What’s a Leo man like in bed? 16 things he really wants from you

Are you dating a Leo man and wondering about his sexual side?

I’m sure you’re curious to know what a Leo man is like in bed, how to turn him on, and make him want you more, right?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place as I’m sharing my interesting Leo-centric guide to know everything you can expect from a typical Leo man in the sack.

Find the real deal on how to seduce him effectively, blow his mind, and bring excitement to the bedroom so you can take your relationship to a whole new exciting level.

16 hottest things he wants from you

I’m sure you want to find out ways to please a Leo man and make him super turned on and make all of his sexual fantasies come true.

Leo men have fierce sexual energy and an intense appetite for sex – which makes them desirable and different from all the other males in the zodiac.

Here are fantastic ways to arouse his sexual interest and satisfy your Leo man in bed.

1) He desires to be worshiped

If there’s one important thing you have to do, this is it.

Make being worshiped an aphrodisiac for him. This will turn him on.

Flatter him sincerely and genuinely. Do this directly and blatantly. Let him know that he’s desirable and that for you, he’s the most amazing man in the entire universe.

It’s because Leo men vibe out strong masculine energy – perhaps the strongest in the zodiac. Thus, they dig to be worshiped particularly behind closed doors.

Compliment and praise all of him – his looks, his accomplishments, the way he moves, his breathing, and everything else.

When you entice him and treat his body like a temple, he’ll have more drive to ravish you.

For he knows that he’s the best for you, you have to be ready for some serious and exciting body adoration. Yes, he’ll do it on you as well.

2) He loves an exciting chase

Unlike other men that drop their pants in a heartbeat, Leos digs excitement.

It means that before starting the main feast, he desires to play a little cat and mouse. So let him do the chase-thing and enjoy the scenario that follows.

If you make yourself too eager, you’ll only turn him off.

Make him crazy by touching him gently and whispering to his ears. I’m sure that this will make him feel incredibly passionate.

Here’s a secret: Leos are visual creatures. So dress sexily for him to increase his sexual appetite and give him your friendly smile and charm to put him in a sexual mood.

3) Touch him as you please

So if you want your Leo man to feel great during lovemaking, touch him in his erogenous zones.

Most Leo guys crave building the sensation before the deed. And this means giving them a sensual touch which can be excellent foreplay.

Let me reveal this: Dedicate more time to his back and chest.

Give them a relaxing massage by touching him gently all over his spine. This will give him chills and a strong sensation as Leos have sensitive backs.

Run your fingers through his hair, and rub his shoulders and head, and keep enticing him – and he’ll be yours for sure.

Also, try using scented oil if you desire to double and increase the pleasure while massaging his back to keep him completely satisfied.

4) Play the submissive role

Leos are alpha males that want to be in charge of the relationship and be treated as such. They have this need to dominate and they prefer their mates to be submissive – so you have to accept that.

In the bed, they want to control under the sheets. So don’t think of overpowering him.

Instead, give in to his passions if you want to please him and if you want him to please you too.

Let him show you his dominant side.

Be his faithful follower and let him play the dominant role. You’ll be happy to be with this man as he puts all his effort to be responsible for you and your relationship.

If he behaves that he can do whatever he wants with you but you aren’t into sexual submission, be honest with him. No matter how much you love him and want to please him, don’t do something you aren’t comfortable with.

Let him know it won’t work for you. And trust me on this: if he truly loves you, he’ll be willing to compromise this with you.

5) Give him the royal treatment

Like the “king of the jungle,” a Leo man wants his partner to offer him some royal treatment.

And this means going the extra mile to satisfy him in bed.

A woman who seems to be in a ‘helpless situation’ and worships him as an almighty master incites him. It pleases him when the woman he loves kneels in front of the bed.

Doing two to three standard sexual positions won’t be enough to please a Leo – as he expects more from you.

He desires excitement so be ready to do things you’ve never tried before. He’ll make you step out of your comfort zone and wants you to feel good as you come into the ‘no limits’ kind of zone.

Remember you want to turn on your passionate Leo so be ready for all these –  many experiments, body-liquids, and, most importantly, a lot of orgasms.

6) Show your wild side

A Leo man in love is very passionate and a bit extravagant.

