26 ways to make someone miss you like crazy

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Have you been in a relationship for so long that you find that your partner is taking you for granted?

Or maybe you’re in a new relationship and sick of always being the one to make contact, the one to make plans.

What you need to do is to make them realize how much you mean to them.

What you want is to make them miss you like crazy!

Luckily, I’ve compiled a list of 26 steps to help you do just that.

1) Get away for a few days

Let’s get started!

Have you considered getting away for a few days?

You could go on a short trip with your friends, visit some family, or even treat yourself to a spa or meditation retreat. Give your partner a chance to miss you.

What better way for them to miss you than to actually disappear for a few days?

It’s true, sometimes it’s important for each person in the relationship to take time apart from one another so that they can re-evaluate their feelings and come back stronger than before.

When you’re constantly together or always texting, there are no opportunities for either of you to think about what is going on without being interrupted by the other person.

If this happens often enough, then eventually one or both people will start resenting how much time they spend with their significant other and get really cranky when times get tough because someone else has taken up too much space in their lives.

2) Don’t call them all the time

Try not to call them every day. Give them a chance to miss your voice.

You can send a text message or an email instead.

This will surely get them wondering what you’re so busy doing that you don’t have time to call them.

In my experience, they probably end up calling you, just to make sure that you haven’t forgotten about them.

3) Make yourself busy

Show them you’re busy.

Don’t always be the one to call them. Wait for them to call you.

Don’t always say “yes” when they ask you out. Tell them you are busy and propose a different time.

Here’s the deal:

If you always say “yes”, they’ll get used to it and start expecting you to be available all the time. They won’t get a chance to miss you.

Believe me, I know it’s difficult because all you want to do is be with them.

But you want them to realize that they can’t do without you and you can’t do that if you make yourself available all the time.

Give them a chance to wonder what you are doing and whom you are doing it with.

4) Show them that you have a life outside your relationship

They need to realize that you have a life that doesn’t involve them.

What does this mean?           

Show them that you have work, friends, and hobbies. A life that does not revolve around them.

Don’t let them come over too much.

If you already live together, then start going out with your friends more. Don’t just sit around the house, available to do whatever they want, whenever they want.

Do things with your friends, go out to eat, or visit a museum. You don’t have to do these things every day, but let them know that you have other interests than just hanging around with them all the time.

5) Take a while to reply to their texts and calls

Don’t be too quick to reply to their messages.

Think about it: You don’t want to appear desperate and like you have nothing better to do.

You can’t always reply right away. You need to make them wait a while.

If you don’t answer the phone, then they’ll start calling and texting more and more often.

Don’t wait too long and don’t do this all the time. After all, you don’t want them to think that you are rude.

Wait a couple of hours before getting back to them. And remember to give them some excuse as to why you didn’t get in touch sooner.

6) Spend more time with your friends

If you want them to miss you, they have to know that you have other friends besides them.

Don’t spend all your time with them. You don’t want them to take you for granted or get bored of your company.

Spend more time with your friends.

Go out and do something fun and tell them all about it after. This will make them feel sorry that they missed out and they will want to go with you next time.

7) Start going out with someone else


Are you in an exclusive relationship?

If you aren’t, then go out with someone else. Make them a little jealous.

Turns out, knowing that you are out there seeing other people will make them realize that they could lose you and they’ll be wanting to commit to an exclusive relationship in no time

8) Leave something of yours at their place

Next time you’re at their place, leave something behind, a little reminder of you.

It could be a piece of clothing like a sweater or a scarf; a photograph of the two of you; a book; your hairbrush; or even your perfume.


It doesn’t have to be anything big or important, just a little something that will make them think of you and miss you when they see it.

9) Be more assertive

The more confident you are, the more likely it is that your love interest will miss you.

Yes, this may sound obvious, but there are times when many people just might not know how to make themselves stand out in a crowd.

If you want your love interest to miss you, be assertive.

10) Do things that make you happy!

If they aren’t interested in doing the same things as you, go ahead without them. When it comes to your social life, don’t let other people stop you from having fun and enjoying yourself with friends or family.

