40 ways to make a woman realize your worth

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As men, we are often confronted with the battle of making women appreciate our worth. 

It can be a difficult endeavor, but some effort on our part is necessary in order to stand any chance at all. 

This article will present 40 ways that you can show a woman you are worthy of a relationship and make her want to commit.

Want to see how it works right now?

Now, off we go!

1) Be confident


This is most especially needed when you are introduced as your own man in front of a woman. 

She may be attracted to you instantly but she will shy away if she thinks that you aren’t confident. 

You have to show her that you are confident because she wants a man who is self-assured and one who will protect her.

2) Put in the effort to be a good listener

Quite simply…

Before trying to speak, others need to know that you are willing to listen before they will begin to open up. 

Women want men who are willing to listen to their concerns, feelings, and thoughts. It shows that you respect her  and be there for them.

If you can listen attentively and patiently, women will appreciate your company more. 

3) Be a great conversationalist 

Here’s the truth:

Women want to be able to have great conversations with you. 

If you can keep a conversation going, women will think you are interesting and attractive. 

You will also find it easier to meet women and they will be more comfortable talking with you. 

One way of improving your communication skills is by reading books on topics that interest you such as travel, politics, history, and finance. 

Let’s face it: 

Initial conversations with women can be tough. However, you can turn a potentially awkward moment into a moment of connection simply by finding common ground with them.

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4) Show some courage

The worst move that a man can make is to be afraid of commitment


This will show the woman that you are not prepared for such an important and serious commitment in life – being married or having children. 

Women don’t want men who are afraid of these things because it makes them believe that they won’t be taken seriously if there would ever be problems in their relationship.

5)  Give compliments

Women appreciate men who take the time to notice their details, especially when they are dressed up casual and wearing their favorite hoodie or sweatpants. 

Sometimes all you need to do it…

Be willing to pay attention to the good things about her appearance and compliment her how she looks. 

It’s that simple…

Women love compliments.

6) Be passionate

Get this:

You should show your girlfriend/wife that you are passionate about her as well as yourself. 

There is nothing that makes a woman feel better than being taken care of by a guy who shows he’s willing to go the extra mile for her. 

It is not too much to ask from the man she loves because it shows how much she matters and he will appreciate her more in return.

7) Have a good sense of humor

It is very important to have a sense of humor when you are with the woman that you are dating. 

You need to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes, it will make her feel more comfortable because she will know that she can joke with you easily.

On the other hand…

Women love men who aren’t too serious all the time. It shows them that you can find light in even the darkest of situations!

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8) Be a challenge

Yes, I know that it sounds odd.

But when a man is too easy for a woman, she tends to get bored and move on to another man. 

The secret?

Show her that you’re worth the chase by giving her some resistance and not giving up when she tries hard to win you over

9) Anticipate their needs

Don’t wait for her to ask you to do things for her, be on the lookout and anticipate the things that she may need help with around the house.

This shows your woman that you are caring and considerate. 

Picture this:

If she likes to drink warm milk before she goes to sleep, you can have her milk already in the refrigerator. 

She will appreciate how thoughtfully you’ve prepared for all of her needs.

10) Be attractive

That’s not just physical. 

It’s also about self-confidence, achieving your goals, and knowing what you want. 

You need to show that you’re a strong man and if women see that it will be easy for them to realize why they should be with you instead of the next guy.

11) Be a good role model

She wants to know that you are someone she can look up to and respect. 

Being a good role model is important as she knows that you want the best for her and yourself.

12) Be respectful at all times

If you want your woman to respect you, then be sure to always respect her. 

This means treating her the way that she deserves to be treated and not putting her down whenever an argument arises between the two of you.

13) Be less needy 

Women often find needy men unattractive. 

If you’re constantly asking for her affection, she will run away as fast as she can because it shows that you’re weak and desperate for a woman’s attention.


Women love men who are confident enough to know when to ask for what they want and when to let it go. 

Be sure to let her know that you have high self-esteem and can handle whatever comes your way!

14) Be thoughtful

She wants to be with a guy who is considerate and thoughtful. 

Here’s the thing…

It will give her the impression that you are not only caring but that you also have your own sense of direction as well as values for when problems happen in your relationship.

15) Be a leader 

Being a leader means that you have the ability to take charge of situations.

Reality is…

Women want a man who can lead them in the right direction! Be sure to show her that she is not alone and that you are by her side supporting her every step of the way!

16) Don’t be afraid of commitment

Many men are afraid of commitment because they think that it is going to ruin the idea of romance or take away their “manhood”; however, more and more women are looking for committed relationships rather than a one time thing.

17) Be honest 

Don’t be afraid to start conversations with women, but don’t lie or falsify information about yourself to get them to like you. 

That means…

Speak honestly and openly about yourself rather than covering up the truth.

If you want to take things to the next level with this girl, you don’t need to play games or act like someone you aren’t. 

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18) Be a good communicator

Women want men who can listen to them and speak their mind. 

Allow me to explain…

If you are not able to communicate your feelings and thoughts, it will be very difficult for her to understand where you are coming from and she, in turn, won’t respect or appreciate you as much. 

