How to make a Pisces man obsessed with you (epic guide)

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Are you currently dating a Pisces man? Then you may be wondering how you can get him completely hooked.

The good news is that it’s entirely possible! All you need to do is appeal to his Piscean nature. More importantly, you need to follow these tips and tricks to make him obsessed with you. 

What Attracts Pisces Men to Women?

If you want to get a Pisces man to fall head over heels for you, you first need to know what qualities he finds attractive. 

1) Confident beauty

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Pisces men can’t help but be attracted to lovely women. In fact, they go crazy over ladies who exude confident beauty. 

2) Honesty

Honesty is not only the best policy – it’s one of the traits Pisces men look for in women. They’re generally trustworthy, so they want a partner who’s the same way. 

As Dr. Lisa Firestone puts it

“Honesty is a key component of a healthy relationship, not only because it helps us avoid harmful breaches of trust, but because it allows us to live in reality instead of fantasy and to share this reality with another.”

3) Emotional intimacy

Emotional intimacy could be defined as allowing yourself to connect more deeply with your partner through actions that express feelings, vulnerabilities, and trust,” explains neuropsychologist Sanam Hafeez. 

As a romantic and sensitive person, a Pisces man wants to be with someone who can easily forge a strong emotional bond with him. 

4) Compassion

When it comes to compatibility, Pisces men adore women who are as compassionate as them. In other words, they love ladies who have an authentic desire to help. Likewise, they adore ladies who respond whenever they perceive suffering.  

5) Generosity

Of all the signs, Pisces is the most giving – and it’s not just about money.

According to University of Notre Dame experts:

“Generosity involves giving to others, not simply anything in abundance but rather giving those things that are good for others. Generosity always intends to enhance the true well-being of those to whom it gives.”

As such, Pisceans are always on the lookout for a partner who’s just as unselfish as them.

6) Calmness

Pisces men are kind and sensitive, so they don’t want drama in relationships. They’re drawn to calm people, for they: 

  • Treat themselves kindly
  • See the middle ground
  • Deal with problems as they unfold
  • Take bad luck in stride
  • Cut people slack

7) Creativity

Pisces is a feminine sign, which means a man born under this mutable sign tends to enjoy female-involved activities. That’s why these guys love creative women. 

After all, creativity paves the way for exciting conversations. 

Add to that, creative partners possess the following:

  • Passion
  • A great deal of energy
  • Independence (and rebellion, at times)
  • Discipline – which is balanced with playfulness

How to Make a Pisces Guy Run After You

Now that you know what a Pisces man wants in a woman, it’s time to move in for the kill! By doing these four things below, you’ll be chased by your paramour in no time. 

1) Be confident

We’re all beautiful in our own little way. But if you want your Pisces man to go gaga over you, then you need to ooze confidence – lots of it! 

For one, confident people prove to be more charming

Likewise, the more confident you are, the easier you’ll get a Pisces man under your thumb! 

2) Be direct

Pisces men can be shy, so they sometimes need a woman who isn’t afraid to initiate a date. They need a nudge here and there, especially if their partners want to take things to the next level. 

In case they seem flighty, don’t worry – that’s the way Pisceans are. More often than not, they’re shy to open up. But when they do, the romantic possibilities are endless! 

3) Show your creative side

Pisces men have vivid imaginations. They’re so creative that it borders on escapism. 

They tend to relish in their own minds, so you need to pull them out of this trance. One of the best ways is to show your creative side.

Pisces men love watching movies, reading books, basically anything that stimulates their creativity. If you want them to get them hooked, then make sure to do these things with them.  

4) Be generous

Pisces men are very generous. In fact, they give so much – even if they lose a lot in the process. 

You don’t have to be as giving as them, though, for they often go overboard with this trait. 

Remember: generosity doesn’t always have to involve money. You can be charitable by giving your time or devoting your talent

By showing your charitable side, you’ll quickly get your Pisces man above the love train. 

11 Ways to Make a Pisces Man Obsessed With You

Now that your Pisces man likes you, it’s time to make him obsessed! Here are 11 things that will make him hopelessly devoted to you

1) Spend a lot of time with him

Pisces likes to be all up in other people’s business. If they can, they’ll spend every waking minute with their loved ones!

Those who don’t understand them may view them as needy – overbearing even. 

But if you’re looking to reel him in, then you need to give him what he wants – and that’s a lot of time with you. 

2) Always be honest

Honesty is essential for any relationship. It’s one of the many things that make men fall deeply in love with their partners, after all. 

