Leo soulmate guide: Leos should avoid these 3 zodiac signs!

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Are you a Leo? Even if you aren’t, this guide will give you much-needed insight into the workings of the mind of your Leo friends or partners! 

Who are Leos most likely to be soulmates with? Which 3 zodiac signs make very poor love matches?

We answer these questions, as well as many more, in our epic Leo soulmate compatibility guide.

Let’s go!

Who has the best soulmate compatibility with Leos?

Let’s get straight to the juicy stuff.

Which zodiac signs works best with Leos?

Let’s take a look at the most compatible soulmate matches for this sign. 

Leo and Aries 

Both of these are fire signs, which makes their relationship a whirlwind of energy and intense passion. 

Leo and Aries are four signs apart, which is the foundation for the most harmonious pairings regarding astrological compatibility. 

Their relationship feels natural, organic, and effortless. Put simply, Leo and Aries make excellent soulmates. 

Leo and Aries are both drawn to adventure and together they explore what this Earth has to offer. 

Their drive is unmatched, even as individuals, but when these two come together, they are unstoppable. 

Their ambition knows no bounds and they make all their dreams become a reality, seemingly effortlessly. 

The only point of friction between these signs occurs when neither of them is willing to pump the brakes and give over their domineering role. 

In order to not make that a source of conflict, they have to learn that in order to achieve harmony, they need to take turns calling the shots. 

Leo and Gemini

Leo and Gemini are sextile, which means that they are two signs apart. This is usually the basis of a very harmonious connection. 

These two signs have their innate curiosity, playfulness, and optimism in common. On top of that, they also share a love for socializing. 

The point of conflict between the Lion and the Twins is while expressing their emotions. 

Geminis are sharp and like to intellectualize their emotions. Leos on the other hand give free rein to their hearts when it comes to feelings. 

The analyzing nature of a Gemini could clash with a Leos tendency to take the plunge, but on the other hand, they can also complement each other perfectly, making for the perfect match. 

Leo and Sagittarius 

Leo and Sagittarius are trine, which means they are four signs apart from each other. 

This is also an indicator of a very easygoing and natural match. 

Both fire signs, the relationship between Leo and Sagittarius is joyful, passionate, and driven, the sparks are literally flying. 

Their shared passion is making the most out of life and expanding their horizons together. This is where they find fulfillment in their bond. 

The rough spots in this relationship usually occur when the Leo is too domineering and the not-so-committed Sagittarius feels trapped. 

The intensity of their relationship can overcome the Archer’s reluctance to commit, but the two of them need to find a way to transmute the mutual fiery energy into something more positive, like sex or new adventures. 

Leo and Libra 

Leo and Libra are sextile, meaning they are two signs apart from each other. This makes for a harmonious and symbiotic soulmate connection right off the bat. 

At first glance, the two of them don’t seem like a good match, Leos with their fiery passion and Libras with their collected calm and charm. 

In reality, they make a perfect pair, however. They bring out the best in each other and help each other evolve the things they might be struggling with. 

What they have in common is their love for romance and being seen. 

These two can irritate the heck out of each other when Libra gets too non-committal and Leo gets too bossy, but these issues can be resolved easily. 

Leo and Aquarius 

Aquarius is on the opposite of Leo, making them six signs apart from each other. This is also called a yin-yang match. 

While this difference can breed a lot of conflicts, the two of them also complement each other in various ways. 

For example, Leos are known to crave being the center of attention. Aquarius love giving attention to others, so they can fulfill each other’s needs in that sense. 

They do have other things in common, like their shared love for social interaction, for example. 

Where they might clash is in their personality. While Aquarius can be distant, cold, and prone to prioritize rationality, Leo is focused on warmth, their heart’s desires, and a movie-like romance. 

Although not the ideal match, these two could potentially work out well, given that the partners prioritize give-and-take in their relationship. 

Leo and Leo 

People say opposites attract, but that is not always the case! Oftentimes, Leos are an exception to that rule, especially when dating fellow Leos. 

While their shared bossiness and desire to domineer might lead to conflicts, they also are interested in nurturing and adoring their loved ones.  

Both full of passion, their strong point is that they share a common love language. 

To treat their partners, romantic getaways, beautifully thought-out date nights, and loads of reassuring words are no rarity. 

Their point of conflict might be that both can get stubborn and full of themselves at times. 

If neither of them budges, this can lead to serious issues in the relationship. With open communication, however, even these things can be resolved. 

