How to tell if your married boss likes you romantically

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It’s an awkward situation for anyone to be in, but unfortunately, it does happen. You work closely with your boss, and now you think they might like you romantically. 

How can you figure out if your married boss likes you without making things super weird? 

Keep reading! There are some subtle signs you can look out for to know the inner workings of their heart.

1) Watch for changes in behavior when you’re around

Have you ever noticed that you always seem to get more attention from your boss when you’re around? 

If so, this could be a red flag. 

Normally, bosses show respect to their employees and are professional at all times. If you feel like your boss is making an extra effort to be around you alone, or acting overly friendly, it could be because they like you romantically.

For example, if your boss is the kind of person who never brings up personal topics, but suddenly starts asking you about your life and how you are, it could be a sign. 

If there is something very specific that your boss asks often, try to make note of it. 

Maybe they ask about your dating life or even if you’ve ever been in love before. If this happens, do not encourage their questions by saying too much. 

If they seem interested in your answers, just try to be vague and stick to the basics. This can be a good way for you to gauge whether or not their questions have anything to do with them being interested in you as more than an employee.

  • Do they ask about what’s going on with your love life? 
  • Do they ask if anyone has ever told you that they loved you? 
  • And do they want details?

If there is a sudden change in tone and demeanor when one of these personal questions comes up, keep an eye out for this behavior on a regular basis moving forward.

2) Check to see if they spend more time talking to you than others

Another way to tell if your married boss likes you is to look at how much time they spend talking to you—or even worse, hanging out with you alone. 

If you find yourself getting more attention from your boss than others, it could be because they’re interested in you as more than an employee. They may be interested in getting to know you on a more personal level.

If this happens, do not encourage the behavior! 

Although it might be flattering at first, keep in mind that this is a very unprofessional move on their part—not to mention that it could create some major problems for the workplace environment if it’s discovered by others. 

It’s also worth mentioning that if your boss shows interest in spending time with you outside of work, but treats everyone else like they don’t exist when they are around, this definitely could be a sign. 

This kind of behavior makes them stand out and can easily cause others to notice the sudden change in the dynamic of their relationship with others.

3) Watch for signs of jealousy

You might be wondering how you’d even notice this kind of thing, but it should be pretty easy to spot if a married boss likes you.

When you start getting additional attention from your boss at work, there is a good chance that they’ll also show some signs of jealousy when you interact with others. 

If they talk to someone else while they are talking to you, or spend more time talking to others while they are in the room than they do with you, these could be warning signs of a jealous nature.

They might also start giving others dirty looks if others happen to speak with you first.

This behavior will make it much easier for others to realize what is going on behind closed doors because it becomes very obvious that jealousy is present in their relationship with other workers.

4) Hear what your co-workers have to say

As I’ve mentioned above, if your boss begins to include you in events that they wouldn’t normally include you in, or if they are frequently dishing out compliments that come out of nowhere, others are going to notice.

These changes in behavior will also be very noticeable to your co-workers, and you should ask them what they think.

When you begin talking to others in the office and find out that they believe that your boss is showing off and trying to win your favor with excessive flattery, this will be a pretty obvious sign that they like you.

If your co-workers notice these kinds of changes right away, then it is likely that everyone else will be able to recognize the difference too.

5) Are they unusually protective of you?

I know this is difficult to believe at first. But your boss could be showing off and trying to win your favor in some pretty interesting ways without ever actually liking you.

In case your boss gives you a lot of unnecessary praise but doesn’t seem to ever give praise to anyone else in the office, this could be a sign that they are doing so because they want you to like them and want things to progress romantically.

For example, you failed to do a task that you were assigned to do and affected other colleagues but your boss gave you an excuse and let you walk away. Notice how your boss treated this situation differently than the other people in the office?

This is a very possible scenario, but it still does not mean that your boss loves you or is trying to win your favor. It could still just be for more reasons besides liking you.


Be careful about this situation because it can lead to you falling for more lies and playing into their hands by giving them the impression that what they are doing is acceptable.

6) Analyze their body language

According to the book “The Secret Language of Body Language” by Donna Young, people use body language to create an impression of themselves.

Body language is a very important way for people to communicate with others, and it can be useful in different situations.

Here are some signs that your boss is showing off and trying to win your favor:

  • Standing close to you when they don’t need to, even if there is no work to be done.
  • Walking around too often.
  • Tapping you or the shoulder and saying “just a second” when the line is long.
  • Standing very close to you when talking at length about something else.
  • Fidgeting and stuttering.
  • Blocking your path when walking.
  • Constantly staring at you.
  • Touching you for no apparent reason.

These are just a few of the more obvious body language signs that bosses use to communicate with their subordinates and win their favor.

But there are many other body language signs that need to be paid close attention to in order for you to determine whether your boss likes you or is just being friendly or helpful out of politeness without any real intention of pursuing anything romantic.

7) Look for subtle signs of flirtation

Subtle signs of flirtation are more subtle and less obvious than the ones mentioned above, but they still have the potential to do much damage.

The first way to determine whether your boss is flirting with you is by looking at their behavior when they interact with you.

