25 warning signs of a low value man

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A low-value man is a difficult person to be in a relationship with.

Their lack of integrity, dishonesty, and betrayal can cause you to feel like you should just break up with them.

The good news is that it’s not too late!

If you are currently in a low-value man’s relationship, there are warning signs that you can use to figure out how best to move on from the situation.

We’ve compiled a list of 25 signs to help you see the red flags and decide if the relationship is worth holding on to or not.

1) They do not like to be called by their proper name.

A low-value man may be mildly annoyed if you call them by their real name.

They might even try to use an alias, like “Mr. Smith” or “Sir.”

It can be something innocent like calling them by their full first name instead of the nickname they prefer or even just the use of “baby” to tease them.

They will probably get extremely annoyed if you call them out on it and insist that you do it “just this once” and that they have a problem over something as simple as a name.

It’s probably best to leave this warning sign alone.

2) They do not respect your boundaries.

A low-value man will push the envelope that separates you two.

He will want to spend more time with you than you are comfortable with.

This way he can monopolize your attention and stop you from being able to spend any time developing fulfilling relationships with anyone but him.

This can also be seen in the way that he tries to get you to spend less time with your friends and family, or just in general.

He will do things like guilt-tripping you into spending more time with him, or take off because he thinks you are spending too much time with your friends.

This man does not respect your relationship with your family and friends.

3) They do not respect your time.

We all know that time is gold – except maybe for a low-value man.

A low-value man will, at times, disregard your time.

They will constantly be putting things off or cutting short your time together, either to check up on the latest of their friends’ actions or to keep their own time free for other activities.

Of course, he will not blatantly disrespect you and take off because he wants to spend time with his friends when you want to do something together as a couple.

So what will he be doing most likely?

He may show up late to your dates or will be playing video games, being on his phone, or watching TV when you’re together.

This is also very common in cheating situations.

This is the universal sign for a low-value man.

4) They have a hard time being honest with you.

Low-value men are dishonest with their words and their actions.

There are plenty of times when they say one thing and mean quite the opposite.

They will tell you just what you want to hear or will do things that you aren’t comfortable with, just so they can get ahead in the world.

They might ask for something that is not exactly legal or right, saying it’s okay because “everyone else does it.

Being honest is an indicator of respect for the relationship and yourself, and it shows that you’re willing to trust your partner with information about your life, emotions, and struggles.

Low-value men do not easily share these things because they have grown up believing that it’s okay to be dishonest to get what they want at the moment.

Never tolerate these men.

5) They do not make your needs a priority.

Low-value men prioritize their needs over yours at all times, and they will stop at nothing to get what they want.

They don’t have a problem with letting you know that they will be doing something or going somewhere, and they give you little to no notice.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to hang out with your friends or your family, but there is no question that if you are in a relationship, their priorities should be with you.

They may try to justify this by saying that they needed to do whatever it was to get some money for the two of you or something along those lines.

If the situation is more serious, they may go so far as to disregard your feelings in favor of getting what they want.

By saying that you are too sensitive, or that you took things the wrong way, a low-value man will always attempt to justify his actions and maintain his positive image.

Do not be fooled by this!

6) They do not respect your space.

A low-value man will usually feel entitled to do things they want in your personal space and doesn’t care if you are comfortable with the idea or not.

Because of this, he will cross the boundaries you set for yourself and will be very stubborn when it comes to listening to your preferences.

What are examples of these?

He may not do it all the time but he will definitely do things like move your things around, leave his stuff around your home, show up at inconvenient times, or completely take over a space you are in.

All of these things are signs that he is not respecting the “rules” of your relationship in an attempt to get attention.

7) They constantly talk down to you and disrespect you.

A low-value man will never respect you, even if he pretends to do so at times.

He will constantly make you feel like less of a person than he is.

He will ignore your opinions and have no problem telling you what to do, or even better, telling you that it’s okay to do it his way.

He will find faults in everything you do, let alone your accomplishments.

He will treat you the same way he treats anyone else because he has no respect for you as a person.

8) They do not value your personal growth.

Now, this is a low blow.

A low-value man will do things like make fun of you to other people in an attempt to boost his ego.

He will also try to make you feel guilty for not being interesting enough.

This is in a desperate attempt to boost his sense of importance and self-esteem.

He may even find ways to make you feel bad about yourself, such as degrading the looks you have.

All of this stems from the fact that he has no respect for your personal growth and believes that he knows what is best for you.

He will do everything in his power to make you feel like you are the worst person ever.

Obviously, this isn’t your fault.

You may have even wondered how he can be like this, but it all comes from a place of insecurity.

