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Love Connection has acquired the domain, which was the website of a leading love app designed for couples to share intimate moments in a private space.

Founded by Amelia Chen in 2011 in Singapore, Love Byte started out as a web app, later transitioning to a mobile app allowing couples to keep in touch wherever they are in the world.

Why is a perfect match is a perfect match for Love Connection.

As experts on the subject of love and relationships, we intend to continue the great legacy of the Love Byte website. Founded by Tina Fey in 2020, Love Connection centers around building healthy, happy relationships. 

But much in line with, we recognize that sometimes, love just isn’t enough. In today’s busy world, couples need a way to navigate the pitfalls of modern-day relationships. Love Connection focuses on delivering practical and effective love advice to all our readers. 

Our readers enjoy down-to-earth advice covering everything from finding love, keeping it, and even how to deal with the devastation of heartbreak. At the center of what we do is self-love and self-empowerment. We believe that for anyone to find true love and successful relationships, they must also nurture the relationship they have within themselves. 

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For that reason, we’re excited to welcome readers to join us as we continue to encourage and enlighten our followers with genuine, expert love advice! Whilst encouraged couples to get creative and intimate in their relationship, we aim to do the same with our articles. 

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