15 reasons you should ignore her when she goes cold (and how to do it)

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The sooner you see a woman going cold on you, the better. It signals that something is wrong and she needs to work through her thoughts or feelings.

From being bored of your conversation to feel pressured or uncomfortable, she’s signaling that things need to change.

If we aren’t getting what we want from this interaction as a man, we have one of two choices: either change what we are doing or walk away.

By not doing things the way she wants, you’re showing her that you don’t need her as much as she needs you.

Here are 15 reasons why women should be ignored when she goes cold

Let’s dive in.

1) It will allow her to learn the proper way to behave

When a woman is going cold on you, she is attempting to find out where you stand on a certain matter.

If you give in and do what she wants, she will know that her actions are acceptable and will become more likely to do it again to see if it works.

If, however, you set the boundary for this behavior as unacceptable, she will either change her mind about doing it or slowly work towards being more accommodating.

2) You don’t have time to deal with them

If you are constantly dealing with women who suddenly go cold on you, you are spending too much time on them.

Do you need to ask yourself if she is worth getting involved with?

If she is, then spend enough time with her to find out if this is someone you can see yourself dating for a couple of months or more.

If she isn’t going to be around for a long period, don’t waste your time on her.

The fact is if she isn’t interested in you so why waste your time? If she doesn’t like you now, she won’t like you in the long run.

As an alternative, get over her and find a woman who appreciates all the effort you put into making yourself a better man.

3) Her priority is now on her new guy

She has lost interest in you because her priority is now on her new guy.

You have your own life and you also have a lot of things to do, you don’t have time to chase after someone who is already fully occupied by another person.

If she has no interest in you, it’s just best to accept that this is the way she is and move on.

Let’s face it: Initial conversations with women can be tough.

However, you can turn a potentially awkward moment into a moment of connection simply by finding common ground with them.

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4) It will push her to chase you

The more you reject a woman, the more she’ll want to get your attention.

She will slowly start to try harder and put more effort into showing that she is interested in you.

When a woman is chasing you, it can be very exciting for men and we tend to forget about the reason why we ignored her in the first place.

If a woman doesn’t chase, then she’s not interested.

5) You shouldn’t have to explain yourself

If a girl isn’t interested in you, you don’t have to explain yourself.

Trying to make her like you is a waste of time. Instead, accept that she isn’t interested and do something else with your time and effort.

You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone.

If a woman doesn’t like your game and doesn’t want to get to know you better, there’s not much sense in allowing her to make that decision for herself.

So keep her at arm’s length and do the work on yourself until you’re able to earn her respect.

6) The right woman will be more into you than you are into her

The moment a girl goes cold on you, she won’t call, text, or want to hang out as much. That’s fine.

If she isn’t that into you, it’s better to know sooner rather than later.

By cutting off all contact with her, she will do the same if she was never that interested in the first place.

7) It shows that you aren’t desperate

If a girl goes cold on you, you are not attracted to her anymore.

If you keep trying and trying, going up to her and treating her like she is special, it can be confusing and annoying.

Ignoring her shows that you know that there’s no need to keep chasing a girl who isn’t interested in you and you do not desperately need her love.

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8) It shows that you have self-respect

This is a very important part of being an attractive man.

By not giving in to her demands or pouting when she goes cold on you, you are giving yourself some self-worth.

It shows that you don’t need her to approve of who you are as a person. The more she realizes this, the more interested she’ll be in staying around.

9) It teaches her to respect your boundaries

If she doesn’t want to be with you, there is probably a reason.

The simplest way to figure out what the problem is may be to simply show her that she can’t do what she wants with you.

While this may seem harsh, it has the best effect long term.

10) You are showing her that you can handle rejection

The best way to get past a woman going cold on you is to simply ignore it.

If you can handle being rejected, women will respect you and find your behavior attractive when they begin to warm up again.

The sooner she realizes that nothing she can do will make you run away, the sooner she’ll accept and respect your boundaries.

11) People don’t like people who are too available

When someone is always available for others, it can make that person seem needy and less confident.

You are simply reinforcing that by not tolerating what she wants, you are doing her a favor by showing her how unavailable you are for her.

12) It shows that you have standards (and aren’t afraid of confrontation)

Women want a man who has standards and isn’t afraid to stand up for them.

If someone is ready to leave it all on the table, they need to know that they are worth spending time with to give something worth coming back for.

13) You have the power to make it easier or harder for her

If a woman wants to be with you, she has to accept you in whatever way you are willing to be.

Ignoring her is simply showing her that there are certain things she won’t get from you and that she’s better off going somewhere else.

She can either leave it at that or fight you for what she wants. If she fights, then it shows that she isn’t going to accept things how they are now.

14) It gives both of you some time and space to reflect and think about what you want

For any relationship to work, both parties need to be willing to give to each other.

The good thing about ignoring a woman is that it gives you the chance to decide how much you are willing to give and how much of her is worth it.

You will be able to see where your boundaries are and where she needs some more help going forward.

15) It keeps the friendship healthy and happy

When a woman goes cold on you, it’s best to just let her go.

It’s not the end of the world and if you do decide to be with her again in the future, you’ll both have an understanding of where things went wrong.

If a woman starts going cold on you too often, either she isn’t normal or she is tired of your game.

Either way, it is best to just try and move on from there instead of setting yourself up for further heartache.

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Why do women go cold on men?

If you’ve ever wondered why women are sometimes cold to men they’re dating, then read on!

I know it can be hard to understand when girls first start pulling away.

You may have even tried asking them what’s going on, but you get the same vague answer: “We need space.” It’s not until much later that she explains why she wanted space in the first place.

Girls don’t stop talking to guys for no reason.

First, we need to think about the girls’ reason for wanting space.

She probably has a lot of thoughts about you that she doesn’t want to be honest with herself about.

Maybe she is not sure how she feels, or maybe she just doesn’t want you to know how much things have changed since the days when you were dating.

Whatever the case may be, she probably doesn’t want you to know because deep down, she probably knows exactly what’s going on.

There is another reason why she might not want to tell you the reasons for her decision to avoid you.

She doesn’t want you to think that she’s being unfair or changing her mind about your relationship.

Maybe she feels like if you knew how things were going, then you would feel rejected and then probably try to win her back.

And when a man tries to win his ex-girlfriend back after she’s already told him to move on and find someone new, then that means the girl has won.

And that is the last thing any girl wants after she dumps a guy.

If she knows you will try to convince her to give things another shot, then she might stonewall you until you finally realize that it’s pointless to try and make her change her mind.

Do women like to be ignored?

Men often wonder what the best way is to show a woman that they are interested in her. It is not uncommon for this question to be followed with, “But what if she likes it when I don’t text back?”.

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on who he’s been dating and what their relationship has been like up until that point.

There are girls out there who enjoy being ignored by men and will get upset if they texts or calls them too much of the time.

Another thing to consider is the fact that a lot of women don’t like being ignored by men, but they don’t want to be considered too clingy either.

While a guy who texts too frequently might be slow on the uptake and not notice when his girlfriend isn’t interested in talking, some girls play shy and quiet games with their boyfriends or male friends to see what they might do.

We have even heard of one girl who would ignore her boyfriend for a few days and see how he would react without her.

If he started to crack or become clingy, she’d feel like she couldn’t trust him in the long run and look for someone else.

Women want people to pay attention to them, but they also want it to be on their terms.

Women who like being ignored by men will often use “the silent treatment” as a way of testing their resolve and finding out what they’re capable of handling.

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