If I let him go, will he eventually come back to me? Epic guide

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When you are in a relationship, there will come a time when you have to make a tough decision.

You may have to decide whether or not to let your partner go. If you do choose to let them go, will they eventually come back to you?

And if they do, is it worth taking them back? These are tough questions to answer, but they are worth thinking about.

If your relationship is important to you, then you should do everything possible to make it work, even if that means making some compromises along the way.

Here, we’ll explore the age-old question of whether or not someone who leaves will eventually come back. So if you’re struggling with this decision, read on for some signs.

1) He tells you he still loves you

There’s no doubt that breakups are tough. They can leave you feeling lost, confused, and wondering if things will ever be the same again.

But even though it may feel like the end of the world, there is always hope. If your ex tells you that he still loves you, it means that he hasn’t completely given up on the relationship.

Even if he says he needs time apart, it’s possible that he’ll come back to you eventually. Of course, there is no guarantee that your ex will come back to you after a breakup.

But if he does express his love for you, it’s a good sign that he hasn’t completely closed the door to your relationship. So don’t give up hope just yet.

There’s a chance that you two can still work things out. If you’re reading this, then it’s safe to assume that you are still holding on.

But before you start trying to win your ex back, there are a few things you need to consider.

First, you need to ask yourself if getting back together is really what you want. If it is, then you need to be prepared for the possibility that your ex may not want to come back to you.

He may have moved on, or he may simply not be ready to reconcile just yet. So don’t put your life on hold waiting for him to come back.

Second, you need to think about why your relationship ended in the first place. If you can’t figure out why things went wrong, then it’s likely that you’ll just end up in the same situation again.

So before you try to win your ex back, you need to figure out what went wrong and how you can fix it.

Only then will you have a chance of getting back together and making things work this time around.

2) He keeps in contact with you

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what it takes to get an ex back.

A lot of people think that you need to do something grandiose or showy in order to prove your worth to your ex.

But the truth is, sometimes the simplest things can be the most effective when it comes to getting someone back.

One of the most common questions I get from people who are trying to get their ex back is, “Should I keep in contact with him?”.

The answer to this question is a little bit complicated and it depends on a few different factors.

If your relationship ended on good terms and there was no real reason for the breakup, then keeping in contact with your ex is a good idea.

By staying in touch, you’re showing your ex that you’re still interested in him and that you care about him.

This can be a powerful motivator for someone who is on the fence about getting back together with you.

However, if there are unresolved issues from your past relationship, then keeping in contact with your ex may not be the best idea.

In this case, it’s important to give both yourself and your ex some time to heal before trying to reconnect.

If you try to force the issue, it could make things worse and push your ex even further away.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to keep in contact with your ex after the breakup is up to you.

There is no right or wrong answer, but if you do decide to stay in touch, be sure to do it for the right reasons.

Keep the lines of communication open and be respectful of your ex’s feelings. If you can do that, then you stand a good chance of getting back together down the road.

3) He talks about the future

He will eventually come back to you, even if you let him go. This is something that is often said about men who have gone through a breakup or divorce.

And it is true. If a man talks about the future, he will eventually come back to you. Even if you let him go, he will find his way back to you.

There are many reasons why this is so.

First of all, men are natural planners. They like to think ahead and they are always looking for ways to improve their future.

When a man breaks up with a woman, he often does so because he is not happy with the way things are going.

He may be unhappy with her, or he may be unhappy with himself. Either way, he is not happy and he wants to change his situation.

When a man breaks up with a woman, he will often start planning his future without her. He will begin to think about what he wants to do and where he wants to go.

He may even start looking for other women. All of this planning and thinking about the future is a way for him to cope with the pain of the break-up.

It is also a way for him to start moving on without her.

However, even though a man may be planning his future without you, it does not mean that he does not still love you.

In fact, it is quite possible that he still loves you very much. He may just be afraid of getting hurt again.

He may be afraid that if he comes back to you, you will reject him. Or, he may be afraid that you will not want him back.

Either way, these are all valid fears that a man may have after a break-up. If a man talks about the future, it is a good sign that he is still thinking about you.

He wants to have a future with you and he is willing to wait for it. If you are wondering whether or not a man will come back to you after a break-up, the answer is usually yes.

If he talks about the future, it is a good sign that he still loves you and that he is willing to wait for you. Even if you let him go, he will eventually come back to you.

4) He wants to spend time with you

If you’re wondering if he’ll come back after you’ve let him go, the answer is usually yes. If a guy wants to spend time with you, he’ll find a way to do it.

