Is it weird to be single at 30? Here’s why it’s okay

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Single at 30?

Being pressured by your family to settle down?

Starting to wonder if it’s normal to be single at your age?

Don’t worry, it’s totally okay to be single at 30 because 30 is the new 20! Just relax and enjoy yourself because there are plenty of benefits to being single at your age.

Let’s take a look at 30 reasons why it’s great to be single at 30:

1) You’re just starting the best years of your life

Research shows that people are happiest in their 30s!

Think about it:

  • Your teenage years were awkward – your body was changing, you had pimples, and you were discovering your sexuality.
  • Your twenties were about discovering yourself and beginning to figure out what kind of life you want.

Now, in your 30s, you’ve finished your studies, you have a job, you have your own place, you know who you are – what you like and what you don’t.

Your 30s are about enjoying all the good things that life has to offer.

2) You can do whatever you want

If you’re single at 30, then you can do whatever you want (well, almost anything).

You don’t have to explain your life choices to anyone. You can eat what you want, wear what you want, and do what you want.

Check this out: If you want to spend your weekend in bed watching TV, you can. If you decide to move across the country and start a new life, you can. There’s nothing and no one to stop you from being impulsive, being lazy, or following your dream.

In short, being single at 30 equals freedom.

3) You haven’t settled

Congratulations! If you’re 30 and single it means that you haven’t settled for someone that’s “good enough” like some of your friends might have done.

You’re still holding out for THE ONE!

You might find them when you least expect it. Feel free to set the bar high.

But how can you know for sure you’ve met your soulmate?

The truth is:

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4) You can go out partying with your friends wherever you want

Now, I’m not saying that people that are in a relationship can’t go out with their friends, but it definitely isn’t as often as they want to or whenever they feel like it.

This is your time to get wild, get crazy, and have the time of your life with your other single friends.

You don’t have to rush home to your partner and kids; you’re free and answer to no one. Trust me, your married friends will envy you.

5) You’re more attractive than ever

At 30, you’re finally comfortable in your own skin! You’ve accepted your flaws, but you also know how to flaunt your best features.

When you get dressed, you know what works for your body type.

You have healthy self-esteem.

What’s more, you know how to present yourself in social situations.

You’re not afraid to be yourself. This is why people are attracted to you and want to get to know you better.

6) Your bed is yours (you sleep better)

Here’s a fun fact: Single people sleep better than people in a relationship.


Well, it’s kinda obvious!

  • First, they don’t have to fight over space, they can spread out any way they want, even sleep stretched out diagonally!
  • Second, they don’t have to fight for the covers when it’s cold.
  • Third, they don’t have to deal with someone radiating too much heat in the middle of summer.
  • Finally, they don’t have to deal with someone who snores, grinds their teeth, talks in their sleep, or worst of all – does all three things.

The bottom line is that single people sleep like babies.

7) You have time to socialize outside work

If you want to go out with some colleagues for a drink after work, you can. You don’t have to rush home to your significant other – you’re 30 and single!

If you want to spend the weekend hiking with your friends, you can. You don’t have to take the kids for the playdates or go to the farmers market for groceries with your spouse.

You have the freedom to go out and meet new people, enjoy your hobbies, and socialize in your free time.

8) You can focus on your career

Being single at 30 means that you have time to focus on your career.

You don’t have to rush home after work to your family or feel guilty for working late.

You worked hard to complete your studies and you spent your twenties doing cra**y jobs that made little money.

You’ve spent the last few years working your way up the ladder to get to where you are at work and now, you’re close to the top!

And the best part? You can focus on making partner, running your own division, or even starting your own business without feeling guilty for putting work first.

It’s not always easy to juggle a career and family.

9) You’re not scared to be alone

Being single means having flexibility and options, which allows you to pursue your goals and desires.

It means that you can do what makes you happy, whether it’s traveling, taking up a new hobby, or volunteering at your community center.

