If you can’t stop thinking about someone, are they thinking about you?

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If you find yourself thinking about someone—day in and day out—does that person feel the same way about you?

Does it seem like you are always on their mind?

It’s hard to know for sure, but feeling this way is called “infatuation,” and it can happen to anyone.

You’ll likely be really preoccupied with thoughts of this person, too, which might make it difficult to go about your daily activities.

Let’s dive into the possible reasons why you can’t get someone out of your head!

What causes infatuation?

Because infatuation can be caused by certain situations, relationships, environments, and mental states, there’s more than one reason why you might be thinking about someone a lot.

But there are ways to tell if your crush is real or just fantasy.

Sometimes a crush is all in your mind—there’s no real connection between the two of you!

In these situations, it’s hard to tell whether you’re infatuated or just obsessed with a person.

When you’re thinking about someone who doesn’t have feelings for you, it can be hard to tell if your feelings are real or fake.

According to psychologists, these are the signs that your crush is imaginary:

  • Nothing seems to stop you from thinking about this person.
  • You imagine what it would be like to be with them on a regular basis.
  • You might dream about them or fantasize about what could have been.
  • You keep thinking about them when you’re not with them.
  • If a friend tries to talk with you about this person, you can’t get the conversation back on track in a normal way.

Everyday tasks like taking care of your family, paying bills, or doing other household chores may feel boring and unfulfilling.

In order to overcome it, you’ll also want to look at what’s causing the crash.

In many cases, it’s your own actions or behaviors that are fueling it.

If you’re doing something that makes you think of this person, you’ll want to change your habits and routines, so you’re not unintentionally infatuated with someone who doesn’t know or care about you.

Could this person be your soulmate?

The PPP (probability of being a person who’d make a good partner) is what researchers use to show how likely it is that you and this person are compatible.

When you’re thinking about this person, you’ll want to consider what sort of impact they might have on your life and the quality of your relationships.

You’ll also want to consider whether or not they may be someone who’s just not right for you.

The word soulmate could be going through your mind right now because the fact that you cannot stop thinking about this person might mean that you have found yours.

But how can you know for sure you’ve met your soulmate??

The truth is:

We can waste a lot of time and emotions with people with who ultimately we’re not compatible. Finding your soulmate is no easy task.

This is where getting some outside guidance could help.

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Why does this person keep going through your mind?

If you’re having trouble getting this person out of your mind, there are a few reasons why it might be happening.

The first thing you should do is examine your behavior and habits because these are often the reason why someone sticks around.

Maybe you’re making it obvious that you have feelings for this person.

However, sometimes the reason may be deeper, and you may actually be struggling with anxiety, depression, or attachment issues that can be traced back to the trauma experienced in the past.

If you’ve experienced depression, it’s possible that you’re depressed, and you’re thinking about this person more than usual.

Some people struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), making them preoccupied with intrusive thoughts that keep coming and going.

OCD is a condition when a person has unwanted thoughts or worries that they feel they have to do something about.

Try to assess the reasons for these thoughts objectively and start to focus on the things you could do in this kind of situation.

You could act on your feelings if you believe they could be reciprocated, or you could seek help for the underlying issue that may be bothering you so much.

Another reason this person might be going through your mind too much is that they’ve affected you in an amazing way.

It’s great when someone can connect with us like this, but if you’re unable to vocalize your impressions and emotions, that’s probably a reason why you feel so troubled by it.

If you feel that you’re unable to share your thoughts, that can be a sign that there’s something deeper than just a crush happening.

Something else to consider is whether or not this person is someone who would make a good partner for you.

If the answer is no, it’s best to start directing your thoughts and actions towards something more productive, like your work or your family.

Why do I keep thinking of this person?

This is a tricky question to answer.

Some problems are as simple as having a crush on someone that you just met today and might be wondering if it can last.

Other times, there is something more beyond just the physical attraction.

You may be worried that there’s no way of having this person in your life, or you’re finding it hard to express yourself around them.

If this is the case, you might need to work more on finding your personal power within you and feeling strong to pursue your life goals and make sure you develop a strong bond with the person you care about.

It may be hard at first, but when you learn to trust yourself and tap into the incredible pool of personal power within you, you’ll find what you’ve been searching for all along.

You see, we all have an amazing amount of potential. We’re all capable of achieving more than we realize. Happiness is in reach, we just look for it in all the wrong places.

And this has a knock-on effect on everything else in our lives, including our relationships.

I learned this from the shaman Rudá Iandê.

He’s helped thousands of people restore balance to their lives, discover their personal power, and live life with passion at the heart of everything they do.

He uses a unique approach that combines ancient shamanic techniques with an effective modern-day twist.

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Why does your mind wander so much?

In our modern world, with all the distractions, it’s become increasingly difficult to stay fully focused on just one thing.

Unfortunately, this can lead us to constantly lose track of where we are headed.

And the obvious consequence is that our minds go into ‘auto-pilot’ mode.

This is when we have the most creative ideas and insights pop into our heads. We need to harness this ability and use it more often.

We can do this by practicing ‘mindfulness’ techniques that will help us stay in the present moment, fully aware of what we’re doing and where we are.

And these techniques have even been proven to help improve physical health as well.

If someone is constantly on your mind, does it mean they think about you too?

Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are thinking about you too.

The reason why someone will constantly be on your mind is that you won’t be able to stop thinking about them for whatever reason.

Some people believe that the person you are thinking about will feel your energy and will be able to sense it which will consequently make the person think about you.

However, there is no proof of such beliefs, and we can never know for sure unless we ask the person directly.

On the other hand, just bluntly asking someone this question can create a negative vibe between you.

It is always better to keep your feelings to yourself and not share them with the other person until you create some sort of connection.

