Kasamba Review (2023): Is It Worth It? My Verdict

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Kasamba is a psychic site that guarantees genuine, honest guidance.

But is it legit? Is it worth your money and time? 

To help you decide, I decided to get a psychic reading with them and discuss my experience in this ultimate Kasamba review. 

I’m going to reveal everything you need to know about Kasamba so you can make up your own mind, including whether they actually helped me with my own tricky relationship problem. 

Before delving into the nitty-gritty details, I’d like to share my overall impression of the psychic reading I received from Kasamba.

My Kasamba review verdict: Is it worth It?

To summarize, Kasamba is worth it. 

Here’s a quick recap of why:

  • Their psychics are legit, not to mention friendly and understanding 
  • There are psychics for all types of issues, whether it be relationships or financial 
  • You will receive 3 free minutes with each psychic 
  • It’s as easy as signing up, selecting a psychic, and initiating a reading 
  • The rates are competitive for the psychic industry 
  • Lacks video call options, but does offer chat, email, and voice calls

Overall, I would recommend Kasamba to those who need support. In fact, I’ve already shared my experience with a few friends, one of whom signed up and found the experience very satisfying as well. 

My psychic did everything I had hoped for — she was kind, honest, and not at all judgmental. 

But above all, she was accurate. 

And now that I’m seeing great improvements in my relationship, I wouldn’t hesitate using Kasamba’s services again when my next “life issue” crops up.

You might perceive my opinion as somewhat biased, but please allow me to clarify why my review is worth considering:

Why you can trust this review

With so many reviews and websites claiming to be genuine, it’s no wonder it’s hard to trust a review when you come across one. 

I’m always suspicious before signing up for anything, and I do spend some time researching beforehand. That’s why I want to make it clear that I’ve signed up for Kasamba and had a reading with not one, but two psychics (more on that later). 

I’m going to keep this review as unbiased as possible, whilst sharing my personal experience with Kasamba and their psychics. 

So without further ado, let’s get into the details: 

What is Kasamba?

With a solid reputation, Kasamba is an online psychic service that’s been around for the last 20 years and has helped over 3 million people during that time. 

They offer the services of psychics to help with a range of life problems, and the psychics are accessible to give a reading through:

  • Email. Request and receive readings through the convenience of email. Also handy to keep and refer back to in the future.
  • Voice call. For a more personal touch, speak directly with a psychic.
  • Online instant chat. Very convenient, especially if you’re on the move but still want to chat to a psychic from the comfort of your phone or laptop.

This means no more traipsing around the neighborhood to find a reliable psychic. Kasamba psychics have all undergone a thorough screening process and must be qualified in their abilities/expertise to offer their services on the site. 

At the heart of Kasamba is a desire to help people align themselves with what they want from life, and resolve/heal any issues they are experiencing. 

And with a comprehensive list of psychics to choose from, the possibility of not finding a suitable psychic remains very low. 

Get 3 Free Minutes With a Kasamba Psychic Here

Who are their psychics?

It’s normal to question the validity of any psychic. 

After all, you wouldn’t hire an electrician or a lawyer without first checking their credentials, and the same applies to seeking a psychic reading. 

So the short answer is yes — Kasamba psychics are legit and this legitimacy is backed by their numerous customer ratings. I can also confirm after having my reading that I don’t doubt the validity of the psychics’ abilities.  

As you can see at the bottom, ratings are only counted if the person has paid for a session. 

Now, I can’t account for every psychic on the site, but the two psychics I spoke to were knowledgeable and clearly well-experienced in their respective fields. 

And finally, with over 20 years of service, it’s in Kasamba’s best interests to only hire legit and reliable psychics. They rely on the positive ratings of customers, so have nothing to gain by hiring fake ones. 

Why I went to see a psychic

I’m at a point in life where my decisions matter more than ever. No longer completely young and carefree, yet not in the peak of my mature wisdom years either. 

It’s a confusing, at times scary place to be. So rather than venture it alone I wanted to get some sound advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Family and friends are too biased at this point. 

Especially when it comes to my love life. 

So, after being recommended to check out the site, and seeing the excellent reviews of the psychics on Kasamba, I thought, why not? I’ll give it a go. I have nothing to lose at this point. 

