Love, Sex and Relationships Around the World in 2021 [Infographic]

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What was the world of love and relationships really like in 2021?

What impact did the pandemic have on it? Which countries have the most sex and who are the most unfaithful people?

Love Connection have dug through all the available data to provide a definitive answer to these questions in our epic new infographic. 

Here are a few surprising facts from our research:

  • Greek people have the most sex and Japanese people the least!
  • Thailand may be the land of smiles, but it’s also the most unfaithful country in the world
  • 30 countries have legalized same-sex marriage as of the end of 2021, most of which are in Europe
  • Russia and Hungary have the most people who claim to be heterosexual, while Australia, the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands have the most people who claim to be homosexual
  • The pandemic was surprisingly beneficial for the sex lives of American women!

If you’re curious about love (and bedroom habits) of different countries around the world in 2021, then you’ll love the following infographic.

love around the world in 2021

Let’s dig a little deeper into some of our findings:

Which countries have the most sex?

Of all the countries around the globe, Greeks have the most sex! 87% of Greek citizens do the deed at least once a week.

Coming in second is Brazil at 82%, with Russia following 80%. 

Getting it on less frequently are the Japanese. Only 34% of Japanese couples state that they have sex at least once per week.

So what is the optimal amount of time spent engaging in sex? The 2021 global average is between 7-13 minutes, which is the optimal amount of time to get down to it.

Infidelity around the world

When looking at who’s most likely to be unfaithful, Thailand tops the list for 2021. 56% of Thais have reportedly cheated on their significant others. Denmark comes in second in terms of cheaters, followed by the Italians and Germans who tie for third place at 45%.

Spain, the UK, and Finland are the least likely to betray their partners, with only 36% reportedly being unfaithful.

So why are partners being unfaithful to one another in 2021?

Women who cheated say it was because their partners didn’t pay enough attention to them or were bored and weren’t made to feel sexy.

For men, a similar trend was noted. Most cheated because they felt unappreciated by their partners, while others had affairs because the other woman was incredibly hot and sexy.

What was 2021 like for the LGBT community?

​​The LGBT community made considerable strides in 2021, with same-sex marriage becoming less taboo and more acceptable globally. 

Thirty countries legalized same-sex unions; however, some nations are still trailing behind. When this infographic was released, 71 countries still criminalized same-sex marriages. Hopefully, the coming year will see a dramatic change.

With those numbers in mind, the LGBT community revealed that Canada was the safest and most LGBT-friendly travel destination along with Malta, Portugal, and Spain.

Globally, 10% of people are attracted to the opposite sex, with Russia and Hungary having the highest number of citizens who identify as heterosexual.

Australia, Great Britain, Belgium, and the Netherlands contain the highest number of citizens who identify as homosexuals.

Millennial relationship statistics

2021 also revealed some interesting statistics and insights into the romantic lives of millennials.

72% of all millennials surveyed are making a concerted effort to stay single until they meet “the one.” However, 40% stated that they’re not settling for less and will wait until they meet their perfect match.

While 70% of Millenials definitely want to tie the know with someone, 26% of them feel they’re too young to settle down and think that they haven’t met the right person yet.

Of all millennials, 29% say they are not financially stable enough to consider marriage.

Long-distance relationships: Is technology making things easier?

The most surprising results from this survey reveal that long-distance relationships are becoming more successful. Primarily thanks to technology making things easier for most.

Gone are the out of sight, out of mind days; 60% of all long-distance relationships actually work out.

Couples who date long-distance send an average of 343 texts to one another in any given week and typically visit each other at least twice per month.

81% of people in these relationships state that they have a renewed and improved sense of intimacy after being apart from their partners.

Love and sex in the USA

So are things bigger and better in America? According to the stats, 46% of American women agreed that the pandemic improved the quality of their sex lives.

59% of Americans agree that online dating is a great way to meet a new partner.

In terms of lovemaking duration, couples in New Mexico make love for 7.01 minutes on average. West Virginia couples take 5.38 minutes to make love, while those in Idaho spend approximately 5.11 minutes making love.

As far as putting a label on sexuality, women are more likely to identify as LGBT than men, with 5.6% of all Americans identifying as either homosexual, transgender or bisexual.

Honeymoons were also quite prevalent for USA citizens in 2021. On average, a newlywed couple spent USD 4800 on a honeymoon destination that required flights, while those who opted to travel by car spent about $2,200 on their honeymoons.

Putting a ring on it also proved to be a costly exercise, with the average price spent on a decent engagement ring coming in at around $5500!

Looking at infidelity in the states, alarmingly, between 30 -60 percent of married Americans are likely to be unfaithful to their partners.

74% of all men and 68% of all women surveyed said they would definitely cheat if they knew that they’d never get caught out.

The average extra material affair lasts for about two years, and 60% of all affairs begin with close friends and co-workers.

Sadly, 69% of all American marriages end after discovering a partner’s infidelity.

10 mind-blowing statistics on dating in 2021

So what did we find out about global dating habits in 2021?

Given the constraints of dating during a pandemic, the results were fascinating.

The good old days aren’t entirely over, with 27% of women aged between 25 and 34 still expecting men to pay for the first date!

Of those using dating apps and websites, only 66% schedule an actual in-person date.

22% enlist friends and family to help them set up an online dating profile!

95% of women prefer men who are open about their emotions, and 83% of the ladies are attracted to men who have kitchen skills and who can cook.

Most couples, at least 40% of them, were good friends before they started dating each other.

Teenagers approach breakups like keyboard warriors. For example, 30% of them break up with partners via text message.

So there you have it. Coronavirus might be forcing us to stay indoors; however, it doesn’t seem to be deterring us from love, sex, and dating.

As the world continues to battle new strains of the virus, many are taking stock of what matters the most to them. Love, sex, and relationships continue regardless of how difficult or bleak a situation might seem.

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