How to make him want you back when he has a girlfriend

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You know the situation.

You broke up but then you realize you still love him and he still loves you.

But wait!

You found out he has a new girlfriend.

What do you do now? Do you just stand there and hope he’ll come back?

Well, if you want him to come back you need to think outside of the box and find a way to show him that you’re worth it.

You’ll need to give this girl some competition in his heart.

10 ten tips on how to make him want you back even when he has a girlfriend

1) Be happy

This is the most important tip of all.

Don’t ever let him see you cry or act sad. Be happy, smile, and laugh.

Let him know you’re not crying over a broken heart, but that you’re living your life to the fullest and having the time of your life.

Keep flaunting your happiness.

When he sees you completely fine without him he will begin to wonder why he left in the first place.

And what’s the next thing to happen?

Now he has some rethinking to do.

He’ll begin to have thoughts on reconsidering winning you back.

If you just stick to being happy, then eventually this new girl won’t look all that good, and he may see how great you are and not want anyone else but you.

He might want to make himself available again just so he can be with you again.

2) Make him jealous

Now that you are happy without him, make sure to flaunt it.

Show him that you’re living it up and having a great time while he’s sitting at home without you by his side.

If he sees you having a great time not only will he be jealous of you, but he’ll begin to realize what a big mistake he made breaking up with you.

He may see that you’re not the sorry girl he once thought you were, and you’re a fun, happy, and wonderful person.

He may remember how he used to laugh and smile with you around, and he may want to do that again.

So, don’t stop doing things that you like.

Do things that make you happy, because who knows when he will be back.

3) Make yourself look beautiful

Have you ever heard of post-break-up glow?

This is when you decide to do a makeover.

Put some extra effort into your appearance. Make sure you look your best.

He’ll be wondering why he ever left such a hot, attractive person in the first place.

He may miss how beautiful you are and want to be with that beautiful person again.

His new girlfriend can be super pretty, but there’s nothing wrong with you being even prettier.

He should just be thankful that he had you and got to be with such a great girl.

If he sees how hot you look then maybe he’ll remember why he fell in love with you in the first place, and how much prettier you are than the other girls.

4) Pick out something that he likes and wear it

Wear his favorite cologne. Wear his favorite color or shirt.

Maybe get a tattoo or make a new fashion statement.

Maybe even wear the same thing he wore on your first date.

If he sees you wearing something that he liked, then maybe he will remember how much time you actually spent together just by comparing it to all the time he spends with his new girlfriend.

He’ll know exactly what caught his attention when he sees you wearing this thing he likes that he never knew you had.

If he sees you wearing something he mentioned, then maybe he’ll realize how much you mean to him and may want to get back together just so he can be with you again.

5) Give him some competition

Let him know you’ll be seeing other people too.

Tell him you’re busy with work, school, or friends and you don’t want to get involved with him.

Say things like “Oh I’m so busy with my friends and can’t find the time to even think about getting back together. You just have to accept that I will always have other options than you.”

This will make him wonder and begin to question whether he should get back together with you.

He has some competition now and needs to start making himself look attractive again so you will choose him over the others.

Now he’s going to have to work for your love.

It’s all up to him.

He has the choice of getting back with you or not, but now he’s starting to realize what a big mistake he made breaking up with you.

He may see that you’re not the sorry girl he once thought you were and are actually a fun, happy, and wonderful person.

6) Be confident without being too confident

Confidence is key to attract any man.

Show him you’re happy with yourself.

When he sees you walking around all cool and confident, he will begin to question whether or not he really broke up with the right girl.

He might start to think that maybe it was a mistake breaking up with you, because you’re so confident without him.

This will make him feel all insecure and if he thinks about getting back together with you just to ease his ego, it could work in your favor.

However, please remember.

Don’t come off too strong.

Showing him you’re confident in yourself will make him wonder why he ever left such a confident person in the first place.

He may remember how many heads turned when you walked into a room and how everyone wanted to be around you and wanted to date the most beautiful girl on earth.

He may realize that he loves that confidence of yours and it’s a shame he let you go.

7) Improve yourself

I know you’ll agree with me on this.

Improving yourself is one way to re-align your life towards the good things.

After dealing with the break-up, you can look for things that can improve your emotional and mental fortitude.

You need to work out, get a good job, or maybe even go back to school again and get a new degree.

When you improve yourself, people around you, including your ex-boyfriend, will begin to see the positive change and that keeps them interested.

Now that he sees you as a better person, it will make him want you back.

He may begin to miss how good you looked and how great you were to be with, especially now.

8) Be independent

If you want to make him want you back, you need to be strong and independent.

It’s time for him to see what it means to be an independent girl.

Let him know that he’s not the only one in your life and that you don’t need him.

He should need YOU!

If he sees you as an independent person and you take charge, then he will want you back.

He will begin to see that if you’re independent, and are a great woman of your own, then maybe it’s not such a bad idea to get back together.

He should know that you can take care of yourself and if he wants to come back to you he’s going to have to work for it.

9) Be sure of yourself

Hear me out.

If you want to make a guy want you back, you need to be sure of yourself.

It’s hard for most girls, but it’s all about being confident in yourself and who you are as a person.

If your ex-boyfriend ever thinks about coming back to you, he should see that you are sure of yourself.

Be confident in who you are and spend time with people who will help you achieve this.

He may feel bad for what he’s done, especially since he broke up with the best person in the world.

If he sees that you’re sure of yourself then maybe it is a good idea to get back together with you.

And lastly,

10) Be positive

When you’re positive, it means you don’t really care if he comes back or not.

You can be happy being single and enjoying life.

Your ex-boyfriend should see that you are a wonderful person and will do just fine without him.

He may miss the great life he had with you and all the nice things about you that made him fall for you in the first place.

If he misses being in a good relationship with someone like you, then maybe he will want to get back together with you.

A positive outlook can manifest positive things.

And now, the list is complete.

With these steps, you will be able to make your boyfriend want you back because he’ll see that he made a mistake.

He’ll see that you were the best thing to ever happen to him and he will want to get back with his lost love.

Trust the process.

And if, by any chance, even when it seems that your ex-boyfriend is forever gone, it’s okay.

You will be fine.


Keep Your Head Up High. I believe in you!

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