They may:

  • Call you by nicknames or pet names when they are in private.
  • Ask for your opinion about something (or ask for an opinion about something that affects them) in a very friendly manner.
  • Compliment you on how well you do something when it is not meant to be a compliment at all.
  • Act like they want you to stay after work even though they have nothing planned with you.
  • Act like they want to spend more time with you, even though there is no real reason for them not to be paid later that day, or go home early that week or month.

These types of flirtations can lead to serious problems if left unaddressed, so be very careful and think before acting if these things happen around you. 

Don’t put yourself in unnecessary situations because your boss might just be being nice without having any romantic intentions whatsoever and instead of being drawn into an inappropriate romance from which both parties may suffer greatly as a result.

You can just simply say “thank you” or “nice working with you” and go on your way, after all, being just friends with your boss is healthy and productive in the long run.

8) Your gut feeling is important too

Ok, I know what you’re thinking:  

“How can I tell if my boss is flirting with me based on just a gut feeling?”

The thing is, your gut feeling is not just your gut feeling. It’s your intuition, and it’s an important part of being a good communicator.

Your intuition can tell you whether or not your boss likes you based on their mannerisms, their body language, the way they treat you at work, the things they say about you to other people, and even how often they call you by name during work when no one else is around.

Even if your boss does not have romantic intentions towards you but seems to be acting friendly and flattering in a way that doesn’t really make much sense to anyone but themselves.

Or if he/she describes some of his/her behavior as “flirting” despite there being no basis for this whatsoever, do not ignore your intuition because sometimes it is simply difficult to explain why we feel certain ways.

9) See if they invite you to exclusive events with only the best employees

If your married boss likes you, they may start to include you in private events or parties in the office. At first, it might seem like they are just being a good leader and making sure that the best employees are recognized. 

However, if they continue to make a point of including you in these kinds of events and not others, it could be a sign that there is something more going on behind closed doors.  

I know it’s hard to deal with a married boss who likes you romantically.

It gets even more complicated if they’re trying to get you to break up with your significant other or meddle with your love life. 

10) Keep an ear out for office gossip

Sometimes, office gossip can be very revealing. 

If a co-worker is talking about your boss in a negative way or says he/she is flirting with you, even though this might be incorrect, it is important to listen to these stories and take them into consideration.

A bad boss that is flirting with you can lead to jealousy amongst co-workers and could also lead them to gossip about you behind your back and thereby cause problems for you at work rather than help solve any problems currently existing.

So how to deal with this situation? 

Well, you can either confront your boss about this outright or keep a very close eye on their behavior and notice which co-workers seem to be the most prone to gossiping. 

Either way, try your best to stay out of these people’s line of conversation so that they won’t get drawn into saying things about you that are not true.

11) Look for signs of nervousness when you ask them about their husband or wife

Another way to tell whether or not your married boss likes you romantically is by their facial expressions when you ask them about their spouse.

Notice how their face turns red and how they avoid looking directly at you when answering your question. 


Because they may be feeling embarrassed or guilty, and this can easily point to them thinking about being in a relationship with you. Or because they may be feeling guilty about having thoughts about you.

Here’s the hint:

When asking them about their spouse, be sure to do so in a way that is completely unrelated to work or any other subject. Like: “How is your wife? What does she/he do?” or “How is your husband? I heard he’s studying at the business school this semester.”

12) See if they take an interest in your personal life

One of the most important signs that they are interested in you romantically is if they start to ask you personal questions and seem extremely curious about your life. 

For example: “Where do you live? Is it okay if I call you sometime since we work in the same department?” or “When is your birthday? I’m a little curious, why don’t you tell me about it?”

Another very telling sign that your boss may be thinking about having a relationship with you is by the amount of time he/she spends listening to your personal life and the time he/she asks open-ended questions regarding it. 

Try to compare the amount of time they spend listening to your personal life with the amount of time they ask questions and the depth to which they ask them. 

It may hard to tell the difference between being polite and sincere. 

However, when they are asking you these questions and seem extremely curious about your personal life, this shows them that they are interested in you romantically and things could be getting more serious!

13) See if they ask you to do things outside of the workplace

This is a very big red flag! 

If your boss asks you to do things outside of the workplace that is significant and would not be considered a normal request such as: 

“Can you help me with something personal?” or “Can we have lunch sometime to talk?” then could be an indication of them trying to get closer to you. It’s unlikely that they would ask you to do personal things if they are truly interested in your job performance.

However, if they often ask you to do things outside of the workplace that your colleagues would not think to be unusual, then this could show that they may be thinking about a future relationship with you.

But keep in mind that they’re already married so don’t go making any hasty decisions!

14) Think about how indecisive they are when it comes to making decisions

Another good way to tell if your married boss is interested in you romantically is if he/she seems indecisive when it comes to making any kind of decision.

You might be wondering what kind of decision this could be.

For instance, they are not sure how to approach you. This can lead them to change their mind from one minute to the next.

And it’s not just when it comes to a relationship with you and their spouse, but also when it comes to simple decisions such as: 

  • Whether they should be more open or closed with you.
  • Whether they should take the initiative or make some changes in their life and then slowly work through them to see how they feel about them later on.

You can easily spot this indecisiveness by the way they act. Try to pay close attention to their actions and the way in which they speak so that you can spot these signs easier when the time comes.

Final thoughts

So, does your married boss like you romantically?

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