What to do when your girlfriend is codependent with an alpha male

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Codependent relationships have a lot of potential pitfalls that can cause significant damage to a couple’s future. 

Although challenging, there are certain steps you can take to increase your compatibility, happiness, and success in the long term. 

If you’re wondering how to stop your girlfriend from being codependent with an alpha male, this article has got all the information you’ll need.

1) You must be assertive. 

Being assertive means being able to stand up for yourself and say what you want without always worrying about how other people will find out about it. 

It means having the ability to communicate directly with your girlfriend without looking for approval from her or other people. 

It’s also important to develop a thick skin and accept that sometimes you’ll make mistakes while doing things in a much more assertive way than your girlfriend is used to. 

When you defend yourself, she will feel less threatened by you and even more inclined to give you your due respect. 

The more assertive, the better able you’ll be to handle difficult situations in which your girlfriend feels threatened by you.

This is a good method to start when you’re wondering how to stop your girlfriend from being codependent with an alpha male.

 If your girlfriend is head over heels for this guy, there’s a chance that she’ll continue to do so even after she’s ended the relationship with him. 

It would be best if you prepared yourself for the possibility of her actions and be ready with a plan in case she tries to contact him again. 

2) Understand her emotions and the relationship dynamics involved in the situation.

This is the most important aspect you must master if you want to stop your girlfriend from being codependent with an alpha male. 

Only then will you be able to understand her emotions and how she’s feeling about the situation. 

You must also know what it is she wants from you and where she draws the line if a relationship between you two might not work in the long run. 

It is important that both of you are on the same page so that there are no misunderstandings. 

It would be better if your girlfriend tries to mend her ways because of fear rather than out of sheer guilt, which could result in a long-term conflict.

If she is used to being treated with respect by him and by others, she will try to do the same for you. 

If you want this relationship to work, you have to be aware of many other factors beyond just those involving you and your girlfriend.

If you don’t know how she feels about this guy, it might be impossible for you to convince her of his shortcomings as a person. 

So evaluating your relationship dynamics is very crucial in order for you to stop your girlfriend from falling for an alpha male before it’s too late.

3) Make sure you are not being too jealous.

It is important to understand where jealousy comes in your relationships with others, both men and women. 

Jealousy is a negative emotion that causes a person to feel threatened by another person’s relationship with his or her partner. 

This can lead to arguments and make your girlfriend feel as though she might lose you if she continues the relationship with him. 

Many codependent relationships have started when guys have become jealous of their girlfriend’s closeness with the other guy. 

In most cases, these relationships do not work out because trust has been broken and along with it the relationship itself. 

If you’re wondering how to stop your girlfriend from being codependent with an alpha male, it would be best if you understand your feelings about this guy and why you are getting jealous.

4) Be supportive. 

A codependent relationship can be hard to handle because it involves feelings of jealousy and insecurity. 

If you’re wondering how to stop your girlfriend from being codependent with an alpha male, it is important that you support her throughout the process of breaking up. 

You’ll need to guide her and help her avoid situations where she might feel insecure or uncomfortable. 

She will also need guidance in dealing with the emotions that are associated with the breakup. 

She will feel guilty, angry, and hurt and all of these will lead to negative consequences if she does not know how to cope with them. 

Your girlfriend needs a place to vent and an outlet that she can turn to if the feelings get too strong. 

If you’re supporting her, you’ll be able to handle her emotions in a healthy way without causing any more damage than necessary. 

Nothing can be more effective to help her move on than making her feel as if your feelings are the same as hers. 

In this case, you should support her once she’s ready to be alone again and give her the confidence she needs to start a new chapter in her life. 

If your girlfriend is going through a codependent relationship, it’ll take time for her to recover from all the emotional pain that she’s feeling right now. 

So be patient and understanding when it comes to supporting your girlfriend through this process.

5) Convince her to reach out to her family and friends. 

Codependent relationships tend to isolate the targeted partner from his or her family and friends. 

