12 signs he is thinking about you even though we don’t talk

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You know that feeling — you’re scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed and suddenly, there he is. 

You can’t help but smile while remembering some good times with him. 

You might be wondering, if he thinks about you. Such a question will be answered through these 15 signs.

1) He likes your posts on your social media

Was he an ex-boyfriend? Someone you’ve dated a couple of times but things didn’t work out? Or maybe a guy you’ve met once and exchanged contacts with?

Whatever he is in your life, he is present on at least one of your social media accounts, whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

So, the fact that he likes all your posts is a sign that you’re on his mind. Even if it’s just a “like” without any comments or words, it still means that you’re in contact. He’s aware of your presence and is remembering you. Not a bad thing, right?

Even though you don’t really talk, he is definitely thinking of you and is updated on your life.

Maybe he is checking how you’re doing. Maybe he is trying to know more about you. Whatever the reason, he still thinks about you and it has something to do with your social media presence.

The two of you aren’t really talking, but he still likes to see how you’re doing.

2) He asks about you

This is especially true when you have one or a few friends in common. He can just casually ask about you and pretend not to be that interested in what his friends have to say.

This is an indirect way of asking about you and making sure that you’re okay. The reason can be anything from concern to interest in knowing you better. And this interest definitely shows that he is thinking of you.

He might have realized that he doesn’t really know you too well, so he is asking about you again. Hey, maybe you’re his type! 

So don’t be surprised if one of your friends tells you that he asked about you a few days ago, or they might even send a screenshot of their conversation and show that he mentioned your name or it comes up a lot. 

But if your mutual friends are not telling you about this, perhaps he’s doing it in secret. He doesn’t want to be obvious about his interest in you.

It doesn’t change the fact though that he still thinks about you, just that he’s being sneaky about it.

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4) He posts something that you like

No, he doesn’t know you really well. It could be just a coincidence that he posts about something similar to what you like. But it could be that he really intended to post it.

Perhaps he’s even trying to be cute by showing you that he made a new recipe that you like because you love food. Or maybe a song of a band or an artist that you’ve shared once in your feed. 

This is his way of getting your attention or to make you like his posts. It’s a way for him to be in your world. 

He might be testing the waters and see if he can join your everyday life or take an interest in what you do. It would explain why he is posting things that you like or at least share on social media.

In this case, this is an indirect attempt of telling you that he thinks about you even though it’s really hard for him to say it verbally.

5) You have a dream about him

This is one of the clearest signs that he is thinking about you. You don’t even need to be dating. 

Perhaps you two were never really a couple – you just had a fun time together once or twice and then life had separated you. 

But maybe you’re always on his mind and it can be one of those things that make you dream about him

Dreams are triggers that you don’t realize and they can reveal information that you don’t know. They could be the result of the things that you were thinking about or focused on before your slumber, in which you can send your energy to the person you’re thinking of.

As for this one, it’s obvious that he has a hold over your mind and there is no way for him to avoid being present in your dreams. He has been thinking of you that he can invade your mind and make himself present in a dream.

He hasn’t forgotten you despite the distance between the two of you. 

You see, the same thing happens when you are in love – your mind is preoccupied with thoughts of this person and it sometimes becomes a dream. 

Dreams happen in our mind – in our consciousness. They are the result of the things that we have been thinking about in real life, even if it doesn’t seem so.

6) He once drunk text or call you

Have you ever gotten a text or call from someone who was drunk?

Sometimes, people get drunk and lose their minds and that’s when they call or text their ex or the person in their mind. That’s the time when someone opens up about their true feelings

Of course, you will be confused at first getting a text or call from him all of a sudden – until you will realize that he was just drunk and didn’t realize that he was texting you. Or he actually wanted to tell you something but the intoxication got the best of him in the process.

Maybe you’ve gotten a text or call because he actually misses you and just had a lot of feelings bottled up inside him that he couldn’t tell to your face.

So if you ever got a drunk phone call or text from him, expect that he will tell you everything once he sobers up. But, it’s also possible that he won’t since he’s finally sober and he’ll be too embarrassed after knowing that he tried to reach out to you the night before.

7) He always accepts when you invite him to events or places

This is a sign that he thinks about you, even if he’s not in your life. 

You really don’t talk, but every time you invite him to do something and he accepts – it’s like he just cannot miss it. 

Maybe it’s that he wants to prove to you that he also misses you and will always be there for you no matter how far apart the two of you are. 

But another possibility is that he really does want to see you or do something with you. He doesn’t want to decline your invitation since it’s an opportunity to get closer to you.

There is just something about you that lures him in and makes him think of you, so he can’t say no. 

