12 attitudes you can expect from a libra man after a breakup

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Last year when I broke up with my Libra man, I was surprised to discover that he’s more sensitive than I ever imagined.

Usually known for their level-headed and easygoing personalities, men born under the Libra zodiac sign often prove to be complex once their feelings are involved.

They aren’t nearly as carefree as people assume; rather, there is a range of complicated emotions that lie beneath that cool exterior.

In this article, I will share what I learned from my own experience and from talking to friends about how a Libra man might react after a breakup.

1) He’ll be torn between sadness and anger

During the early days after a breakup, your Libra ex will likely feel both sadness and anger.

His feelings may switch back and forth between the two emotions rapidly, and you may find it difficult to pinpoint which one he’s feeling at any given moment. This can be exhausting for you, but it’s completely normal and expected for a Libra man.

At this stage, your Libra man is likely blaming you for the breakup. He may feel as though you “forced” him to end the relationship, even though the breakup was mutual.

This is a completely normal feeling and one that many people have experienced after a breakup. This anger will eventually subside, and he’ll move on to the next stage of grief.

It’s important not to take his anger personally; he’s not likely to direct it toward you in a harmful way.

2) He’ll wallow in self-pity

Although he may not outwardly show it, your Libra ex will be severely upset and disappointed by the breakup. He’ll likely spend a great deal of time wallowing in self-pity, feeling sorry for himself, and feeling regret over the breakup.

He’ll blame himself and he’ll think that you broke up with him because of something that he did wrong.

This is an understandable feeling, but it’s important not to let it consume you. There are plenty of reasons why a relationship ends, and most of the time it’s just because two people are not compatible.

Your Libra ex will wallow in self-pity for a while, but he’ll eventually come out of it. He may not want to talk to you or see you while he’s in this stage, but he’ll come around in time and you may even end up being friends.

3) He may contact you out of the blue

If you’ve broken up with your Libra man, he may become desperate to make things right between you.

He may be so focused on trying to win you back that he loses sight of the fact that you have every right to make your own decisions.

If he has seen other relationships end, he may be worried that this is just another failed relationship. That’s why he’ll try to get back together with you. Or maybe he’ll be scared that he lost the best thing that ever happened to him.

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4) He might seek the comfort of an old friend

When a Libra man has just been broken up with, he’ll likely seek the company of an old friend.

Now, if you’ve just broken up with your Libra man, you may well discover that he’s been spending time with an ex-girlfriend. While this may seem suspicious and worrisome to you, it’s actually quite common and not necessarily a bad thing.

While he may be questioning the end of his current relationship, he’s also remembering the good times that he had with his ex-girlfriend and wondering whether or not he should have ended the relationship with her.

During this time, your Libra man will likely seek comfort in the arms of his old flame to make himself feel better about you breaking up with him.

Don’t read too much into this.

It doesn’t mean that when he was with you he missed being with her. Rather, he’s feeling vulnerable and insecure and because you don’t want him, he’s looking for someone who does.

5) The breakup is shocking for him

Although a Libra man may seem outwardly unaffected by the breakup, he’s likely just doing a good job at hiding his emotions.

Here’s the thing: After the breakup, your Libra ex may go through a period of shock and disbelief. He may struggle to process the breakup and truly believe that it’s happening.

He may feel as though the breakup happened to someone else and that it’s all a dream. Your Libra man may also be experiencing feelings of guilt, regret, and shame.

If he’s the one who ended things, he may feel guilty for hurting you, regret the decision to end the relationship, and feel ashamed that he didn’t handle the situation better.

6) He’ll dwell on the past

Putting aside who broke up with whom, the break up may have been for the best.

But if he’s having a hard time dealing with the situation, your Libra ex may find himself constantly thinking about the past.

He’ll likely think back to the very beginning of your relationship, thinking about how it all began.

He’ll think about all the good times that you’ve shared together and probably try to ignore the bad ones. He’ll likely look back on your relationship fondly, and wonder why it didn’t work out.

This is a completely normal reaction to the breakup, but it’s important not to dwell on the past for too long. Dwelling on the past is rarely helpful, and it can prevent him from moving forward and finding happiness again.

7) He won’t handle the breakup well

Breakups are difficult for everyone.

While many people are able to move on and heal from a breakup relatively quickly, others find themselves struggling to get over their broken hearts.

If your Libra ex broke up with you or you broke up with him, you may be surprised to discover that he has a difficult time dealing with the breakup.

He may dwell on the past, refuse to move forward, and make it difficult for you to heal from the breakup in a healthy way.

It’s important not to let his difficult behavior get in the way of your healing. You may feel as though you have to walk on eggshells around him, but that’s not a healthy way to deal with the breakup.

Now, he may lash out at you if he’s struggling to get over the breakup, and you should probably create some boundaries and distance yourself from him for a while.

8) He’ll tell you he’s changed

Once the relationship has ended, he may feel like he’s lost an important part of himself. He may grow anxious and become worried that he’ll never be able to find that happiness again.

Your ex will want to prove to himself that he’s still capable of making positive changes in his life and finding new sources of joy.

He’ll think about getting back together with you and tell you that he’s changed and that he isn’t the same person he used to be.

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9) He’s more sensitive than you ever imagined

If you were in a serious relationship with your Libra man, then he’s probably accustomed to the feeling of being in love. That being said, he might not be prepared for how his emotions will change once the relationship is over.

While breakups are never easy, they can be particularly challenging for sentimental people who are used to feeling more deeply than the average person.