Even if he’s busy or far away, he’ll make an effort to see you.

So if you’ve let him go and he hasn’t contacted you, it’s likely because he doesn’t want to spend time with you.

There are exceptions of course, but in general, if a guy is interested in you he will find a way to be near you.

There are also many reasons why a guy might not want to spend time with you. Maybe he’s not ready for a relationship or maybe he’s just not that into you.

If you’ve been dating for a while and he’s still not ready to commit, it might be time to let him go.

By letting him go, you’re giving him the space he needs to decide if he wants to be with you. And if he does want to be with you, he’ll come back.

So don’t wait around for him, let him go and see what happens. Of course, there’s no guarantee that he’ll come back.

But if you really want to spend time with someone who wants to spend time with you, then it’s worth taking the risk.

So if you’re wondering if he’ll come back, maybe yes. But even if he doesn’t, you’ve given yourself the chance to find someone who does want to be with you.

And that’s worth it.

5) He shares his feelings with you

Many women make the mistake of thinking that if they share their feelings with a man, he will automatically come back to them.

However, this is not always the case. If you truly want him to come back to you, it’s important to give him space and let him go.

If he shares his feelings with you and then leaves, it’s because he needs time to sort out his own emotions.

He will eventually come back to you if you give him the space he needs. Trying to force him to come back before he’s ready will only push him away further.

So if you’re wondering how to get your ex-boyfriend back, the best thing you can do is give him some time and space. He’ll come back to you when he’s ready.

Don’t try to force him or push him into anything, just let him be.

Another thing to keep in mind is that men tend to come back when they’re ready, not when we’re ready. So even if it feels like it’s taking forever, trust that he’ll come back when the time is right.

If you want to speed up the process, try reaching out to him in a casual way. Send him a text or give him a call just to check in and see how he’s doing.

This will let him know that you’re still thinking about him and that you care about his well-being.

In the meantime, focus on taking care of yourself and giving him the space he needs.

Before proceeding with the next sign, here is something to think about.

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Men have certain innate drivers. And when a woman comes along and triggers them, it causes a powerful response. The result is a man who loves harder, commits wholeheartedly, and truly dedicates himself to the relationship.

So, how can you trigger your man’s hero instinct?

The easiest thing to do is to watch this simple and genuine video by James Bauer.

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6) He confides in you

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been through your fair share of heartbreak.

And if you’re anything like me, you know that one of the hardest things to do is to let go of someone you love, even if it’s for their own good.

But sometimes, we have to let them walk away even if it hurts us because that’s what they need to do.

They need to walk away in order to find themselves and realize how much they truly need us.

And sometimes, they come back. They come back stronger and more sure of themselves than ever before.

They come back ready to commit to us and to the relationship. So if he’s confided in you, if he’s shared his deepest fears and desires with you, then know that he trusts you.

He trusts you enough to let you into his world. And that means something. It means that he sees potential in you, that he sees a future with you.

And even if he doesn’t realize it yet, he will come back to you. Eventually, he will come back to the person who knows him best.

You are person who understands him and loves him unconditionally. So be patient. Be understanding.

And above all, be there for him when he needs you most. Because eventually, he’ll come back to you. And it will all be worth it.

7) He tries to make things right

If you love someone, let them go. If they come back to you, they’re yours; if they don’t, they never were. This may sound like a cop-out, but it’s the truth.

You can’t make someone love you or stay with you if they don’t want to. All you can do is be the best person you can be and hope that it’s enough.

Sometimes people come back into our lives for a reason. Maybe they need to apologize for something they did wrong, or maybe we need to apologize to them.

Either way, there’s usually a purpose behind it. If both parties are willing to work on things, then reconciliation is possible.

If your ex informs you that he wants to make things right with you, then it is a clear sign that he wants to be in your life again.

However, if one person isn’t interested in trying, then it’s time to let go and move on. It’s not always easy to let go of someone we love, but sometimes it’s necessary.

If someone is toxic to our happiness, then they need to be out of our lives.

We have to remember that we deserve to be happy, and we shouldn’t settle for anything less.

If you’ve let someone go and they come back, listen to your heart. If you still love them and want to give things another try, then do so.

But if you’ve moved on and are happy without them, don’t feel like you have to take them back just because they want you.

You know what’s best for you, so trust your gut and follow your heart.

8) He misses you

If you’re wondering if he misses you after you let him go, the answer is probably yes. Men typically don’t like change and they certainly don’t like feeling rejected or unwanted.

