10 ways to tell someone you like them sexually

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Ever tried to tell someone you like them but couldn’t find the perfect way to do it?

Well, now there’s no need for nervous, long-winded speeches or painstakingly crafted poems.

You’ve found the ultimate cheat sheet!

Let us help you out with ten foolproof ways to say what needs to be said with style.

1) Don’t shy away from compliments

One of the first things to do when you are attracted to someone sexually is to make them feel good about themselves.

Compliments are a great way to get your message across as they are a simple and easy way to give someone feedback on their appearance.

If you happen to be alone with the one you like, then compliment them with an “I love the way you wear your hair,” or maybe “I’m glad that we bumped into each other today.

Compliments are the easiest way to say you like someone. If it’s meant to be mutual, they’ll know it immediately.

Compliments are a conversation starter too, and when you compliment someone on something specific that was previously mentioned, it makes the recipient feel special.

Flattery is a good way to break the ice.

If you’re interested in the person, make them feel special by telling them nice things about their appearance.

Say this while looking at the person’s eyes and then place your hand on your heart after saying something nice like this.

2) Ask all the questions you are interested in

Showing interest is easiest if you keep asking them questions and listening to what they have to say.

By listening and asking questions, you are making the person feel special and interested in you. This is a great way to make them feel good about themselves as well.

Don’t feel pressured because it’s the simplest way of showing interest, yet it is the most effective.

Sample of question: “Who are your favorite singers?”

Say this when you first meet someone and then continue talking about music (the two things responsible for ruining so many relationships).

Getting to each other better will be easier, and you’ll be able to ask more questions too.

They’ll feel flattered and relaxed, and they’ll talk to you more.

3) Show affection

Don’t hold back on giving a peck on the cheek or even a small hug.

It doesn’t take much to leave a lasting impression.

Just don’t give out too much of it at first; some people may get repulsed by the display of affection.

A great way to tell someone you like them is to give them a gift.

If you are afraid of their reaction and don’t want to seem too forward, say, “I found this. I thought you might like it.”

It’s the simplest way to pass someone a gift, but it shows that you have put thoughts into giving something special to the person, and that’s a good sign.

The holiday season is pretty much the same everywhere in the world.

If you want to get into someone’s good graces, give them a little gift.

This is great for those who are afraid of coming across as too forward because this way, the person you like will know that you actually put some thought into getting it for them.

Show interest in their everyday life as well, especially if you keep running into each other.

After you’ve displayed affection and your curiosity has been satisfied, then you can show interest in all things personal.

4) Tell an embarrassing story

Although you don’t want to scare the person off, it’s best if you show that you’re not going to be embarrassed around them.

If you make an embarrassing story seem funny and comical, the person will feel more comfortable with the physical contact.

It’s easier than you think, and it can help you bond much faster than you thought it would.

Sample of the embarrassing story: “I don’t know what happened. I was walking down the street when a whole bunch of dogs came at me, and I freaked out and ran away.”

Showing your other side of personality is a great way to make the person feel comfortable.

The truth is that most people are afraid of being embarrassed in front of others, but once you start telling stories that are embarrassing to others, they will be okay with what might be happening.

Tell an embarrassing story in a lighthearted manner, like the one above.

Don’t make it seem too scary or dark, as it will scare them away. It will help you create a relaxing atmosphere and bond much faster.

5) Don’t be afraid to touch

Make a connection with someone by lightly touching them.

It’s a simple way to let them know that you like them and make both of you happy about it.

Remember, though, that everyone has their own comfort zone; it’s best to ask first or pay close attention to the way this person reacts to it, so you can act accordingly.

If the person you like doesn’t mind touching you, it is a great start to your new relationship.

This is the part when all the cards will be on the table, and you will both be sure about what you want.

It is easier than you think, and you will feel more confident and less nervous around this person when talking to them.

If you are great at reading body language, you might know that people will be more likely to get what they want if they appear like they really want it.

We are social creatures, and we make connections with others based on the way we look and how we act around them.

One of the things we do unconsciously is to notice how a person’s behavior matches their appearance.

