10 ways to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger (without asking her)

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Here’s a question you should never ask your girlfriend, even if it’s the last day of the world:

“Am I the biggest you’ve had?”

But you still want to know, right? All guys do!

Here’s how to find out without humiliating yourself. 

1) She directly tells you you’re not the biggest she’s had

One of the easiest ways to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger is if she just directly tells you without you asking. 

This could be awkward and potentially a bit of a cut to the ego, but it can also be refreshingly honest. 

She may just smile and tell you she’s had a real “monster” before that’s a bit bigger than you, but you feel much better. 

She may tell you this out of consideration, knowing that some guys wonder about this kind of thing, especially with a partner they care about. 

OK, well that is her telling you that she’s had guys who are more well-endowed than you in the past. 

Do with it what you will, but unless you’re fighting or she’s playing mind games, there’s no reason she would really lie about it. 

2) She doesn’t have an expression of surprise when you enter her

Another one of the top ways to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger (without asking her) is to pay attention to her expression when you’re having sex. 

Your girlfriend wincing in pain or acting as it hurts is obviously not a good thing, and you should stop if that’s the case. 

But if she’s acting like nothing is even happening, it can be hard to believe you’re the biggest guy she’s had. 

On the other hand, if she looks somewhat surprised, even amazed at the sensation of you entering that can be one of the signs that you’re the most well-hung guy she’s been with.

“On very rare moments of victory in a man’s life, he will possess the biggest penis that his girlfriend has had…

Relish that ego boost,” advises Paul Mangay

3) She comments on the low quality of your sex together

Let’s be clear:

Good sex is not the same as having a large package. 

But if she comments on the low quality of your sex together it can certainly be one of the top ways to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger (without asking her). 

While this article will shed light on the main ways to tell if your girlfriend has had more well-endowed lovers, it can be helpful to speak to a relationship coach about your situation.

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4) Lead her to talk about penis size in a roundabout way

Another one of the effective ways to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger (without asking her) is to bring up the size of dick size in a roundabout way. 

There are a few ways to do this, including as a sort of joke during a non-sexual scenario.

You’re just kind of “shooting the breeze” with your girlfriend and getting into the topic.

There are various ways to go about this, and the atmosphere has to be right to bring up such an intimate and potentially embarrassing topic. 

Here’s one good strategy. 

“Start by using the story a ‘friend of a friend’ tactic, or tell her about the totally hung dude from a porn video you watched ages ago,” advises Annabella Rose

“Slowly, bring the topic on her own experiences with penises.”

Remember to be slow and gentle!

5) How “tight” she feels has nothing to do with this

One of the most common mistakes that guys make when trying to figure out this subject is thinking about how “tight” your girlfriend feels during sex

The idea is that if she feels very snug it’s a sign that your penis is big for her and is the biggest she’s had. This is incorrect.

The vagina is an extremely elastic muscle and even goes from childbirth back to a tight form. 

The sensation of how “tight” your girlfriend feels isn’t actually related in any way to the size of men’s penises she’s had in her. 

It’s just how she feels, at least to you. 

6) She’s appreciating you most at this moment

If your girlfriend is appreciating you most at this moment, that supersedes the importance of the physical size of penises she’s had in her. 

As mentioned, the vagina can adjust to many different sizes, and size isn’t really the main driver of pleasure for a woman. 

It’s more about shape and the way a man uses it, as well as the romantic and intimate connection between her and her partner. 

This is a good way to think about penis size if the topic is making you uncomfortable. 

Like sex coach Annabella Rose puts it:

“You cannot physically tell or physically feel if a girl’s had bigger.

The same way that your penis comes in different sizes and different shapes is the exact same thing with our vaginas, so it’s always going to feel like maybe their first time…

In the real sense, you are the only one that matters at the moment so clear your mind and enjoy.”

7) What would a gifted advisor say?

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It’s not all smoke and mirrors. 

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You’ll also be able to judge how much that matters or not (to you and to her). 

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8) Asking around with your friends

Another one of the risky ways to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger (without asking her) is to ask your friends who know her. 

If they know her dating history, there’s a good chance they can tell you about who she was with. 

Among close friends, knowledge of penis size may be a topic that comes up in certain private messages and rumors. 

This can be one way you can get a bit of an idea about the size of guys she’s been in the past. 

But be warned, if you’re asking this of anyone but one or two close friends, it can backfire badly and make you look crazy and obsessive

The second issue is that even if you know who she’s been with before, the size of their penis is not something that will probably be widely known. 

9) Find out what she really thinks about sex

Another of the best ways to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger (without asking her) is to find out what she really thinks about sex. 

Find out what she enjoys and some of her past experiences that she’s comfortable opening up about. 

The truth is that women consistently talk about how size isn’t everything and penises which are too large can actually be less pleasurable. 

Of course, some guys think this is just being done to stroke their ego or say what their girlfriend thinks they want to hear. 

But watch this video of women saying what they really think about dick size with no filter. 

The consistent them that emerges is that size does matter, but too big or too small doesn’t feel good. 

There’s a good chance your girlfriend may feel the same.

10) If she’s not satisfied by you physically 

If your girlfriend is not satisfied with you physically, it’s one of the main ways to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger (without asking her).

It’s not what you want to have to happen, but it is what it is. 

Also, it’s not necessarily because of your size.

But it could be because of your size (too small or too big). 

Short of asking, try to create a comfortable or trusting atmosphere in your relationship. The kind where she feels like she can open up to you about this type of subject. 

But as you know, when it comes to love, things rarely go as smoothly as we’d like them to.

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How much does size matter?

Size obviously matters. Anyone who tells you it doesn’t is simply lying. 

But size isn’t everything. In fact, it’s rarely even the most important physical judgment that a woman makes when it comes to her lover.

Ask any high-quality woman how much size matters and if she respects you she’ll tell the truth:

Too big is painful and unsexy!

Too small is a bit strange and hard to get excited about!

Medium, with some solid girth, is the magic sweet spot. This includes a variety of sizes, so don’t gaslight yourself thinking you’re too small. If she’s satisfied in bed and not faking it then trust me:

You’re not too small. 

By now you should have a good idea of whether your girlfriend has had men with bigger equipment prior to you. 

But if you’re still unsure, I recommend getting in touch with a trustworthy advisor. 

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Just remember: 

Someone who knows how to use their equipment makes a far better lover than someone who’s yanking out a measuring tape and texting epic dick pics. 

If you’re worried about size, don’t be. 

She may have had bigger than you, but even if she has, you can make sure she’s never had better than you. 

Like Annabella Rose of Kama Lifestyles says:

“Men think that all women prefer bigger and having a big rod can quickly satisfy us. 

On the contrary, the size of your wand doesn’t matter as much if you are good at what you do. 

Penetration is just one aspect of sex but sex involves so much that if well explored, your woman will always be satisfied no matter the size of your wands.”

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