So, even though he may have said that he doesn’t want to be with you anymore, it’s likely that he’s just trying to process his feelings and figure out what he really wants.

If you give him some space, he will probably come back to you on his own.

However, if you really want to speed up the process, there are a few things you can do to make him miss you and realize that he wants to be with you again.

One of the best ways to make him miss you is to stay positive and upbeat when you’re around him.

Men are attracted to happy, confident women who seem like they’re enjoying life.

So, even if you’re feeling heartbroken and lonely, try to put on a brave face and act like you’re doing just fine.

Another way to make him miss you is to stay in touch with him. Keep the lines of communication open so that he knows you’re still interested in him.

Text him, call him, or send him a quick email or message every now and then. This will remind him of how great it is to be around you and he’ll start to miss your company.

Finally, don’t be afraid to let him see that you’re moving on with your life.

Go out with your friends, pursue your hobbies, and don’t wait around for him to come back to you.

Show him that you’re an independent woman who doesn’t need a man to be happy. This will make him see that he’s missing out on a great thing by not being with you.

I mentioned this fascinating concept earlier: the hero instinct. When a man’s inner hero is triggered, he’s more likely to come back into your life.

Just by knowing the right things to say to him, you’ll open a part of him that no woman has ever reached before.

And the best way to do so is by watching this free video by James Bauer. In it, he’ll reveal simple phrases and texts you can use to make your man truly yours.

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9) He wants to work things out

If you’ve been in a relationship with someone for a while and things have ended between the two of you, it’s normal to wonder if he’ll come back.

If he has left you and it’s his decision, there’s a chance he’ll change his mind down the road.

But if you’re the one who decided to end things, it’s less likely he’ll come back around.

There are a few key reasons why you might choose to leave the relationship. It could be that you aren’t feeling fulfilled emotionally or physically.

Or, it could simply be that you don’t see a future with him and want to move on.

However, if he wants to work things out with you, then, there’s a chance you could reconsider.

If you left because you were unhappy, for example, and he can show you that things have changed and he’s committed to making things work, he may be more likely to come back.

The same goes if there were other external factors that led to the breakup.

He might take the right steps in order to win you back.

When it comes to relationships, there’s no easy answer. If you’re wondering if your ex will come back, the best thing to do is talk to him about it and see where things stand.

Let me share something with you.

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10) He loves you

If you love someone, it is natural to want to hold on to them and never let them go.

Ironically, sometimes the best thing you can do for someone you love is to let them go.

This can be a difficult decision to make, but if you truly believe that it is in their best interest then it is worth doing.

There are many reasons why you might need to let someone go, even if you love them deeply.

Perhaps they are facing personal challenges that they need to deal with on their own.

Or maybe they are moving in a different direction than you and it is no longer possible to continue the relationship.

Whatever the reason, if you truly believe that letting go is best for both of you then it is important to do so.

It is important to remember that you are doing this out of love.

If the person you love is meant to be in your life, they will come back to you.

Even if they don’t come back immediately, eventually they will realize that you did what was best for them and they will come back to you.

So don’t give up on someone you love, even if it seems like the hardest thing to do. Because in the end, if they truly love you then they will come back to you.

There are no guarantees in life, but if both of you truly love each other, then whatever happens you will find a way to be back into each other’s lives again.

Remember that if the person you love is meant to be in your life, they will come back to you


If you have been wondering whether or not to let your ex go, ask yourself these questions.

Do you want him back because you truly miss him? Or are you just scared of being alone? Are you holding onto the past and refusing to move on?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then it may be time to let your ex go.

You need to focus on healing yourself so that when he does come back (if he does), you will be in a better position to handle the relationship.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

If you have a strong relationship with your ex, and there are still feelings of love and respect, it is possible that taking a break could help the two of you reconnect on a deeper level.

However, if communication has broken down and bitterness and resentment have taken over, it’s best to end things for good.

Remember, if someone really wants to be with you, they will find a way; if they don’t, then it’s probably for the best.

Before ending the article, let me leave you with this tip.

I touched on the hero instinct earlier – it’s the perfect remedy for the situation you’re facing.


Because once a man’s hero instinct is triggered, he’ll only have eyes for you. You’ll reach a part of him that no woman has ever managed to reach before.

And in return, he’ll be compelled to commit to you and love you like he’s never loved another woman.

So if you’re ready to take that plunge and reach new heights in your relationship, make sure to check out relationship expert James Bauer’s invaluable advice.

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