12 ways to make a Virgo man regret losing you (and want you back)

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Virgo men are reliable, logical, and practical. They’re also known for being shy and distant when dating someone they like.

This can make getting them to regret losing you hard.

However, here are 10 ways to make a Virgo man want you back:

1) Don’t be afraid to play hard to get

A Virgo man likes to feel like he’s won you over, not that you were desperate to be with him because there was no one else around.

Don’t be afraid to make him work a bit for your affections, and don’t be the first to make the move.

Dragging things out will make the close seem more special, and will let him know you’re not just going to fall into his arms because he happens to be the only one there.

Now: this one is a bit tricky, you want to be hard to get, but not to the point where he doesn’t know if you are interested or not.

One saying I love is: “I’m not playing hard to get, I AM hard to get.”

Keep this motto in mind and simply show him that you have high standards and that you aren’t going to settle for anything less.

Trust me, doing this will drive him crazy – Virgo men love a woman who knows her worth and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself.

In order to do that, you can do little things, such as not accepting the bare minimum of attention anymore and trying to get him to make the first move.

The best part about this?

Even if you don’t end up attracting your Virgo man back to you, you will attract lots of other high-quality men who will appreciate a woman who knows her worth and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself.

2) Be confident

Virgo men like self-assured women because it matches their own personalities.

If you’re nervous about bringing up certain subjects, or you seem unsure of yourself, he’ll probably notice.

He may worry that you’re not a good fit for him, or that being with him will make you feel uncomfortable.

If you seem confident and sure of yourself, no matter what, he’ll likely feel reassured that he’s a good fit for you and that he makes you feel comfortable.

You see, if you are desperate because he broke up with you and feels insecure, he will be able to tell and that will only reinforce his decision to leave you.

Instead, be confident, and he will see that you’re not a needy person who is clinging to him for dear life.

Now: this one is a bit tricky, you want to be confident, but not too much so he thinks you are cocky or overbearing.

As long as you don’t seem like a condescending person who doesn’t know how to take no for an answer, your Virgo man will love that about you.

Trust me, confidence is extremely attractive to Virgo men (and all other men, too, actually).

Confidence means that you know you are okay on your own, so you are not reliant on someone else.

This is a quality that Virgo men admire and can relate to because they are very independent themselves.

Confidence means that you know what you want, so you aren’t afraid to go after it.

It means that you know what kind of person you want to be and that you aren’t afraid of being who you are.

3) Are you giving him what he wants

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Although they can be mysterious and hard to please, they can also be an amazing life partner.

But how can you get them to regret losing you?

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4) Be patient – he probably needs time to process everything too

It’s easy to be impatient when you really want something, but waiting for a Virgo man to decide that he wants you back can be frustrating.

He likes to look at all of the facts, analyze them, and then come to his own conclusion.

You may have already communicated to him that you want to “move on.”

If so, you may want to back off and let him come to you.

If you’re holding out for him, but he hasn’t contacted you, you may want to reach out and see if he has anything to say.

However, if he gets back in touch with you and seems distant or negative, you may be better off waiting for him to come to you with an apology or a desire to make things right.

The thing is, when trying to get a Virgo man to regret losing you, your biggest skill will need to be patience.

Because they like to analyze everything, it can take a while for them to come to their own conclusions and think about the situation.

And when they do come to their conclusion, they have a hard time expressing themselves.

So, if you’re impatient, it can be difficult for you to wait for Virgo men to make up their minds.

And if you don’t wait, it may be too late by the time they finally get around to telling you how they feel.

Give him some time to process his feelings and emotions.

5) Don’t give up if he showers you with negativity

Even though a Virgo man will probably take his time coming to terms with his breakup, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be with you.

If he is being negative and seems like he never ever wants to get back together, he’s likely just dealing with the breakup on his own terms.

This is a great time to let him know that you are there if he needs you, but that you’re not going to push him.

Letting him know that you’re there for him and that you’re patient will go a long way.

You see, Virgo men can get pretty negative when they’re feeling rejected.

And while they may be trying to work things out on their own, they may not realize that you are trying to help them.

They don’t have the same concept of time that we do, so it can be hard for them to understand that a week has passed when you feel like it was just yesterday.

Just let him know that you’re there for him and will be there as long as he needs you.

Whether he comes to terms with his emotions or not, you will still be there for him and make sure he is okay.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to let him walk all over you or treat him like a child.

6) Show him you can be independent of him

Virgo men love independent women, but if you’re constantly hanging on his every word, or if he gives you advice and you take it, he may feel like you rely on him too much.

If you have plans and he offers to hang out, politely decline and stick to your plans.

If he gives you advice every time you speak with him, stop taking it and politely let him know that you’d rather do things your own way.