If they’re not meeting up with you for a movie night because of their busy schedule, that’s okay! Go ahead without them. Take a friend or go by yourself, be independent!

Once they see how happy you are doing what you like, they’ll realize that they’re missing out.

11) Did you know that playing hard-to-get really works?

Turns out that playing hard-to-get is a great way to make someone miss you.

Playing hard-to-get is a strategy in which someone tries to appear unattainable and unavailable. It can be used as part of an overall dating or relationship game plan when the person who uses it wants more attention from their partner, such as flirting with other people for them not to lose interest.

The idea behind playing hard-to-get is that by being difficult to get, one will seem alluringly attractive because they are so desired by others.

The good news is that by making it seem like you are unattainable and unavailable, you’ll make them miss you and want you even more!

12) Show them a really good time

If you want them to miss you, then do something nice for them. For example:

  • Take them out somewhere special.
  • Make them dinner at your place.
  • Surprise them with lunch at work.
  • Get them season tickets for their favorite sport.
  • Buy them a special edition copy of their favorite book.

You want them to realize how special you are and to see how much you care about them. They’ll think back on your gesture and want to spend more time with someone so amazing.

Sounds good right?

13) Don’t cyber stalk them

It seems like everyone is on social media these days. It’s not uncommon to find people who are cyberstalking their love interests.

I know it’s tempting to like all the pictures on their Instagram account and comment on all their Tweets but try and restrain yourself!

You don’t want them to think that you’re obsessed with them and don’t have a life of your own.

If you find yourself doing this, try taking a break from social media for a few weeks and see if it makes any difference in your feelings for your partner.

Or, instead, why not focus on your own social media content?

Post some pictures of you having fun with your friends. Show them what they’re missing when you’re not together.

14) Make separate weekend plans

Letting your partner miss you for the weekend can be a great way to maintain a healthy relationship.

A good way to make your partner miss you, especially if you’ve been together for a long time is to make separate weekend plans. After all, you’re not joined at the hip.

Make plans with your friends and go have fun. You’ll make them miss you and realize how important you are to them!

When you’re in a relationship, making separate weekend plans is difficult. However, when it comes to the benefits of scheduling your time apart, it’s worth it.

Let me explain why. When you’re separated for a few days, you’ll be able to reconnect and make sure your relationship stays healthy. You’ll also be able to have more fun during the time that you actually do spend with each other.

15) Use your body language

Have you ever thought about what your body language says about you?

Turns out that body language is often overlooked and it can be hard for us to know what behaviors are attractive and which are not.

It’s important to learn how to use your body language to make your love interest want you more.

Some people use body language to their advantage when trying to get someone they like to be interested in them.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways your body language can make you more attractive.

First, you’re probably already doing most of these things naturally as well as how your other body language presents itself.

If you’re trying to get someone to want you more then it’s important to:

  • make eye-contact
  • keep your voice soft and low if you are a woman, a deep if you are a man
  • smile
  • lean forward

16) Be mysterious

Do you want to make your love interest miss you? Or maybe you just want them to be curious about what you’re up to.

Whatever the case may be, try being a little more mysterious.

It’s true, most people are intrigued by a little mystery, so if you want that person to miss you, then don’t tell them what you’re doing, who you’re doing it with, or where they can find out more information.

Try being more vague and leave them wondering what is going on.

Maybe give subtle hints and clues in emails or texts that they might interpret as something else. This will keep them on their toes and interested in your life.

Repeat this pattern a few times until they’re in love and missing you like crazy!

17) Be the first to end the conversation

If you want to get your love interest to miss you, be the one to end the conversation and keep them wanting more.

This will help them feel like they can’t wait for your next call and that they need to hear from you.

Easy, right?

18) Be yourself

The whole point of dating is to find love. But what if you’re scared of being rejected, or want a relationship that’s more than just dating but less intense than a traditional relationship?

If you want your romantic interest to miss you, then be yourself.

Do not try to change into someone you think they will like.

Instead, be yourself and they will find that irresistible. If they already like all of your qualities and have been in love with you for a while, this is the best way to their attention back.