The bottom line is – he’s thinking about it, so he will always accept any invitation that is given to him.

8) He stalks your social media

In this age of online, it’s quite easy to stalk someone. There are those who will post their whole lives online which makes it easier for people to know what they’re up to.

This is one of those things that men usually do. They try to find out what you’re up to by stalking most of your social media profiles.

So if this man is stalking your social media, then he’s probably thinking about you a lot. He wants to have an idea of what you’re doing in life. He might be trying to figure out if there’s a possibility that you two could work things out or try again.

What can he do? You don’t talk anymore and you are still in his mind and wants to know how you’re doing. So the easiest way to do it is to just check your social media because it’s also a way for him to get to know you better and what kind of person you really are.

9) He starts to compliment you a little more

The fact that he compliments you more means that he is definitely not forgetting about you and is very aware of your presence. 

Maybe it’ll be a pleasant surprise that the two of you run to each other in unexpected places. But once he sees you again, he will definitely give you a compliment or a smile.

It’s a sign that he thinks of you and wants to tell you how beautiful or nice you are every time he sees you again – even if it’s not planned. He’ll compliment how you changed your hair, or the clothes that you’re wearing.

It’s a great way to make you feel special and tell you that he still thinks of you. 

He’s trying very hard but will try to do so without seeming obvious and getting caught by your friends or the people around him.

Don’t let this sense of his attention go unnoticed. After all, not all men like to compliment a girl – he’s probably saying this with the intention of letting you know that he’s not forgetting you.

10) He wants to hang out with you

You two haven’t talked much, but he keeps looking for ways to hang out. Maybe it’s just one of those “Hey, let’s hang out!” kinds of things or maybe it’s a date that was suggested by mutual friends.

But that might not be enough. What if he wants to meet up with you in person and alone? He doesn’t want to sound too eager, so he’ll ask how you’ve been doing instead of outright asking for a date.

Thing is, he actually wants to hang out with you! But in case he’s not really sure if it’s a date or not, he won’t tell you or will say that it’s only pure friendship.

Either way, it’s clear that he wants to see you and spend time with you.

He’s just making sure that the two of you are still on good terms and it won’t be awkward. He’s still interested in knowing you better and who knows? 

It could lead to something more.

11) He always checks how you’re doing when you don’t talk for a while

So you guys haven’t talked for a while, but you’ve seen each other on social media and he’s even posted something about your favorite celebrity. It could be a coincidence, but it could also mean that he actually checks what you are up to.

He won’t just say “Hey, how are you?” when there’s no reason to do so. He might just be curious to know what you’re doing.

After not talking for a while, he just wants to know how you’ve been and wants to check if you’ve been doing well. He doesn’t want to sound too desperate and he knows that you’re probably busy with your busy lives.

12) He will try to make you jealous

This is one of those things that are just out there. 

He can be the kind of guy who will try to make you jealous so he’ll be in your mind just like you are in his.

To make you jealous, he will try to:

  •  post some photos on social media in order to make you check his profile and see what he’s up to
  •  talk to another girl if the two of you are in the same place such as a bar or coffee shop
  •  get another girl’s attention even if he knows that she’s not interested
  •  flirt with another girl just to see how you feel about it, and how you react
  •  talk about how good-looking or how cute another girl is

Not all men are the same. So his actions will vary from person to person as well.

He’s just using these to get his point across – he wants you to know what he’s up to and he wants you to be aware of it.

When his mind is on you even though you don’t talk

Now that we’ve got the basics, let’s get to the point – why does a man think about you even though you don’t talk to him? 

  •  Because he wants to clear a few things up. 

He’s thinking about you and wants to make sure that there is no tension between the two of you. In short, he’s trying to make sure that it’s alright between the two of you.

  • He might be wondering what made you leave him or what made him leave you in the first place. 

He might still be hoping that things will get better between the two of you again, but he just has to figure it out for himself first.

  • He’s just curious about you and wants to see how your life is going. 

He’s still interested in knowing how much you’ve grown and how far you’ve gone with your career or where you are in your life right now.

  • He wants to see if the two of you can still be friends or maybe even better friends. 

He misses talking with you and he believes that it’s possible to start over again if the two of you can just talk about things instead of ignoring each other completely.

Final words

If you’re not talking to him, it doesn’t mean that he’s already forgotten you.

If you’ve checked the signs above, he still thinks of you every now and then. 

Now that you’re aware, you can try to talk to him and make things. But if you don’t want to, then just enjoy the fact that he thinks of you even though the two of you are not together.

All that he’s doing is indicating how much he misses your company and wants to be back in your life, even just as a friend. He misses what the two of you used to have but doesn’t want to bring it up because it might be awkward.

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