20 warning signs your boyfriend is too friendly with your friends

Are you worried that your boyfriend is too friendly with your friend? 

You can sense he’s flirting and there’s some sexual tension and romance blossoming. It’s alarming, so what are you supposed to do when this happens?

Before you get hurt, it’s time to know if your boyfriend is a player Watch out for these warning signs so you’ll figure out if something is going on between them. 

20 signs your boyfriend is attracted to your friend

While it’s normal to get attracted to other people and it’s great when your boyfriend gets along with your girls, but sometimes, this goes too far. 

Knowing these clear signs your boyfriend likes your friend helps you handle the situation in the most sensible way.

1) You can feel it

You know your partner very well and you can easily spot if he’s developing feelings for someone else. 

You just have to pay more attention to those subtle hints and little details as they mean something.

And you can feel that something is off. It’s your gut feeling so I won’t tell you it’s wrong. Most of the time, your instinct is telling you something. You just have to trust your gut. 

But don’t just jump to conclusions right away. Go over all the signs to do more investigating.

2) They talk frequently

There’s nothing wrong with having casual conversations with another person.

But, it becomes a daily thing and they communicate a lot on social media, in person, and on the phone – that’s a red flag. 

Your boyfriend might be developing serious feelings and emotional attachment towards your friend.

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Watch out if this gets intense and be sure that you’re not getting played.

And if he spends more time and prefers talking with her than you, then talk to him about it.

3) He always wants to spend time with her

It’s great if your partner gets along with your friend, but there’s a limit to it.

But if he suggests inviting your friend over to hang out, he could feel an attraction towards her. 

And when you get to hang out together or with your group of friends, he seems to get stuck in one corner talking to her.

If this happens frequently, take it as a hint that something’s going on. 

4) He brings up your friend a lot

Every time you’re talking about something, your boyfriend would mention your friends’ name without reason. 

For instance, he’ll bring up things like what your friend says or jokes she shared. 

Your friend could be running on his mind the entire time. 

If he keeps on doing this, it’s obvious he wants to talk about her. 

5) He turns into a super boyfriend when she’s around

You can be certain that your boyfriend is attracted to her when he behaves better when your friend is around. 

He’s being too friendly and cool as he wants to make a good impression on her. He might also be acting this way to show that he’s a great boyfriend to be with.

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This is a red flag when his behavior towards other people is different. You can also try to observe if he’s doing it to flirt with her.

6) He keeps on stalking her social media

Creeping on someone’s social media isn’t unusual. But if you know that your boyfriend checks her social media accounts a lot, it’s a warning sign.

It’s suspicious when he becomes too interested in finding out what’s happening to your friend’s life. He even likes and compliments her social media posts too much.

And be more cautious when your boyfriend mentions things about her that he knew through social media. 

This makes you wonder, “why does he care that much?”

He’s genuinely interested in knowing more about her. 

7) He’s always asking about her

It’s off when your boyfriend wants to know private details about your friend.

He takes an interest in her life and wants to know more about her. 

He seems concerned about your friend’s dating or relationship status, and he keeps asking you about it.

While he might be curious, there’s no need to keep bringing up this topic all the time.

When he shows too much interest in her personal affairs, there’s a chance that he has this ulterior motive.

Don’t neglect this sign as there’s a reason why your partner is bringing it up.

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8) He looks at her like that

We all know that the eyes are windows to the soul.

You can tell if a guy is interested through his eyes. He’ll stare if he has a crush on someone to satisfy his desire.

And you caught him staring at her intently. He can’t help but look at your friend with admiration. 

You know that it’s the kind of stare someone gives when they’re attracted to someone.

Since he keeps on watching your friend, it’s a sign to watch out for.

9) He doesn’t like the guys she dates

When he always bad mouths and disapproves of your friend’s dates, it shows he’s fond of her.

He gets too protective of her and criticizes every guy out there.   Even if some guys can be real jerks, your boyfriend gets weird about the whole thing. 

You can almost feel that he’s jealous and annoyed when your friend goes on a date.

Why would your boyfriend pay attention so much to her dating life?

When he’s investing himself and cares about her love life, it could mean he is crushing on her.

10) He’s super kind to her

Can you sense if your boyfriend is going out of his way to impress your friend? 

He could be taking extra steps to care for her. He’s not just being friendly, but being too kind and sweet as well.

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Experts say that there’s a difference between flirting and friendliness.  

If the way he acts seems more like he’s flirting, then it’s a sign that he’s attracted to her.

And watch out if he offers to drive her home. This could mean he desires to spend time with her alone.

11) He gets excited when she’s around

It’s normal to behave a bit differently with someone you’re not too familiar with. 

But it can be suspicious when he’s filled with excitement seeing her. This sign suggests he has a special liking for her.

You can even feel he’s a lot happier, he smiles more, and he laughs harder.

12) He calls you by her name

Ouch. Of all the names he could call you, it’s your friend’s name.

Even if in all honesty, it could have been a total accident. 

Mixing up names is fine in some circumstances. For instance, it can be acceptable when you’re hanging out for days or weeks and he carelessly calls you by another name.

But if this isn’t the case, it’s a warning sign that your boyfriend is thinking about her. It also shows that he feels some emotional connection with her.

And when he blurts out your friend’s name while in the bed, then, we have a problem in here.

13) He encourages you to hang out with her

Inviting your friend over isn’t a bad idea. But it hits you.

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You start to wonder if he wants her to come over for he’s dying to see her already. Pay attention if he’s using it as an excuse to see her.

And if you ask your boyfriend to join the trip with your friends. He’ll ask if your friend will be joining.

Does he seem disappointed that your friend isn’t coming? The worst is, he doesn’t want to go out anymore.

