15 no bullsh*t ways to make your ex-girlfriend want you back quickly

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Some people say that time makes a broken heart feel better. However, in some cases, that just isn’t true. It feels much worse to have time on your hands as you wait for your ex-girlfriend to forget about you. 

If you’ve found yourself regretting when you broke up with your ex-girlfriend, this article will teach you how to make her want to come back to your arms, in no time. 

I’ve compiled this list of 15 ways for you to make her want you back quickly – some of them don’t take much effort or time, and they’re guaranteed to work!

1) Call her up

A simple phone call can clarify the reasons why things went so wrong in the first place. 

But hear me out, before you call, make sure you know what to say once she picks up your call.

An ex-lover will find it odd to receive a call from an old flame, how much more if we’re talking about your ex-girlfriend?

Make sure that you have thought this through, gathered your feelings, and make them concrete by knowing what to say to your ex-girlfriend

Once she picks your call up, make sure that what you say is the truth. Involving her emotions takes time, but it will pay off in the end.

Now, if she doesn’t pick up, know that it’s only of the two things: 

  • she did not see the call, or
  • she saw the call and did not pick up. 

If it’s the first one then she will certainly contact you back to ask what’s up.

But if it’s the latter case, this just means that she needs more time and space away from you. Honor it. 

2) Apologize

Everyone makes mistakes, including you – your ex-girlfriend included. But if you want to get back into her good books, the only way she’ll have mercy is if you apologize to her personally.

A sincere apology is a key to undoing everything bad and it will instantly make her feel better. And if you’re wondering what to say, here is a short list of examples:

  • “I’m sorry if I hurt you…”
  • “I’m sorry for breaking up with you…”
  • “I’m sorry that we didn’t work out…”

The main point of doing this is to show her that you’re sorry – the past should be left in the past, and it doesn’t make sense to keep dragging up old baggage. 

One more thing, this step serves as a stepping stone towards making your ex-girlfriend want you back, but it should not be mistaken for the first step.  

Apologizing cannot guarantee that she’ll take you back.

3) Send her (a few) text messages

Texting is a great way of communicating with your ex-girlfriend, although you have to be careful with how you do it. 

You don’t want your ex-girlfriend to resent you for messaging her, so keep your texts short and sweet. 

If you think she’s still comfortable exchanging messages with you, then by all means, text her. 

But if not – ask yourself questions such as “Why am I even texting her? She doesn’t want to be contacted”, because she won’t reply back if she’s not interested.

So what can you do in this situation? Send this “No Communication” text:

— “You’re right. It’s best that we don’t talk right now, but I would like to be friends eventually.” — 

This one needs to be sent to your ex at the right time for it to be truly effective.

But why I like it is that you’re communicating with them that you don’t really need to talk anymore. In essence, you’re saying that you don’t really need them to play any role in your life anymore.

Why is this so good?

You induce a “fear of loss” in your ex which will trigger their attraction for you again.

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4) Send her flowers

This works because it’s difficult to resist someone who takes the time to send you something beautiful – even if it’s just some flowers. It’s usually easy for her to forgive the person who sends her flowers, so don’t wait any longer!

Women always like receiving flowers, it makes them feel special, and your ex-girlfriend will appreciate your efforts.

Along with the flowers, attached is a short yet sincere letter – words that you know will put a smile on her face, or even make her heart flutter.

Sending her flowers with your thoughts will just show how much you want her back, and it shows that you’ve been thinking about her. 

5) Follow her on social media

Use the internet to your advantage – follow her on social media. 

There are some instances that people break up because of reasons relating to social media.  As a matter of fact, it’s one of the top causes of breakups.

Keeping a watchful eye on your ex-girlfriend’s activity will let you know if she is seeing someone else, the time when she is most active and what is going on in her life. This can give you an upper hand in planning your next move. 

Not only that, you can also let her feel your presence back. If she posts something, give a like or a heart, or a funny reaction if it’s something funny. 

Believe me, women notice everything – she’ll definitely see your presence crawling back to her life.

6) Post something that subtlely about her

Post something on social media that hints at your past experiences with her. 

Maybe a picture of a place which you two went to together or a song that reminds you of your moments with her. Even include a short caption about how special the moment was. The idea is to remind her how wonderful those moments were for you two. 

If she’s really interested in getting back together, this will make her want to remember those times with you too! 

But make sure that what you post isn’t too obvious, subtlety is key here.  She won’t want to put in the work if it’s that easy for everyone to figure out what’s going on.

7) Make her miss you 

Beating around the bush is not the best method in engaging an ex-girlfriend into a conversation again, which is why the best way to do it is to be direct and leave messages stating how much of an impact she made in your life, how special she is or how amazing she is as a human being. 

But here’s the thing, pulling away slightly can also leave an impression on your ex-girlfriend. 

You can do this by taking your time before you contact her again and acting like it does not matter if she responded to your last message or not. 

This doesn’t only show her that you have a life, that you’re busy, but you’ve also made a move to show that you’re still thinking about her.

As simple as this sounds, it can work, because she may feel a sense of guilt for not responding and will attempt to get back in contact with you before it goes too far. 

There’s always a good chance that she will reach out to you, but be patient. 

8) Be careful to be not overly friendly

This one’s kinda tricky, because you want her to know that you still care about her, but you do not want to seem desperate. 

The thing is, if you push the friendship boundaries too far, she will think that you’re trying too hard to be friends – which is not a good thing after a breakup.

Letting your ex-girlfriend know that you are thinking about her is one thing; telling her what she should and should not do (because she “owes” you) is something else entirely.

That said, don’t go overboard with posting on social media non-stop about them or even stalking their social media pages. 

Women need space and time away from their exes once in a while – and this is true even after a breakup. It will help them get back on their feet again if they can do so without feeling suffocated by past relationships.