And for the trusting Pisces men, dishonesty is a dealbreaker. 

They have pure intentions, which means they always see the best in people.

Unfortunately, this blind faith in others makes them naive – if not impressionable. They won’t bother to stop and question people if they’re indeed telling the truth. 

Pisces men are very kind, and for them, lying is akin to taking them for granted. This can make them resent you, and you don’t want that! 

3) Be affectionate

Pisces men are sensitive romantics, thanks to their ruling planet Neptune. And while they like spoiling their women most of the time, they won’t mind it if you try to return the favor. 

Even if you aren’t that affectionate of a partner, you can make your Pisces man obsessed with these five thoughtful ways

  • First of all, pay attention to yourself. As relationship expert Peter Pearson, Ph.D., puts it: “A happy person will make their partner happy, too.”
  • Always tell him the things you love about him. It could be his honesty – or his generosity. Whatever it is, remind him that you’re thankful for his beautiful qualities. 
  • Celebrate his mini-triumphs. Was he finally able to finish a problematic level in his favorite game – after being stuck for so long? Share the victory with him with a cute note – or a cupcake!  
  • Think of new conversation points. The same old talks can be pretty dull, so try to converse about new or unique subjects. 
  • Schedule a fun, creative activity every week. If you want to keep the fires burning, then you should keep your Pisces man on his toes. Take a cooking class – or go skydiving, perhaps?

4) Be vulnerable with him

Vulnerability isn’t always bad when it comes to relationships, especially if you’re with a Pisces man. 

According to clinical psychologist Shelley Sommerfeldt, PsyD, vulnerability is all about: 

“Letting your guard down to connect in a raw and open manner. It means putting your heart on the line, even if that means heartache.”

Remember: Pisceans are emotional beings, which is why they look for partners who are willing to be vulnerable with them.

Sure, exposing yourself is hard. For one, it “requires you to share from your heart, and that creates the potential for being hurt or rejected,” says Angela Amias, a couples therapist. 

That said, you should try to open up your heart by doing the following

  • Check yourself. Journaling is good for your relationship – as well as your mental health. It can help you check yourself by tracking your fears and concerns.
  • Soothe yourself. Whenever vulnerability makes you feel uncomfortable, try to practice soothing, positive affirmations. 
  • Check-in with your Pisces man regularly. Asking your man at least weekly will make the sharing part easier. 
  • Get out of your comfort zone. According to Sommerfeldt, “When we embrace emotional or difficult conversations, rather than fleeing from them… they become less scary.”

In a nutshell, the more you open up to a Pisces man, the more he’ll be obsessed with you.  

5) Try to understand him

The desire to be heard and understood is a basic human need. Not only will it make your relationship with a Pisces man stronger, but it can also make him more invested.

After all, understanding each other can lead to deeper intimacy and relationship growth. 

As per relationship therapist Rebecca Wong: 

“When we don’t have this (understanding), we feel rejected and like we don’t matter, which can fracture our relationship over time.”

Contrary to popular beliefs, understanding your lover doesn’t necessarily mean agreeing with him 100% of the time. 

In fact, it’s a matter of listening to your Pisces man fully and intently. Likewise, it’s all about clarifying their perspective – whether or not you agree with it. 

To fully understand your Pisces man (and make him obsessed along the way,) make it a point to: 

  • Be mentally present whenever your partner is talking. 
  • Understand him first before trying to make yourself understood. 
  • Don’t protest – or be defensive.
  • Connect to your own feelings and needs.
  • Be patient!  

6) Be there for him – especially during the hard times

Pisces males, being emotional beings, yearn to have a safe space for their emotions. It’s one of the many things men want in relationships, after all. 

Even if you can’t be physically there with him – as is with a long-distance relationship – you can make your presence known by doing the following: 

  • Be honest, which is tip #2. 
  • Pay attention to him.
  • As previously mentioned, listen to and work to understand your partner. 
  • Make your man feel respected.
  • Encourage him to pursue his passions – so that he can be the man he wishes to be.
  • Let him make his own choices (but encourage him, for Pisces men are often indecisive.) 
  • Extend a helping hand, whether he needs one or not. 

7) Let him take care of you

While it’s good that you have everything together, it can deter your Pisces man. Like some men, they may have difficulty handling strong, independent women

Pisces, by nature, enjoy taking care of the people they like (and love.) They’re true romantics, so they’ll go above and beyond for their partners. 

They’ll spoil you with flowers, lavish dinners, even a romantic poem! 