Most people, even if they don’t realize it, will be more comfortable with someone who doesn’t fear physical contact.

Don’t hesitate to touch their arm since a great way to let someone know you like them is to touch them from time to time.

It might be a little indirect, but it’s the best way of showing interest while keeping yourself relaxed and natural around them.

Being able to read body language is very helpful when it comes to this type of situation.

6) Show your vulnerability

Showing vulnerability is a great start when you want to be closer to someone you like.

It will give you a chance to show that you’re not afraid of anything and will help you build a connection faster.

But make sure your vulnerability is genuine; otherwise, people won’t be attracted to it.

Don’t be afraid to tell the person that you like them in a subtle way.

If this is a delicate subject for the one who you like, just don’t make it too obvious.

If you can see yourself falling for them, then let them know that too!

This works best if you both approach it with full honesty.

7) Be direct

If you think someone likes you and you like them too, don’t be afraid to say it.

Don’t beat around the bush with indirectness.

A simple “I like you” or “I’m into you” are good things to say if they’re how you feel and how the other person feels too.

For most people, showing interest and being direct is the hardest thing.

But if you really like someone, directness is a good way to go about things.

It’s a great way for you to show that you’re interested without needing to come up with an excuse or a reason why you like them.

Many hearts were broken because people were not sure about the intentions of the person they liked and didn’t make their feelings known.

Don’t make this mistake and try not to waste any time.

You will know pretty fast if there is something for you and if you can make a relationship work.

Say “I like you” when meeting someone you like.

You might want to consider saying this while holding their hands or placing your fingers over their lips.

If you are just starting to like someone and want them to know, then say, ” I feel extremely close to you.”

If it feels right then, they will feel happy and ease into it.

However, if you are only interested in this person sexually, don’t give them false hopes of wanting to be in a romantic relationship with them.

8) Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself is the most important step in letting others know that you like them.

With this attitude, no matter how negatively people may act towards you, your heart will always be on your sleeve.

It can be a great way for both of you to be sure about how the other feels about them too.

If that’s not what the person wants, they’ll let you know right away and won’t prolong the conversation.

9) Don’t be afraid to tease

Teasing is a good way to break the ice. If you don’t know how someone feels about you, it’s best to play it safe and tease them just a little bit to see how they react.

If they prove that they’re comfortable with being teased, then there’s hope for something more.

It’s a great way to encourage their feelings for you and make them feel good about themselves.

The key to letting someone know that you like them is showing them clearly what you feel and think about them.

Talking about relationships and what you expect from them is a great way to do that.

It will show them that you’re able to express your emotions and have meaningful conversations with this person on a variety of topics.

Just don’t talk about your previous relationship because this could scare the person away.

10) Be spontaneous

If you notice that you have a chance with the person you like, don’t be afraid to create a romantic moment when the chance arises.

Just grab the person you like and kiss them, or say that you like them in a funny way after they say something humorous.

Even if it’s just a joke, showing them that you’re not afraid to be funny around them can be a great way to express your feelings.

The better you feel about yourself, the closer you’ll get to the person you like.

If you want someone to fall for you, then follow these steps because they have been proven time and time again that if done correctly and with honesty, people will definitely fall for you.

Don’t waste time and get straight to the point!

You might be surprised at how fast everything can change.

Don’t be afraid of showing the person you like that you’re confident and that they should feel comfortable around you.

It’s better to tell someone what you want rather than letting life take its course.

The results will speak for themselves, and it won’t take long for the person to understand what you mean.

Final thoughts

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid, to be honest about how you feel.

There is no need for games or overthinking things.

If you are not sure what’s going on in the other person’s mind, then ask them directly, and if they say they like you, then that is your indication that they know what you mean and return your feelings too.

Don’t waste time trying to decode the person’s mind; go with what they say and show them that they have nothing to worry about and everything will be okay in the end.

By now, you’ll have realized that honesty is the best way to get what you want, so don’t be afraid to let the person you like know how you feel about them.

If they like you too then, it will be worth all your efforts.

Follow these tips, and you will be on your path to getting closer to the person you like with the blazing speed!

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