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9) Ask her out on a date

This one is a lot riskier because if she said no, it would leave a bad taste in your mouth. So try to be nonchalant about it.

You have to be careful with what you say and how you act – setting boundaries when it comes to your date is a must. Keep in mind, this is your ex-girlfriend and you’ve got history together, also considering how and why you broke up is a huge part of the process. 

Don’t let her know that you are setting a date, try to keep it on the low as possible. Maybe make it like she doesn’t feel this is going to be a date so she won’t easily back out.  

But once she agrees to see you, you can take advantage of this opportunity to see if she will go out with you again.

Don’t expect anything, though. Her agreeing to go out on a date with you is not an assurance to the “getting back together” ticket. 

10) Don’t blame her for anything

Now here’s a big one. The sooner you stop blaming and start accepting responsibility, the faster she will forgive you.  

Look, your relationship failed. So instead of staying stuck in the past, work on moving forward for the future.

At first, this may be difficult to do but it’s important that you do it because blaming her will not help your cause at all and it’s not healthy to stay like that towards anyone. 

For most people, it’s really easy to blame someone else for their own mistakes and shortcomings – it’s human. 

Acknowledging your mistakes and owning them up also protect you from having to escape your part in the problems, which won’t help you in the future. This is the time for growth and maturity.

Forgive yourself as well and look back at what went wrong in order to set a better example in the future.  

If there is any chance that you want your ex-girlfriend back, accept responsibility first. 

11) Create a thought of what you have to offer

Remember that time when you two were in a relationship?  In your mind, try to remember all the great times that you had together and all the wonderful moments that you shared with each other.

On the other hand, try to think as well of the issues you had when you were still together:

  • What you could’ve done more?
  • What you could’ve done less?
  • What were the roots of your small arguments?
  • What were the causes of those huge fights?
  • How did you handle the issues with her?

If you set aside your pride and focus on the good times and the realizations you have after thinking of the bad times, it will be easier for you to show her that you want to get back together.

Just because it doesn’t work out the first time doesn’t mean that the second will fail too. You should believe in yourself and know that there is something good about you and show your ex about it as well. 

If you feel that she doesn’t know something about you that she should, this is your chance to tell and show it. 

12) Show your communication skills

This one actually starts with a long-winded story (but later on, it will make sense).

You need to show that you’ve grown as a person and that you’ve learned from your mistakes. 

After all, the only way you’ll be able to convince her about how much you “know” about her is by first showing how mature and responsible you are or you’ve become.

Basically, your ex-girlfriend will believe in you more if she sees it in you. This is why showing that your character has changed is also a critical step in getting her back.

By showing this, you’re being honest about your feelings. 

She may not (yet) be getting back together with you but she is not oblivious to who you are and what you represent to her. 

So, let her know where your head is at, as well as how she made an impact on your life. Tell her that if she changes her mind she can reach out to you, but also tell her clearly that if nothing happens between the two of you again, that’s fine too. 

You’re showing her that you’re a good partner and an overall great person to be around.

13) Slow down

It all comes to this. Don’t be in a rush to get something that you will inevitably end up giving up on. 

There are plenty of things you need to do to get your ex-girlfriend back, but those things don’t come easy, especially in the beginning and they require time and effort on your part

You can’t just jump into getting her back right away because if you do, it’ll be pretty useless because there will be no improvement over time – try to be patient and wait for the right moment where it all happens easily and spontaneously whenever it feels right.

You don’t want to propose something and have her decline the offer because she honestly doesn’t feel like getting back to you. 

It’s important that you don’t pressure her into getting back together right away. 

Just let it grow naturally and slowly – just be there to provide a little help and support here and there, sure not to push her. 

Being too pushy will make it worse for her because she’ll think that you’re so desperate for the relationship and worse, she still won’t take getting back with you seriously. 

So just be patient with this one, especially in the beginning when everything is new again.

14) Make positive changes to your appearance

Aside from the steps towards your emotional maturity, you also have to grow as a person, which means that you need to make some positive changes to the way you look.

First things first, go to the barber and get a haircut – she’ll notice them, trust me.

Secondly, you’re going to want to buy some new clothes. 

You can go for either nicer and more expensive brands or more casual ones that are cheaper. 

The decision is entirely up to you but make sure that everything you buy fits well with your new image so that she won’t have a complaint about it at all.

This is the time for you to look different and better, not only for your ex-girlfriend but mostly for yourself. She will notice how good you look if she sees you again and it’ll be even better if she sees how much more confident you are now.

This is crucial as it will make her feel that she means more to you

You will only get back together if she feels more important to you than anything else – a changed appearance and a healthy attitude towards life should work in your favor on this one.

15) Be there for her during the hard times

You broke up because of problems that existed between both of you, so don’t be surprised if she wants someone by her side through hard times.

In addition to supporting her, you can also reassure her that you want to be there for her if she will ever need it. 

The next time that she goes through something difficult, make sure to give your support by letting her know that you’re always on her side and that you’re just a call away. 

This will show your ex-girlfriend how much more mature and caring a person you have become.

By being there for her like this, she will believe in you more and be more likely to get back together with you when she’s ready. 


They say women are like a puzzle. You have to put each piece in its right place before the picture is completed, and this works both with men and with women. 

Now that you’ve read this article, you should know more about how to get your ex-girlfriend back. 

Do an honest self-assessment of which of the actions mentioned in this piece – and the subsequent ones that are going to follow – will work for you. 

Take note of them, integrate them into your life, and when the time is right, take action on one or more of them to see where it goes.

And even if your ex-girlfriend doesn’t want to get back together right now (which is understandable), make sure you’re being a good friend who stands by her side whenever she needs it.

When she does decide to come back around looking for answers, the first person she’ll think of is you.

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