They associate love with a feeling of wholeness and completeness that is unlike anything else in their lives. Once that feeling is gone, it leaves a very noticeable void.

10) He may get really depressed

Part of the reason that breakups are so challenging for Libra men is that they have a tendency to idealize the people they love.

This may be one of the reasons that they are so upset when things end. This doesn’t mean that Libra men always have overly rosy and unrealistic views of their partners.

In many cases, though, they may really see the person they are with as “the one.” This can make it difficult to move on because they are so focused on their past relationship and the fact that it ended.

11) He’ll try to win you back

After a period of mourning and intense self-reflection, your Libra man may make a grand gesture in an attempt to win you back, at least that’s what happened to me.

He may purchase you a gift, plan a romantic date or book a trip somewhere exotic. While this may seem like a grand gesture, it’s important not to jump to conclusions.

He may be trying to win you back, but he may also be doing this because he feels lonely.

You need to think about why you guys broke up in the first place and whether anything has changed to make things work the second time around.

12) He will be confused

In addition to being depressed and desperate to make things right, a Libra man may also feel a lot of confusion.

Once he has moved on from the loss of your relationship, he may become confused about why he felt so strongly about ending it in the first place.

His emotions may be so all over the place that it’s hard for him to make sense of them. He may even regret ending your relationship and want to get back together, but not know how to express that.

All in all, after the breakup, your Libra ex may not be himself. He’ll be going through a difficult time and might need some help to make it through it.

Be patient with him and be understanding of the fact that he is going through a hard time and try to explain that he needs to turn to his friends for support because you two need some time apart after the breakup.

How to make your Libra man regret losing you

If you’re still missing that special Libra man in your life, maybe it’s time to give him a swift push so that he knows just how much he missed out on when he let you go.

If you want him back and he’s not showing any signs of wanting to get back together but instead is lost in his own little world, here are some tips to make him regret losing you:

1) No contact is the key

If you want your ex to regret losing you, you need to go no contact.

The thing is that if you’re still in contact with your ex, especially if you’re still friends with him, you won’t be able to make him regret losing you.

When you go no contact, you’re giving your ex a chance to miss you. You’re giving him a chance to wonder what he did wrong.

What’s more, by going no contact you’ll likely make him regret his decision to let you go.

In my experience, you need to go no contact for about a month.

2) Make him jealous

When you make him jealous, he’ll not only regret losing you, but he’ll do anything to get you back into his life again.

Go out with your friends and have as much fun as you can. Flirt with other men in front of your ex. Wear your sexiest clothes and show off your newfound confidence.

Trust me, if you succeed in making him jealous, he’ll realize that you could end up with another guy and he’ll regret losing you. He’ll be begging you to come back before you know it.

3) Show him you’re fine without him

He expects you to have your own life because he has a life of his own. He’s not going to want to be with someone who only thinks about him and his feelings. You don’t want to appear desperate.

He wants a partner who is able to go out, have her own interests and do her own thing without him.

This doesn’t mean you should shirk all your responsibilities or ignore his needs, but you should be able to have your own time and space to be yourself without his presence.

So even if you are hurting inside, don’t let it show. Let him think you’re moving on with your life and that you’re no longer interested in him.

4) Understand his needs and wants as a Libra man

He’s not going to want a partner who smothers him with attention or who tries to control him.

He craves a partner who can hold a conversation and who loves to socialize, but not someone who is constantly trying to dominate his time or his thoughts.

He wants to be able to do his own thing but still feel like he has a partner who is a genuine part of his life.

Libra men are adventurous by nature, but they also want to feel like they can be completely themselves around the person they’re with. This means they won’t want to be with someone who is closed-minded or who can’t let go of her past.

Libra men are all about the future, so don’t try to rehash your past with him or bring up past mistakes he made.

5) Don’t play games – be upfront and honest with him

In a perfect world, there would be no need for games, but sadly, people do play them sometimes.

If you want to make your Libra man regret losing you, be upfront and honest about what you need in a relationship. He’ll appreciate the fact that you’re not putting up a facade for him.

He’ll also appreciate your willingness to put your cards on the table and discuss your desires and expectations.

He craves honesty and authenticity, no matter how uncomfortable it might make him feel sometimes.

It’s a Libra man’s instinct to want to smooth things over and make everything right, but he wants to be with someone who is willing to be upfront and honest.

6) Let him know you won’t tolerate disrespect or bad behavior

One of the biggest mistakes women make in relationships is not standing up for themselves and letting bad behavior slide.

If you want to make your Libra man regret losing you, make sure you let him know you won’t tolerate disrespect or bad behavior.

He might be used to getting away with it with other women, but you’re not like the rest of them. You’re unique and special, so he’s going to want to change his ways if he wants to keep you around.

He’ll appreciate your understanding nature, but he won’t be able to stop himself from feeling ashamed when you call him out on his mistakes and misbehavior.

7) Be the best version of yourself for him, regardless of your current feelings

If you want to make your Libra man regret losing you, you can’t be in a rush to get back together with him.

You have to be the best version of yourself for him and not just because you want him back in your life.

He’s not going to appreciate your efforts if he feels like you’re trying to win him back. He wants to feel like you’re happy and content with your life and he wants to be with someone who is proud of who she is, regardless of whether or not he is in her life.

Put yourself out there and make sure you’re proud of the person you’ve become since the breakup.


There are a lot of emotions that come with a breakup. It’s important not to take it personally if your Libra man is upset. Don’t feel guilty, he’ll get over it.

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