The truth is, my relationship was on the rocks. Constant lockdowns put pressure on a relationship that’s been strained for some time now. I’m sure many can relate to this.

I had two options:

  • Stay with my partner, the person I dreamt I’d be with forever, and continue navigating these rocky waters to see if we reach a better place in the future. 


  • Start again. Put the pain of this relationship behind me and rediscover who I am alone. It’d be scary, but who knows what the future holds? 

Now, it’s important to note: I didn’t go to a psychic to be told exactly what to do. I went because all I need is a little guidance, a little glimmer of hope that one of these paths will serve me better than the other. 

And that’s what I got. Real, genuine advice. 

But more than that, I left feeling strangely optimistic, a lot more than I’ve felt over the last two years. I appreciated the tact and compassion shown by the psychic, and above all, her honesty. 

Get 3 Free Minutes With a Kasamba Psychic Here

Who Kasamba can help

Kasamba offers a range of services for a range of problems. Here’s a quick breakdown of the popular topics covered:

  • Love and Relationships. Covers everything from breakups and divorce, to soulmate connections and couples with kids. They can basically help with any type of relationship issue. Getting clarity on a relationship problem is why I used Kasamba.
  • Dream Analysis. Dream interpretation can shed light on your inner desires and fears. Psychics can break down common themes and help you understand the meaning behind symbols that appear in recurring dreams
  • Career Forecasts. Talking to a psychic will reveal whether you’re making the right career choices and can shed light on where your career will take you in the future. Also useful if you want to change careers and align yourself with your passion.
  • Paranormal Experiences. For those who have experienced paranormal activity, psychics can reveal the truth behind these unusual phenomena and offer guidance and support.
  • Religious Readings. Find your true spiritual path and seek guidance on how best to connect with your spirituality.
  • Pets and Animals. Understand your pet’s soul energy, build deeper connections with the animals you love, and consider family. Also useful if you want to understand the behavior of your pet.
  • Past Life Readings. Find out how your past life shapes your present, whether you experienced soulmate love in the past, and how to heal traumas from a past life.
  • New Age Spirituality. Psychics can offer guidance on finding fulfillment and enlightenment. Bring out inner empowerment by removing blocks and revealing whether you’re on the right path in spirituality.
  • Numerology Readings. Discover the meanings behind significant numbers in your life, whether it’s your birth date or combinations that keep appearing throughout your life. 

Kasamba is for you if….

  • You’re open to having a psychic experience
  • You’re willing to try alternative methods to resolve your issues 
  • You want to speak to someone genuine and experienced in their field 
  • You’re prepared to open up about your life and what’s troubling you 
  • You recognize that psychics won’t be able to offer solutions straight up on a plate, but will guide you to making the right choices 

Kasamba isn’t for you if…

  • You expect a quick fix to all your problems with little personal involvement 
  • You don’t believe in the power of psychic abilities 
  • You’re not open to hearing uncomfortable truths about your life 

With that in mind, I think most people can benefit from using the services on Kasamba. Whether you want help with grieving over the love of a lost one, getting your relationship back on track, or figuring out what your next career move is, the topics cover the most common issues. 

And as with most experiences, it comes down to how open you are to seeking guidance away from conventional methods. I personally don’t have much experience with psychics, but I was willing to be open-minded and see where it took me. 

Get 3 Free Minutes With a Kasamba Psychic Here

How Kasamba works

Above I listed the topics covered by the psychics on Kasamba, and now I’ll break down the different services offered:

Psychic readings

These are the most popular services on the site and can be broken down into the following:

  • Aura Readings
  • Crystal Readings
  • Pet Psychics
  • Psychic Mediums
  • Rune Casting
  • UK Psychics

When clicking on each psychics profile, you can learn more about their area of expertise and see if they’ll make a good match for your problems. 

