How to make an Aries man miss you: 15 practical tips

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Aries men are charismatic and spontaneous – they like to be in the moment, take chances, and have fun with life. 

However, these qualities can often lead them to forget about their loved ones and give themselves the freedom they crave. 

15 practical tips to make an Aries man miss you

1) Let your Aries man be the man he wants to be

Aries tend to become easily bored with routine and predictability, which is why they’re always seeking new challenges in their lives. 

As I have mentioned, spontaneity is a core part of the Aries personality, and if you want your man to miss you, you have to allow him this freedom. 

The key here though is balance – if you give him too much freedom, he’ll be tempted to do things he later regrets. 

To ensure balance in your relationship, challenge him to stay within the guidelines at all times.

But not to the extreme since if you try to control every aspect of his life, you might drive him away from you. 

Instead, give him the ample space he wants – you’ll make him miss you more often if he feels like a free bird! 

2) Play to your Aries man’s strengths

Your Aries man may be spontaneous and fearless, but he’s also a workaholic. 

Because he doesn’t like to stay idle, if you want him to miss you, you should help him find interesting ways to fill his time. One of the best ways you can do this is by suggesting he do things that will boost his studies or career. 

Even if it’s not related to his current job, at least it will give him something new to be passionate about. 

He will think that you are supporting him and participating in his growth as a man, which will make him more interested in you. 

And the next time he is free or wants to do something, you will definitely be on his mind.

3) Make him feel like an everyday hero

Like any other Aries, your guy probably wants to be recognized for his good deeds so that he can prove that he’s a man you should always be proud of. 

To make him miss you, try to show your appreciation more often for the things he does for you. 

He will feel like a real hero and will want to spend more time with you because doing things that make you happy makes him feel good about himself.

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4) Show your Aries man that you’re cool with competition

Aries men aren’t only competitive, they’re also fiercely ambitious. So if your guy doesn’t have a lot of competition in his life, he might become bored and unhappy. 

If he’s with you, he’ll be challenged on many levels – intellectually, sexually and emotionally. 

Challenge him intellectually – talk to him about new ideas, thoughts and theories that challenge his own.

Intellectually challenging Aries men always makes them feel more alive and vital, which is what they crave.

Challenge him sexually – or rather, don’t. 

Because you probably learned this the hard way: Aries men will want to compete with you on every level – in bed and out of it. 

And if you bring in competition, he’ll be tempted to make sure he continues winning at all costs.

Challenge him emotionally – it’s not him to hide his feeling.

Aries men always try to be honest with their partners and expect the same in return. 

They want a relationship where they can truly be themselves, not just pretend or hide behind pretenses. 

He’ll learn to be generous and give more to the relationship – a great way to make him miss you deeply! 

5) Plan a surprise date night once in awhile

Men who are used to taking the lead in relationships usually don’t like surprises at first – it’s not an entirely bad thing for them when women take initiative and plan a date night for them. 

But Aries men are a different breed – they’re used to being the ones who take the lead, and if you want him to miss you, make sure to plan a surprise date night at least once in awhile. 

It’s probably a good idea to vary the types of dates you plan – so pick one every month or two. Not only will you keep your man off balance, but he will have a different type of love each time. 

And who says men hate surprises? In fact, some Aries men actually thrive on them. Their hard-wired cognitive function for noticing new information maximizes the chance that they’ll always be on their toes! 

So keep planning surprise dates for your man once in awhile, and you’ll make him miss you more often.

Keep in mind that Aries men love to have romantic dinners at home.

6) Be upfront about where things are headed

Before we go further, make sure that you know where you want to go with this Aries man in your life – or, if you are already dating one, make sure to be upfront about where things are headed. 

You can expect though that Aries men are typically very straightforward when it comes to communicating about where things are headed. 

They’re not afraid to tell you what they want, and how they see the relationship going. 

But if you want him to miss you, make sure that you’re also clear about your expectations. 

Being blunt is often a good way to let him know that you both share the same expectations, and there’s no room for confusion. That being said, it’s a good idea to be careful not to push too hard. 

Letting an Aries man take his time is probably best. 

7) Show your Aries man that he’s not the only one who’s ambitious

These rams often fear that they will meet the wrong woman in their life, who won’t be ambitious enough to keep up with their lifestyle and their drive toward success and growth. 

And to be honest, these men are right! But it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any women out there who are truly ambitious as well. 

So, if you want a relationship with your Aries man, you’ll have to show him that you’re also driven by something in your life. You must be able to keep up with how he is in real life – you must be ambitious! 

If he could see you being more than just a pretty face and a pretty smile, then he might be more inclined to know that you can give as much as he can give. 

I mentioned this fascinating concept earlier: the hero instinct. When a man’s inner hero is triggered, he’s more likely to have you in his mind most of the time. 

Just by knowing the right things to say to him, you’ll open a part of him that no woman has ever reached before.

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8) Love black and white

Aries men love to express their feelings for you in black and white terms. 

What does this mean?

They’re not big on the shades of gray, so let them know exactly how you feel about them and their place in your life. 

You don’t need to fluff up your words – they like it when you’re clear and direct with them. It’s probably a good idea to avoid using a lot of words to get your point across – if they want more, they’ll ask! 

Trust me, too much fluff is a major turnoff for Aries men – so try not to use flowery language around them too often.

They are attracted to women who can clearly express what they want, and what they don’t. I totally understand that you may not know exactly how you feel about your Aries man yet – but if you want him to miss you, then do this now. 