Being alone is better than being with the wrong somebody.

There’s a reason that many people don’t find fulfillment in relationships – they’re reliant on their partner for happiness and not themselves.

But when you learn to trust yourself and tap into the incredible pool of personal power within you, you’ll find what you’ve been searching for all along.

You see, we all have an amazing amount of potential. We’re all capable of achieving more than we realize. Happiness is in reach, we just look for it in all the wrong places.

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10) You have time for your family

Because you’re single, it means that you don’t have to split your time between your partner and their family, and your family.

  • Make Sunday lunch a weekly thing with your parents.
  • Hang out with your brothers and sisters.
  • If you’re lucky enough to still have your grandparents, spend more time with them!

Family is precious so enjoy your time with them while you can.

11) Your time is yours

You might be thinking to yourself, “Well, of course, my time is mine, whose would it be?”

But here’s the thing: When you’re in a relationship, you have to share your time with your partner (and kids if you have any) and you have to compromise.

And that means that you’ll be giving up some things for them. It’s inevitable – you can’t spend all your time with your friends, working, or immersed in your hobbies.

If you’re in a relationship, then at some point you’ll have to say no to something because it’s not a good fit for your partner.

All in all, when you’re in a relationship, your time isn’t yours alone. You will always be thinking about your partner (and kids) and how you can accommodate their needs.

12) You’re free to date

Take it from someone who’s been in a relationship for a while – dating can be fun!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my partner and being with them, but sometimes I miss the rush of dating.

I miss flirting. I miss the butterflies in my tummy, and I miss the unknown – the “what if?”

So enjoy dating while you can, because once you are in a committed relationship, no more first dates, first kisses, first anything.

13) You have time to make new friends

The fact that you’re not tied down means that you can build new friendships.

In my experience, when you’re in a relationship, you don’t really have time to make new friends. You spend your time with the friends you made in high school and college or hanging out with your partner’s friends.

You miss out on new people from different walks of life, new experiences – new friendships. 

That’s why it’s great to be single at 30, you get to make new friends.

14) You have time for hobbies

Yeah, you’re single at 30 – it’s the perfect time to take up anything from pottery to jazz dance to guitar to skydiving.

Whatever it is that you’ve been wanting to try for years but have been putting off, now is the time.

I mean, think about it, if you wait any longer, you’ll miss your chance – you’ll be too busy changing diapers and carpooling kids to soccer practice.

15) You can wear what you want

You can wear what you want because you don’t have to please anyone but yourself.

You’re free from societal pressures of what a good wife or mother should look like or how a good husband or boyfriend should dress.

You can wear whatever makes you feel good.

I know it sounds insignificant, but it’s one of those small freedoms you get to enjoy when you’re single.

16) You don’t have to compromise

Being single at 30 means that you don’t have to make compromises. You can live life according to your own criteria.

You see, when you’re in a relationship, you’ll find yourself compromising about a lot of little things (like what you’re gonna watch on TV), but also, a lot of the things that really matter to you.

You’ll find yourself saying yes when you really want to say no.

When you’re in a relationship and grounded in that shared life with your partner, it’s hard to disagree with them or say no. You want to make them happy and keep the peace.

17) You can be selfish

Trust me, there’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first and being a little selfish while you can.

When you’re in a committed relationship, you have to think about your partner and their needs. But when you’re single and 30, you can be selfish.

You don’t have to share the last piece of cake, you can have it all to yourself. If you want to watch your favorite TV show, there’s nobody to stop you.

In essence: If you feel like buying yourself something expensive that you don’t need, then do it, be selfish.

18) You have an easier time going out on dates

You’ve got experience.

You know what you like and what you don’t like.

You are more confident.

You know what red flags to look out for when you’re out on a date.

In short, dating when you’re 30 is a lot easier than it used to be when you were in your twenties.

19) You travel wherever, whenever

There’s no better time to travel than when you’re single in your 30s.