He wants a partner who’s as passionate and as wild as him. He wants a woman who matches his sexual energy, sexual preferences, and can keep up with him in bed.

After all, his sexual style is “the wilder, the better.”

So don’t hesitate to show him how wild you can be while you’re having sex. Since he longs for intensity, get ready to give him lots of action to please him

Do these things so he’ll get blown away:

  • Bite him in-between kisses
  • Scratch him on his back
  • Try doing a naughty game (if this is your thing)
  • Talk dirty to drive him mild

But don’t forget your needs and desires, and never do anything that you’re not comfortable with. Tell him how you want him to satisfy you.

Leos are true gentlemen. They are understanding of their partner’s needs and will always find a way to please you both in bed.

7) Keep exploring to increase excitement

Leo men have restless spirits and action seekers.

They can’t stay in one place for too long. They like to change the unconventional especially when it comes to their sex lives.

Truth is, they never stick to doing it in the bedroom as they prefer making love in various surroundings. They’re even up for public sex as it turns them on. The thrill of getting caught also excites them.

I’m not saying that you have to do a quick romp in front of others -as Leos aren’t stupid enough to risk everything for sex.

Here’s a hint: There’s something about being outside with nature that gets their drive flowing.

You can get started with these ideas:

  • Be more adventurous to keep up with him
  • Go camp, hike in the mountains, and spend the night in the cabin
  • Experiment with different positions simultaneously
  • Do everything that will bring spice to your relationship

The point here is that if you want to turn your Leo guy and please him more, dare to go bold and creative. Set the mood to get his adrenaline pumping.

8) Get him excited with dirty talks

It’s well-known that most men (and even some women) dig dirty talk.

According to a Psychology Today article by Justin J. Lehmiller Ph.D., “91% of participants said this (dirty talk) was something they had fantasized about—and 49% said they fantasize about it often.”

Since Leo men are born under the fire sign, they enjoy it most when their partner can talk about everything they want and what they feel.

So if you want to please your Leo man, appease his brain. Your Leo man will get turned on when you bring out your naughty side and start a dirty talk to spice up the situation.

Keep this in mind: Talking dirty is about being as confidently-sexy as you can be.

The key here is to boost his ego so make sure to include some compliments in your dirty talk.

Want him to scream your name in bed?  Then tell him how great he is in bed or how great a kisser he is!

9) Match his passion

Leos are true, honest, and passionate to their partners.

You must be able to keep up with his lifestyle, desires, and wants. He’ll love it when you spend time together doing things that you both love – inside and outside the bedroom.

As the “king of the jungle” has this insatiable appetite for spending time in the bedroom, make sure to match his passion in the sheets too. And don’t get overwhelmed by it.

Try to go with the flow, enjoy it, and let him love you even more.

Giving your equally passionate ways and pleasing him would be worth it as he will satisfy you more in the relationship.

10) Get down with fantasy play

If you want to keep your Leo man turned on sexually and make him want you more is to be more adventurous in the sheets.

It’s time that you let go of your inhibitions and move out of your comfort zone. It won’t be too hard when you love him and you know him well enough.

Don’t worry as it’s not always introducing weird things into bed with you. You simply have to keep everything fun and exciting.

Here’s one thing you need to know: Leo men enjoy fantasy play.

They are performers by nature and enjoy a bit of sexual exhibitionism.  They want to be in charge so imaginative plays like being the king or an authority figure type of acts work for him.

So put your game on and see how much you’ll both have an enjoyable time.

11) Give him an erotic massage

A super hot massage will drive our Leo man crazy with lust. Since Leos want to be touched on their backs, an erotic massage will satisfy him completely.

Here’s a tip: Start gently on the sensitive part of their shoulders and upper body. Dedicate some time on his head too.

Give him chills, excitement, and desire by grazing your nails down on his spine.

By giving him a sensual massage, you’ll get to trigger and stimulate oxytocin – a love hormone, that will excite him more than ever.

Be warned as there’s a chance that you won’t get to finish the massage as he won’t be able to take it for too long. Get ready when he starts to roll over and let you straddle him.

Now, that’s when the real party will start!

