination and creativity. 

The same creativity is governed by Pisces’ ruling planet Neptune

As a mutable sign, Pisces holds the energy of change, adaptation, and liminality.

Since it begins in the last phase of winter, Pisces possess qualities that are changeable and fluid.

Here are some of them: 


As empaths, Pisceans are highly in tune with others’ emotions.

They are sensitive, intuitive, and introverted.

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If they see their partner (or anybody else) is sad, they will readily offer help or assistance. 

It’s not surprising to see a Pisces crying – simply because their significant other is crying. That’s because they can easily absorb the thoughts, sensations, and feelings around them. 

Sadly, having a big heart means they often give too much. They give and give – until they get emotionally drained. 


As a compassionate person, Pisces is:

  • Aware that there is suffering – and that moves them emotionally
  • Wishes relief for this suffering – and they’re willing to do something about it

Pisces’ compassionate nature means they have great trust, respect, and affection for their partners. 

In other words, they care deeply about their significant other. They’re highly committed to them – no matter how good or bad the journey might be. 

Kind and Gentle

They say nice guys finish last, but it’s not the case for Pisces. Being kind and gentle, they can handle adversity in a very calm manner. 

When it comes to relationships, they care for their partners deeply. There’s no agenda – just pure love.

Being a gentle soul, Pisces can easily let go of a problem. For them, doing so is vital for them to reach the next level. 

Creative and Imaginative

As creative and imaginative individuals, Pisceans seek out new experiences. 

“Openness to experience is consistently the strongest predictor of creative achievement,” explains psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman. 

They don’t hesitate to follow their passion, which means they can get quite persuasive with their partners.

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Most importantly, they’re willing to take risks – especially when it comes to love, relationships, and of course, sex. 


Adaptability is the ability to respond to changing situations. It’s also about modifying one’s behavior according to people or circumstances. 

This adaptability is one of the traits that makes Pisces a great partner. They’re able to change their response according to the person.

Every person is different, after all.

Pisces can easily forge an open and honest relationship with their partner by being adaptable, reasonable, and understanding. 


Pisceans are known for their generosity, which is considered one of the traits of happy, positive people.

Although generosity is often associated with money, Pisces’ magnanimous personality means they don’t hold back in relationships. 

In other words, Pisces puts the happiness and well-being of their partner above all else. They will readily give their time and energy to ‘the one’ they love the most. 


As empaths connected to the real world, Pisceans are natural psychics – they experience the world through intuition.

According to astrologer Kyle Thomas, “They are tied to the past, present, and future and essentially can transcend beyond just what they see with their senses.”

In terms of relationships, Pisces’ psychic personality means they value their intuition and gut feeling. Sadly, this means that their mind (and heart) are often closed to their partner’s suggestions.  

Heightened Sensitivity 

Pisceans, being empaths, tend to be somewhat sensitive. Unfortunately, it can take a significant toll on their relationships.

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For one, they often take things personally. They get easily offended by their partner’s actions, even if they’re not directed at them. 

Unsurprisingly, sensitive Pisceans often take criticisms harshly. Even though their partner thinks that their top doesn’t go well with their shoes, they’ll take it as a remark that they don’t dress well enough.

Likewise, Pisces can get pretty self-conscious in their relationships. They yearn for their partner’s approval. They also put their partners on a pedestal, which can get bad (or good) depending on the situation. 

Overly Emotional

As expected, the Piscean can get overly emotional with their relationships as well. 

As mentioned, they take criticisms heavily and take them as very offensive.

They tend to have outbursts over the little things, which often means a big fight with their partner.  

Naive and Gullible

While empathy and compassion go a long way, they do make Pisces a little naive. 

As an unsuspecting partner, Pisces tends to buy into the relationship without a lot of evidence. 

They have poor judgment. Even if the evidence says otherwise, they’ll blindly believe what they were told.

Sadly, it means that people often try to take advantage of them.

Likewise, this naivete makes them more prone to cheating. They trust their significant other so much that they get duped in the end.  

Signs Compatible with Pisces

Pisces’ good nature makes it a great love partner for the following signs. 