He needs a constant boost of self-esteem to keep him going and make him feel superior over others.

9) They do not like to spend quality time with you.

A low-value man will rarely give you his undivided attention.

Instead, he’ll make you feel like he is only interacting with you out of obligation or because it is just part of the relationship game that so many young people are now involved in nowadays.

He may be spending time with you, but there is a good chance that this conversation isn’t going in the direction he wants.

Instead of listening to what you have to say, he will change the topic or ignore it entirely.

What are the warning signs that he does not like to spend time with you?

He will be very busy with other things such as his work, his friends, or even other girls.

He will not have time for you because he needs to fill every single hour of his day with something or someone else.

When you do hang out, he will not seem overly happy and will make several attempts to be somewhere else or do something else.

10) They do not value your decisions and opinions.

A low-value man often shines as an individual who “has his ideas” and does everything his way, despite any objections from others in his life.

He will not listen to you if you disagree with his plans and will not respect your personal beliefs or morals.

He will often go against what you want during disagreements, even if he promised to give it some time.

He will also make decisions for everyone in the universe when this is not the right thing to do, but he claims that it was your idea in the first place.

For example, people may trust his expertise in this area and assume that he means well to everyone.

As a result, he will feel entitled to make these decisions even when it goes against his interests.

That’s a way of creating an alpha male persona but is not likely because of your influence in the relationship.

11) They do not contribute to household costs and responsibilities.

A low-value man is the type of guy who will never take care of his own business.

He will expect you to do everything for him, even when you are trying to say “no”.

This is a major red flag!

Whether it is buying him food so he does not have to cook something, or buying outfits for special occasions, a low-value man will not do anything for himself unless there is some sort of benefit to it.

Like a parasite living off its host, a low-value man lives the way he lives and acts the way he acts at your expense.

What a lowly way to live a life!

12) They are always negative about every single thing.

You may feel like you can’t get any negativity from this low-value man in your life, but it’s not true.

A low-value man will never be happy about anything.

He will complain about everything, even when you do things to make him feel special.

He will seemingly shut out everything you do for him, criticize every single thing you do, and question every decision that you make.

When he becomes frustrated or angry, he will never be able to help it.

This is why a low-value man will exhibit this negativity not only towards you but in general.

13) They are the type of men who will feud for no reason.

A low-value man likes to stir up drama for no reason at all.

He will do things like finding a reason to be angry or try to make you fight because he knows he can get away with it by making it seem as though you are at fault.

This is especially true when he is in a vulnerable position.

For example, if he gets fired from his job, a low-value man will make sure he blames you and tries to make you feel guilty for it.

Then, he might be telling everyone you know about how horrible you are and how you put him out of work in hopes that his friends will ostracize you.

All of this is to hide his insecurities while getting you to leave him.

Even if he is with another girl, a low-value man will use other girls as a reason for why he cheated on you and why he is not good enough for you.

14) They feel special when they make others feel small and insignificant.

There are moments throughout your relationship where this man will remind you that you are inferior to him.

This will be the time when your gut instincts are telling you to get out of the relationship but you stay for other reasons.

You may be afraid of being alone or moving on from someone who is a part of your history.

Even if you feel like this man is not even worth your attention anymore, he will still remind you that he is superior to you.

A low-value man does not know how to feel special other than making people around him feel worthless and stupid.

Talk about ultimate bad behavior!

15) He is always looking for the next prize in life.

A low-value man won’t stop at anything to improve his life.

He will constantly look in different directions to see what he can get away with next.

For example, at work, he will try to see which co-workers are performing better than him and find out if he can get away with their ideas and tasks.

At home, he will try to find ways to make you feel crappy by doing things that annoy you so much that you end the relationship and he can start looking for someone new.

He is always trying to improve himself no matter what it takes – even when it is against your wishes or in the opposite direction from where you want your relationship to go.

He doesn’t stop until he has it.

A low-value man is like a dark cloud from which no one can escape.

16) They do not like to be complimented.

A low-value man is always trying to make himself look better than everyone else around him.

Therefore, he will not take any compliment you give him very well.

In fact, he may even have a comeback that is designed to discredit everything you have just said.

This is especially true if you tell him how much of a wonderful person he has been to you throughout your relationship.

He will feel complimented for a brief moment, but he will soon be on the lookout for ways to overcome this praise and make himself look better than he already does.

This is what a low-value man does not like.

17) They cannot deny an action if they have done it, again and again.

When you tell a low-value man that he has hurt you, it will not register on his mind.

He will be looking for ways to prove that what you are saying is not true and that you are the one who is upset with him.

