8 big ways to make a narcissist jealous

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‍Narcissists are not usually the ones to admit that they are jealous, so it’s often hard to tell whether they are.

Are you burning to find out how to make a narcissist jealous?

Well, there are some ways you can go about this that will leave them raging with jealousy.

Let’s dive in!

Should you make a narcissist jealous or is it dangerous?

Do you want to make a narcissist jealous?

It’s important to remember that while they may not seem like they are easily jealous, they will be.

Narcissists can be very good at hiding behind a facade of confidence and power, but when you see them in the right circumstances it becomes more apparent how much they actually care about what others think of them.

They’ll do whatever it takes to have their superiority reaffirmed, so if you’re looking for ways to make a narcissist jealous then it won’t be too hard.

However, before I dive into the big ways of making a narcissist jealous, I wanted to touch on something first.

Sometimes, making a narcissist jealous can actually be dangerous!

You see, narcissists can be impulsive. When you drive things too far, there is no telling how a narcissist will react.

Of course, everybody is different, but there have been reports of narcissists lashing out and getting violent when they feel threatened.

So, not that this would definitely happen to you, but keep that in mind before you make a narcissist jealous.

Do you know them well enough to be able to gauge how they will react? Or are you newly dating?

If it’s the latter, maybe refrain from doing anything too crazy until you get to know them better.

1) Don’t give them enough attention

One way to make a narcissist jealous is by not giving them enough attention.

This may sound counterintuitive, but it’s true that if you give this person too much attention sometimes they will start to feel bored.

Allowing them to believe that someone else has more of your time will get them wondering what you are up to.

And make sure that you don’t act like an obsessed girlfriend or boyfriend and text or call every two minutes.

Giving this person some space is a skill that can hurt their ego.

You see, when you give them lots of attention, that’s exactly what they want. They will feel like the most important person in your life.

But when you give them too little attention, they will feel like they’ve lost out.

And that’s when the jealousy will start to set in.

You see, it will drive a narcissist crazy when they like you but you don’t give them enough attention.

Their jealousy will be through the roof and they won’t know what to do with themselves.

They will be frustrated and start to feel insecure.

If that’s what you are going for, not giving them enough attention is a good place to start, I guess!

2) Be successful

You can make your narcissistic partner jealous by being successful.

This is a surefire way to make them jealous and leaves them feeling like they are not important or significant to you.

This could mean you get a promotion at work, launch a new business, or start doing things that you have always wanted to do but never had the time.

This is one of the easiest ways to make a narcissist jealous because if they were not already invested in you, then they probably would have broken up with you by now.

Narcissists are typically competitive, so if you can find ways for them to feel inferior then there is no doubt that it will make them moody and jealous.

When their self-esteem drops, they will try harder to please you just so that they can regain their sense of power.

You see, in a healthy relationship, the partners are happy for each other’s success and build each other up rather than tearing one another down.

When your partner is a narcissist, you will notice that your success rubs them the wrong way and can actually cause them to feel bad about themselves.

They will often take it out on you because they are unhappy about their own self-esteem.

This is a surefire way to make a narcissist jealous and it won’t take very long for them to start coming around.

You see, the more successful you become, the more they will want you and the more they will feel insecure.

Now the question is, do you want to be with someone who gets jealous of your success?

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4) Ignore them

Narcissists rely on constant attention, so if you don’t give them any, they will slowly start to feel jealous.

This is especially true if you ignore them.

If you are sitting at the same table as a person who has a narcissistic personality disorder, and you don’t speak to them the entire time, it’s likely that they will become jealous.

But what drives them especially crazy is when you ignore their texts and calls while they don’t know what you are up to.

To be honest, almost everyone in a relationship would feel taken aback by this, but narcissists are especially sensitive to this, and it can drive them crazy.

This is one of the easiest ways to make a narcissist jealous and it won’t take very long for them to start coming around.

You see, the more you ignore them, the more they will want you, and the more they will feel insecure.

It’s human nature – we want what we can’t have. And when you are a narcissist and feel entitled to have whatever you want, it is especially infuriating.

5) Talk to more attractive people than them

If you are constantly talking to people who are more attractive than the narcissist, it could make them jealous.

This is because they will be insecure about their own attractiveness and may fear that the person you’re talking to will have a better life than them.

They may also worry that you’ll find someone else who is more attractive and interesting than them.

You see, for a narcissist, it is all about appearances. They feel better than everyone else, but even they have eyes and will notice when someone is more attractive than them.

So, when you talk to those people, they will become insecure and they will start to feel that they are not as attractive or interesting as those other people.

Simply put, when you talk to more attractive people than them, it can make them jealous.