Leo and Cancer

Leo and Cancer are semisextiles, or in other words, they are one sign apart from each other. 

Cancer is known to be a very sensitive water sign, which can lead to problems with the passionate fire sign Leo which tends to always look on the bright side and turn a blind eye to sadness, or more dense emotions. 

In a relationship, Cancers can seem moody to Leos, while the latter can seem selfish and arrogant to Cancers. 

On the other hand, both of these signs are very generous and possess an insane amount of innate kindness, which can help them to try and see things from their partner’s point of view. 

This ability to relate to each other is what can glue this couple together. They are both in love with love, which can be the foundation of a beautiful, loving relationship. 

Leo and Virgo 

Virgo is semisextile, so one sign apart from Leo. This can lead to some issues, as their priorities and perspectives don’t always match up very well. 

Virgos, prone to be wallflowers, like to do research and take their time when making decisions, and can therefore be taken aback when Leos jump the gun and go after their desires in a bossy way. 

For Leos, Virgo’s indecisiveness can be immensely frustrating, too, as they just want to go after what they want. 

The relationship is not doomed, however, provided both of these signs are open to learning from each other instead of dismissing one another’s approaches. 

Leo and Taurus 

Taurus is an earth sign and is three signs apart from Leo. This makes them square in the astrological chart. 

Being square can be challenging, but with the right mindset, also encouraging and activating. 

Taurus and Leo are both very fixed loyal signs, doing everything in their power to help the ones closest to them. 

Their fixation tendencies can signify that they are both very stubborn, refusing to budge once they’ve made up their minds. 

This can obviously breed lots of conflicts, especially when there is no willingness to give in on either side. 

Without an ability to compromise, their stubbornness takes a toll on the relationship. 

Their strong point is often an intense physical attraction to one another, but if that is the only thing they have going for them, there might not be a future together. 

When they work out how to have healthy arguments with each other, they have a chance at a good relationship, but they will have to put in the work. 

3 signs a Leo should avoid (soulmate warning)

The following are signs that will not make for a natural and easy-going soulmate relationship with Leos. 

Of course, every relationship is different, and with enough work, even the most unlikely pair could potentially be a good match, but beware. 

Relationships can be challenging enough as they are, given the many obstacles thrown your way in your day-to-day life with a partner. 

Mix in some innate incompatibility and you’re prone to potentially burn out. 

These are the signs a Leo should probably avoid: 

Leo and Capricorn 

Leo and Capricorn are so-called quincunxes, which means they are five signs apart from each other. 

This makes for a connection full of uncertainty and awkwardness. 

While there might not be many conflicts in this pairing, they lack the spark and passion. 

Their innate needs and values don’t line up, which can breed conflict, and can, on the other hand, also lead to them teaching each other a lot, however. 

This will definitely not be a connection that feels natural and easy-going right off the bat, but if both are willing to put in work, a good relationship is not entirely off the table. 

Leo and Pisces 

Pisces is quincunx, which means it is five signs apart from Leo. This calls for constant work and readjustment to stay in sync with each other. 

Fire and water, these two might extinguish each other by accident. 

The Fish, being very empathetic, spiritual, and emotional, can be like a damper to the Lion’s action-oriented drive. 

In some cases, these two inspire each other, but it is rather rare. 

Their love for romance and imagination is something they share, which can lead them to see their relationship through rose-colored glasses when in reality, they aren’t very compatible. 

Leo and Scorpio 

Leo and Scorpio are square, so they are three signs apart from each other, which can be a big challenge full of drama. 

They are both quite magnetic and tend to want to take charge, but instead of sharing this trait in harmony, it can lead to clashing egos. 

Leo and Scorpio just see the world through different eyes, which is something that is hard to fix, even with lots of work. 

Scorpios tend to be naturally possessive, which can drive the independence-loving Leo even further away. 

The thing they have in common is their love for passionate sex. If all else fails, Leo and Scorpio can have a very lustful connection. 

In the end, sex is only a part of a successful relationship though, and will not be the thing that makes them last long-term. 

So, who’s the best soulmate match for a Leo?

If a Leo is looking for the perfect match for them, the person that will most likely be their soulmate, an Aries is hands down the best choice. 

The connection between the two is warm and passionate, with lots of sparks flying around at all times. 

1) Sex

They have a strong sexual connection and similar preferences. Leos love to put on a show for their partner, while Aries thrives on the thought of this show being only for them. 

They are spontaneous and open-minded, always ready to explore. 