19) Spice it up in the bedroom

What does it take to make someone miss you? To make someone want to be with you? It takes a little bit of strategy and work, but it’s worth it. So, why not spice things up a bit?

In a romantic relationship, it is not uncommon to fall into a routine.

This is the perfect time to do something different.

Maybe you have a standard love-making position or you have your sex nights scheduled on your calendar. Time to break away from that and try something new.

If you need inspiration, maybe it’s time to buy a copy of the Kama Sutra.

Give your partner a night that they won’t forget anytime soon.

20) Have a makeover

Have you ever wondered why your love interest seems to be missing in action?

It might be because they’re not as smitten with you as they used to be.

If this sounds like a familiar scenario, it’s time to make a change.

It’s easier than you think. You can start by having a makeover! Ladies, get your nails done, get a new haircut. Guys, try growing a beard. Buy some new clothes.

In order to show your significant other that you care about them, show them that you care about your appearance. Once they see the effort you’ve put into yourself, they will see that they are missing out.

21) Send romantic texts

Love is hard work. We can’t always have the person we love in our presence, but they are always on our minds. Aside from physical affection and time spent together, romantic texts can provide a sense of comfort and reassurance.

If you want your love interest to miss you, send them romantic texts. We all know that the best way to make someone miss you is to get inside their head.

Best of all, sending romantic texts will not only keep your significant other thinking about you, but it will also remind them of how much they love spending time with you and give them another way to connect to you.

22) Make them jealous

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where your love interest is distant and cold towards you?

Do they seem to be avoiding you? Does your relationship feel unstable?

You want to fix things, but you don’t know what to do.

It’s been said that jealousy is a powerful emotion and it can be used to get you what you want.

If you want your love interest to miss you, flirt with someone else. Make them jealous!

23) Be independent

Here’s the deal:

If you want your love interest to miss you, be independent. Don’t be clingy. This is a simple concept, but it can make all the difference if you want to get your point across.

Clinging to your love interest will only make them resentful of your presence.

Sometimes it’s difficult to show your partner that you care about them without looking desperate or needy, so here are some tips on how to communicate your feelings without seeming needy:

  • Make it clear that you have other things going on in your life besides them.
  • Be confident and act excited about meeting up later this week.
  • Try not to contact them every hour of the day.
  • Have fun talking about something that doesn’t directly involve them when you do get together.

24) Don’t drop everything for them

Contrary to what you may be thinking, making someone your everything will not make them love you more. In fact, it can have the opposite effect. It can be too much to handle.

You need to do things for yourself. To live life for yourself.

If you want them to miss you like crazy, don’t drop other things for them. Live your life.

A lot of people put their lives on hold and neglect their needs in order to be better for their significant other, thinking it will make their significant other want them more.

However, it’s not healthy to ignore your own needs in trying to please someone else. And if they really care about you, they wouldn’t want you to do that.

What will make them miss you is seeing you living your life, doing things that make you happy.

25) Organize romantic date nights

You might be thinking about skipping that romantic dinner for two to catch up on your favorite TV show, but it may harm your relationship.

Many people find that the best way to maintain a healthy relationship is by scheduling time for each other. Setting romantic date nights can help you and your partner stay connected when you’re not together.

I know that it can be hard to find the time and energy for date nights, but they are important for your relationship. So make sure you’re doing something that both you and your partner will enjoy.

Romantic date nights can be challenging at first because they require some creativity, but the benefits more than make up for any initial difficulties.

26) If they don’t miss you and are just using the relationship as a crutch, then let it go!

Finally, if your significant other is constantly using you as a crutch, you need to figure out what’s going on.

You might be feeling taken for granted or maybe they just don’t care about you like you originally thought.

Either way, maybe it’s time to get out of the relationship and move on.

First, try talking to them about how their behavior is making you feel. They might not be aware that how they act is hurting your feelings.

If this doesn’t work, then it’s time to make a decision: do you want to stay in the relationship or not? If you decide that this isn’t worth your time and effort, then say “goodbye” and move on with your life!

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