9) Don’t be a nag!

One thing I’ve noticed when it comes to relationships with Aries men is that they have extremely high standards for their partners. 

And they expect the same level of respect and loyalty from them as well – because these guys love to be taken seriously as an equal partner and someone who’s worth keeping around. 

So take note here: don’t be a nag. If you catch him doing something that he’d normally get on your back for, know that it’s probably not the right time to express your grievances. 

If he wants to hear it, he’ll tell you! But if he doesn’t want to, then let it go. Yes, we all do stupid things sometimes – and Aries men are no exception! 

Also, remember that Aries men are not naturally goal-oriented when it comes to achieving things in relationships. 

And because of this, you have to remember that the least they want from you is to be scolded for taking too long to complete a project or achieve a goal. 

So even if they really want to succeed as a relationship, they might need some space to do things their way – and it’s okay. 

Just remember that Aries men hate being criticized, so always use positive reinforcement instead! 

10) Be a good listener

Aries men love to talk, and talking about important things is a cornerstone of the Aries man’s persona. 

For those who don’t know, an Aries man’s primary goal in life is to please the people that they love – so they’re always looking out for you to succeed in whatever area of your life it is that you’re working on. 

But they would also like to be heard as well. If he asks you a question or he might be opening up to you, make sure to really listen to him. 

If you want your Aries man to miss you, it’s important to communicate with him in a way that he can relate to. 

That’s not to say that this means being simple-minded or simplistic with your words. 

But listening without interrupting is a very important part of healthy and effective communication for Aries men. Don’t forget that listening and contributing are two different things – which brings me to my next point! 

11) Contribute something positive

Aries men only want to contribute something positive to the relationship – as they believe that their contributions might help you achieve your goals. 

They’re not the type to give advice, or even try and tell you how to do things. 

But they do look out for you, and they love being involved in all parts of your life, from the big things like career, finances and health, to the small but important details such as studying for exams or planning a vacation. 

So if you want your Aries man to miss you, don’t just expect him to be there for a one-way relationship where he provides everything. He wants to be involved in your success as well. Give him the chance to take an active role in your own life. 

He’ll want to be a part of the things you’re working on, so give him these opportunities, and he’ll show you how much he adores you. 

12) Have a sense of humor

Who does want to be with dull people?

Aries men love funny people since they think that having a good sense of humor is the mark of a quality person. 

They’re not naturally funny, but they’d like to share the same type of humor that they have with their loved ones – which is very similar in style to Aries men. 

Another thing to do if you want your Aries man to miss you, make sure his sense of humor doesn’t die out over time. He’ll miss you more if he knows that he’s been a part of something special with you – don’t take him for granted or try too hard. 

Being funny has been the secret weapon for all my relationships with Aries men (and women for that matter). So remember to make your Aries man laugh, and you’ll be on the right track to winning his heart!

13) Be the woman of his dreams

The rams have a slew of amazing qualities about them, and you should know that by now. 

But there may be one thing that makes your Aries man more attractive than anything else – and that’s when we see someone who’s as strong as an ox and yet can show compassion at the same time. 

This is an idealized version of what we want to see in our most significant others. And that’s why you need to be the woman of your Aries man’s dreams – not just someone who he has to settle for. 

Don’t give up on your ideals, and don’t follow society’s view that there are only a few ways to be attractive or successful. You have the power to change this if you choose! 

Don’t get caught up in what everyone else says about what it takes to be attractive – you’ll be more attractive if you really believe in yourself and can show off your strengths.

14) Be willing to fight

Aries men are also known for being a little bit on the stubborn side. 

They hate conflict and they hate people who are unnecessarily aggressive, but they will not back down when they believe that what they’re fighting for is an important enough cause. 

That’s why you need to be willing to fight for him, even when he might be the one who’s being unreasonable. 

Your Aries man needs to know that you’re willing to put up a good fight for what you want – and I’ve found that these men usually respect their partners more if the women in their lives can stand up for themselves. They’re not the type of man to take advantage of a woman who’s not willing to fight back. 

So if you want your Aries man to miss you, don’t be afraid to show him that you’ve got what it takes to defend yourself and your causes! 

15) Don’t forget about the little things

Now to make an Aries man miss you, make sure that his efforts are noticed as well. 

Many of us have a tendency to give too much credit to the people in our lives for the bigger things that they do, but we don’t go that extra mile to show them how we appreciate them. 

And Aries men are no different – in fact, they’re probably more prone to complimenting us on the big things, simply because they want to make sure that we know that they love us. 

But don’t forget about the little things. If you want to keep your Aries man interested, you need to make sure that he notices all the little things that you do for him – from cooking his favorite meals to paying attention when he’s speaking to you. 

So show him how much of an impact he has on your life, and how much you appreciate the things that he does. You’ll be surprised by all the things that he’ll do for you in return. 

Final thoughts

So now that you know what your Aries man wants from you, it’s time to get started! 

You might have thought this list was too hard to follow, but I’m sure that once you put some of these suggestions into action and put yourself out there for your Aries man, he’ll miss you in no time. 

I touched on the hero instinct earlier – it’s the perfect remedy for the situation you’re facing. 


Because once a man’s hero instinct is triggered, he’ll only have eyes for you. You’ll reach a part of him that no woman has ever managed to reach before. 

And in return, he’ll be compelled to commit to you and love you like he’s never loved another woman. 

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