Due to their respective directness, open communication about what they like and don’t like in the bedroom is usually not an issue with these two. 

2) Arguments

Due to their strong personalities, there might be a fair share of fights in the relationship, but they usually quickly make up again. 

This stems from their incredibly passionate nature but said nature is also the reason they get over their fights so quickly. 

3) Trust 

There might be some trust issues in a relationship between Aries and Leo, but their need for loyalty quickly makes those dissolve. 

The self-esteem of both Aries and Leo tends to be strong, which leads to mainly healthy dynamics in the relationship. 

Together, these two can overcome any obstacle thrown their way with ease. 

4) Communication and relationship

Their talks initially are very energizing, filled with lots of love and appreciation. As they get closer, empathy will be added to the mix. 

As a couple, these two will have fun while also being adventurous. 

The fiery passion that ignites these two from the start will not die down easily. Aries and Leo are compatible across the board. 

They don’t play games, their relationship is straightforward and both know what it is they want. 

The only point of friction between a Leo and an Aries could be their egos. As long as they keep their egos in check, however, their relationship is bound to thrive. 

What are Leos like as soulmates?

The zodiac sign Leo is often associated with romance, so of course, lions love being in love. 

Although naturally drawn to love and relationships, these lions often have a lot to learn when it comes to partnership. 

They can be very focused on themselves and have to learn how to communicate their feelings effectively. 

1) Dating a Leo 

Even though they are confident and self-assured, a lot of Leos also have a fear of rejection, which makes them more reserved in the dating scene. 

They don’t always want to be the ones making the first move. 

In a relationship, a Leo initially needs an abundance of reassurance and attention. 

Once a Leo falls for someone and decides to be with them, they are in it for the long haul, though. 

2) Loyalty 

First and foremost, loyalty is the foundation for relationships with a Leo. 

As I mentioned just now, once a Leo decides to be with someone, their loyalty is unshakeable and there are no boundaries to how far a Leo would go to protect the ones they love. 

On the downside, this loyalty often makes Leos stay in relationships, even when they turned toxic and unhealthy. 

This makes them susceptible to manipulation. 

Although they are strong, Leos still need nurturing. Their love and loyalty need to be reciprocated in order for them to fully open up. 

Once they feel safe, a Leo will blossom and give themselves fully to their partner. 

3) Excitement 

One characteristic of the Leo sign is that people with that sign recognize the beauty in life. 

Their excitement for simply being alive is contagious, which makes them not only great partners but also excellent parents. 

When you have established trust with your Leo partner, they will proceed to shower you with all their love and affection. 

4) Possessiveness

This trait shows especially when you give a Leo reason to doubt your intentions or your commitment. 

Leos are prone to jealousy and possessiveness. This is mainly triggered by the deep insecurity they feel. 

If you don’t give a Leo a reason to doubt you, however, there is a good chance that they will not be as possessive. 

The secret to all of this is honesty, a trait that matters more than anything to a Leo. 

5) Generosity

Leos are very generous in general, but especially when they are in love. 

Not only will they take note of all the effort you put into the relationship, (this can be as small as making an effort to look nice for a date) but similarly, they will try to spoil and pamper you whenever possible. 

Their motto is quality over quantity, so whenever possible, they will try to treat you to high-quality things, be it quality time together, or something material. 

6) Hard to forget 

If you’ve ever dated a Leo you know how hard it is to get them out of your mind ever again. 

This is mostly due to their most famous trait: their high self-esteem. 

Confidence is attractive and the way a Leo knows what they want and goes after it without a doubt in their mind is hard to find in other signs. 

Being loved by a Leo is an experience you can’t easily replicate. That’s why it can be especially hard to get over a break-up with a Leo. 

What are Leos like as lovers? (Leo and sex)

Leos thrive on emotional connection, which is why there are always down for human contact over sex toys. 

A sex life that starts to feel serious or like a routine is one of the biggest turn-offs for a Leo. 

Leos are fiery and full of passion, and they like to express that in the way they have sex, as well. 

Some of the biggest turn-ons for a Leo are the following: 

1) Letting them lead 

This one is pretty self-explanatory when you consider the bossy nature a lot of Leos have. 

In a sexual context, Leos often thrive in the role of the dominant partner. 

Whether that means exploring things like BDSM, or staying in the non-kink space, they like to take control and initiative. 

2) Keeping an open heart

Leos lead with their hearts, so if you aren’t fully in it with your heart, as well, they will be able to sense something is off. 