The fact that someone is always on your mind means that you want to get close to them in a romantic relationship, or they are an important part of your life.

Keep in mind that there’s a difference between ‘obsessing’ about someone and persistent thoughts about them.

If you find yourself constantly obsessing over someone, you might have an anxiety disorder and need to speak with a psychologist to help you overcome it.

There is no evidence or research that shows what will happen when someone is constantly on someone else’s mind.

If you feel especially curious and brave while trying to analyze whether or not the person you’ve been thinking about constantly does the same, call them up and ask them.

It’s convenient for people to say ‘yes’ if that makes things easier for them. And it’s just as easy for them to say ‘no.’

Either way, getting a straight answer from your crush can help you figure out where you stand.

On the other hand, if you are not so close, you may try to get closer to them or their friends, so you can actually start acting on your crash and see if there is really something for you there.

Do something productive in the meantime

Why waste so much time and energy when you could focus on something more productive instead?

You see, we all have an amazing amount of potential.

We’re all capable of achieving more than we realize. Happiness is in reach, we just look for it in all the wrong places.

And this has a knock-on effect on everything else in our lives, including our relationships.

You see, not only do we ensure our own happiness by finding the right person to share it with, but we are also able to bring the happiness of that other person into our own lives.

And this leads to even more cool stuff (such as all the good memories you’ll make together and so on).

Anxious thoughts can be difficult to control, but they’re not necessarily harmful. It’s all about how you use them.

We get anxious about lots of things, but we can learn to replace those thoughts with more productive ones.

When you’re anxious about something, it doesn’t mean that you’ll always feel scared when that thing happens.

But if you think about what will happen after the event, it can make practicing a technique easier.

When you practice a technique in this way, anxiety is replaced with a sense of calmness and relaxation.

You can use ‘mindfulness techniques’ to help you manage your anxiety better.

Some of these techniques have been proven to have an impact on physical health as well.

Sometimes anxiety can be significantly reduced by using these techniques.

In fact, it’s very easy to practice as they are very simple and natural because they involve very basic instructions that anyone can follow.

You can incorporate breathing exercises into your daily routine, or you can meditate and focus your attention on your breathing.

Is the underlying problem your attachment style?

The attachment style refers to the way that you relate to others.

In fact, the attachment style is based on how you felt as a child towards your caregivers, and it affects the way that you relate to others now.

A lot of us are insecure in relationships due to our attachment styles.

If you happen to be insecure in a relationship, it can be hard to feel good about yourself and, more so, feel good with the person that you are with.

Thinking about someone too much can be one way that your attachment style is showing in your behavior.

The types of attachment styles are: secure, avoidant, anxious, and preoccupied.

This can be bad if you are pursuing someone that might be the wrong sort of person for you or someone that would cause a lot of problems in your life, but it can also mean that you have a deep emotional attachment towards them to the point where you are unable to get yourself out of it.

The two main reasons for this are either your attachment style is too strong and needs to be fixed or because your emotions are being completely overwritten by your attachment style.

Some people will go through their entire lives getting attached to everyone and everything, while others will be extremely detached from them.

Because of this, people who have an insecure attachment style tend to obsess over whatever they are looking at.

This can make one feel as though they are caught in the middle of their thoughts with no escape, even though they are still fully aware that there is something outside of themselves that keeps throwing thoughts into their mind.

If you recognize an attachment style that is causing issues in your life, becoming aware of it will already mean a lot in dealing with it.

If you feel as though the attachment style you have is affecting your relationships, then it will be helpful to start on a path of self-improvement that should have a positive impact on how well your relationships are working out.

It is not an easy road to take, but it will be highly beneficial for your future, so don’t shy away from it.

What can you do to get closer to the person you like?

Find out what interests them and what kind of things they like to do.

If you are able to know their interests, it will be easier for you to get your topics up and try to know more about them.

It is up to you how you will approach the person you like.

Choose the way you feel is the most comfortable for you so you can truly be yourself and express your feelings to the person you like.

Being too direct can do more harm than good, especially if you don’t feel good and all your insecurities are surfacing right now.

You could ask for help from your friends because they will help you to go through it easier and always have a backup topic when they are around.

You can also use the power of social media to attract their attention by sending a friend request or inviting them to an event that you know this person is interested in.

If you are good at flirting, make sure you use it to show the person you like just how much you care about them.

If you’re taking too long to come up with compliments, you might have better luck looking for something else to talk about, such as the weather, a recent event in your life, or anything else that is relevant to them.

Don’t overdo it either; flirting doesn’t have to involve sexual innuendos or any type of suggestive behavior.

It just needs to be appropriate and respectful enough that it doesn’t get misinterpreted as inappropriate.

Make sure you look your best when you meet because the way you look is the first thing that the person you are flirting with notices more than anything else.

Trust me, you will be glad you invested so much effort in your appearance.

Not that it is the most important, but it definitely makes you look more attractive and confident.

Flirting can be very fun, but it’s also a way to get to know someone better, so don’t make it too difficult at first.

Don’t let yourself get confused with your emotions, and make sure you are enjoying every minute of it.

It is important that you be yourself when you interact with this person because if it works out, you will have to be yourself with them all the time.

You don’t want to escape from your true feelings just because they aren’t reciprocated, but at the same time, you don’t want to scare them away by being too enamored.

In the end, the most important thing you need to do is to simply relax.

Everything happens at the right time and is perfectly okay if it doesn’t happen where you want it to.

Final thoughts

All in all, it all comes to the way we are wired, which brings to the need to work on preserving your peace above everything else.

But when it comes to your relationship, there is something you can do to feel better.

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Can a relationship coach help you too?

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