This is because this low-value man will have a hard time admitting when he is wrong.

He will divert the issue and gaslight you so in the end, it would seem like your fault to begin with.

This is why the more you bring up his actions, the more he will push you away.

He does not like to hear the truth at all because it is what will make him look bad.

18) They do not hesitate to cheat in the relationship.

A low-value man is the type of person who will find ways to stay out at night and spend time with other women even when he has a girlfriend at home who loves him dearly.

He will lie and cheat to have what he wants even if it means hurting those he claims to love.

It’s not that a low-value man doesn’t care about you, but his priority is always about his next conquest and he views you as a way to get what he wants out of life.

Even if you are the one who has done nothing wrong, your man will not be able to resist the temptation.

19) They will not hesitate to lie to you.

A low-value man will lie to your face and make you feel guilty for not liking him.

This is why you should always be on the lookout for the truth in a relationship.

If you find yourself getting repeated lies or frustrated with your man’s actions, there is something wrong with the way he treats you.

He will go out of his way to make himself look good while making sure that you feel like a bad person who did nothing good for him.

He will lie to you in hopes that he will make his lie seem more believable.

He will do this when he feels threatened or upset and need something good to be said about himself.

And if confronted, he will lie in your face and make you feel like it’s your fault for not trusting him.

20) They cannot accept responsibility for their actions.

Only a low-value man would blame a woman for his actions.

For instance, if he is going out to parties with other women, he will bring you along in his car.

Then when you see him talking to another woman or flirting with her, he will say “You are the one who wanted to come with me to these parties.”

He will then say, “I can’t help it if these women are looking at me.

A low-value man will always try to make you feel as if he is the real victim in your relationship and that you are the one who is causing him more pain than he should be.

He will use this to play emotional mind games with you to make you feel insecure.

21) They are not truthful about their relationship history.

You might be dating a man who claims that he is single but is attached to people in other parts of the world.

If you are not careful, you may find yourself married to someone who is in love with everyone except for you!

If you find yourself in this situation, you will begin to ask yourself a lot of questions about what he is thinking and feeling about you.

The only way to find out whether or not he is telling the truth is by asking questions and observing his body language.

You can also ask him outright if he is seeing other women besides you.

It’s not that we don’t want people who have a relationship history, but we simply don’t want to get involved with them if they are still not over their past relationship.

And what’s the sad part about confronting him about these things?

He knows how to make you feel as if he is the victim and you are the one who has done something wrong.

He will use this to get away with his actions and make it seem as though you are the one causing issues in your relationship.

22) They will interfere with your job, hobbies, family, and friends.

When your relationship starts to go downhill and emotions start getting out of control, this man will do everything in his power to bring things back under control.

He may start putting pressure on you at work or trying to take away your hobbies or other activities that you enjoy.

He may start getting jealous of the family and friends that you have known for many years.

They may become a threat to the relationship.

If he is insecure, he will do whatever it takes to get rid of them.

23) They are more comfortable being away from you than with you.

A low-value man will be more comfortable with his friends, being out at parties and nightclubs than he will with being around you.

This is because he does not understand the emotional connection that you can have with a person.

He would rather spend time with other people and spend money on his hobbies than spend it on you.

He will pressure you to bring him out but when you do, he may make comments that reveal his lack of interest in your company.

Or he may get bored and try to leave already.

He will then begin to bad-mouth you as if you are the one at fault for this.

24) They will not be able to accept your love for them.

If a man treats you very well, he might still not reciprocate your love because he does not really feel it.

If he is not in love with you, then he will never be able to accept your love for him.

This is why it’s very important for you to know if your man doesn’t feel the same way about you.

You should try to listen to his body language and watch how he interacts with other women around you.

When a man does not feel the same way about a woman, certain ways seem out of character.

Find it.

25) They will not be able to say “I love you.”

A low-value man does not say the words “I love you” because he does not feel the same way about you as you do for him.

This is not to say that he does not care about you, but he has other priorities in life and treats women like objects.

They want to lower your self-esteem and make you feel as if you aren’t good enough for them and that they are too good for a woman like you.

If they are saying the words “I love you,” but their actions reflect otherwise, then it may be time to run.

Finding out that your man does not feel the same way about you can be devastating.

There you have it!

As we have seen from the above examples, a low-value man will probably never be able to amount to anything in life.

He was never meant to be on this planet but has been fortunate enough to be here.

He has many skills that are not of much use aside from making him feel like a leader in his small circle.

Always remember,

Low-Value Men Need You More Than You Need Them.

Use your judgment.

The key is to identify what your priorities are and make the decision that you need to move on with your life.

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