Practice keeping your heart open during sexual encounters, to show your Leo partner that you trust them. 

This could mean keeping eye contact and talking to them, to show that you are completely present with them. 

3) Spoiling them 

Splurging on a gift for your partner can be a great way to show them your appreciation. 

Similarly, receiving a heartfelt gift can be a massive turn-on for Leos! 

4) Compliments 

Leos thrive when you compliment them. Let them know how good they look in their lingerie, or point out different things about their bodies that you love. 

5) Role play 

Leos don’t like to be serious and like to keep things fun. That’s why role play is almost made for them. 

Suggest different scenarios, or even go all out with costumes.

Leos generally have a very high libido. If you’re gonna sleep with this sign, get ready for round two (or three, or four, who knows?) 

Common mistakes Leos make in love and relationships

There are some mistakes Leos tend to make in their relationships. When they work on these things, however, the relationships will thrive. 

1) Needing to have it their way 

Sometimes Leos act like the world revolves around them, and that can be a big no-no in relationships. 

A healthy relationship includes compromise, so if a Leo is unwilling to be at least somewhat flexible and occasionally let their partner get their way, there will be problems. 

2) They can’t take criticism 

Learning how to take criticism is essential to this very sensitive sign. 

Leos take their image very seriously and take any critique personally. 

This can be a problem in relationships when Leos get overly offended by constructive criticism. 

3) They are drama kings and queens 

A bit of drama is what makes this zodiac sign what it is. The problem arises when that drama gets mixed with emotions in a relationship. 

That’s when they often unintentionally hurt their partners. 

4) They can be needy 

Many Leos need more attention than the average person. They want to talk about themselves and their lives, while often having no space for other people’s emotions. 

To fight this, they can practice how to listen effectively and give their partners plenty of time to share about their own days. 

5) They can be possessive and jealous 

Leos feel incredible love and passion for their partners, but that can lead to possessiveness and jealousy in relationships. 

Sometimes that can get to the point of being a problem, so Leos need to work on themselves to prevent it from becoming extreme. 

In summary: Leo soulmate compatibility 

Leos have lots of signs they are compatible with, but Aries are probably their best soulmate love match. 

The lions are natural leaders, and they don’t like to be controlled, especially not in relationships. 

Although they don’t like to be controlled, they can sometimes get a bit possessive and jealous if they don’t have their emotions in check. 

It takes some time, but once a Leo loves you, they are incredibly loyal and will stay with you for the long run. 

Their amazing passion and fiery nature make the sex with a Leo fun and exciting. They despise routine when it comes to their sex life and will have fun experimenting and taking charge. 

Leos are incredibly generous and want to spoil their partners, be it with affection and compliments, or material things. 

Their passionate and strong love will be something people have a hard time getting over. It’s not every day you find a love like that of a Leo. 


1) Which signs are incompatible with Leo?

Leos tend to not make good soulmate matches for Capricorn, Pisces, and Scorpio. 

Although that doesn’t mean that any of these relationships are doomed from the start, it should be a word of caution. 

There will be considerably more relationship problems with these signs than with the others. 

2) What is Leo’s love language? 

Leos are all about fire and passion – which is why physical touch is their number one love language. 

They will always choose human touch and connection over anything else. 

On top of that, this sign also needs lots of attention and affection. This could mean quality time or words of affirmation from their partner. 

3) What do Leos hate in a relationship? 

First and foremost, Leos hate when they can’t trust their partners. They have a hint of insecurity, and reasons to doubt their partner are a complete turn-off. 

On the other hand, they do not like being controlled. They want to call the shots in the relationship and their partner restricting them is something they can’t deal with. 

4) What qualities make the best partner for Leo? 

Leos want passion in their relationships, and that reflects in their ideal matches. 

Five qualities that every Leo is looking for in a partner are: 

  • Loyalty 
  • Ambition 
  • Confidence 
  • Kindness 
  • Honesty

Everything else is a bonus, but these five are a must in order for a Leo to be happy! 

5) What do Leos want in a relationship? 

Leos want to be the center of their partner’s world. They need lots of attention and affection. If they are not a priority in your life, they will leave.

Once a Leo is committed to you, they are in it for the long run. They are loyal and expect the same in return. 

They want to be open and honest about their feelings without beating around the bush. 

Romance is a big thing in a relationship with Leos. 

They want to remain free spirits in the relationship while also being reassured of mutual commitment. 

While wanting a sense of independence, Leos still value support, especially emotional support. 

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