If you can show him that you’re confident in your own life and that you’re not looking for him to solve all of your problems, he’ll likely feel more comfortable being with you.

You see, you don’t need to be rude or anything, but showing him that you don’t need him, you simply want him to be a part of your life, will make things a lot easier.

Your independence will spark his interest, because at their core, Virgo men like to be needed and wanted, so he will want to be the one to make you feel loved.

And the best part? Learning to be independent will be super helpful for you.

It will make you feel more confident and secure, which will only make your relationship with yourself stronger.

7) Make it clear that you understand what he values most in a partner

Virgo men are very logical when it comes to relationships.

They like to know that they can trust their partner, and they like to feel like they know what they’re getting into when dating someone.

If you reassure him that you’re someone he can trust and that you understand what he’s looking for in a partner, he’ll feel more comfortable with you.

You see, your Virgo man probably has some very specific ideas about what he’s looking for in a relationship.

And if you can show him that you understand what he values most in a partner, you’ll get to the root of his issues and be able to fix them.

By fixing them, you’ll be able to make your relationship stronger and more fulfilling.

When he realizes that you understand what he needs in a relationship he will find you irresistible.

He will feel like you’re the one for him, and he will want to be with you.

8) What would a gifted advisor say

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9) Let him know he’ll miss out on something great

Breakups can be messy, and it’s easy to blame the other person. Instead of getting angry with him and expressing your frustration, let him know that he’ll miss out on something great if he doesn’t give you another chance.

If you’ve honestly done nothing wrong, and he broke up with you for no good reason, he’ll regret letting you go.

If he does regret losing you, he’ll likely come to you with an apology and an invitation to get back together. If he doesn’t, you’ll know he wasn’t worthy of you anyway.

You see, you don’t even need to do a lot in order to achieve this – simply be your best self, work on yourself and your goals and everything else will fall into place on its own.

The thing is, when you are working on yourself like that, he will realize that he is missing out by not being with you.

And when he realizes that, he will have no choice but to come back to you and make things right.

10) Don’t reach out to him, give him some space

Virgo men like to be in control of their relationships. They need to feel that they are in the driver’s seat and it’s up to them what happens next.

If you reach out to him and he doesn’t respond, he will likely feel as though you are trying to control him.

Virgo men don’t want a relationship where they have no control over their lives, so if you approach him and he ignores you, don’t push it.

Instead of reaching out for a conversation, let him cool off on his own for a day or two. If he still doesn’t respond, then you can try again after some time has passed.

Giving him space and not reaching out to him will actually make you more desirable to him.

You see, he will be wondering what you are up to and why you aren’t trying to talk to him.

And once he figures out that you aren’t going after him, he’ll be a lot more likely to give you another chance.

I know, it’s strange, but it’s true!

Virgo men will love to chase you when they realize that you aren’t desperately chasing after them.

That’s when he will realize that he is losing you and that’s when he will reach out.

Something that works really well is the no-contact rule.

The no-contact rule is very simple; you don’t contact him. Set yourself a time frame, such as a few weeks, or even a month or two.

He will be wondering what you are up to and why you aren’t trying to talk to him. And once he figures out that you aren’t going after him, he’ll be a lot more likely to give you another chance.

11) Surprise him

Virgo men like to feel like they have control over their lives. However, every once in a while, having a surprise or something unpredictable can be exactly what they need.

If you surprise him with a date, or with a gift that shows you’re thinking of him, he’ll likely feel special.

A date doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should show that you’re thoughtful, creative, and that you make an effort.

If you’re not sure what he likes, ask the people who know him best – his friends and family.

You see, having little surprises like this helps Virgo men let go of their need to control everything, and that will feel really good for them.

In return, they will feel as though you are the one for them.

12) Be yourself (but an improved version)

Virgo men love people who are genuine, and they’ll appreciate you for who you are.

However, if you’re constantly worrying about whether or not he likes you for who you “truly are,” it may be obvious and make him feel uncomfortable.

It’s good to relax and be yourself, but you should also strive to be the best version of yourself.

For example, if you have social anxiety, it may be obvious to him that you’re not completely at ease.

If you’re constantly worried about what he thinks of you, he may let you know that he’s concerned, but he probably won’t know how to help you.

By improving yourself and your social skills, he’ll be able to see that you’re working on yourself and he can relax knowing that you’re not letting your anxiety affect him.

So, be yourself, but also don’t be afraid of improving yourself, just make sure to do it for yourself and not for him.

This includes working on yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

You don’t have to pretend to be anybody other than yourself to win over a Virgo man, just make sure that you are striving to be the best possible version of yourself you can be.

And the best part?

No matter what happens with this Virgo man, if you do this you will gain the necessary self-confidence to be the best version of yourself.

And that is something all men will be attracted to.

What now?

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