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As fellow tender water signs, Cancer is one of the best partners for Pisces. In fact, their compatibility rate is almost perfect at 98%. 

For one, both signs are easy to forge an emotional connection with each other. That’s because they’re both compassionate, sensitive, and nurturing. 

Indeed, they’re the embodiment of the saying ‘love at first sight.’ 

While they’re meant for each other, this partnership is not without drama. 

Pisces tends to be erratic, mainly because they place immense value on their romantic relationship. 

Pisces may end up unsatisfied if they don’t receive compassion from their partner. 

Cancer, on the other hand, may consider the lack of a family life depressing.

That said, they make things work by establishing the common ground between stability and delight.  


Scorpio’s compatibility with Pisces is very impressive at 97%. 

This bond is not surprising, for both are creative artists who love romance and drama. 

They often find themselves deeply in love – as if they have a magnetic connection with each other. 

True to form, they fulfill each other physically and intellectually. Better yet, they’re on the same page when it comes to love and sex. 

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Even if Scorpio often gets jealous, they know there’s no need to worry. After all, their Pisces partner is known to be ever-so-loyal. 

Compatibilities aside, the two signs do have different beliefs when it comes to love. 

Pisces takes some relationship elements in high regard, which is not the case for Scorpio. 

As sensitive water signs, they’re prone to withdraw emotionally to protect themselves. 

Despite these differences, they’re bound to have a great partnership. They function well with each other – supporting their partners wholly through every step of the way. 


Pisces and Capricorn prove to be good love mates, as seen in their compatibility rate of 88%.

Surprisingly, these two are widely different from each other. Pisces is artsy, while Capricorn is structured and disciplined.

Pisces is fickle, while Capricorn is careful when it comes to matters of the heart. 

Sex-wise, Capricorn takes Pisces aback with their willingness to try kinky things. In fact, their sex compatibility rate is at a sizzling 99%. 

Physicalities aside, they often find themselves on the same plane. 

They’re almost always agreeable, mainly in part of their similar upbringing. 

That said, they won’t hesitate to take their paths as needed. 

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The Pisces and Capricorn relationship often leads to marriage, thanks to the latter’s intelligence and perceptiveness. 

It also helps that they’re very patient with each other. 

They don’t get affected by other people’s opinions easily, which is why their relationship can withstand any storm that comes its way. 


Taurus is one of the best partners for Pisces due to their unique perspectives. In fact, they have a whopping compatibility rate of 85%. 

“They have enough in common that they gel, but they have enough differences that they don’t step on each other’s toes in a relationship. It’s easygoing and comforting,” explains astrologer Kristina Semos. 

They’re pleasure-driven individuals, which means they dote on culture, wine, and gourmet food. All in all, these signs make for highly-sophisticated partners. 

Both signs revel in intellectual arguments, even though Pisces finds it hard to communicate sometimes.

Sex-wise, Taurus’ lusty ways appeal to Pisces’ creative imagination. The latter will give their 100% attention, which the bull enjoys a lot. 

Even with the signs’ compatibility, they do encounter issues from time to time. 

Both find it hard to open up

Taurus, for their part, views this inability as their partner trying to hide something. Sometimes, the bull may end up dominating the kind-hearted Pisces as well. 


With a compatibility rate of 63%, Sagittarius is a good partner for Pisces.

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Astrologers chalk this up to the alignment of the planet Venus for both signs. They’re also fellow mutable signs, which makes for a passionate, expressive relationship between the two. 

It helps that their personalities complement each other as well. Pisces is very open-minded, which works well with Sagittarius’ mental faculties. 

The duo loves spending time together, which they do through traveling and other bonding activities. 

As with every other relationship, this partnership is prone to issues of commitment and confidence. Sagittarius is very caring, though they may find it hard to believe their Pisces spouse at times. 

Sagittarius is tactless at times, and as such, can easily offend their sensitive Pisces partner. 

Even with these issues, one thing’s for sure: the bed of a Pisces and Sagittarius is always on fire! 

Signs Pisces Should Avoid 

While Pisces can enjoy a harmonious relationship with the signs above, it’s often a clash with Leo, Aquarius, and Gemini.