Love readings

Love and relationships are complicated and by far one of the most pressing issues on most people’s minds and hearts. At Kasamba, you can speak to a psychic about the following issues:

  • Breaking-up and divorce
  • Cheating and affairs
  • Marital life
  • Parents and Children
  • Single and Dating
  • Soulmate Connections

Tarot card readings

For peace of mind and clarity over your life, tarot cards can provide useful insights with plenty of detail to take away from a reading. Kasamba offers:

  • Cartomancy 
  • Angel Card Reading 

Fortune telling

With over 180 psychics available for fortune-telling on Kasamba, it’s the ideal way to learn more about your future.

Astrology readings

Find out about your present and future based on your birth date. Kasamba offers two different types of astrology readings:

  • Chinese Astrology 
  • Vedic Astrology 

Other services include: 

The Kasamba App

Another great feature of Kasamba is their free app, available on both Android and iPhone. This allows you to connect with psychics wherever you are from your mobile phone or tablet.

The app also has fantastic reviews (over 10,000 on the Apple Store) — it’s an easy-to-use interface and offers the same services as the webpage. 

Get 3 Free Minutes With a Kasamba Psychic Here

How much does Kasamba cost?

The prices on Kasamba range from $1.50 per minute to $25 per minute. These are determined by three factors:

  • The reputation of the psychic. Most psychics have thousands of positive reviews and are well-recommended.
  • The area of their expertise. Training in astrology or tarot card reading, for example, takes years of studying.
  • How many years of experience the psychic has. The more experience a psychic has in their field, the higher the rate tends to be.

Psychics with thousands of positive reviews, years in the field, and extensive training will naturally charge more. But that doesn’t mean the cheaper psychics are less accurate with their readings; they just haven’t amassed the following or ratings to back charging a higher rate. 

So, how much it’ll cost will depend on the psychic you choose, and how long you spend conversing with them. 

On Kasamba you’ll be offered a free live psychic reading trial of 3 minutes with each new psychic you try when you sign up. That comes in handy when you’re testing out different psychics — prepare some questions to start off with and you can make use of the free time. 

New customers are also offered 15% off their first session in addition to the free 3 minutes. Note that the 3-minute offer is only available on chat. 

My personal experience with Kasamba

I mentioned earlier that I chose to speak to a psychic because I was experiencing relationship problems (although it’d be more accurate to say my relationship was clearly failing). 

So part of me was apprehensive when choosing a psychic. I didn’t want someone to just tell me everything will be okay. Nor did I want to be told to “ditch him and move on” without any solid reason as to why I should. 

It was also essential that whoever I spoke to needed to be genuine. I didn’t want to spend time and money on someone who makes a series of predictions that could apply to anyone’s life. 

So with that in mind, I’ve broken down the process of speaking to a psychic on Kasamba:

The search 

After signing up and linking my Paypal (card is also accepted), I started looking through the different psychics and their profiles, under the section “Breaking Up and Divorce”. I knew there would be the possibility of having to try different psychics until I found the right one. 

Luckily, I hit the jackpot on my second meeting. 

  • The first psychic I spoke to was friendly, polite, but we just didn’t have a connection. I realized it after a few minutes of speaking, and he was courteous and understanding when I told him I didn’t think it’d work out.
  • The second psychic was a woman who I instantly clicked with. She had an energy about her that made me feel as if we’ve known each other for years. From the first conversation, I felt that I could trust her. 

Now, I didn’t go for the cheapest nor the most expensive psychic on the site. I have to admit, I started by searching and clicking on the profiles of psychics who had good reviews but also a friendly face (isn’t it always nicer to speak to someone who looks kind and inviting?). 

I narrowed it down to about five, a mix of men and women, all with a healthy amount of experience and positive reviews. Some people might prefer to pay a little more and feel the security of a well seasoned psychic, others might take the cheaper route, but there are psychics to suit every budget. 

My psychic reading

I opted for calls with both psychics — chat seems like a great option especially if you’re not in a position to talk directly, but I wanted it to be more personal.

I started by explaining the problems I was experiencing:

  • The fact that my partner and I struggle to have a normal conversation without ending in a fight. 
  • The fact that I have an opportunity to move out and make a fresh start. 
  • And lastly, the fact that I don’t know what I want. 

After listening patiently, my psychic gently asked a few questions. These weren’t specific to start with, but more about what I wanted out of life. What matters the most to me. What I feel holds me back from achieving a life that brings happiness and fulfillment. 