If this is the case, you can clearly tell that he’s looking forward to seeing your friend. 

And probably, he’s not too interested in spending the day just with you. Ouch.

You can take it this way:

  • Get pissed with him for checking out your friend
  • Be relieved that he’s not seeing her privately

14) He calls your friend his “other girlfriend”

While it’s common for close friends to use nicknames, it’s not appropriate for intimate relationships. 

Sure he could be joking, and probably trying to help your friend feel comfortable when you hang out together, but it’s a rip-off.

There’s no need for your boyfriend to get cozy with your friend. 

Most of the time, this kind of closeness raises suspicion which you have to worry about.

And should your boyfriend put his arms around both of you, it’s time to tell him how you feel about this whole thing. 

15) He gets touchy when your friend leaves

Does your boyfriend get touchy the moment that your friend leaves? 

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Everything is normal at first, but after she’s gone, your boyfriend is suddenly all over you.

What could this mean?

  • Her presence aroused him and he’s manifesting the sexual energy towards you
  • He had a great time and feels the excitement once again
  • It could also be just a coincidence

But if this situation happens frequently, it could mean something more.

And while he’s secretly crushing your friend, take comfort in knowing that it’s all in his mind.

In reality, he’s still madly in love with you

16) He pays close attention to her

Even if he’s naturally observant, he still has to set limits on what he takes note of about your friend.

Men are attentive when they’re interested in a person.

For instance, a guy would always notice a woman’s dress color, the way her eyes lit when she smiles, or her hair length if he’s crushing her.

If your boyfriend is paying too much attention to your friend and is pointing out those details you never knew, be concerned about this.

17) He shows off his boyfriend skills

When your friend is around, he turns out to be the best boyfriend in the universe.

He’ll snuggle close to you, get too attentive to your needs, or even act weird. 

You can sense that he’s showing her how great of a boyfriend he is and trying to create an impression. 

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If he’s always putting off his best self when she’s on the scene, it could be a red flag.

18) He suddenly turns to be her new best friend

You’re worrying why all of a sudden, they become the best of friends. 

Pay attention to those changes as this could mean several things:

  • Your boyfriend wants to be closer to your friends
  • Your boyfriend shows he fits in with your group
  • Your boyfriend is crushing your friend

If it’s the last reason, you do have a reason to watch out. 

Maybe you can distance your friend from your relationship too.  

19) He’s not making an effort to be your boyfriend anymore

You have nothing to worry about when your boyfriend continues to put any effort into your relationship. 

That is, when he keeps communicating with you, laughs with you, and treats you as someone special.

But if you’ve noticed that he hasn’t been the same guy you fall in love with and who loves you dearly, then something is wrong.

When he’s not concerned about losing you and making things work, it’s undeniable that his attention is towards someone else.

You have full trust in your relationship, but this red flag is something you need to work on.  

20) He jokes the most inappropriate question

You might be shocked if he pops up one of those sexual fantasies that men have. 

If you’re having drinks and he’s flirting with you, he will suddenly bring up a threesome.  He could be making a lame joke out of it or pass it off as him being drunk. 

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Either way, he wants to know your reaction.

You might freak out as this could mean he’s interested in your friend sexually. Beware of this interest resulting in your boyfriend cheating with you

But what you need to do is to give him a firm answer. Tell him that your friend joining the bedroom fun won’t happen. This way he won’t bring it up again. 

Deal with your overly-friendly boyfriend

It’s perfectly fine for your boyfriend to be friends with your friends too. This could help support the relationship you have. 

But it’s important to set clear boundaries so things won’t get out of hand.

If you’re certain that nothing is going on between your boyfriend and your friend, you don’t have to feel threatened.

He could just be captivated by a specific trait or characteristic that your friend has.

Positive self-talk will combat negativity. Don’t allow jealousy to wreak havoc on what you have.

Ways to deal with it

  • Talk to your boyfriend. Be open about your concerns and insecurities. Ask if he thinks your friend likes him and if he feels attracted to your friend too. 
  • Talk to your friend too. Be direct without being harsh. She could be attracted too and picking up romantic vibes from your boyfriend. 
  • Stay friendly during interactions. Keep calm when you sense something’s going on. When you see them talking intimately, casually walk, give your boyfriend a quick kiss, and join the conversation.
  • Remain confident. Remind your boyfriend of the woman he feels in love with – all the wonderful traits and amazing personality that you possess. It will be his loss if he allows his attraction towards your friend gets between the two of you.
  • Keep your boyfriend’s attention to you. Do things that you enjoy together without tagging your friend along. See this situation as a moment to focus on making your relationship better than before. 

But there’s nothing more hurtful knowing that your man has hots for your friend. 

If your friend is attracted to your boyfriend, it doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to steal him. So if you can give her the benefit of the doubt, do it. 

But if she has motives too, then that’s a different case.

This situation will get worse when they start to act on their feelings. 

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While it’s a tough pill to swallow, you can’t force emotions or feelings to stop developing.  

Trust your inner voice

Consider yourself lucky when your boyfriend’s warmth towards your friends is an extension of his love for you.

But a fine line exists between being friendly or too friendly. You may even see it as a form of flirting. 

It’s natural to feel upset when you know that the person you love is flirting with someone else.

But of course, you have to be careful not to get too jealous or jump to conclusions right away.

A happy and healthy relationship is built on a strong foundation of trust.

Being in a relationship with someone shouldn’t fill your life with stress and worries. Your partner has to be your source of comfort, support, peace, and bliss. 

And you will know if your friendship is worth keeping and if the relationship you have with your boyfriend is worth fighting for.

No matter what, be with the person worthy of your love and friendship.

Guard your heart and know that you are always worthy to be loved. 

Above all, continue to love selflessly.

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