Leo has a different kind of love, which makes it a poor partner for Pisces. Since fire and water don’t mix at all, it’s not surprising that their compatibility rate is at a disappointing 38%. 

Pisces is sensitive, while the confident Leo yearns to rule the relationship. 

“This can lead to soap opera-level drama, something both signs hate but are prone to,” explains astrologer Theresa Reed.

When Pisces gets attracted to Leo, they often end up abandoning their morals. They hardly understand each other, which eventually leads to disdain. 

The former may end up feeling vulnerable whenever the latter chooses to unleash its strength. 

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For the few Pisces-Leo partnerships that bloom, they may work out with the help of the former’s imaginative mentality and the latter’s noble nature. 

It helps that they have a colorful sex life as well. 

Both love luxury, though, so they should consider taking money management courses along the way. 


Pisces and Aquarius have a compatibility rate of 45%, which is considered poor.

For one, sparks don’t fly right away when they get with each other. One’s looking for love, while the other doesn’t want to get bogged down by emotions. 

Despite these differences, the two signs can make it work.

It’s just going to take a lot of effort, though. 

For one, Pisces is great at controlling emotions – Aquarius isn’t. 

That said, both are willing to go above and beyond for their partner. It also helps that the two are up for some creative, no-holds-barred sex. 

Tip: While a Pisces-Aquarius relationship can bloom over time, marriage is not recommended for a Manglik partner – one who was born under the influence of the planet Mars. 


As fellow commitment-phobes, it’s not a surprise that the compatibility between the two is only at 53%. 

“Gemini and Pisces will be loving and supportive of each other in all aspects, but they speak a very different language sexually, emotionally, and intellectually, so this union won’t be an easy one,” explains astrologer Jeanine Duval. 

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Pisces is emotional, while Gemini is very intellectual

Pisces can be needy, manipulative, and emotionally exhausting. Gemini, on the other hand, can be an elusive, double-talking tyrant. 

That said, for Pisces-Gemini partners who do iron things out, they’ll eventually find a safe haven in each other. 

As mutable signs, they can quickly adapt to each other.

For example, it’s a matter of learning how to say ‘Thank you’ or ‘You’re right’ to each other.

At the end of the day, both can be very dependable and hardworking. They’re great parents too, for they’re able to provide their kids with a balanced environment.

Given these qualities, a Pisces-Gemini relationship has a great possibility of thriving. 

The Best Love Match for a Pisces

With a compatibility rate of 98%, Cancer proves to be the best love match for Pisces. 

“In many ways, the Cancer-Pisces relationship is a fairytale romance, which can either be their greatest strength,” explains astrologer Dana De Franco.

Both come with refined responsibilities, which means they both enjoy going to concerts, gallery openings, or dance performances.

Planetary Alignment

When the Cancer-governing moon comes in contact with the Piscean-ruler Neptune, the result is a beautiful spiritual connection. 

Both produce tender feminine energy, thus carving a relationship that’s centered on both dreams and illusions. 

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That said, another planet that rules Pisces – Jupiter – adds some necessary masculine energy. While it brings some philosophy into the relationship, it ushers in some excesses as well.

All in all, these planets help create an ideal partnership – one that is ripe with emotion, warmth, and depth. 

Astrological Compatibility

In the astrology chart, Cancer and Pisces are 120 degrees apart from each other. This distance forms a trine, which alludes to harmonious aspects that occur in same-element signs.

This balance is seen in the good flow in their relationship. 

In other words, Pisces and Cancer can get along without trying a lot. 

“They tend to be pretty in tune to their partner’s emotions as well. So if one partner feels like something is off, they will do whatever they can to turn things around,” adds DeFranco. 

While their trine of harmony is enviable, the sad part is it can eventually lead to complacency in the relationship.

Emotional Compatibility

Both are emotional yet tolerant persons, qualities that are pretty obvious in their relationship. 

“Meeting someone who seems to understand their sensitive and empathic nature is a big turn-on, and Cancer can tune into that Piscerian wavelength very easily,” says astrologer Clarisse Monahan.

Simply put, both signs put a high premium on their relationships. Pisces is a romantic – while Cancer is a nurturer. 