Then she went into detail. Here’s a summary of how the call went:

  • In total, our call lasted about 20 minutes. It doesn’t sound like a long time, but she got the point pretty quickly (which I appreciated since they charge by the minute). 
  • She read my energy and was able to identify where the source of my confusion was coming from. She also touched upon my partner, how he was feeling and what the real root of our issues were. 
  • I was impressed. This woman who I had never spoken to before managed to sum up me and my partner in less than half an hour. She didn’t make sweeping statements about us — nothing sounded generic. 

Overall, I felt comfortable talking to her. I didn’t need to pry her for more information or detail. She laid out what possibilities lay ahead for me, both in my relationship or if I chose to be single, and gave me guidance on how to make my decision.

Did it help me?

I left the reading feeling comforted. She was realistic, yet warm and reassuring at the same time. She made it clear that whichever path I took, it came down to my relationship with myself that needs attention. 

With her advice in mind, I decided against taking any rash decisions. My partner and I agreed to some time apart, time for me to face my inner demons, and for him to do the same. During this time, I got to experience what my life would be like if we broke up for good. 

I realized:

  • We weren’t unhappy with each other. We were unhappy with ourselves.
  • We needed to work in “alone time” since we both work from home and neither of us had clear boundaries or personal time for ourselves. 
  • Leaving isn’t the only alternative. Her advice made me realize neither of us wanted that, we just needed a change.

So more than anything, I’m grateful for her guidance. It wasn’t judgemental, it wasn’t persuasive, it was just real. 

And it stopped me from potentially ending what is now a relationship filled with more love and trust than it was before.

Get 3 Free Minutes With a Kasamba Psychic Here 

The pros and cons of Kasamba

So now we’ve covered the main points of how Kasamba works and what my experience was like, I’ve put together the pros and cons before I give my final verdict:

The pros of Kasamba:

  • The diverse range of psychics to choose from. Although it can be hard to narrow down your choice, it’s always better to have more to choose from than a limited pool of experts. 
  • Ease of use. Signing up, navigating the website, and setting up a reading are all simple and easy to achieve. It’s also mobile-friendly which is a bonus. 
  • The different forms of psychic readings. Connect with a psychic over chat, email, or voice call, all from the comfort of your home. 
  • Professional, genuine psychics. Whilst I can only vouch for the couple of psychics I spoke to first hand, the reviews confirm that these psychics are well trained and experienced in their respective fields. 
  • The price range suits all budgets. Psychic readings are available to everyone, not just those who can afford their (traditionally) expensive prices. 
  • The blog. With articles on relationships, astrology, personal development, and more, there’s plenty to learn from the blog section alone. 


The cons of Kasamba:

  • There are hardly any negative reviews. At first glance, this can appear suspicious, but I did go through many reviews and there are negative comments nestled in for lower-ranking psychics. 
  • There isn’t a video call option. Voice call is great, but I’m sure some people prefer to see the psychic and talk face to face. 
  • Not all psychics offer all the reading options. Some psychics are only available over chat or email. 
  • Refunds are only offered in the form of credit. If you’re unsatisfied with a reading, you can get your money back but it won’t be refunded into your original payment method. 

Get 3 Free Minutes With a Kasamba Psychic Here

Are there any alternatives to Kasamba?

If Kasamba doesn’t feel like the right fit for you, here are a couple of other well-known and reputable psychic sites to check out:

Psychic Source

Psychic Source offers a range of psychic services; clairvoyance readings, horoscopes, tarot cards, dream interpretation, energy work, and more. 

They cover popular topics such as:

  • Love and Soulmates 
  • Sex and Intimacy
  • Breakups and Divorce 
  • Cheating and Affairs 
  • LGBT Relationships 
  • Family (sibling/parental) Issues 
  • Toxic Relationships 
  • Social Media Issues 

It’s an easy-to-navigate site and includes a blog section like Kasamba has, with a variety of subjects to read up on. The psychics tend to have fantastic feedback, although there’s no filter to find psychics based solely on their reviews. 