If your girlfriend is truly codependent with an alpha male and you want to stop her from being so by herself, you should convince her to reach out and get support from the people in her life. 

That’s why it’s important that you remind your girlfriend to reach out to people who love her and can give her the emotional support she needs right now. 

This will give her confidence and allow her to begin a new chapter in her life that is full of hope as opposed to one that is filled with doubt. 

She needs support from the people she cares about in order for this process to be successful because she doesn’t want the relationship with him to be the only thing in her life. 

6) Help her set new goals in life.

If your girlfriend has always wanted to continue her education, travel the world, or learn a new language and she hasn’t been able to achieve that because of her codependent relationship with a guy, you must help her set new goals for herself. 

As difficult as it might be, she needs to move on and find a way of letting go of her codependence with the alpha male so she can start fresh in life. 

It’s best if you help her realize her strengths and talents so she can build a better future for herself.

She will be feeling low and vulnerable right now and might even lie about having future plans because she wants to keep him interested in her. 

But you must teach her to be honest about what she really wants from life so that she can start pursuing those goals. 

If she knows what goal to set for herself, it could help provide direction during the recovery process from a codependent relationship. 

7) Don’t rush things.

Codependent relationships tend to give people the impression that they are in a rush. 

But everything has to happen at its own pace, and it’s important that you don’t put pressure on your girlfriend to return to her normal life right away. 

Don’t put a timeline on the process either as doing so could result in her feeling guilty about her feelings and relationship choices. Release her from the pressure that she feels. 

It’s okay for her to not feel okay about where she is in her life right now, so you must show her that there’s no need for urgency in this process. 

8) Stay close and talk often about what is going on in life for both of you. 

Codependent relationships can put people on emotional support overload, but you must make sure that your girlfriend is still feeling loved and happy during the recovery process from a codependent relationship. 

If your girlfriend is going through any hard times in her life, you must be committed to being a support system for her. 

When she feels down or stressed, she might feel as though she can’t make it on her own. 

Be the strong one and help awaken the passion that exists between you two so she can begin a new chapter in life that is full of hope and beauty instead of grief and hurt. 

Always be by her side. 

She needs your support as much as you need hers. 

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9) Help her change her mindset. 

A codependent relationship can be a tough spot to get out of because it creates an imbalance in a person’s mind. 

It can lead to an unhealthy mindset that you must help your girlfriend comprehend in order for her to change it. 

Always encourage her to be strong and move forward for herself instead of focusing on the guy she is no longer with. 

This might seem like a difficult thing for her to do, but if she’s been having doubts about the relationship, she’ll have some time to reflect on her life choices during this period of recovery from a codependent relationship

I have found that in some cases, codependent partners will keep falling for the same type of person over and over again. 

It’s important to break this habit so she could see the true intentions of people who want to be with her. 

The right words and actions all depend on the respect and feelings she has for you as a couple. 

10) Don’t force her to talk about these issues with you (if she doesn’t want to). 

Sometimes a person needs time to deal with his or her feelings before he or she is ready to speak about them. 

This is why you should be aware of the signs that your girlfriend is codependent with an alpha male, so you can be there for her through these difficult times and help guide her through a new chapter in life that could improve your relationship in the long run. 

If she’s not ready to talk about the breakup, then don’t push her. 

Give her time and space to work through what happened and reflect on everything that led up to it. 

Your girlfriend needs all the time and space she needs to heal from the codependent relationship that she had with her ex-boyfriend. 

And if for whatever reason, she doesn’t want to talk about it, then don’t force her to. Give her time and space just like you would give yourself in a similar situation. 

Failing to do so will only push her further away from you. 


If you have picked up this article, then you are the best person to help your girlfriend deal with her codependent relationship with an alpha male.

After all, they can be a big challenge for anyone to get out of. 

But if you really want to help your girl through the recovery process from a codependent relationship, then put these tips into action and start working on this right now. 

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