Pisces can give the relationship reassurance that Cancer craves in a partner. The former can easily manage through the latter’s temperamental fits as well.

With their emotional compatibility scoring a whopping 99%, the relationship between Pisces and Cancer is sure to last. 

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Sexual Compatibility

Being tender individuals, the sex between the two signs is very romantic, sensual, and slow. It often involves a beautiful candlelit dinner, followed by hours of gentle kissing and foreplay. 

This compatibility is due mainly to their yin signs – meaning they’re both relaxed and easygoing. However, some partners may deem this to be ‘missing a spark.’ That’s why of all of the couple’s compatibility scores, sex fares the lowest at 70% (it’s still good, though!)

Relationship Issues

Although Pisces and Cancer are almost perfect for each other, there are bound to be hiccups along the way. 

Cancer often guards their feelings – up until they have the level of commitment they desire. 

Pisces, who’s known to fall in love right away, will come in marching into the field with no regard whatsoever.

If flaky Pisces feels like Cancer isn’t ready for the relationship, the latter may end up running away. 

When they do get into a relationship, the two can end up passive-aggressive. In other words, both are willing to play the role of victim whenever they get hurt. 

Sulking, brooding, and slamming doors are just some of the temper flares that occur regularly in the relationship. 

Even so, the key to making things work is for the two to let go of their grudges. Saying sorry and giving a hug can easily make the bad feelings go away. 

Parenting Style

Pisces and Cancer’s watery natures make it harder for them to keep their feet on the ground.

Their children, sensing this, will push everything to the limit and act out. 

That said, these parents need to step up and set some ground rules

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While Cancer is more likely to take the helm, Pisces will lend out a helping hand. 

Sadly, the duo can’t avoid fighting with each other – and sometimes, the children will get dragged right into it. 

Fortunately, a Cancer parent does a great job taking care of children – physically and emotionally. Pisces, for their part, will motivate their kids to be creative and imaginative. 

Home Life

The Pisces woman’s home is as creative as her mind. Her bedroom is covered with swaths of pillows. Meanwhile, you’ll find ritualistic altars wherever you set your sights. 

As a water being, Pisceans love being in the water. For her Cancer partner, it’s not surprising that she spends most of her time in the bathtub – reveling in some essential oils and Epsom salts.

Ever compassionate, it’s not surprising that Pisces has adopted a lot of strays in her home. It’s a headache for her Cancer hubby, but there’s nothing he can do to change her mind. 

Expectedly, the Pisces man is very reflective of his water sign. You can find an aquarium – even a terrarium filled with orchids and whatnot – in his house. 

As a creative person, Pisces’ home is often adorned with beautiful artwork. 

Pisces men, who are sensitive to both physical and emotional stimuli, prefer to light- and sound-proof their homes as well. 

Pisces in Love and Relationships 

Being in a relationship with Pisces is unlike any other. You can expect this mutable sign to be:


As one of the more romantic signs in the astrological chart, Pisceans fall in love hard and fast. Pisces is known to wear their heart on their sleeve. As partners, they are thoughtful, devoted, and serious. 

When they find their soulmate, you can expect them to be in it for the long run.

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As very attuned people, Pisceans are all about romance

They like celebrating milestones in the relationship, no matter how small.

They’ll shower their partners with gifts – and kisses – to show them how much they care. 

They’ll also make sure that their partner’s needs are met. They’ll do anything for them, after all. 


As previously mentioned, Pisceans are known to be kind and gentle. 

They’re genuine, but they’re not perfectionists. 

They listen to their partners, and they will take responsibility for anything they have done. 

They’re empathic, and as such, wouldn’t tolerate meanness. 

In other words, they know how to make a relationship work. 

That said, astrologer Kerr Wright has this to say to budding Pisces partners:

“Avoid being overly critical of your Pisces, and if you need to express frustrations, be sure to use a calm voice and gentle language — otherwise, this sensitive siren may head for smoother water faster than you can throw down an anchor.”


While Pisces is very emotional, they wouldn’t always show it. 

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They tend to clam up when they’re sad or desire to be alone when they’re mad. 