The least thing you could do? Let them spoil you. They like indulging their partners, so make the most out of it! 

8) Don’t be jealous

Pisces men are very trusting people. They love you and have faith in you, so they expect you to have confidence in them as well. 

That said, it’s hard not to get jealous if your zodiac sign is predisposed to be so. (Yes, I’m talking to Cancers, Leos, Virgos, and Scorpios.)

If you want your Pisces man to remain obsessed – instead of running for the hills – then make heed these tips on curbing your jealous streaks:

  • Work on your thoughts. Sometimes, the jealousy is all inside your head! 
  • Reflect on why you’re getting jealous. Is it a force of habit? Remember: not all men are the same. If your ex cheated on you, it doesn’t mean that your Pisces man will. 
  • Avoid projecting your insecurities on your partner. That’s why you need to work on yourself and reflect on your reasons in the first place!
  • Talk to your Pisces man. It’s healthier to voice your worries than to be madly suspicious of his every move. 
  • Jot down your thoughts. Journaling, as mentioned above, can help you better understand yourself – and your partner. It can help you address your gnawing jealousy, as well as your looming stress and anxiety.

9) Don’t play mind games

If there’s one thing that Pisces men despise, that’s women playing mind games. 

They’re straightforward people, so they like to be with honest, truthful partners.

So if you want to keep your Pisces man obsessed, then you should veer away from mind games

As per Tina Tessina, Ph.D., author of Dr. Romance’s Guide to Finding Love Today:  

“Games’ in terms of relationships are maneuvers people do to manipulate others, including dates and partners.”

They’re a “loose set of behaviors that people sometimes engage in in a dating context. They’re usually anything but fun to be on the receiving end of.”

Sadly, “Playing games is about intentionally not being transparent and forthright with the person you’re dating,” explains dating coach Connell Barrett. 

According to these experts, women who play mind games are unable to cope with intense feelings and emotions. 

They do these so as not to appear needy. They believe that these games leave them in charge of the relationship.

Lastly, they think that playing hard to get makes them more desirable to a Pisces man. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. 

If you want to keep your Piscean partner hooked, then you should AVOID these mind games: 

  • Mixed messages. Don’t play hot and cold – Pisces men appreciate transparency. If you like him, let him know! 
  • Playing hard to get. Again, this all boils down to the Piscean’s desire for an honest partner. 
  • Ghosting. Honesty is Pisces’ best policy. If you don’t like him, tell him – don’t ghost him! 
  • Breadcrumbing. Leading him on will do you no good! 
  • Provoking jealousy. As was discussed, Pisces men dislike jealous partners.
  • Benching. Pisceans are all about romance and emotional intimacy. They won’t like the fact that you’re keeping back-up lovers ‘just in case.’ 

10) Motivate him

Pisces men are great dreamers, so they find it hard to delineate fantasy and reality. They spend more time dreaming instead of trying to attain their goals. 

If you want to keep your Pisces partner obsessed, you need to be his motivator. You can do this by:

  • Asking him. Inquire about what he needs, when he needs it, and why.
  • Involving him. Know what it takes to get him on the same boat.
  • Trusting him. Let him do what he needs to do, but remember to check in often.
  • Inspiring him. Encourage him and tell him that he can do everything – as long as he sets his heart and mind on it.
  • Appreciating him. Thanking him will go a long way!
  • Rewarding him. Pisces often have their head in the clouds – so make sure to acknowledge their accomplishment with a little reward. 

11) Manifest him 

Pisceans are known to have psychic abilities. Manifesting is a great way to tap on his psyche – and make him more obsessed with you.

Here’s how to do so:

  • Keep on doing the things you love. The happier you are, the easier it’ll be for you to manifest your lover. 
  • Invest in yourself. Maybe you’ve shelved your hobbies because you were too focused on your relationship. If you want to manifest your Pisces man’s obsession, you need to work on yourself. You can start by working on your well-being, mental health, education, etc.
  • Be in control of the situation. Sulking about your Pisces man will do you no good. You need to be in control if you want to manifest him successfully.
  • Be in the moment. When you’re with Pisces man, strive to be in the moment with him. Look him straight in the eyes and listen to him well. 
  • Be true to yourself. There’s no sense in faking things. The more honest you are with your Pisces man, the more he’ll be into you. 

4 Signs that Prove that a Pisces Man is Crazy Over You 

So how do you know if you’re successful in your attempt to make your Pisces partner obsessed with you? Well, these four signs make it quite obvious: 

  • He makes over-the-top romantic gestures

As a hopeless (and obsessed) romantic, your Pisces man will do everything to make you feel special. That includes flowers, chocolates, teddy bears – it’s as if it’s Valentines’ every day! 