12) Flatter him

Leo men aren’t arrogant jerks, they simply dig compliments for it boosts their egos and makes them feel dominant.

Get your Leo man going with words of admiration. This will boost his ego and will make him want you forever – in bed and his life.

Start building intimacy by saying something great about him. Remember that you’re with the lion – one of the most powerful animals on Earth.

They desire the spotlight and want to be the center of attention. So find ways to make him feel special inside and outside of the bedroom.

The thing here is that you have to admire your Leo man if you want to build a healthy relationship with him.

The best thing is, you can say it at the right moment to make him feel like a king and the only man that matters in this world for you.

And while you’re having sex, turn him on with naughty and sexy phrases if you want to have the best sex you’ve ever had.

13) Show him that you want him so bad

Leos have this big ego and they need to know that you truly want them forever.

To please your Leo man completely in bed, the most important thing to do is to make him feel you desire him – a lot!

Make it obvious that you want him in a way you have never wanted anyone else. He has to feel that he’s sexually desired as that’s his biggest turn-on point.

Let him know how much you long for him and you’re getting crazy to be with him – as these will make him more excited to be with you.

When he feels you’re crazy about him and you desire him, it will turn him on so much. Not only will it blow his mind, but will make him want you even more.

14) Make Love – a whole lot!

Like Aries men (which is also a fire sign), Leo men have a remarkable sex drive and a strong appetite for sex.

And this means that you have to be prepared to make love anytime and even several times a day for he wants to make love, a lot!

But he won’t force it if he feels that his partner isn’t up for it or if you don’t feel excited doing it. That’s because he wants to feel the desire in your eyes and your body before he takes you to bed.

He’ll be totally satisfied when you scream, moan uncontrollably, and be breathless while making love with him.

Keep up with his pace and let him know how much you crave him too.

Whew! If it feels too hot to handle this, it’s worth giving it a go – after all, it feels amazing when you do it for someone you love.

15) Tell him how much you love him

It’s not a challenge to excite a Leo man and please him in bed.

As even small acts of affection with a bit of naughtiness is already enough to turn him on.

And sometimes even a few sweet words or a flirty message that serves as a romantic expression of your love is already enough to ignite his passion.

When you remind him that you love him so much, tell him that he’s the only one you desire, and let him know what you desire about him – you can be certain that he’ll get turned on every time.

Remember these:

  • Fill his desire of being loved and complimented
  • Be genuinely pleased when you’re making love with him
  • Express your romantic side through words and actions

The key here is to be sincere and genuine – for when you do, you’ll win his heart in bed and beyond that.

What’s a Leo man like in bed and a relationship?

If you desire to please your Leo man, you have to understand the sexual side of a Leo. This includes his traits and his preferences.

  • He wants to make something unforgettable when he engages in a relationship.
  • He’s devoted, loyal, and will always be – so always be honest with him.
  • He’s bold in the sheets and is ready for anything – and can make love anywhere.
  • He will always try to fully satisfy his partner and fulfill all of her needs in bed.
  • He enjoys anything unconventional (role plays, sexual positions) as these are his aphrodisiacs.
  • He’s a natural charmer who craves to be the center of attention (even in bed).

He also rules over the heart and attaches significance to the emotions of his sexual impulses. And he wants a woman who’ll be true to her because he is always ready to be there for her.

Here’s an important thing you need to know: Sex is an integral part of Leo’s relationship. Leo males need sex like he needs food and water.

It’s how he connects with his partner on a deeper level and that’s the reason why he values the whole sexual experience.

That being said, you have to find ways to impress him as no other woman did – so you can keep him with you forever.

What to expect and what to do?

If you’re with the fiercest sign of the zodiac, you’re in for an amazing run of incredible sex given his prowess in the bedroom.

Know that he’s into pleasing you in between the sheets and throughout your life.

He believes that sex is best when two people love and please each other for mutual benefit. As the more emotionally charged the relationship is, the more passionate the sexual experience can be.

You’ll love every moment with him as he’s keen on making every experience unforgettable.

The key here is getting through to your man in a way that empowers both him and you.

Keep this in mind: Fill your relationship with emotion, love, honestly, passion, and desire.

With those things, you’ll feel safe, protected, and fulfilled with the king of the jungle.

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