That’s why their partners need to know how to deal with them.

For starters, they need to be very attentive to their actions. They need to listen closely. 

At the same time, they shouldn’t run away when their Pisces partner is throwing a fit. 

“The more time you spend with your Pisces babe, the more you’ll learn to understand these subtle shifts in energy,” adds Kelly. 

Consumed by Other People’s Problems

Given Pisces’ empathetic, compassionate, and sensitive nature, it’s not surprising that they often find themselves consumed by their partners. 

Because they care so much about their significant other, they often establish relationships with those who have emotional or psychological issues. 

While Pisceans may find it hard NOT to absorb other people’s problems, they can try to avoid it by doing the following: 

  • Creating boundaries
  • Establishing a baseline
  • Determining what’s rightfully yours
  • Observing ‘grounding’ activities such as yoga, meditation, etc. 
  • Allowing time for self-care
  • Processing everything with your partner

Pisces and Sex 

Pisceans are down to get dirty. They’re very lustful beings – not only with sex – but with money as well. 

Despite being horndogs, Pisces treats sex as something spiritual

Being the last sign of the zodiac, they have absorbed all the joy (and pain) of the eleven preceding signs. 

They always want to be of service to their partner, and that includes sex. 

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Simply put, they view sex as a union of two unique souls. 

If they end up being hurt by their sexual partner, they feel used and abused. 

As such, astrologer Kelly has this advice for Pisces’ sexual partners:

“The more inventive you are with your romantic sentiments, the more Pisces will find themselves head over heels.”

Likewise, giving the Pisces a foot massage is a direct way to their heart (and pants.) Pisces rules the feet, which carry the weight of the world. 

Exploring tantric sex with your Piscean partner will come in handy as well. Not only is it a sign that they enjoy making love to you, but it’s also a way to bring the harmony that the Piscean soul needs. 

Common Mistakes Pisces Make in Love and Relationships 

As all-out partners, Pisceans expect their significant other to return the favor.

Sadly, most won’t. 

If their expectations aren’t met, they end up feeling neglected. They view everything as if they’re in a one-sided relationship

For some partners, this expectation often translates as neediness. The Piscean may not know it, but they usually end up smothering their significant other. 

They want to spend all their time with their partner.

They find it annoying that you want to do something without them. 

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They’re in constant need of reassurance, which makes them jealous at times. 

As highly emotional beings, Pisceans find it hard to have the ‘talk.’ They’re easily overwhelmed – even by the little things – that end up hurting them for a long time. 

In Summary: Pisces Compatibility 

The compassionate yet gentle Pisces wants someone who loves them the same way. Although they fall in love fast and hard, they do make for serious, loyal partners.

Given these qualities, Pisces is incredibly compatible with Cancer, with which they form a trine of harmony. 

As fellow emotional signs, their tenderness transcends to their sex life as well. That said, Pisces will not hold back on their lust. 

While they have some differences in their relationship, Pisces and Cancer have a high compatibility rate of 98%. 


Which signs are incompatible with Pisces? 

Pisces is incompatible with three signs: Leo, Aquarius, and Gemini. 

Leo can dominate Pisces, while Aquarius isn’t as good at controlling emotions. Gemini is highly intellectual, which means they can clash with the emotional Pisces. 

What’s Pisces’ love language?

Pisces has two love languages: acts of service and quality time. 

Pisceans are all about action – doing is better than saying, after all.

They’re also willing to give quality time, which means focusing 100% of their attention on their beloved partner. 

What do Pisces hate in a relationship? 

Pisces hates partners who don’t return the favor. They’re very showy when it comes to love, so they want their significant other to do the same. 

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Likewise, they dislike having the ‘talk.’ While it’s necessary for the relationship, the sensitive Pisces would instead do something else. 

What qualities make the best partner for Pisces?

Pisces wants a partner who’s as compassionate and nurturing as them. That’s why they’re an excellent match for Cancer, who can quickly attune itself to Pisces’ emotions. 

What do Pisces want in a relationship?

Pisceans desire love, romance, and connection more than others. Once they achieve this, they’re sure to give the same favor in return. 

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