11 reasons he is trying to make you jealous even though he doesn’t want you

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It doesn’t take much to make someone feel jealous.

Just a few words, a look, a touch, and an act of manipulation can do the trick. And that’s what most men do when they try to make women jealous.

If you’re wondering why he’s trying to make you jealous when he’s not interested in winning you over, this is the article for you.

Here’s a list of 11 reasons he’s trying to make you jealous even though he doesn’t want you.

Let’s get started:

1) He likes the attention

Now, guys like him are attracted to the idea of having a lot of things going for them.

They want to appear successful and interesting.

They like to feel important, which is why they’re so attracted to attention from women.

Even though he doesn’t want you, he’ll do everything in his power to make you jealous.


Because it makes him feel strong and in control.

The bottom line is this:

If you end up feeling like you’re “being played” by this guy, remember that it’s nothing personal.

He’s a self-centered guy who’s just looking to feed his ego.

2) He’s insecure

Here’s the thing:

The reason he’s trying to make you jealous even though he doesn’t want you is that deep down he’s insecure.

And there’s no better way to hide insecurity than by making someone else insecure.

It’s a classic manipulation tactic that works on most people.

You see, if he succeeds in making you jealous, it makes him feel like he has value, as though he matters.

At the same time, he’s not into you and isn’t interested in dating you.

It may seem crazy, but trust me:

Making you feel bad is his twisted way of feeling better about himself. Making someone he doesn’t even like jealous helps him with his own insecurity.

3) He’s not romantically interested in you – yet

He’s trying to make you jealous even though he’s not romantically interested in you.

Maybe he’s just having some fun but hasn’t seriously considered being in a relationship with you.

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4) He’s a narcissist

Now if you’ve noticed that:

  • He has an exaggerated sense of self-importance; believes he is superior to others and expects constant, excessive admiration.
  • He is preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, and beauty, and believes his achievements are unparalleled.

You may be dealing with a narcissist.

This guy is always trying to make you jealous, but he doesn’t actually want you.

He’s a narcissist and just looking for attention and validation from the people around him. And if that means playing with people’s hearts, that’s not a problem for him.

A narcissist will flirt with everyone from the moment they meet them. This is because they’re not used to rejection (which is why dating and relationships are so difficult for them).

In other words:

He’s trying to make you jealous even though he doesn’t want to date you because it makes him feel good about himself and his own worth.

5) He’s scared of getting hurt

Maybe the reason he’s trying to make you jealous is that he was rejected by someone else and knows it’s easier for him to manipulate others than develop a real bond with someone new.

He doesn’t want to get hurt and scares easily so he goes with the easy way out, “Make them jealous so they won’t hurt me.”

What does this mean?

Making women think he’s interested when he’s not, and making them jealous is his way of reassuring himself that he is still desirable.

He’s probably not aware of what he’s doing.

Now, I know it seems like this guy is a complete douche, and in a way he is, but it’s actually because he’s afraid of getting hurt.

6) He wants to feel like a player

So, he isn’t really into you, but he still wants to pretend that he is by making you jealous.

He has a superficial, shallow nature, and as such, just doesn’t want to be seen as weak or vulnerable.

Now, the guy I’m talking about here is a player.

He’s not interested in your needs and desires. He’s not after a real connection and real feelings.

All he wants to feel is the power of being a man who has all the options.

You see, he thinks that he can act however he wants and do whatever he pleases because there are always more fish in the sea.

What can you do to turn a player around?

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7) He’s unhappy in his relationship

Now, if this guy is flirty and wants to make you jealous, but you think that he’s not really interested in you, it could be that he’s in an unhappy relationship.

Let me explain.

You see, he’s not getting what he needs from his significant other – maybe he feels like they’re taking him for granted.

Or there might be something about his relationship that’s causing him a lot of insecurity, and even though he has no intention of leaving his partner, he can’t help but try to make others insecure as well.

This is why he flirts with you and then tries to make you feel jealous. If he succeeds, it will give him the attention and validation that he’s missing in his relationship.

And the bottom line?

