My boyfriend hides me from his family: 12 surprising reasons

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Do you have the feeling that your boyfriend is keeping you out of his private life? 

Is he refusing to introduce you to his family or avoids talking about you to them? 

Are you feeling upset about this? It’s perfectly normal. 

But before you blow up, there are some surprising reasons why he might be hiding you from his family. I’ll take you through it. Let’s jump right in: 

1) He is not totally over his ex

Your boyfriend might be hiding you from his family because he’s not over his ex

In fact, he might still be seeing her off and on. Who knows what is going on with him? 

The fact is that he’s not emotionally ready to bring you into his life completely. 

That’s right. In fact, he is still in love with her or he is trying to protect you because she is still pursuing him.

I know it’s hard but if he loves you, the truth will slowly come out. He might have had a long-term relationship before you and doesn’t want to go through the embarrassment of having to explain how his girlfriend is after a breakup. 

2) He doesn’t have time for family gatherings

Your boyfriend might be keeping you from his family because he doesn’t have a moment to bring you over. 

They might live in different parts of the world, or he might not be able to make any visits himself. 

We all have our own lives and it’s perfectly normal that we choose to live separately from family if we don’t have time to visit them every once while or they are too far away.

It takes time coming up with excuses and leaving your friends hanging at family gatherings just because your boyfriend doesn’t want you around with his parents and siblings yet.

3) He is afraid of being judged

Your boyfriend could keep his family at a distance from you because he doesn’t want his parents to judge him for dating you. 

No one wants to be judged. 

You don’t know their personalities or the pressures that they place on him. 

This can also be the reason why he’s not introducing you to his friends. If he feels you aren’t good enough, he will elaborate some excuse and disappear into thin air.

4) He still lives with his parents and they are not so accepting of you or your lifestyle 

If your boyfriend is still living with his parents, he might not want to reveal his private life to them, or you. 

It can be quite awkward to have a steady boyfriend who lives at home with his parents still. He might be embarrassed by it. 

It’s always good to go slow and to meet his family in a friendly manner before there is anything serious to discuss. There’s no rush anyways. 

It keeps your relationship light and fun for both of you. 

Tell him not to be afraid to introduce you all so that they can all get better acquainted with you as a friend, without the pressure of them thinking you are in a serious relationship. 

5) He is embarrassed by you or your lifestyle

A man might keep you from his family because he is embarrassed by you. 

It could be your appearance. Maybe he is embarrassed by his family because you look nothing like their idea of the ‘perfect girl.’ 

You might be too wild for them. 

Or you might be very liberal and indecent to them. 

Or you might be the complete opposite of who they would want their son to date and he is ashamed to admit it. 

Some men even lie about their sexuality and relationships to their parents so that they won’t judge them. You have no idea what’s really going on until he tells you. 

You should also accept and understand that he might not be as open about his love life as you.

6) He wants to wait until he gets married before introducing you

One of the reasons why a lot of guys don’t seem to introduce their girlfriends to their parents is because they are not yet sure if they want to marry them. 

It’s a big step to make this connection. 

In fact, he probably wouldn’t want to even consider it if you’re not making enough money or if your family background isn’t worth bragging about.

He might not be serious about you at all. 

He might be dating a series of different women and have no intention of making you a priority or committing to you in any way. 

If you feel like he is hiding you, it can be because he is in fact hiding you. 

7) He has his own inner circle and he doesn’t want to compromise them

A man might keep you from his family because that’s his own safe space. 

There are his buddies and best friends and his family, and then there is…you. 

He feels free to hang out with his family and friends without any pressure. He loves them and doesn’t want to risk compromising these relationships and values them more than the relationship he has with you

He might have areas of his life that you aren’t supposed to be part of it. 

8) He doesn’t have time for girlfriends right now

A man might not introduce you to his family because he might be really busy with work or school. 

It’s not easy for all of us to perfectly handle our pressures and duty. 

He might be struggling and you have no idea how. 

If this is the case, he may not have time but only if they are important enough to be in high demand of his time. 

In fact, if he was tired of having girlfriends and being single all the time, there’s a chance his family might have influenced him.

9) He has a difficult relationship with them

Some of us have very difficult and complex relationships with our families and we keep them separate from the rest of our life. 

It might cause him a great deal of pain and embarrassment. He might have aspects that he doesn’t want to tell you about. Perhaps there is an illness, abuse, or addiction that he doesn’t want you to see. 

Never assume that someone’s family is a source of joy. 

He might have a painful past or an unconventional family. 

He might find it hard to talk and see them himself. 

Never assume. 

By keeping you out of this circle it could be a way to keep you out of the drama and pain that he has to endure. It might be for your own good. 

10) He feels it’s too early for you to meet his family

If his family is in another state and he still goes back home every so often, he might not want to burden you with the trip. 

It certainly doesn’t seem too far-fetched to me. 

Or maybe you’ve only been together for a short while

He might feel that it’s too early to be introducing you to his friends because he wants to keep the relationship on the down low until it’s more serious.

Let him decide what he is comfortable sharing with you. You can’t force this one. 

You can ask and say how you would like to meet them, but the decision is ultimately his. 

11) He’s ashamed to introduce you because of what his family will think of you

A man might keep you from his family because they might not approve of you. 

Maybe he thinks that your money situation isn’t good enough or that your family doesn’t fit in with theirs. 

Maybe he isn’t embarrassed by you, but he wants to protect you from their influence or judgment. 

Or perhaps you are from conflicting religions or cultures. 

Or perhaps you are not what they would imagine for him. 

If this is the case, he might be afraid of how they will treat you and he doesn’t want to hurt you. 

Don’t be offended. Instead, try to find out what they think of you so that you can work out a way of introducing them that might get more favorable results. 

12) He needs to get his own life in order first before introducing you to his family and friends 

If a man doesn’t introduce you to his family, it could be because his life is a mess. 

He might want to keep away from his family himself until he has some issues resolved or good news in his life and career to share with them. 

His parents might be perfectionists and have high expectations of him. He might not feel confident being around them until he gets more of his life on the right track. 

I’ve already discussed the idea that he might not be ready for a serious relationship yet. Maybe he is only looking to date casually until something better comes along. He might soon have a child, get married, or get a job. 

Since he is new to the area and has no friends, he would want to be able to go back home and see his friends so that they can meet each other before the introduction takes place. 

Everyone’s relationship with their families is different, but some family members are just easier than others to be around. He might be taking his time to figure out how he wants to proceed. 

Don’t let it bring you down

Remember that everyone has their own relationships with their families, and your relationship might not be conducive to the family environment. 

Does that really impact how you feel about him? 

Why do you want to meet his family so badly? 

Do you have expectations here that he isn’t aware of? 

Don’t feel hurt if he doesn’t introduce you to his family or friends. It is what it is.

Just because he doesn’t introduce you to his family doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you, especially if you are in a casual relationship and not looking for a serious commitment. 

You have no idea what is going on in his world. 

Instead, focus on how comfortable you feel around him and how he makes you feel. 

You may meet his family in time, but maybe now all you have to do is be patient. 

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