His gestures are not limited to gifts, though. A man who admires you will always make a conscious effort. 

He’s willing to sacrifice everything for you. 

If need be, he’ll brave a storm to make sure that you get the clam chowder you’ve been craving for since yesterday.

  • He communicates with you 24/7

He can’t get enough of you, so he’ll be in touch with you as often as he can. 

Apart from long talks and love letters, he’ll express his emotions by sending you pictures or book/movie recommendations. 

  • He spends an awful lot of time with you

Granted that Pisceans love spending time with their significant others, an obsessed partner will take this to the extreme. He’ll go out on a date with you whenever possible. 

If you desire personal space, you may find this smothering at times. 

  • He’s committed to working things out

Although Pisceans are known to be flighty, they won’t walk out at the first sign of trouble. When they’re obsessed with their partners, they’ll do what they can to resolve everything. They won’t give up on you!

6 Ways to Make A Pisces Man Miss You 

Whether he’s crazy over you – or if you’ve just broken up – you can make your Pisces man miss you bad

Here are six ways to draw him back: 

1) Always look your best

As mentioned, Pisces men are drawn to beauty – and confidence. 

If you want him to miss you badly, then step up your A-game. Look your best whenever, wherever. Make him realize what he lost – and he’ll come crawling back to you! 

2) Don’t initiate

Pisces men will go above and beyond for their lovers. So if you want them to miss you, don’t initiate.

Be it conversations or meet-ups, let them take heed. 

They like spoiling their lovers – that’s just the way they roll. 

3) Ask for some time alone

While spending a lot of time with him will draw him in, asking for some time alone will make him miss you more. 

Sad as it may be, he doesn’t understand the concept of boundaries. In fact, he doesn’t understand why he needs to be away from his beloved. 

In other words, Pisceans can’t keep their distance. By asking for some space, he’ll just come back for more.

4) Stop giving…at least in the meantime

Pisceans are givers, which is why they prefer generous partners. But if ever you’re in a relationship where you’re the only one giving your all – you need to stop, at least for the meantime.

If you want him to miss you, then you need to keep this statement by therapist Jane Reardon in mind:

“A healthy relationship doesn’t require your attention 24/7. A truly balanced partnership deals with a great deal of compromise as well as showing the willingness to do whatever it takes to make the relationship work.”

5) Don’t try too hard

Mind games such as ghosting may work on other zodiac signs, but not Pisces.

They want straight-up honesty. They don’t care for ghosting or playing hard to get. 

Let your relationship flow – or run its course. Romantic Pisces men will eventually realize how much they miss you. 

6) Don’t hurry him

There’s no use in hurrying a Pisces man to reconcile with you or miss you, especially if you’ve just broken up

Pisces men like to keep things calm – hurrying him up only does the opposite. 

Pisces is a mutable sign, which means they’re very flexible. They’ll go with the flow, even if it sadly leads them away from you.

You needn’t worry about this because Pisceans have an inner compass that tells them when things are wrong. If they’re your soulmate, they’ll come back to you soon. 

What Signs Are Most Compatible With Pisces?

Maybe you’ve done everything I said above – being affectionate, vulnerable, understanding, and the list goes on. 

If he can’t seem to catch your drift, then it might be due to your zodiac compatibility issues

It’ll help if you’re a Cancer, for this sign is the most compatible one with Pisces. Both are nurturing, sensitive, and compassionate, which is why they share a 98% compatibility rate. 

Scorpio is another excellent match for Pisces. Both are creative romantics, which makes for a 97% compatibility score. 

While Capricorn doesn’t have as high a score as Cancer and Scorpio, they prove to be a worthy Pisces lover. Their compatibility rate of 88% is proof that opposite poles do attract. 

The same goes for Taurus, with which Pisces shares an 85% compatibility rate. 

And while some signs get together well, some can be a disaster waiting to happen. 

As fire and water don’t mix, Leo is considered the worst partner for Pisces. They’re so antagonistic that they only come with a 38% compatibility. 

Aquarius is another poor partner for a Pisces man, for they have different approaches to love. 

Although it can work between a Pisces and a Gemini, their distaste for commitment puts their compatibility rate at 53%. 

All in all, you shouldn’t lose hope if your zodiac sign is not compatible with Pisces. Genuine relationships depend more on just astrological alignments. It’s up to you and your Pisces man to make things work. 

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