How to meet and date a professional athlete: 13 practical tips

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If you’re interested in dating a professional athlete, the odds are low that he or she will be interested in you. 

Professional athletes are not usually looking for a relationship, but they can’t help but notice when a fan develops feelings for them.

And how does a typical fan get to know an athlete? 

We are to help! Here are 13 practical tips for successfully making contact with a professional athlete and establishing a relationship.

1) Become an active fan at their official website or meet-and-greet places

You might be wondering: 

How do I get to that level?

Well, it’s not quite the same as waiting outside of a celebrity hangout or stalking a singer. 

Once you manage to be an active member of the forum, you’ll get access to all the athletes’ official photos and news. 

As far as a meet-and-greet goes, some sports that are more informal and personal (such as basketball) will arrange short interactions with fans. 

But if you’re the right kind of person, athletes are more than happy to meet a fan who is not just a casual watcher. 

In a nutshell:

The more contact you make with the athlete, like you’re a friend, the better your chances.

2) Stay on top of their social media

Players have to be active social media users, and this is the second way for a fan to stay in touch with an athlete. 

The more messages you send, the more likely both sides will develop feelings

If you see that an athlete has posted a picture from a nightclub, it’s possible that he or she is single. You can then share your thoughts, send a message, or even ask them out. Don’t be shy!

Here are some examples of messages that you can send to an athlete:

  • “So happy to see you and your teammate in the Super Bowl! Too bad that you lost!”
  • “I get excited every time I see you play. You’re not just really good; you inspire me to be a better person.”
  • “Life is full of ups and downs, but it’s always nice to have a shoulder to lean on. I hope everything works out.” 

And also keep in mind:

It’s best if you send the message at a time when the athlete is active on social media. If they’re posting a bunch of photos, they’re probably pretty happy and open to your message.

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4) Study their career arcs and success stories

If you don’t know anything about football, baseball, or basketball, you might feel intimidated about approaching a professional athlete

The good news is that there are always common topics that athletes can talk about, such as:

  • Their career achievements
  • The passing of time since retiring from professional sport to become an announcer or coach

You might be thinking: 

“I’m really not in a position to have this kind of conversation in the first place. I have no idea what he or she is talking about.” 

Yes, it’s true that an athlete’s career is full of amazing stories. But if you have a little bit of time to watch their games, then you will be able to comment for the next few months. 

The best part about being a fan is that you can always talk about the highlights from a recent game! 

5) Compliment their game (not just their body) on and off the field

Complimenting an athlete’s body is something that most people will do, and that’s understandable. 

But when talking to a pro athlete, it’s better to complement their attitude, teamwork spirit, and playfulness. 

Your compliments should also be realistic. 

If you tell them “great game”, but they got only 10 points in the match, then you’re lying! This is not being honest with both sides. 

Take this tip in case you have a chance to be interviewed by a TV station or intend to write a post on social media.

You will be surprised at how much they pay attention to what you say.

6) Make friends with their families or other players on the same team

This is one of the best ways to get close to an athlete. 

Athletes will usually stay connected with their teammates, and they often wish to make friends with their teammates’ families.

You can do this by getting in touch with the athlete’s family, or getting in touch with the player’s player on a different team. 

There are several ways to do this, such as:

  • Join the athlete’s club to meet their family members. 
  • Invite them to your own gatherings and parties with your family and friends. 
  • Meet up with your favorite player’s teammate for a game of golf or a pool party. 

But the most important thing is not to make it too obvious that you are trying to become friends with the athlete. 

If you keep things like this under control and act naturally, your chances of success will be higher.

7) Know their schedule and be there when they’re free 

Athletes will have a busy schedule and will not always be the ones to invite you for a drink. 

But if you know when they will be free, you may be able to get to know them better. 

The easiest way to know is by joining a fan club that organizes a regular event. 

There are also websites that talk about the athletes’ schedules when they’re on tour or on vacation. 

Another way to get the information is by asking your friends or followers on social media. 

It’s not just about knowing the schedule. When you are in the crowd, you will be able to meet them more easily and boost the chances of getting to know them better.

8) Use dating sites like Tinder or Match 

In the age of social media, finding someone is a lot easier. 

Websites like Facebook and Twitter connect friends, family members, and people with similar interests. 

And now there are online dating sites that match single people in our lives, even including professional athletes.

The reason why you should use these sites is to get in touch with a professional athlete who might be free and single (and not married or engaged). 

But gradually you’ll feel bored and want to give up because using a dating app shows you a lot of people, but limits your initial conversation with each one. 

And even when you match with someone, you often get hit with sudden surprises and nasty twists and turns. 

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9) Volunteer to help out with team events

This is a great way to get to know the team and be part of the community. 

Some of the ways you can help are:

  • Ticket sales for team events such as games or concerts
  • Fundraising by selling or marketing T-shirts, caps, or merchandise.
  • Helping out in a school related project and visiting children who are sick. 
  • Write the news and sports articles on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

By doing these things, you will be seen as someone who is active and does a lot of good in their community. 

When you get to know the team, they can invite you to open training sessions (which are usually closed to the public), or even pass on messages to their teammates.

So seize the opportunity and volunteer!

10) Write them an encouraging letter or message

As I mentioned earlier, this is a great way to get to know an athlete.

An athlete’s job seems very difficult at first because they train their entire lives for the games. 

But as people get to understand them better, we see that they really have a great heart and personality. 

Athletes are also very interested in hearing from fans who support them in their personal time. 

When you feel like talking and have a few minutes, write an encouraging message or send them a letter

The message can be a few sentences and as long as you feel comfortable. You can tell them what they mean to you, the reason they are so great, and how they inspire you in your life. 

The chance of writing a letter is a bit lower than posting on social media or sending messages. 

But it’s still possible, and you can even make a difference in their life.

11) Become a sponsor

Athletes will love to have a team they can trust. 

And sports sponsors offer a great way for them to know their fans. 

They usually make the athletes feel like family, and it’s not just about having their logo on the jersey. 

They become the most responsible for making the team function successfully, so they will be loved by everyone. 

So by becoming an athlete’s sponsor, you’re also helping out with the charities that sprout from these teams and athletes.

If you can’t become a sponsor, you can still join a fan club or even a group of people who support the team.

Just be active and you’ll be able to know an athlete better than anyone else.

12) Meet up with the players during pre-season training camp 

Before a championship season and tour, an athlete will likely have a training camp in California or Europe. 

This can be a great opportunity to meet up with the athletes who are there because they want to improve their game or learn new things about their sport. 

They will also put up training camps in countries where they have a lot of fans. 

The chance to attend can be very low because the camps are usually limited to athletes and team officials. 

But if you are lucky enough, then you may know more about their personalities, skills, and their daily routine.

13) Host an event geared towards attracting athletes

An athlete’s life is full of public appearances, events, and photoshoots. 

But these things can be very draining and take their attention away from training. 

A good way to follow their routine is to host an event for them. 

As the athletes are used to doing this, hosts organizing events will be able to communicate better with them and will have a better idea about what they need from their fans. 

In this event, you can ask questions about their schedules, social media presences, etc..

By preparing for this event you will put yourself in front of the athlete, and sometimes they just can’t wait to jump on board. 

But remember to keep it professional and at the same time be friendly and approachable.

Final thoughts

In any sport, the competition can be fierce, and the competitors are always looking for something to set themselves apart. 

This is where you might have a chance to become someone they trust by using the 13 practical tips I’ve mentioned in this article.

But understanding an issue can be just the beginning. 

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