I know it’s not fair, but he’s just using you to feel better about himself.

He’s not interested in going out with you because he’s already seeing someone.

8) He doesn’t know what he wants

You’re probably familiar with a guy who wants everything but will give you nothing because he’s afraid to take the lead in the relationship.

Now, this is a guy who doesn’t have many interests, hopes, or dreams. And he’s not quite sure what he wants out of life.

He isn’t ready to commit and is holding back on you so that you don’t find out too soon what his limits are.

If he could get away with it, though, he’d just keep stringing you along so that no one else gets hurt but himself.

In short:

As messed up as this sounds, this type of guy has problems communicating his needs and desires with any sort of clarity or detail.

9) He’s taking revenge

Maybe he’s trying to make you jealous because he’s taking revenge.

Could it be that years ago when he was interested in you – you broke his heart by rejecting him?

Now, all these years later, you’ve changed your mind.

You’re into him and are actually very eager to go out with him.

But, he still hasn’t gotten over the pain of the rejection.

The ball is in his court now and instead of pursuing a relationship with you, he’s decided to make you jealous to get back at you.

A woman who knows her worth would see that and it’s important to be aware of it. 

10) He has a huge ego and is full of himself

Maybe he’s trying to make you jealous because he’s confident that he can get away with it. If a woman is interested in him, then why not string her along?

He doesn’t always consider other people’s feelings and needs – only his own.    

He might try to manipulate you by making you jealous because he thinks you’re into him and that this is the only way for him to win.

11) He’s moved on with his life

Have you ever considered that he’s not trying to make you jealous but that instead, he’s actually moved on?

Now, maybe you had something – a flirtation or a brief relationship – but whatever it was, it’s over.

You see, maybe you think that he’s trying to make you jealous when in fact he’s just living his life.

The bottom line is this:

If he’s moved, maybe it’s time for you to do the same.

So what can you do?

I touched on the hero instinct earlier – it’s the perfect remedy for the situation you’re facing.


Because once a man’s hero instinct is triggered, he’ll only have eyes for you. You’ll reach a part of him that no woman has ever managed to reach before.

And in return, he’ll be compelled to commit to you and love you like he’s never loved another woman.

So if you’re ready to take that plunge and reach new heights in your relationship, make sure to check out relationship expert James Bauer’s invaluable advice.

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5 signs he’s trying to make you jealous

There are many reasons that a guy may want to make you jealous, from getting your attention because he likes you, to getting back at you for taking him for granted.

Here are the 5 most common signs to look out for when he’s trying to make you jealous:

He takes forever to reply to your texts or calls

Now, if he’s taking forever to reply to your texts or calls, it could be that he’s trying to make you jealous.

Let’s face it, no matter how busy you are, you can always spare half a minute to text, “I’m overwhelmed with work, I’ll text you later.”

You see:

He’s doing it on purpose!

He wants you to ask yourself why it’s taking him so long.

He wants you to wonder where he is and who he’s with.

He checks out other women in front of you

You’ll be walking together in town when he stops to admire a beautiful woman going past you.

Now, if he’s checking out other women in front of you, it could be that he wants you to feel insecure.

He’s trying to make you jealous by making you think that these women have something that you don’t.

He takes his calls in the other room

If he takes his calls in the other room, it could be that he wants you to feel jealous.

Here’s the thing:

He’s trying to make you jealous by making you think that he’s talking to another woman while you’re standing right there.

He wants you to think that he’s saying things that you shouldn’t hear.

He starts flirting with other women

He’ll flirt with the waitress while you’re having dinner together, or even go so far as to flirt with your friends.

The thing is:

He wants you to notice.

He wants you to get jealous.

He’s obviously looking for a reaction, otherwise, he wouldn’t flirt in front of you.

He’ll be active on his ex’s social media

A sure way to make you jealous is to start liking his ex’s pictures and posts.

Maybe he’ll even comment on a picture of the two of them together from ages ago, “That sure was one crazy trip. Remember the monkey?”

If this is unusual behavior, if he doesn’t normally stay in touch with his ex, he’s probably doing it to get your attention!

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