  • 3 minutes free for the first paid reading and rates as low as $1 (for new customers) and a money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with a reading
  • The diverse number of psychics available covering a range of topics — also available to speak face to face with a psychic using video call
  • Every psychic on site has a minimum of 10 years of experience and undergoes a rigorous screening process


  • Not all psychics are available for video call readings
  • Some psychics are quite expensive (but still in line with other psychic websites)
Kasamba  Psychic Source 
Has been around for 20 years  Has been around for 30 years 
Prices range from $1.50 – $25 per minute Prices range from $1 – $19 per minute
Offers voice call, chat, and email Offers video call, voice call, and chat
285 psychics on site 317 psychics on site 


Another psychic site that’s been around for a considerable amount of time, Keen offers several services. Some of which include:

  • Love and Relationships 
  • Financial Issues 
  • Life Questions 
  • Dream Interpretation 
  • Pets and Animals 
  • Past Lives and Reincarnation 

The website is simple. In terms of filtering, I didn’t find it as easy as Kasamba or Psychic Source when it came to breaking down the topics above, but I did like the breakdown of each psychic’s experience and ratings. 


  • 3 minutes free for new users and a money-back guarantee if not satisfied. Also, an offer of  a 10 minute reading for $1.99 when you first sign up
  • Psychics appear to be kind and sympathetic with in-detail profiles explaining their expertise and approaches to healing 
  • Handy quiz to help match you with the right psychic.


  • No video call or email option is available 
  • Some psychics are considerably more expensive (heading into the $40/$50 range)
  • Not all psychics appear to accept the 3-minute free offer.
Kasamba  Keen 
Has been around for 20 years  Has been around for 20 years
Prices range from $1.50 – $25 per minute Prices range from $1.99 – $50 per minute
Offers voice call, chat, and email Offers voice call or chat
285 psychics on site 1,700 psychics on site 

California Psychics

Another reputable site, California Psychics offers a full breakdown of their services and why their psychics should be trusted. They offer help in the following areas:

  • Love and Relationships 
  • Career and Finances 
  • Past Life Guidance 
  • Deceased Loved Ones
  • Life Path Guidance
  • Missing person/objects 

The site is fairly easy to navigate, with the different topics and psychic abilities broken down so you can easily search for what you’re looking for. For first time customers, there are three different offers:

Popular psychics – $1/pm

Preferred psychics – $2/pm

Premium psychics – $4/pm

This discount is based on a 20-minute purchase (required). 


  • Psychics are put through a rigorous screening process and continuously reevaluated throughout their time on the site 
  • The quick and easy quiz helps match you to the right psychic 
  • In detail guides and tips on how to make the most out of a psychic reading/experience
  • Points system where you can earn rewards for using the site.


  • A limited number of psychics compared to other websites 
  • No video call or email options. 
Kasamba  California Psychics 
Has been around for 20 years  Has been around for 26 years
Prices range from $1.50 – $25 per minute Prices range from $1 – $15 per minute
Offers voice call, chat, and email Offers voice call or chat
285 psychics on site 150 psychics on site 

Get 3 Free Minutes With a Kasamba Psychic Here

Is Kasamba a scam?

There’s no shortage of psychic websites online, so it’s natural to question whether Kasamba is legit or a scam. I’ll start by confirming that I’ve used the site and I can vouch for them being a legitimate company. 

I would still recommend doing your own research though. I always do and it puts my mind at ease, especially before paying for a service. 

According to the Kasamba website, they’ve helped over 3 million in the 20 years they’ve been around. This is believable given the number of paying customers who leave reviews for each psychic, and they hold a solid reputation within the psychic industry. 

From my personal experience, the psychics I spoke to were incredibly genuine and gifted. 

And even though they’re not going to fix all your life problems in one go, they can help guide you along a path to making better choices for yourself. I didn’t walk away feeling like my relationships had been completely resolved, but I did leave feeling hopeful. 

I had possibilities. I finally felt a plan coming together, which is a wonderful feeling when you’ve been stuck in a rut for so long! 

In the end, the psychic’s advice turned out to be true. So, for me, there’s no better confirmation that she knew what she was talking about. 

Get 3 Free Minutes With a Kasamba Psychic Here

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I was blown away by how kind, empathetic, and genuinely helpful my coach was.

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