Traveling when you’re in a relationship isn’t always possible.

You see, you may find that your partner doesn’t have the same desire to see the world as you do. Or maybe they don’t have money to spend on traveling.

There’s also a question of synchronizing your free time. And don’t get me started on traveling once you have kids. Vacation at Disneyland anyone?

20) Your living space is yours

On the one hand, if you’re a bit of a neat freak, there’s nobody to make a mess around the house.

On the other hand, if you’re not into tidying up and like to leave your clothes on the floor or let the dishes pile up, well then, there’s nobody to nag you about it.

What’s more, you also can decorate your home however you like. You don’t have to compromise with your partner when it comes to style.

21) You have time to get to know yourself

Being single in your 30s means that you have the time to get in touch with yourself.

You can find out what you really like – what your true passions are, what you don’t like, and who you really are.

It means meditation retreats, traveling, meeting new people, and trying new things.

22) You are more confident

You’re single at 30, it means that you’re confident.

You’ve traveled the world, spent time alone, made friends, and developed yourself into the person that you are.

You’ve said goodbye to the old you and now you see a future full of possibilities.

You’re not scared that someone won’t like you because you like yourself. You’re not easily swayed by compliments, flattery, or sweet nothings.

You understand what you’re looking for and you know that the right person will appreciate your strengths and love every bit of you.

If they don’t, then they aren’t the one for you.

23) You know the difference between sex and love

Remember how easily you used to fall in love? How every person you went out with was “the one”?

The great thing about being single at 30 means that you are wiser and know the difference between casual sex and love.

You know that you have to have an emotional connection with a partner to make it work.

You don’t want a relationship where you just share physical intimacy. You want someone who truly understands and loves you for who you are, your personality, your flaws, your quirks, and your habits.

When you’re in your 30s, there’s still time for love. There are still many opportunities for meeting the right person for you.

24) You understand your own sexuality

You’ve done your share of experimenting, which means you understand what you like and what you don’t.

You know what feels good and how to get there.

You’re open to discovering new things but also know your limits.

25) You’re free to meet new people

It’s no secret that being single at 30 is great for a lot of reasons.

One benefit of it is that you feel more confident and have a bit more freedom with who you date.

You don’t feel like you have to choose between settling down and having fun.

As a result, when it’s time to meet new people, your experience makes it easier for you to be selective.

26) You don’t care so much about what other people think                              

The good thing about being single and 30 is that you don’t care as much as you used to about what other people think about you.

You do what you want, wear what you want, go where you want, and see whomever you please. You no longer care much about other people’s opinions of you and it’s such a relief!

If someone thinks it’s weird that you’re still single, that’s their problem, not yours.

The only opinions you care about are those of the people dearest to you.

27) You’ve worked out a lot of issues that were holding you back

In your twenties, there may have been things that were holding you back from pursuing your goals or having a functional relationship.

Hopefully, now that you’re in your 30s, you’ve managed to work out or at least recognize most of those issues and are on your way to being a happier and better version of yourself.

28) You finally have enough money to buy whatever you want     

You’re finally making enough money to eat at fancy restaurants and wear expensive clothes – enjoy it while you’re still single.

Once you’re married with kids, you’ll have to spend your hard-earned money on paying your mortgage, tuition, and other “grown-up” expenses.

29) You don’t have to deal with in-laws

Unless you end up being one of the lucky few people that get along with their in-laws, you should be happy that you don’t have in-laws to deal with yet.

From them trying to control your life to having to spend the holidays with them rather than your own parents, in-laws can be a real pain. So enjoy your freedom while you still can.

30) The best is yet to come

You’ve got your whole life ahead of you and the best is yet to come.

You’ve got travel ahead of you. A career. Adventure. You can look forward to finding your soulmate and starting a family.

People used to rush things before, but it’s 2022 and you’ve got all the time in the world, so enjoy being single at 30!

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