I mean, narcissists aren’t alone with this. I think almost every human might get a little jealous when their partner talks to people that are more attractive than them.

It’s human nature and there is nothing inherently wrong with it.

The only difference is that a narcissist puts so much emphasis on appearances, that this will make them especially insecure.

On a similar note:

6) Talk to more successful people than them

One of the best ways to make a narcissist jealous is to talk to more successful people than them.

It is their worst nightmare that you are finding someone who is doing better than them in life.

This could be friends, coworkers, or even family members.

Just don’t forget to mention when you’re around the narcissist how well these people are doing.

This will have the narcissist thinking about themselves and what they need to do to become more successful.

Talking with people who are doing better than them, will give the narcissist an idea of how hard they need to work in order to be where these other individuals are at today.

It may also help motivate the narcissist that they can one day reach the same success as these people are currently at.

You see, narcissists want to be successful, and they get jealous very easily.

When you talk to people who are more successful than them and mention it, they will immediately feel threatened.

This is because they see that they are not as successful as these people are.

Talking to these people will make the narcissist feel like they need to work harder in order to become successful.

7) Go on a date with someone else

The easiest way to make a narcissist jealous is by dating someone else.

It’s okay to go on a date with another person if you aren’t exclusive with your narcissistic partner, yet.

This will make the narcissist who is not your partner feel less important and will leave them feeling inferior.

To be honest, there is nothing worse for them than to see you date someone else.

All of their alarm bells will be ringing when they realize that they might be losing you to someone else.

Think about it: for a narcissist, this is the worst nightmare they could ever imagine.

When you go on a date with someone else, this will make the narcissist feel insecure and jealous.

It will also make them realize that there is someone else who is better than them in some way, and this will make them feel inferior.

This will trigger their insecurities, which is exactly what you want.

Depending on the degree of narcissism, be careful with this.

You never know how crazy they get, and if they know who your date is, they might even approach them and things could get ugly.

This is something you should avoid, so if you’re dating someone else, maybe don’t tell them who it is.

8) Show them you don’t need them

This is one of the best ways to make a narcissist jealous.

Most people who are narcissistic need to feel wanted by others.

If you show them that you don’t really care about them or what they do, this will drive them crazy with jealousy.

Simply make it seem like you have plenty of other things going on in your life that provide you with happiness and fulfillment.

Don’t try to gain their attention or validation at all times, and don’t respond to everything they say or ask for help with right away.

This will cause the most damage over time because they’ll never know if you’re actually interested in them or not.

You see, narcissists thrive off of making other people depend on them (and then leaving).

So: when they can’t make you need them, they will actually go crazy!

The last thing they want is someone who is okay with or without them – they want you to be dependent on them for your happiness, which gives them security.

Now: if you are someone who can be happy on your own without them in your life, that will make them incredibly jealous and insecure, as they have no leverage over you!

Why do you want them to be jealous?

If you want to make them jealous, it is up to you, but you should ask yourself why you are doing this.

You could be trying to gauge whether they are truly interested in you, or if they are just with you for the attention/validation.

Or, maybe you’re hoping that their reaction will show that they care about what is happening in your life and that someone else has a hand in it.

It might even be something as simple as wanting them to see what they’re missing out on by not being with you.

The point is, that there is no right or wrong answer to this question.

There are many reasons to make them jealous but there is one more question: is it the right thing to do?

Just because there is a reason for it, doesn’t mean that making them jealous is the right path to take.

You see, if you ever see a future with this person, then I can promise you, making them jealous will not put the relationship off to a good start.

Quite the contrary, if you start out the relationship with games like this already, then it’s pretty much destined to fail at some point further down the road, trust me.

I know, that’s probably not what you want to hear, but it’s true!

And if you’re already in a relationship with them?

Then you should probably ask yourself why you are still in that relationship.

You see, the truth is, when you are in a healthy and happy relationship, you won’t feel the need to make your partner jealous, to begin with.

Playing games and manipulating your partner on purpose is a huge red flag that you are not really meant to be with that person.

So, if you’re in a relationship with someone and you think that making them jealous is the right thing to do, then I will ask you to reconsider:

Are you really happy with what’s happening in your life?

If not, then maybe it’s time for both of you to take a step back and see what is really going on.

Be careful

Whatever you end up doing, make sure that you are careful.

Playing with people’s emotions is dangerous, it can hurt them, but it can also make them lash out and hurt you in one way or another!

So, whether you make them jealous or not, just try to be careful with whatever you do!

Never push things too far and, even though I know you just want to make them jealous, remember that they are human beings with feelings, too.

Sometimes it’s better to walk away than to hurt someone on purpose.

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