This is why communication is the key in any relationship. 

She needs to know that if there are problems within the relationship, they can be worked out without too much trouble.

19) Put her first

If you want to show your woman how much she means to you, then put her first as many women want a man who will go out of his way to make them feel special and appreciated.

20) Talk to her family

Getting to know a girl is one thing, but getting to know her family is another. 

If you’re willing to put in the effort and talk to the parents, she knows that you’re serious about her. 

You know what?

Women are more inclined towards guys who are sincere about settling down and creating a relationship with their future in-laws.

21) Be humble

It’s important that you are humble when around the woman you are dating. 

She will appreciate it if you know when to admit when you are in the wrong and asking for forgiveness.

22) Be financially stable 

It’s always nice for a woman to know that her man can take care of her financially without a second thought. It shows that he’s able to protect and provide for his family or girlfriend!

23) Be her champion

A woman will appreciate a guy who she can lean on when things aren’t going well in the relationship. 

She wants to know that you will be there for her and will step up if her needs are being ignored by the other person in the relationship.

What does that means?

This means supporting her in all of her endeavors. 

This can be professionally, as a friend, or even in her personal life as well. 

She wants to know that you are there for her and will cheer her on when she needs it the most.

24) Be patient

Women need time to think over things before they make any decisions and they want a man who is willing to wait for them until they are truly ready to move on with their relationship with you.

25) Be playful

No one likes a boring person who can’t even crack a smile or make them laugh once in a while. 

Here’s all you have to do….

Smile at her, joke with her, tease her and make her laugh out loud. 

This shows that you’re fun to be around and more than just a stand-in for her when it comes to dating.

26) Have a plan

Women love men who are goal oriented and are able to achieve their goals.

She will be impressed by your determination and commitment if you have a plan for both of you in the future.

27) Go out for her

It is important that you go out of your way to show her how much she means to you by planning a day where she doesn’t have to worry about taking care of anything. 

This can be something small like taking her out to dinner and even cooking a special meal for her.

28) Be passionate about your work

She wants to know that you care about what you do and that you are willing to commit a lot of time and energy into the things that you care about.

29) Have common interests

She wants to be with a guy who has the same interests as her. 

For example, if she enjoys interior decorating, talk with her about it and share some of her interest in it as well. 

She will appreciate that you have a mutual interest as this gives her more motivation to move forward with your relationship together.

30) Be willing to spend money on women 

Women want men who are willing to spend money on them because it shows that he cares about their needs and well-being. 

If a man is willing to spend his money on girls, then she will be more willing to do things for him because he has shown her that he cares.

31) Be mindful of your actions

She wants you to always be mindful of your actions and words. She will appreciate your consideration and respect as this shows her that her feelings are important to you.

32) Be a romantic

She wants a guy who is romantic and thoughtful about the things that he does for her, as well as for himself. 

This means if you want to surprise her with flowers or a card from her favorite actor, then do it without a second thought!

33) Understand your masculinity  

Women love men who understand their masculinity. 

So what’s it all about?

Masculinity means you are physically strong, fit, and healthy. 

Masculine qualities include paying attention to your health, grooming yourself, eating healthily, and exercising regularly so that you look good and feel good about yourself.

She wants to know that you have the ability to control your own mind and body. 

34) Be active in the community

Women want men who are active in their communities. 

This shows that they have an interest in the growth of others and of those around them.

35) Be a giver 

Giving, generous men are desired by women. 

What can you do?

Surprise her with flowers, text her sweet nothings in the morning and send her funny videos at work during lunch break. 

They want to know that you’ll be willing to do a favor for them or pick up the tab for dinner without complaint. 

They also want to know that you think of others before yourself so when things are going wrong, be the first one to step up and help fix it!

36) Be organized

This means that you need to have everything in its proper place and organized during your daily life and business activities so that she can trust you and know that everything gets done in an efficient manner.

37) Be physically attractive

As much as you can, always try to look presentable. 

Think about it…

A girl wants to be with a guy that is attractive. She wants you to work hard on your body and personal hygiene.

You need to make sure that you are fit and in shape. 

This shows that you care about your appearance, which is attractive on any man.

38) Be inspiring

You should be inspiring to the people around you and to your relationship with your woman. 

It shows that you have a vision for life and you are able to share it with her as well as anyone who will listen.

39) Be affectionate

Women want men who are affectionate with them. 

Let me say this straight…

They want you to show them that they are important to you and that you care about them by being gentle and giving them love without expecting anything from them in return.

40) Be spontaneous

Obviously, women love men who are able to surprise them and make their relationship exciting. 

Now do it…

You need to put extra effort into making her happy when it comes to creating moments together that can make their relationship grow even more!

Final thoughts

Women want a man who will be able to provide a good foundation for the family that they will start together. 

If you want to make a woman realize your worth, then you need to make sure that you are able to build strong foundations for her and the family.

This is why it is important to give her security, to show her that you are mature and that you are a man that she can rely on. 

The qualities listed above will help you do this and they will make your woman feel secure in your relationship with each other.

When a woman feels secure in the relationship, it becomes easier for them to fall in love with a man and this is what you want!

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